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    The Truck pulled through, and made it to the winners circle again this weekend. A little luck was on our side, but we did make some fast passes on the sketchy, cold, no prep surface at Bunker Hill Dragstrip.
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    1. Joshua Mccormack

      Seeing the old man raise these kids and teach them what I wish I had someone teaching me but I’m 36 with 6 kids and I wish I had the financial means to do what you guys do when I say you should be proud pops you have a great family and kids are awesome

    2. Tom Rose

      Just like jjhon force ....make your own intemadating the aponet at the staging light

    3. Daniel Ward

      binge-watching all your vids, I want my truck to be sweet as yours one day.

    4. Keelan Koehn

      Take my hat off to u Billy hope to be able to see u race or maybe get a chance to race you.

    5. Michael Oliver

      Do you race in Arkansas if you do wen I would like to see you race

    6. David Birnell

      Really enjoyed your video... congratulations on your win. Just going to plug my business on here as well, a lot of those sponsor signs were made by ABNER and SONS Sign Shop including the winner circle at the end of your video. We are a local graphic vinyl shop doing all kind of signage, banner, business logos 51 east 8th street Peru, IN 46970. Let me know if we could ever be of any service for you.

    7. Johnny B

      I would like to see your Dad drive the s-10 Aftercall, You did let molly drive lol

    8. J D

      1300+ Hp small tire truck... No window net, no gloves, no SFI pants or shoes and no head n neck restraint..What could possibly go wrong!! Can't race if you're dead..(knock on wood) Safety up son!!

    9. M DC

      Get your merch in. Out of stock...out of luck.

    10. W.B.K white

      Whats tire set-up you running on no prep track???

    11. millsmotorvation

      Awesome truck! I only have street car's I run! Really love the shirt. If I can find the end of the comments to hit the link to order a few. She looks better in her shirt! Great work, keep it up!

    12. kvng._ shvt

      put it on a scale and look at the weight distribution on all 4 corners

    13. racerdoc

      Billy, what size primary tubes do you use on your headers?

    14. Paul Ogier

      4 link the rear bro and man you can drive

    15. Dakota Bartlett

      I live right next to that Indian in montpelier, IN!

    16. Sa yan

      I respect people down to earth like you and your family! Keep doing these awesome videos!

    17. Kaneki Ken

      I cant believe I was there and didn't realize it was you. That's the track I am home to about 30 minutes north of me lol xD

    18. Klausi TV

      where are the numbers?

    19. Cameron Lbn

      Cherish your fam like you’re gonna lose them tomorrow brother

    20. maldo72

      Great channel I had to subscribe to keep updated ....

    21. ken barr

      You are one of the most consistent starters I have ever seen. Your reaction time to the tree is very very good.

    22. Jamie Mullen

      I need merch.. Hook and old school gearhead up???

    23. MG3

      Great driving man! Drove the wheels off that little truck. Keep up the great work. Super good videos!


      Love this dudes channel! He's so classy and candid how can u not like the dude....

    25. Johnny Corvette

      Congrats Billy!!

    26. Richard Upyurass

      Imagine this kid with a pro team of engineers behind him. The new John force

    27. Richard Upyurass

      This kid is going to land a pro sponsored gig soon. He has many years more knowledge than his age

    28. Joseph Soto

      Man your out of stock for the never lift hoodie I need one 💪😎😆✌️

    29. todd ruhle

      Some damn good driving. How does your s10 pass cage cert with the rear bars being low like that?

    30. Gary Burchett

      Your truck hooks great,but that track looked slick on the big end. Congrats on the win.👑

    31. Kenneth Brooks

      Congratulations on the win

    32. TexanBoi

      Win is a win congrats bro

    33. Rick Lauster

      Truck runs great, time for a new suspension though. Things all over the place, imagine if it went straight.

    34. David Anderson

      Just curious why you bang your valvetrain off the two step in the water box before your burnout?

    35. Dave Vlogs

      Take those mirrors off brother, there gonna get you hurt watching the other mans race driving upwards of 140mph. Just want to see you safe and pumping out videos. Plus its a confidence booster when you don't have to look back and can't see them beside you. Be Safe.

    36. Joe Meshefski

      Question for you. How do you get a T/ shirt from you. I would like to purchase 5 of them before X-max for my family. I think I've watched all of your videos. They are great. You and your dad are good people. YOU GUYS ARE TRUE STREET 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    37. Adrian S

      First time I watch your channel because you're on Roman atwood channel. I 'm subscribe it because your personality and you're good driver. Now you're date Molly, who's didn't love her on this channel!?!?! Everyone LOVE it. We need Molly racing on this channel and more collab with otomotif vlogger. More big collab, more subscriber.. God bless U

    38. Mike Crevier

      Your the real deal man , love the family atmosphere even if it is packing up shirts. Give er tits from Toronto Canada

    39. Gareth Oliver

      What is the first song, the one that is part of your intro ? The song and your content is pure gold mate.

    40. 27 GH

      Congrats on the wins👍 Especially the final win👍 Congrats to your Dad as well, considering he is a huge part of your success 👏🏁

    41. Chris Vickery

      Great job Billy

    42. John smith

      Family photo at the end. It may not mean much to you now,but one day it will.

    43. John Winnard

      My parents left me a 1983 S10. My dream is to do 10s.

    44. Eric Sorg

      Moving around is an under statement....way to drive

    45. marc st laurent

      Great job

    46. m jj

      Good job I am glad we are winning ,started following on Instagram today

    47. Cody Davidson

      After some shitty luck you got really lucky that night for sure lol congrats

    48. The Dude

      Finally everything stays together and you kicked ass good job Billy I will see you at the airport this weekend in Berkeley Springs

    49. Ryan Jenkins

      Represent ohio !

    50. John Z

      No kidding Billy, as quick as that truck is getting you REALLY MUST do something with the chassis. Your Dad knows it,, at 8:45 watch him shake his head,, he's holding his breath too. We watch you saw the wheel left and right and hold our breath that the beast doesn't take control from you and send both of you off the track to who knows what fate, likely not a good one. Isn't it OK for you to back half the truck and go to a four link set up? You guys have the skills and equipment to do the work, Summit has the parts. As you said early on this video, those leaf springs are gonna get you and your truck hurt,, seriously bud, PLEEEZE get that chassis in YOUR control not the truck's 'cause it's quite apparent the truck's out to hurt ya. Also, please secure the rear of that hood. Ohh, most importantly, GR8 race, GR8 WIN and GR8 videos! Love to watch your channel.

    51. KLIMOV GARAGE Domian Klim

      Братан, ты красава! Следим за тобой! так держать!!!

    52. Shit Box

      Congrats, you sure earned that one. 👍🏻

    53. willierepair One


    54. Robby Cates

      Great job homie,btw just got my new src tee shirt thx.

    55. Andrew Alford

      Is that your girlfriend in the winner circle with yoh

    56. Craig Cundiff

      2:30.....B3R..... Big 3 Racing... Nice hat Billy.... You've been up here by me to get that....👍

    57. Patrick Huszarik

      Nice big 3 racing hat.

    58. Albeniz antonio

      Congrats man hell yea keep on doing what u doing!!!

    59. Nightmare On Your Street

      I'll hand it to ya, you can drive the hell out of that S10 and as always another Badass Video. Keep Em Coming!

    60. NismoBB

      Damn that truck is squirmy.

    61. gullreefclub

      How about instead of a shirt do a Bikini Calendar featuring your Girlfriend and other pretty ladies of the street racing channel.

    62. TheCanadianBubba

      Great to see you all back winning ! You have a spool or a locker out back ? anything other than a spool could be a reason for the inconsistent launches, no ?

    63. Turbo World

      Congrats! Some serious driving skills to man handle that beast!

    64. Glockspecific

      That Camaro knows he needed that front half to have a chance!

    65. Glockspecific

      Maybe just my Pc, I am getting Error 404 when I click the SRC merch link

    66. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Whooooa that pass against the wall good LORD that was a pucker moment! Definitely need to get that thing back on the rack to get it tracking straight, with all the challenges she's given you lately the last thing you need is to kiss a wall! Great to see you out there getting work done even in the cold though, keep it up!

    67. Wormser McFrazzleweiner

      Dude, do a 4 Link and never look back. If your are not limited by certain class rule. But it's amazeballs on the street!!

    68. Shifttube

      seam like you can lower the whole car a few to keep that swing back a forth unless you like it lol

    69. Gabe Hilliard

      One things for sure, Billy CAN DRIVE!!! Congrats and love the content!!

    70. 207 garage

      Congratulations guys awesome

    71. andrew geary

      I may be out in left field but after u got it lined up it seemed to launch a lot straighter. Now it seems to be moving at launch. Have u changed stuff in the front end?

    72. Bryan Roupe

      That white coupe have a 2jz ?

    73. Socalfun

      Sometimes being lucky is better than being good. Good to see you out there.

    74. Corbo Yates

      Good job. I’m glad it went your way.

    75. Zzach

      Man you deserve that win you have been trying extra hard and it is paying off you have an awesome crew keep those wins coming!!!!!!!!! I hope u get a 4 link soon

    76. STILLthePILLAR ][+

      Lower the truck and limit front end travel.

    77. James Ray

      Got one of your GAPtized shirts .. thanks for the quick order filling.. Awesome content.. keeping the story

    78. Joshua Ryan

      Congrats Billy the kid 🤙🤙 from Australia

    79. Bob Ross

      Great Great video thanks Billy and family

    80. RHINO

      Racing is never pretty a win is a win!! Just remember if you ain't first your last!! Lol great video brother!!

    81. Westley Miller

      There is a couple of channels I really look forward to seeing! Street Racing Channel is one of them! Your father and you a so real. It reminds me of the banter with my son. I enjoyed the racing, and was soooo glad to see you kept it off the wall!!! And i also agree with everyone. 4 link is in your future! It's the only way to go!!

    82. Oh hey its Josh

      YAY BILLY!!!

    83. Smith performance racing

      Keep on gapping Bud 👍

    84. gsxrred1000

      Congrats on the win. Well deserved. Good luck on the next one 👍

    85. Jamie Todd

      Nice another great vid good work guys

    86. Drag Racing and Car Stuff

      Great video, and congrats again on the win Billy!

    87. Chris Hall

      Probably one of the coolest channels I have found on you tube. You and your dad are what every father and son should strive to be in this sport. No bs, no trash talk just run what ya brung racing. Prolly the most respectful kid in the no prep series nation wide man. Keep it up

    88. Regis c

      Hey keep up the good work I'll try to watch your channel much as I can when I'm not working but I like the way you got that twin turbo in the S10 riding buddy keep up the good work and God bless I would like to buy one of your shirts

    89. tnt201123

      Love your channel kid. You do a lot of your own work, I've seen you break that engine down like it's your bestfriend 2many times. That left lane wasnt shit!! Truck went straight from the 1st pass to the final in the right. You an the Mazda broke tires in the left. Comtrats on the win tho

    90. hunter stump

      please squeeze it once for me bro lol

    91. Joseph Lay

      And congrats on the win to man! That things is rolling out!!

    92. Steve Welborn

      Little truck is hauling ASS!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations

    93. Gunnutz71

      Love your channel! Install a 4 link and wishbone. You’ll never look back at leaf springs again. Don’t waste time with ladder bars.Been racing 32 years in KC

    94. Glenn Kotas

      kick ass

    95. Patrick PhippsPA

      Nice video buddy! Love your passion and your work.

    96. Jay Walker

      Congrats again

    97. Jay Walker

      S-10 is ah BAD ASS whhooo

    98. NoNameNeeded

      You’re going to blow up on IRvision.

    99. Brandon Jones

      It was a pleasure meeting you that weekend

    100. R Ching

      Looks like you guys got your shit together