My S-10 Meets it's NEMESIS - Battling it out IN DA HOLE!

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    S-10 vs. S-10 In DA HOLE ... Albany, GA Baby!
    We will be back to get that BELT!
    Check Out my Dad's Interview with BJ Da FlagMan from Street Outlaws New Orleans :

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    1. Andy Denzien

      Great channel.

    2. PrestigeRacingMotorsports

      Love how mostly everyone else is LS EFI and your out there doing work while being old school GM based small block and carb’d. Proving you don’t need all that extra shit to go fast. Just gotta have an ol man who knows his shit and a dude that can drive🤙.

    3. J Smith

      At around the 25:30 mark the dude that drives the red truck that spun out in last race looks like an older version of billy

    4. Tristo Williams

      Ya got “Da Pad” now we got “Da Hole”😂😂😂

    5. Brettergymnasiast

      Maaaan, always great content and these photo's are so sick ! All the best all the way from Germany ! Just gotta love this Family.

    6. Jordan Hunt

      billy needs to race against the Hoonicorn that would be wicked :)

    7. Matthew Wilson

      You guys are awesome I love watching the channel, your dad signing autographs I didn't realize he was famous must be a big name drag racer or something

    8. Joe Doe

      What motor and combo including mods does it have ? It's nice good skills also young man

    9. Moo kie

      nothing wrong with losing to a dude like that. I would rather barely lose then get gapped any day of the week.

    10. Mark Bouchard

      Excellent episode, well done.

    11. uk Ghost

      You need to drop your truck some

    12. Maine TurboDiesel

      Nothing to be ashamed about loosing to that truck. You have a true street truck except for the tires . . . Full interior radio the whole 9 yards. You lost to a truck that is a trailer queen and couldn't think about going through the center of town with traffic lights.

    13. Joshua Rivera

      That left lane was trash.

    14. Joshua Rivera

      I love how the s10 launches.

    15. Ariel Vargas

      Just awesome racing

    16. Marco Polo

      I loved that side view of patches and you leaving off the line, I would like that angle on all your races. Lastly in a previous video the front suspension travel was brought up as crucial and boy I can tell now that you brought it to my attention. Cars that hook on sketchy streets seem to have twice the front end travel as ones that don’t hook well.

    17. James Moreira

      Tell this guys MOVE AWAY FROM THE TRUCKS

    18. David Mcnerney

      You can get a crate alum 5.3 pretty cheap part #19181072. put ring gap and a camshaft be on your way to 1000+

    19. Jay P is me

      Great race, that guy in the s10 knows how to do a burn out and not roll the tires anymore than you have to afterwards. It just picks up dirt and debris.

    20. Crimson Dawn

      Better luck next time Billy still a hell of a pass bro and don't give up on a loss instead learn off it and come back with a vengance

    21. Blake bateson

      This comment is irrelevant to this video but this is the most recent video, but anyway glad y'all kept that money in Ohio during the sro race , y'all definitely inspired me /shown me it don't matter were your from(I live in Ohio also) or how big your following is if you work hard and learn from the little things you can compete with the best . Hope to meet y'all considering some of the scenery in your videos I recognize and I'm legit only 25-30 mins from that pigeon roost farm pumpkin patch I seen a few videos ago lol

    22. Skyler Hughes

      Is this truck still on leafsprings?

      1. Skyler Hughes

        @SRC Garage thanks man

      2. SRC Garage

        Yes, the original springs and shackles.

    23. xXlilmock22Xx

      That Silver Nova can 60ft reallty good

    24. Benjiman Dover

      Run all the bolts down tight then cut off the excess that sticking through...s10 life...😉👍👍👍

    25. Hogugly

      Man that truck moves like it's on ice. It's cool how you go all or none. Dude keep it up. I got a buddy that lives up in Ohio and if I can get up there to see him again definitely gonna see if I can catch you racing.

    26. Old Papawwithastrat

      That was the save of the day!!! Great video. SRC. God Bless

    27. yarrdayarrdayarrda

      Added valve lash (more than .001 or .002) on a solid roller setup after the initial set is a sure sign something is failing. (lifter/pushrod end/rocker arm)

    28. Bill P.

      Great racing. They were all getting down.

    29. cew142

      You may have lost, but man was that a race!!!!

    30. Shane Adkins

      The kid still waxing asses with the HEAVY chevy. 💯💯💯💯💯 Leave it alone bro,, radio and all. It's what makes it fun .. there is no replacement for displacement ..💪

    31. Mike C

      Smile more......Jesus

    32. James H

      Tommy, great filming!!!!!

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Thank you

    33. nick baldwin

      Billy have you thought about when your dad is gone do you feel like you will still race hard question I know I’ve been there my dad was my everything just want you to think about it and how you acknowledge your dad in these videos he is your everything you just don’t know it

    34. Dr Smoke BBQ

      Hey bud, I love watching your videos! We always root for ya! If it's in your budget, I think its time to go to a larger splayed port engine. It would come in handy when you have a few hundred extra horsepower on top end reserved for a race like you just lost. I would say more cubes, better heads, efi, and you would be untouchable. Especially if ya ran a multi stage boost controller

    35. Tyler Q

      Tgt reaction to Billy’s race hahahahaha

    36. Nightmare On Your Street

      Now that’s some Good Racing!

    37. wayne grono

      Would ball joint spacers work the same as the long ball joint

    38. Keefe Spencer

      Time for a TKM built 454cid LS with an aluminum Dart 6bolt block, Dart Rec port heads or Frankenstein heads, TKM solid roller camshaft, Bryant billet center counter balanced crankshaft, CP/Carrillo aluminum rods, CP/Carrillo 11.5:1 compression pistons, Jesel shaft mounted roller rockers, 1/2in head studs, dry sump oil system w/ clear view oil filter, Billet Atomizer injectors with a Frankenstein "Iceman" intake or a Super Victor intake with a 105mm Hi-Boost throttle body or bump your engine up to a 434cid and put 18 degree AFR or CDI heads on it and get Wilson Manifolds to build you an EFI intake with either a 102mm or 105mm throttle body and put either an HP or Dominator ECU or put a Dominator blow thru or a Split Dominator blow thru carb on your engine and also lighten your truck up like you said with some carbon fiber body panels and put a 4link rear chassis set up with a 9in rear and you can also lighten the truck up by putting a 25.5 or 25.3 chassis in it with either Chromoly or Docul R8 tubing and put carbon fiber tubs in it

    39. Rafael Maldonado

      Anything with a s10 in it I clicked fast asf. Puro s10 life got 2 extremes myself. Sick video bro goals asf

    40. Daniel Carnley

      nothing bugs me more than people crowding the staging lanes


      Looks like everybody was fast damn steep comp.

    42. 1BadFrc

      BTK is bad young dude. Keep up all the work man. Great videos and youre not a “self centered, look at me” you-tuber. Props to you man.

    43. Kenneth Blackmore

      How do you get that S10 to hook up like that?

    44. Dylan David Adams

      Best quality, best content, best driver 🤘🇺🇲

    45. Tae Johnson

      19:03 blowin hats off

    46. Fatboy412

      I wanna be a skreet racer

    47. Rémi

      5:10 :o

    48. Kevin Wadsworth

      Great racing! Gentlemen class act!

    49. LS Street Outlaws

      Ordered me a poster bub

    50. MaRCoS

      Does that grey nova have any social media platform? Bad ass nova and S10and vids billy /Tommy 🥶

    51. AFK Jim

      Where can I find some more footage of that haggard ass RX7?

      1. AFK Jim

        @SRC Garage Thanks OI' Man!

      2. SRC Garage

        Search for The Chicken Hawk

    52. John Jeane

      Is Patches the old Murder88 S10?

    53. Steven Thompson

      Damn man have some respect for the racers and crew.. And stay off the start line!! ✌

    54. gabriel guzman

      Look like a bunch of rabid ass animals bunched up around the starting line smh. Solid racing Billy💪🏽

    55. SLIMZD

      A lost is just a setback for a great come back, u lose like u win with respect great race

    56. Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation

      Billy make sure when you take the weight off to reset your caltracs and front springs I did windows and doors on mine make sure you get measurements on the ride height so you won't have to fight it speaking from experience

    57. peskypeet

      Loved the vid! The racing side shot was killer. It reminded me of higher dollar televised show. Definitely felt more like being in the action. Yea we got th .. oh Noooo

    58. peskypeet

      Hey Billy- If you guys are going to stick with leaf springs for a while have you guys thought about installing leaf spring sliders?

    59. Matt Brooks

      Molly’s hair and makeup looked good that day! Sorry I had to mention it

    60. Philip Martin

      Love the camera on the finish line, great video .

    61. Daniel Hicks

      It wasn't because of a lack of trying that's for damn sure

    62. TheCanadianBubba

      Too bad there was no timing set up... would be good to be able to compare all the runs. Taking weight off the nose will have a negative effect on transfer and that will encourage more wheelspin... no ?

    63. Omar Castro

      Imagine that feeling you’d get seeing people bet on you

    64. Pat Slovokia

      Can't win them all. But, as always, little truck is hauling ass. Good job.

    65. merle haggard

      Well done Tommy, awesome camera work man👍🏻

    66. Terrence Tucker

      Time to put that truck on a diet !!!!!!

    67. minitrucker04

      Another killer video! Really like the finish line videos

    68. Norry Jones

      Dam good race best ive ever seen with an s 10 on no prep

    69. Joshua Spencer

      What do you use to edit your videos.they are always done so well.

    70. Robert Elmo

      @0:01 Still asking what those numbers are on the guage....

    71. Roger Brown

      Billy got out and had him covered just not enough h.p. ! Great job Billy you did all you could!! Be proud! hell of a race!

      1. Sammy B.

        Billy was losing traction from the 330 But 60 ftd him good

      2. Roger Brown

        Thanks! For the quick reply! You will get him next time !

      3. Street Racing Channel

        Thanks though

      4. Street Racing Channel

        Horsepower was not the issue. Traction was

    72. Baby-Shark GTO

      Sick ass video! Is KC Maxx having some troubles?

    73. Drag That Azz

      Damn younger, you are a drivin fool. Awesome job! Extremely close race there, he only got ya "by a bumpa" as JJ would say, though he would of called that by a bus being it was so close. Stay safe, brother. ✌

    74. Erik Berggren

      That was a crazy save by patchesS10 at the end!

    75. Ronnie Johnson

      I help my nephew with his off-road park. I have seen several mud trucks with an old gas tank with a fuel pump inside for fuel injection being filled with water to clean windshields. That would be perfect for street racing under the cover, filled with Stripper Glitter. Spray it right on the tire.

    76. Dane Smith

      Great stuff my first truck was an 86 4spd manual with the 2.5 iron Duke. They say you cant blow on up! I did!!!!!!

    77. Dane Smith

      And that's racing ladies and gentlemen!!! Great video as always thought you had him!!!! Still proud of the 88'

    78. bzrker1300

      12:51 spotto #huntertuned old chevstang!?!?! Still handing out the gaps.

    79. Scott Russell

      I'm betting on a weight loss plan for the S-10 over the winter. It'll be back and bad as ever with a few hundred pounds off.

    80. Crawford Towing

      Damn that way raceing

    81. James Guy

      Won my first race there at Us 19 Dragway ! Bobby puts on some good races

    82. Greg Simon

      That was a hell of a race Billy

    83. Dave Does

      Good race Billy, truck looked good.

    84. Michael Locklear

      Whenever a piston comes out of someone's vehicle and impales someone standing all in the lanes then they'll keep tf back. Smh

      1. msattler111

        Yeah, I always wonder about the total lack of any kind of safety enforcement at these events. One day, someone is gonna blow an engine, shatter a flywheel, break an axle, lose a tire, and then it's gonna be 'good night, jackass' for some of the spectators clustering around the cars at the starting line.

    85. Seth N.

      A soda cans metal is 0.004"....we use 2 layers with superglue between them squeezed tight as a valve tool for smaller dirtbikes and atvs at a shop i used to work at lol. Measured same as factory specs and was trimmed and bent just right

    86. Mr. Will

      The only I know is in Newark NJ. Racing there since the 80’s

    87. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Whew! Some DAMN good racing in this video, another great outing for you all really bringing us all some fun at the end of 2020, keep it up y'all!

      1. Dave's Racing Channel

    88. Cory Eakman

      KC Max lost that first round! Why did they re-run the race?

      1. David Goodale

        Because they big name not like us in the 240

    89. djm93

      Send it bro never lift 😏🤙 knowledge is power

    90. slo_5.0h

      That Patches S10 is fast no doubt about it but "The old man" will have you fixed up next time. Like you said Billy, "Can't win 'em all" Good luck next time!

    91. Dannah Ellis


    92. Scott Carter

      No diet man you got a street truck that is bad ass taking off a lot of weight starts you towards being a pro mod. I like the look of your truck inside and out just like it is. That's what makes it a street truck!!! Keep on making great videos of your races!!!!!

    93. Josh Thomas

      Yeah man that’s the write idea go home and pull some weight out wherever you don’t need it. That was a close race. He didn’t get you by very much at all.

    94. Scot w

      Ask the locals how they pronounce AL-benny.

    95. Anti

      Can’t wait tell me trans am finish

    96. Ronnie Johnson

      Nope! I don’t want to be the starter.

    97. Tony Cervantes

      Drop weight on the truck you really wining them all

    98. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      I've told you in person, but I love how you guys keep it real, showing when you win and lose. Badass video and great coverage of the event also!

    99. MarshLT1Z28Vert

      I like the finish line shots, good close races looks like.

    100. Devin Berry

      Diet and lower it. Get it sucked down on the road.