I’m gonna use BOTH NITROUS KITS 🔥

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    1. Lee Knudson

      Good job

    2. Greg Bates

      Where is the nova?

    3. Rob Lavoie

      The dirty 30 lives on in this video...RIP dirty 30...

    4. Kevin Cash

      Love watching this channel now the shit this dad and his sons put together and how into the racing they are priceless know how to race some cars and know some cool motor shit

    5. Crider Welding /Fabrication

      Man why dont you go to a 6.0 or 5.3 ls man you wont have nowhere near the money or time wrenching on that thing lol iv got a turboed 5.3 ls s10 I dont make near the boost but I promise you you'd be way better off. Plus I'm blow through carbureted

    6. Johnny Amador

      Texas, o yea, mixed it up , great video.

    7. Ronald Reyes

      Go The Dirty 30 Nick Plewniak & Keep Continue With Maddie Brennan Im Ronald Thank You. 🏁

    8. Mitchell Holroyd

      All the best folks own blue heelers!

    9. Murphy Oconner

      What is the intro song ?

    10. Time Spent

      Boston George, haahhaa,, i was think'n idle pully could be Factory, if you'd try using the duralast kind, thats only good thing they make that dont break.

    11. J Mch

      Bro you kill the light thats what wins races good job car kills and when it soins you dont let up

    12. 79tazman

      Hey Billy I know this is a older video but is your block not O ringed at all?

    13. stephen bonshire

      What's the intro song??? Its vicious!!!🤘

    14. jacob bennett

      What the hell?! I’m from Oklahoma haha

    15. steve cleveland

      I have seen a ton of street racing videos and all those people standing around the cars that have nothing to do with the racers.WOW I guess they want to play Russian runlet .

    16. Cody Burns

      The look on your dad's face was priceless. I seen that one myself a time or two. As a dad you wanna cuss but that extra 1.5 of timing feels so good...... Nice setup though finally someone smart enough to go with a power glide

    17. matt sez

      Id hate to be the guy standing in between 2 mustangs......death wish

    18. Hoppy's junkyard rally

      Garrett got ya in the 3000? That mitsu is fast! great video! can't wait till you visit again!

    19. Anthony Aguilar

      Enjoyed this plus that Nova is beautiful 💪💪💪

    20. Ron Gravel

      He said I put a degree and a half in it. Old man starts shaking his head. Lol. Ima pull that back out. Hahahahaha.

    21. Ben Colegrove

      Gangster ass driving bro. You got it though. If you ever come to AZ hit me up?

    22. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      What in the WORLD is that 3000GT running?! AWD slipping sliding and staying in it?! Nice!

      1. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

        @StabyMcStabsFace ah ha! That makes sense, that's becoming a more and more popular swap versus trying to rocket ship the 6G72 reliably

      2. StabyMcStabsFace


    23. Notpumpgas Anymore

      Timing seemed to have probably been the culprit here! Keep it up Billy you have a bad ass truck man!

    24. John Z

      Geezus, at 6:03 thru 6:20 could there possibly be more absolutely unnecessary people in your way? One day people will be hurt, you guys really need to find a way to not piss off a bunch a people but GET THEM behind you guys as you heat the tires. That is rediculous that so many people are clustered around the cars at the staging area.

    25. Outlaw Mercenary

      @2:44 was that before resurfacing? kinda hard to tell in the video, i'd have to say that, your guy AJ....is a god.....looks like he went around and took care of some other spots that needed attention. cool.

    26. Outlaw Mercenary

      Another good vid.....props.

    27. 79tazman

      Damn you tore that head up good good thing it's aluminum

    28. Trey Gillenwater

      Can't wait to see the Kd Midnight Madness video, them races were close as heck. Billy had that line on point tho

    29. Daniel Brealey

      So who got the win? It looked close. Boston George or the 3000GT???

    30. Jason Borden

      I want to be a professional smart ass when I grow up !

    31. Jason Borden

      Skinny lost her pimp juice

    32. Paksuperse Pekoni

      Name of the song in intro 0:15 ❓❓❓

    33. Meat Bag

      nice car man

    34. Meat Bag

      his dad gave him that dad look

      1. thomas green

        The look that makes it like time stops.

    35. -G- LocK

      i know its not super fast on the track but hey man imma give u respect because that thing is a beast on no prep but a prepped track i dunnno man

    36. zepfan96

      Your dads reaction to you adding timing lol

    37. Mike Angelastro

      Cool video. Love the Novas

    38. Boosted Cutlass

      Love that nova!👍🏻 looking forward to seeing how much that Stock 400 block can take !

    39. TheCanadianBubba

      Good for you to be out keeping the reflexes sharp !

    40. Stephen Mitchell

      Billy the Kid with a S-10!!! Good job and Thank You for sharing the FUN!!!

    41. Mark Rich

      I used a copper gasket oringed with 8:0.1 compression . I yet to blow a gasket on my s480 @ 42psi.

      1. Daniel Brealey

        What moror you running??? I'm fucking around with RB30's these days being an Aussie. We're a bit lucky with shit like that with JDM engines, 10:1 comp and it'll hold 45psi on E85 with just an MLS head gasket

    42. Fred Schmidt

      Young man the best advice I can give you is spare parts ! 2 motors , 2 power glide trans & 2 rear ends ! I know it is expensive it's very expressive but when all goes wrong you can keep racing . You should at least have a spare set of heads ( thoughts turbos like to eat heads ) your doing a great job it's nice that your father let's you race the Nova ( he's a good man ) best of luck give them Hell make them earn that money

    43. Joe Clark

      Young man you are one hell of a razor is in your blood you are a natural keep up the good work every time I watch one of your videos you remind me of myself when I was your age very proud of you keep up the good work

    44. pigrond

      got dammmmmm

    45. Ant Man

      Great video

    46. the grinch

      Timing she is a evil beast

    47. T

      Nova fast asf G 😈

    48. Daniel Harrell

      I would cut off fingers to have a dad like urs when I was growing up my life would probably be a lot different u r one lucky dude

    49. tired hero

      man your contents awesome... that rx7 fd fishing all over :/

    50. Matthew Tanner

      Badass! Keep up the good work.

    51. Jamo Vlogs

      Extra cash flow check it out www.cashfloww.com/804JkA3091191

    52. Stan Lane

      You mess your daddy's car up and he's going to be pissed!!LOL

    53. Timmy Hutchinson

      Damn brother!! My stomach dropped for you when I seen them $ 2000 afr heads! But I guess that's what happens. Sorry bro. Pops nova is beautiful! Love this channel! Keep it up!

    54. Kenneth Brooks

      I love the updates I love the channel keep up the good work

    55. EAST SIDE313

      "That's a bad mother....." 😂😂😂

    56. J Coley


    57. Rafael Sanchez

      I hope you record the heads after they come back from the machine shop. And assembling the engine back together

    58. Compa _Rique

      I need help with your s10 suspension setup for mine

    59. TheKingCoopa

      I love the 5$ lunch special parts organizer box 😂😂👌 (1:40) and another great video! I'm ready for the next one! Also, who would win, the S10 vs. Leroy the savage??

    60. Ryan Ingoldsby

      Please get a better cage in the nova. That thing is fast. It definitely needs more than an eight point. Safety is the most important thing in racing.

    61. Eric Kitchell

      Dang man. Love the racing and contwnt. Loomed like everyone was carching u on the big end otherwise u had them easy man!

    62. riley galloway

      Nova looks like a nice all around car, sounds good and runs good too

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Nova needs a tighter converter for sure.

    63. south3rn wayz

      Ls swap time...lol

    64. Richard Lopez

      Wean u going to live stream your next race

    65. jeff hickman

      Daddy Dave has nothing on you.. You know the tree...

    66. jeff hickman

      Great video.. most people have no idea the labor that is involved in the this sport...

    67. Jonathon Vince

      I added 1.5 degrees of timing. Pull that back out. No😭😭😂😂

      1. Mitchell Holroyd

        Maybe should top fuel hoop the block and heads

      2. Brandon Sheets

        Shaking his head after too hahaha

    68. Randy J

      The famous yellow 57 chevy (Lutz) and the famous Red Camaro (Ryan) raced here at a local track this weekend

    69. Doug

      That's it ?

    70. Steven Thompson

      Living your best life... how many kits you got? Dont matter we gonna use em all!😏

    71. mark davis

      That Monster Energy display on your wall represents Satan and the three spikes to crucify him. Just so you know....

      1. 510Redneck

        Supposed to be monster claws tearing through the can and forming the M which is their brand.

    72. Kent Shifflet

      Looking good in the Nova,maybe it's time to build it up,get it on the same page as the S-10!!!!!! Oh yea,thats Dad's car..... Probably not gonna happen, huh???? Oh well,I can always dream,cant I ??? Wouldn't that be an even more BADA## TEAM than it is now?🤔😳🤯

    73. SNOOK AROO

      dam billy wat about pops driving thought that was his hotrod , just pickin young fella happy 4 th to u and ur family

    74. Rodney Hickman

      Man i love the truck,I have always been a truck guy.And it is so cool to see the relationship that you have with your father.Keep the videos coming sir.😊

    75. Tile'n dyna guy

      Somewhat new sub here, love it Great Channel 👍

    76. Perry Wan

      New intro is dope!

      1. Murphy Oconner

        Do you know the name of the intro song ?

    77. jamie muncy

      Awesome video Bill & Billy. Can’t believe you went and FUCKED the little truck up out goofing off but the repair work, what I could see, looks great. I’d love to know who your machinist is, I’d come to Columbus or the area to have shit done, there isn’t a good machinist in 100 miles of here... none I trust lol plus the wife’s mother lives in Columbus & we did too for 6 years lol Had to get out but can’t wait to see the truck going 💯💯 good luck👍🏻👍🏻

    78. scott tim

      This channel is nuts and bolts man. No fat to trim I love it.

    79. jason pillars

      Those damn okies

    80. sabrom

      That orange, bliue , yellow mustang is dialed in this year for sure!!

      1. SgtLoki13

        In the last shot of it, it sure was on one hell of a lick.

    81. David Passmore Jr.

      That first light had to have been perfect

    82. 30BulletHoles

      Another awesome video!!! It was really cool to watch you race in Sayre a few weeks ago.

    83. Cody Featherstone

      Got two cars lol. That's racing fr 💯🙌❤

    84. For the love of the ride keith

      You still did good not having the truck 💯👍

    85. Jay Luv

      Great video bud! Definitely subbed!

    86. David Anderson

      Don't know what you did, but the cylinder the blew through the head gasket was much leaner than the other three.

      1. EAST SIDE313

        @David Anderson yeah o ringing the block and heads would def make for a better seal.

      2. David Anderson

        @EAST SIDE313 Good point, I looked at the video again and the piston top could be cleaner from a little water getting in. The cylinder head and valves look about the same as the others. He needs to o-ring the block and use a different head gasket if he is going to push the boost . Something caused the cutting torch to be turned loose, usually that sort of thing happens on nitrous motors, but a lean condition can do it on any blown motor. I have seen one all aluminum big block that cut a channel on number one cylinder. Damaged the block, the head and cut a hole in the aluminum motor plate.

      3. EAST SIDE313

        Didn't look leaner to me

    87. Matthew Mcclintock

      I'm like a kid in candy store when i see a SRC video pop up on my notifications lol

    88. Chuck York

      Tks for another great vid...sorry about the truck brother. Head games is looking good tho. Keep it up.

    89. dylan shaw

      Running a similar set up, was wondering what kind of gauge/tuner your running to make the changes in the lanes without a laptop? Trying to find the right setup

    90. Robert Hunt


    91. Don't poke The Bear!

      Call Texas Speed!

    92. Mr Berg

      Enjoyed meeting y'all last Saturday. Thanks for taking a couple minutes to show me the truck.

      1. Emil Lerp

        You can't beat these guys! We saw them in NC and unbelievably humble and welcoming? My 8yr old son is still wearing the wrist band they gave him. These guys deserve the utmost respect for being stand up fellers....

    93. Joseph Soto

      @7:00 my god Billy that nova is ear orgasmic love it bro

    94. onebabyguerilla Johnnysparks

      Dam it, the trucks down again....

      1. Wyandotte Weaver

        @ted evans I believe it's that Ohio s10 or just look up Billy on FB

      2. ted evans

        @Wyandotte Weaver will do , I am assuming it is the same name ?

      3. Wyandotte Weaver

        @ted evans follow his FB page he keeps it up to date on what's going on with the truck.

      4. ted evans

        @Wyandotte Weaver okay , surprised he never mentioned that , it sucks to hear more stuff is broken

      5. Wyandotte Weaver

        @ted evans no the headgasket was few weeks ago. Not everything Billy post is up to date.

    95. Trevor Smith

      Great video as usual, just needed a little more spray, can’t wait for more truck”Gaptising” content 👍🇦🇺

    96. Don't poke The Bear!

      WTF! NINJA!

    97. Steven Neal

      Hey, love yalls videos...keep being badass 🤜🤛

    98. Kyle Love


    99. Squanchy Squanch


      1. Steven Neal

        Daaammmmiiittt 😂