What have we done...

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    Just an update video on everything we've been getting into during the offseason.

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    1. Johnny Turbo

      Nice RC car build.. Car guys will be car guys Time to start an RC Out Laws show ( like Street OutLaws)

    2. Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux

      You guys just have to much fun ! Definitely great to watch 👍 im living in the wrong part of the United States thats for sure !

    3. Josh marchsteiner

      Bro those no prep rc are badass would love one

    4. keyman1969

      Started watching cuz of the kid and the truck.....screw them ..I am fan of his DAD now. Lmfao 😅😅

    5. Andy Denzien

      Needs a Fig Newton sticker

    6. John Bowen


    7. Trent Elliott

      What part of Ohio are you from?

    8. Tha Montgomeryz Group

      My brother has a 1/4 scale rc its a monster. I only have 1/10 scale rcs big difference in size thats for sure

    9. Rob

      gas powered weed eater thing lol

    10. Daryl Jones

      Still curious if you guys have plans for the xtreme. Haha..a slammed xtreme blazer build with a cammed 6.0 would be sick.

    11. El Brandon

      "Yeah but it sounds gay" 🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀

    12. Steve Eckland

      I know someone who would gladly sponsor a section of that wing. Please contact me @ stevenkx250@gmail.com

    13. Dalton Jones

      Did he say my rc truck is gender neutral 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    14. BeHumble Racing

      Thats plenty of room for one of my stickers

    15. Jason Phillips

      What is the intro song on your channel?Anyone know?I've been asking for awhile now and can't figure it out.

    16. James Pogue

      Picked my son up a slash reading the startup guide said to use a class d extinguisher in case of a fire who really has a class d sitting around at home?

    17. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Like Golden 💰🍗 Chick On Friday I'm Ronald Thank You.

    18. NippyMoto

      Can you beat the hoonicorn? If so get down there and deliver the chop

    19. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Billy not good at circles, Billy go straight real fast! ;) Happy New Years guys!

    20. Terry's Speed shop

      Looks fun

    21. teknoäijä

      i don t get grown ups playing with toy cars,makes for boring content.

    22. Axe To Grind Productions

      Could we have the part number on the esc you are using there are a few different version . Not sure if you wanted to share . Maybe which trinity you picked out .thanks .just ordered a bandit lol.

    23. J.Sargent91

      i pressed like when your dad said, yeah but it sounds gay hahaha

    24. Turbo John

      lol, pops car does sound like a weed eater! But he laid the smack down. Those things look super fun!

    25. ssmaya ssmaya

      How much is to buy one of them drag cars

    26. Astronomy Sandwich

      Not sure if anyone pointed it out already but your gear mesh is really tight on the no prep build

    27. clint hotrod Patriot

      the Camaro looks really nice. rc content was good fun

    28. Simple Man

      Strap a go pro on that RC Truck, and let us see it.

    29. matt fricks

      Are the rtr drag car kit not any good or does it take a lot of upgrades.

    30. TheCanadianBubba

      Great success to you all this year !

    31. Sofa King RC

      It's cool to see you guys getting into RC

    32. Michael Fowler

      Gender neutral LOL🙄🤔😬🤣

    33. Michael Fowler

      Maybe if you're lucky you can get Wonder Bread to sponsor you LOL

    34. Michael Fowler

      My uncle has a 3-door Suburban just like your RC he bought brand new those are so cool we actually made a mahogany roof liner and put in it love it your RC and my uncle's GMC

    35. Patriot Pritchard

      What does the wind tunnel and other studies prove about the wicker bill? That anything over like 5/8” or 3/4” sticking up on the wicker bill is useless. 3/4” makes the same amount of downforce as having over 1” sticking up.It appeared you have right about that sticking up so y’all have obviously done your homework on the wicker bill and downforce.

    36. David Polak

      U should do a trophy truck build

    37. Nick Kirkland

      I wanna build one

    38. Nick Kirkland

      Billy u mind telling me what your little truck is you raced pops with?

    39. Winston Pratt

      Man if you want this old jato lmk I will send it your way it's got a 2.5r on it now and a dynamite expansion pipe. Where do I send it

    40. Winston Pratt

      I expected Billy's elecro truck to just murder pops and his Petro power but really a good race.....😉😉👌🤣

    41. Winston Pratt

      Need to try some race fuel in that weed eater truck of your dads

      1. Winston Pratt

        Like something just a lil over 100 octane like 111 or something

    42. Winston Pratt

      Boy that's pretty impressive in the snow for a 1/5 scale truck....👌🤯

    43. Winston Pratt

      My RC truck is gender neutral had me dieing lol

    44. Jason Whitaker

      We love your dad bro he's funny as hell keep up the great content my friend

    45. Ryan Roy

      How's also gonna tell you I don't know what kind of remotes you buy but if you are looking for a good cheap remote you can also get it with gyro And it's got the farthest distance out of any remote made even spectrum. You can go up to 4 to 5m its called Dumborc and they work with alot of other cars on the market. For what u are doing its good for distance and its got a fast Response time and it will help you keep it down the street straight with the building gyro if you want to buy one That's billed in its $5 more but you can buy 6 of them remotes for what you would by one high dollar 1 like spectrum

    46. James Britton


    47. James Fauth

      Like the lights nice addition good video

    48. Redneck Rc Adventures

      Nice build been wanting to get into the rc drag racing as I have noticed that it is getting more popular nowadays love the blue camaro always did like those body styles thanks for sharing

    49. HAFRODs Builds

      Off season is RC Channel. That Nova is quick

    50. Lintech Motorsports

      Those little cars is like putting a big block in a Volkswagen Beetle 😂😂

    51. RCinBC

      i did the bandit convertion ran it for a season..now i've moved on to Associated mid motor and a stock class Dr10.

    52. J Hawk

      Man the no prep car looks awesome. Ive been honestly thinking about building one. Ive been in the rc hobby for 20 + years. Camaro body looks sick

    53. Autofaze

      holy cow!! I have been out of the rc game for a long time, those things are FAST!!!!

    54. Brian Ellis Sr

      Research the monster energy logo symbols!!!!.. Although it does represent a lot of people and who tbey represent..!! I'll pass for sure cuase it doesn't stand for what i represent at all....!!

    55. Rcdirtslinger Racing

      What’s good gearing to start with . Doing stock rustler 2wd Vxl drag car

    56. Speed Trapp 219 D

      Should have used the the Motion race works wing more adjustments and would fit so much better check em out

      1. Speed Trapp 219 D

        @Street Racing Channel just came out with a new one go check out there channel and maybe don’t be so defensive bro just trying to help I can tell you this since it’s that way your wing fits like shit by them taillights could have atleast trimmed it to fit better

      2. Street Racing Channel

        How is there more adjustments when it’s strutless and mine has adjustable struts with an adjustable wicker bill

    57. jamie muncy

      That MFr is F-N wicked💯

    58. W. Branch

      Sorry Billy, but dad's have learned how to kick ass over the year's. It is what it is brotha 🍻

    59. Chad Warner

      It sounds like a Prius I love it

    60. falden01

      Holy shit Billy your brother is cooler than you @ R C cars.

    61. James Mims jr

      www.chuckworksrc.com/shop-1 chuck is suppose to be making more chassis in just a couple weeks but u should def check them out man he makes a badass chassis.. Happy new year enjoying all of the content man

    62. betsy williams

      Also do you love ski

    63. John Doe

      How do I enter to win the Z28?? Nvm, just seen the end of the video

    64. Hyman Gerlick

      Lets see you paint Billy's truck. Not a fan of the RC car change in video's

    65. David Holt

      Where did you get the bodies for ?

    66. David Walker

      Have y’all mounted a dragy on one yet?!

    67. Steven Steele


    68. Fish Pony

      Put a fpv camera on those rc trucks and get some fpv goggles. Trust me its twice as fun.

    69. Greg Simon

      Nice wing and great build on the RC car. Happy New Year

    70. michael stroud

      i notice molly is MIA lately ?

    71. chevybrotha outlaw garage

      The gear ⚙ mesh is too tight on that car.. Other wise very cool build

      1. Arley Rodriguez

        How you know that ?

    72. Chopper1

      Time to get my nitro truck back out of storage

    73. SgtLoki13

      Now Tommy needs to build one... he can set it up as a camera platform chase car.

    74. Kody Ferrell

      Those trucks are bad to the bone. I need one now lol

    75. Brian Vello

      Great video Billy, I am interested in the sponsorship spots on the wing of your truck. Let me know how to proceed. Thanks man. Happy New Year

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Happy new year!

      2. Street Racing Channel

        Send me an email at bhoskinsond3@gmail.com

    76. Dale Stevens

      I really enjoy all you guys and your racing, messing around an generally having a helluva lot of fun. I would really like to buy one of your shop shirts but they are always sold out! Any ideo when you will get some more in stock? Thanks and keep up the good times!

    77. Sixx6Sixx

      Was really looking forward to seeing the truck with the new spoiler and doors 🥺

    78. I am confederate !

      sweet wing man ,check out the team dr10 drag car comes with 3300kv.

    79. connor mawhiney

      Cracking me up guys

    80. Travis Renaker

      You all need to check out my Facebook. I have built one of thee most bad ass Tmaxx's in the world.

    81. Tony Stites

      you should get a S10 body and paint it the same collar as your truck,

    82. Fredie Farmer

      Motion works wing.. looks s great

    83. Jeff Jarquin

      Sweet, love the saw teeth look on the back of the wing. Yall have gone off the R/C deep end!

    84. Jason Hastings

      Hell yeah man!!!! Those things look fun!!!

    85. Mitchell Martin

      "translation: you can't drive for shit" 😂😂😂😂 pops kills it

    86. Fr8TraiN *

      Do you pre prep your tires? Goo gone hand cleaner works well but they also make tire prep you can buy. That stuff 👌

    87. tractor man TP

      Look like dad opened up a can of whoop ass !!🙈🙊🙂🙂

    88. Fr8TraiN *

      Change the servo horn. Always one of the first failures. I run a savox titanium gear servo as well. But its a fun hobby to keep ya busy over winter

    89. Josh Wynn

      Yall should've used Motion Raceworks wing on the truck. I was just watching the install video on it, super clean, no bulk to it

      1. Street Racing Channel

        I like the CJ better

    90. Gary Clarke

      Billy, watching either you or you dad were talking about the back wing, remember? Well, this video is exactly what I was going to suggest, seen it first on daddy Dave in the Sonoma!! Man he drove the wheels off goliath!! But the under bits you were putting was exactly what the back of you cab is swirls of wind , and what you just did should brake up those swirls, like F1 wind tunnel! 1 mil and the cars fine, but you need wind tunnel, that wing was developed in such a place, it's great to see you know this at you're age...they were the first thing I thought of as soon as I seen the hole, that's where most wind was escaping, if I'm wrong, please let me know..cheer pal...great family....dogs too...

    91. Glenn Evitt

      Happy New Year Guys 😎💯

    92. Keith Plump

      Wing looks good bud. Those rc cars are fast. Wow they are cool looking also.

    93. Karl Morrison

      we love how you guys differ on elec or gas but i gotta say we were all gas fans untill.... we got the new harley davidson electric bike in at the harley shop me and my boy worked at! by no meanes am i a harley lover matter a fact i hate em their junk but that electric one rippes and its fun!!! sounds like a prius tho...

    94. Zach Ballzach

      Great video guys!!! Happy New year!

    95. Matthew Varnam

      OMG... Did yall see how big them tires grew on that little car...wow

      1. SgtLoki13

        Gets up on em just like the real thing... wondering if the damn things wrinkle on launch too...


      Bill Sr you need to get a LOSI 5T. Best 1/5 scale out there I race one of mine or the others are for bashing. The LOSI 5T is the most durable 1/5 scale and the largest except the Primal RC Monster Truck.

    97. john bauer

      Need to upgrade electric motors that thing will smoke that gas one then

    98. Jay Nix

      Tell pops to make me a non gay gas rc car

    99. Jay Nix

      The dad saying why advertise for us lmao

    100. NWI Josh

      "Yea, but it's gay, it sounds like a Prius" 🤣🤣🤣 I'll be fine if I go the rest of 2021 without hearing another funny thing