NEVER BACK DOWN! 2020 SRC Compilation

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    Hope you guys enjoy this short end of the year compilation as we reflect on our 2020.
    Song: No Resolve - Never Back Down

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    1. SupremeCut 71

      Good golly miss Molly...

    2. Thomas Knight

      You and your brother both have hearts of the warrior just as your father does...

    3. Jim moran

      Keep up the good work.

    4. Noel Martinez

      What rear end on that S10?

    5. Joshua Matz

      awesome song and video. one of my many favorites

    6. twincammike83 16v

      S10 ftw

    7. anonymous

      what's this kid do for money?

    8. Mike D

      Thats was a great compilation.....

    9. thug life

      Do yall have a schedule you will be running? Hate I missed yall at Rockingham

    10. VoiceOverTalent by JamO

      Very nice Kid!!! Merry Christmas to You, Molly, T2Gs, Pops, Moms, pups, and rest of family and friends. Thank you guys for what you do and let us be a part of it by sharing your lives with us. Be safe and healthy & God bless all of you. JamO

    11. Nathan 909

      Dude so much respect...your program is so different than 99% of the cars out there...sbc blow thru carb turbo truck that gets down..i do think shes earned a paint job though in 2021..i think it's time..

    12. Chris Buff

      Awesome song choice! Merry Christmas to you all and let's hope next year sees us all healthy and happy!

    13. nick gradert

      Keep it up good work. Looking like could be formidable force like Sonoma and Daddy Dave.

    14. Ben Derr

      Great job Billy Now it’s time to put a ring on miss molly🏁🏁🏁🏁

    15. Hurco VMX42

      Might need to add a camera for that wheel sander so you can see i.. that's one kick ass S10...

    16. John Monroe

      Great Job. You guys are getting better and better on this editing deal. Just Don’t edit the real out!!!! Add Brainerd Motorsport Park to you 2021.

    17. SXS4L

      That's just a FN badass pickup mane. Inhave been watching a chasing your videos for years now. Hope tonhave the 85 c1500 going one day.

    18. Steven Bailey

      What car replaced the Dirty 30

    19. Sean Siller

      Great video, and a great song to go with it. The music hypes up the video's energy

    20. Patrick SETEC ASTRONOMY Rubio


    21. Dasha Hearne

      Merry Christmas , favorite family !!.

    22. evan lang

      Never back down and never lift 🤘

    23. JP Slayer Racing

      Great year guys 👏👏

    24. Douglas Cooper

      Wheels Up..Never Lift !! Good Stuff !! 👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    25. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      Awesome vid guys!

    26. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Like Golden 💰🍗 Chick On Thursday Billy Hoskinson I'm Ronald Adán Reyes Moreno Thank You.

    27. Tim Emmerson

      Have watched you guys more than anyone else this year, by far. I'm 70 and already know everything 😌, buy the other old man has passed on a tip or two. Merry Christmas to the whole family, and never give up.

    28. Pâ bíké bøÿß #717

      you know im not one to comment on IRvision a lot. you you sir in the little time i have been watching you have inspired me to build my own truck. i currently have a 1992 s10 that's my little pickup with nice wheels and a good daily but hopefully this Saturday I'm going to look at another truck with a 350 swap. and start my drag truck build. i cant even imagine the amount of time and money you have invested. i hope you see this and drop a like. it would mean a lot. keep up the good work. its clearly paying off for you kid.

    29. Ada 6969

      Those power wheelies are so badass. Awesome video Billy. Great job

    30. Kevin Wadsworth

      Thank you

    31. darcy32171

      2:12 - 2:16 was epic!!!!

    32. Art Gregory

      Hell yeah! Badass man!!!!

    33. TheCanadianBubba

      Merry Christmas to your whole family and crew !

    34. Tina Varner

      What a year! Look out 2021!

    35. Southern Racing

      Badass video. Truck is a monster

    36. Ty Green

      keep it up my dude you and your brother you guys are doing great cant wait to see what is to come!!!!!

    37. Charlie Brown

      The clip of the power wheelie is awesome!

    38. Mike Vaughn

      Great video! I follow SRC and SRC garage channels every day ,also can't wait to see Molly get her Mustang together and make some passes with it! I wish you all the best of Luck in 2021!


      1:55 Hurts just seeing that

    40. Dean Walker

      Thank you all for the great entertainment! Hope you have a great Christmas and New Year!!

    41. Daniels Design —

      just curious how you get the music without being copyrighted? i would love to use similar music for my channel but i don't want any drama ha.

    42. SgtLoki13

      Bet going through the years video and deciding what to put in was a chore, but i bet it was a nice trip down memory lane too! Excellent video, can't wait to see what y'all do in 2021. Merry Christmas to all of the family.

    43. Timothy Goodsell

      My kinda video 🤟

    44. james mcpherson

      That was an awesome compilation. Merry Christmas to the whole family.

    45. Glockspecific

      Its still fk 2020!!

    46. Karl Morrison

      this channel keeps getting better boys! keep doin what your doin. we love the old mans channel too.

    47. Charles Campbell

      AWESOME!!! Ive enjoyed watching your progress over the past 2 years, keep them coming Fam!

    48. Barry Reeves

      Awesome stuff, Merry Christmas to you and your family

    49. -DANLAW46 The big kid in me -

      Love this channel and what an amazing family keep up the good work guys and girls s10 FTW always ❤

    50. Debbie Miller

      have a good xmas and happy new year. peace out from my fam to yours this is mike miller not mom

    51. Cullen Cowap

      You lot have THE BEST no prep content around. Better than 1320 or TRC for real racing. Hope to see your brand continue to grow, y'all are going to have a media empire on your hands soon!

    52. alexis gonzales

      BECAUSE OF YOU!!!!! I went out and bought me a 85 s10 lol. Thanks for the inspiration!!! And good luck in 2021

    53. Seth N.

      Been an awesome year for you guys, despite all the BS 2020 has given us

    54. rods907

      Where’s molly at ?

    55. nitrofumes2012

      Great Video! Thank you! Go get ‘em next year mister outlaw!

    56. joshharrison60

      Sick bro!

    57. Eyeball Chambers

      Good video Billy

    58. john dodd

      Molly is easy on the eyes 👀

    59. Danny Rochester

      Billy please help me out! Can I have a link to the guys you bought your core supports from? I’ve googled and found nothing!

    60. Zane Howard

      The content on this channel keeps me every single time. Great camera work and editing. The people seem like great people too! Can’t wait to see what 2021 has in store for SRC!

    61. David Cook

      Merry Christmas Billy!!

    62. Brian Mimbs

      That clip with the wheelie!! Were he never let off was epic!!! So sick!! And got the W!! YESSAHHHH!!

      1. joe blow

        My thoughts exactly. The 330'+ wheelie, shifting 2nd in the air and winning is pretty legendary.

    63. Everett Koppen

      We need now a 2020 bloopers one

    64. Perry Andrews

      Dude, you need to share you playlist lol. Seriously can wait till the next video

    65. vdub 1955

      Hell yeah 👌

    66. Clint Flowers

      You have an AMAZING dad. Don’t ever take that for granted, he’s a great dad.

    67. Rubberdown

      All In all a good year..

    68. John Teplir

      Love that gunfighter stare Billy. Sorta lets the competition realize what’s coming their way!

    69. Kevin Larrick

      Great job on the video can’t wait for next year wish you all a Marry Christmas and a Happy New year be safe

    70. Victor Hex

      2020 was definitely fun watching you guys send it. Even if you did not win every race, there sure were some very good epic 2 lane blacktop battles fought with honor and courage. Always improving and well done as always.

    71. Frankenstang Garage

      Pretty sweet vid! Y’all are local to me.

    72. Val Hamilton

      For the year being a nasty one for the World, I feel like you guys made an impact like a huge meteorite, shook the planet and left a hell of a crater. I feel like , you guys had an amazing year and that is just from seeing bits of it on Video. I know it isn’t always cake and laughter, but ur dad changed, I kinda feel like he has helped with any issues he may have had. I am sure you guys aren’t free of problems , but he seems to be doing better. You guys are gonna tear 2021 up and probably left some sore butts. From us to u guys Have a Safe and Happy Holiday.

    73. Gyro Daniel


    74. Brad Cline

      Fuckn love it man

    75. Drew Smith

      Awsome Video Bro. Congrats on a hell of a year, You definitely had some bangers and put in work for sure.

    76. Greg Conner

      Well made video 👍 love to see a big tire build in the future.

    77. John Z

      2021,, HERE WE COME!

    78. Bill Knight

      Awesome footage guys👍, all the best for holidays. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with in the New Year.

    79. Dave L

      Love the 300 ft wheelie!

    80. W. Branch

      Great Video 🔥 Can't wait to see what y'all accomplish in 2021. Keep it up 🍻

    81. ponypwr

      Sure hope we get more than a 3min video for Christmas and new years.

    82. DAVID Lopez

      Hey Billy you and your dad are cool as hell and your brother love you truck I do that a lot with my son I want to ask you when are you going to fix Molly's Mustang you want to see her race but she's not around what you doing Billy we miss her

    83. Gordon Shumway

      Your channel made 2020 great

    84. eric manning


    85. Metal Gear Head

      That little S10 is dialed tf in

    86. FASTEST 360

      What video is 2:14 in?

      1. Chase Jones

        Got you my guy. I'm pretty sure it's this one but could be mistaken. 🍻

    87. Jerry Dilks

      Great little video! Just showed my lady the video where you redid Dennis Camaro for him. Love that you guys gave back to that man great job.

    88. ltethan649

      good channel hard to believe only 170k subs

    89. Hippy VT420

      You guys had a great season! Congrats to you all! Your old man is a wealth of knowledge I would kill to have a dad like him.

    90. Troy Brink

      Damn Billy, well done man🤙

    91. gmc sierrahd sierrahd

      what a sweet edit man happy holidays to you and your family

    92. Trevor Smith

      What an epic years racing you’ve had, can’t wait for next years shenanigans 🔥

    93. Jerred9

      That was the best 3 and a half minutes I've had in a long time

    94. dennis bagatin

      Great stuff looking forward for more awesome racing in the new year merry Christmas to and your family .

    95. Karl Mawby

      Awesome video as usual, meet Christmas n Happy Street racing from Karl out here in Az....

    96. Dirty Dollaz Racing

      Badass Footage! Cheers to next year 💪🏼

    97. Mark Fisher

      Wicked footage 👍...merry Christmas and a happy new year to the hoskinsons!!

    98. Dre Palmer

      Nice my boi

    99. Kirk Gahley

      Is Billy feeling a little froggy! Merry Christmas from Idaho!

    100. Justin Hawkins

      Awesome video 👏👌🙌