KC STREET RACING with Big Chief, Murder Nova, Beater Bomb & More

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    KC Was off the chain! We have more footage from the grudge racing that happened after the shootout yet to be posted so keep an eye out for that as well.
    Huge thank you to 6Sixty Street for collaborating on this video with us. Go Check out their channel!
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    1. Street Racing Channel

      Make sure y’all watch until the very end. It’s the BEST PART!!!

      1. joab king

        Big chief is 💯 I’ve been around street racing since I was 8-9 years old where I could hear them race on RT 19 on the Paterson Clifton border where against mom pops would still take me to watch and even back then there where $5,000-$10,000 but all these wanna be TV stars are messing it up just set up fake races for them to show up at one

      2. Logan B

        Is it bad that I don’t even know joe but I watch old street racing and watch him run people in black hawk sucks he’s gone

      3. Ameliorating For Our Generation

        Where do we race at. I lost track going in and out of jail. Used to be front street at 11 everyfriday and saturday

      4. Trevor Wilson

        brother, your gonna be the next Don Garlits or John Force of the streets.stay humble and let keep track of all the little things from each track,and let that truck keep doing the talking.no one likes a man who brags and brags.I keep a audio recorder and make not of everything from air temp to tire pressure.that way in a few years u have a huge advantage.I have my dad's note books,any he could set his car on the absolute brink every pass. but it is nice to see you take the kid for a drive,in your last vid. I don't mind JJ the boss, but all he does is brag.and he goes through cars like cigarettes.there is about 2 tracks in the US that he hasn't demolished a vehicle at.I would never race against him.he will destroy your and his vehicle to win a race. he is going to kill another racer or himself or one of those girls. love the channel it's #1

      5. 79tazman

        Beater Bomb wins it how much was the pot?

    2. Randy bobandy

      13:36 damn that car is mean

    3. Man Gon

      I miss race nights back home. KCKS WYCO 18TH & CENTRAL AVE 1❤️.

    4. Beantown Hooligan

      Yo anyone know the punto 6 79 Corolla ........Wow who's the dick head arguing with a lady #2PumpChump

    5. Wyat Turner

      Maaan that Vega ate out the hole against that awd pickup

    6. Justin Shearer

      this was one of the coolest things I’ve ever got to do, if you haven’t been to a Wyco race yet...do your self a favor and go

    7. Juan New

      We like very much these races and we'd like to know the faster car in a race against time. When you racing yourselves, the winner is not always the faster. Sometimes the loser had only a trouble and the winner may be a turtle. I propose make 3 starting each one and take the best time.

    8. Grind hard garage

      Michigan street racers gunna give murder nova and “little chief” a loss! irvision.info/home/XoKZqnarh8eioKg/fy-lm-h-y.html

    9. Emotional Content Media Unltd.

      Watching this crowd shit talk and do anything but follow rules would make me never throw one of these again..... shut the fuck up. Do what your told or dont take part. Its not fucking race explanation time kids.

      1. Emotional Content Media Unltd.

        With all these trailer queens seems like people just didnt wanna pay the strip fees. I expected actual street cars my dude hahahahaha Just a bunch of racecars at night hahahahaha

    10. Jason Wilkins

      This would be a lot better if you knew who was racing which lane one or lost for this reason I have to give it a thumbs down it's just cars driving down the road side by side

    11. Tamas Kiss

      Ahh this is fantastic i get to enjoy all the racing and i don't have to listen to the drama all them idiots yelling and arguing. I can't stand that this is the way to film the race.

    12. Lawrence Westberry

      Wow! Good job stepping up the production. Keep getting better man, love it.

    13. Josh Koch (Intimidator82)

      Beater bomb is hilarious. I love how everyone is scared of him when he starts calling names for call outs. You have a 50/50 chance to beat him, either you do or you don't

      1. Kolby Kelley

        But no hate to you my man I would hate for him to call my name cause I wouldn’t want to have to say yes lmao

      2. Kolby Kelley

        You right they scared they know he is fast as fuck and just trying to make it a few rounds! I understand it’s 50/50 but I have rarely literally rarely seen beater not make a full pass

    14. Maze 275

      Just keep your shet in your lane

    15. 4g63spoolin

      Damn at 16:20 if you slow down the play back speed you can see the Camaro jumps and still gets driven around !

    16. Mike Baker

      Damn man, every car chief touched lost 😂

    17. Gabe Bingaman

      405 baby!

    18. Jonathan Cantrell

      The first road you see is Botts road I was just there at a race ronight

    19. Docota brokenarrow Runningwolf

      Boring show with all the village idiots.daaa.

    20. David Mcnerney

      Love the drone footage

    21. tyreak church

      I see caddy jack I click I see caddy jack lose I leave

    22. L

      That Datsun was blowing the tires off... And still was dragging ass 😂

    23. 505 Street Cars

      This is by far my favorite cash days/shootout production I've seen in awhile. It has everything I love about street racing videos. Of course first and foremost BADASS Racing! And the editing, in car angles, drone shots, B-roll, finish line cam, even down to the audio quality and music. It is a "tastefully modded" youtube vid lol. Please keep em coming! I come back to watch this about every month. Thank you for spending the hours combing through every SD card from all them cameras. It doesn't go un-noticed!

      1. 505 Street Cars

        Oh yea and can't forget the drama too lol

    24. Dylan Enricho Le Roux

      Tip for you guys, please add the car names with maybe power as well as driver so that your international supporters have an idea who is racing.

    25. Kevin Speicher

      Who was the other guy in the finals from 405? Running nitrous?

    26. Chewing Tooons

      Beater Bomb practicing his being a twat impersonation and getting his face on camera being one.

    27. Randy Young

      I hate that cocky bald midget beater bomb! Like to see him troll around Memphis he would get his ass whipped by a chick down there. I know he won't go all talking shit no action

    28. TC Swag

      Awesome work on the video . makes me wish I was racing again lol . kids - wife - private schooling $ Etc .....

    29. TC Swag

      Used to race bikes 929rr-turbo zx14 and basically gave up on it , all the bitching and fighting got so annoying and time consuming wasn't worth it . there used to be camaraderie but now with everything being filmed and put online instantly everybody on edge and acting like the killer . just didn't care for the vibe anymore when I saw a guy get shot over a 200.00 dig race argument that was it for me . I just go fast on the water now ✌

    30. Faith like Noah

      He didn’t cross and he gaptized that dude anyway so stupid

    31. Hector Lopez

      Boring as f%ck

    32. Jim S

      Thats some cool shit right there!!

    33. TaterTotTasteTester

      Did that silver Datsun blow the wheels off for the whole 8th mile?

    34. Brooklynn Jones

      And beater bomb is not here with us

    35. Brooklynn Jones

      I’ve been there my dad races there😧

    36. Derrick Penrod

      takes a lot of money to make a Ford go fast. and I love fords

    37. eNeVe Family

      This was official.

    38. BigBoyzToyz69 Classic Muscle Cars Ohio

      You guys provide some of the best racing footage bar none, ytube, tv, whatever. Thanks and keep it up!

    39. The Backyard

      Who ever edited this fucking sucks

    40. solara clarke

      they are about to release a new road law in the USA..get caught street racing and the car gets crushed, the driver loses licence for 5 years..........

    41. American pirate

      It's a wonder there isn't a IRS man standing there at the finish line waiting for their cut at the end of the last race. Cause ya know - In this day an age , it's hard to catch a tax evader Especially one in a fast car 😎👉🏾💨 💨 💨 💨 💨 he's gone ! 😏😁😂

    42. Seth N.

      that little 240/260/280z is a rowdy ass little car

    43. Will Cody

      Bad add coverage and editing. Quality content #100

    44. t FFA

      been to both these spot lol🤭❤️

    45. Jon Jones

      Ruined that video by having that arrogant asshole big head chief in there.

    46. o_o

      I live 5 miles from this industrial park you can hear them from my house

      1. Jeff Boyn

        Omg no u don't quit the bull

      2. Woodywood 26

        I would believe that easily cause my friends could hear my little 500 horse 358 in a 92 TA convertible 2 miles away I bet these monster are heard all over!!! Just think how it'll be in 20 years when there racing electric shit lol, cops will never find the racing spots then

      3. o_o

        Gene Cline fedex facility. saturday nights

      4. Gene Cline

        Which one i just moved here and have been told about front street and want a good race

      5. o_o

        TC Swag Missouri

    47. Daniel Jones

      That Datsun is fuckin mooving

    48. Rob Ghigliotty

      Man it's cool watching y'all but any car you can't drive to the race to me isn't a street race it's a drag race on the street


      They put round 1 on there so obviously they could of put the names of the drivers/cars each race

    50. Paul Visage

      I just live this truck it can surprise many a big gun out there

    51. GetsumJ

      Very well put together video. No nonsense, full on racing, with great footage at the end. You guys are so pro...

    52. bpg brooks

      she didn’t win but i’ll tell ya chiefs girlfriend knows how to drive.

    53. Dathan Alexander

      here is good clean racing no wild starts and shit you can clearly see witch car has the most power when they start to leave.

    54. Kelly P

      This is in Kanas city

    55. Daniel Hoffman

      You're either a janitor or a Street Outlaw I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂

    56. james Branner

      Love the footage! The inside shots like 1320 or street outlaws its self great job man!

      1. Dave's Racing Channel


    57. DCS Racih


    58. Joe the pedo Biden

      Damn is Chief girl ugly

    59. Sebastian

      3:01 lmao

      1. Dave's Racing Channel


    60. TRD_SR5

      Too many cuts and edits with each race. We just wanna see it with out 19 different angles. Feels like I’m watching pinks all over again. Or fast and furious

    61. Jamey Campbell

      Why was chief and that rotten corpse of a girl he has now asking so many retarded questions and going on and on about the damn curb and grass during drivers meeting.. He used to be chill and now I'm pretty sure he's using more ice than just what he puts in the ice box in the trunk.

    62. govit4L

      fuck yea cool shit man!

    63. earlesurfs

      What happened to street racing? Everybody is so fucking fat now. Look up Snake diet! Shave off a few tenths by starving your fat asses down to racing weight.

    64. Thomas Rice

      Real racers came for beater bomb not the TV pro mod guys

    65. tony g

      if the democrats win, we'll all lose this fun... it'll all be electric...

    66. Jim Reyes

      That silver datsun 240 won even spinning all the way to the end!😨

      1. Shawn Jones

        Dude can drive!!!

    67. Manoj K R

      background music on 0:05 and 11:40?

    68. Dennis Kucan

      We're is this place they race, down a regular street with buildings and shops... Wtf

    69. Keith Hudson

      How in the world does the 5/0 not run up on these guys. On the outside of the city and that is loud!!!

    70. Kseries Em2

      Is it just me or does every car chief touch go slow af 😂

    71. Robert M

      they need to keep these females out of the negotiations all they do is start drama and piss people off / say dumb shit

    72. Ray W

      Damn IRvision recommended did something right, finally some street content.

    73. Chris Gridley

      Street racing with slicks? Most of those are full race cars with no plates....Seems legit

    74. Willubhave One

      "If a cop shows up then"...."We are all out"

    75. Robert Smith

      That Datsun was blowing the tires off the whole way down, and still won. I bet that car would be even more nuts if it hooked the whole way down

    76. Nando M

      Why does a truck need to be in a trailer? Drive that shit to the race

    77. Mark

      Follow me on...…. nothing!

    78. M one

      Only if the Vega got his normal jump but beater bomb got out on him .

    79. Ameliorating For Our Generation

      Where do we race at. I lost track going in and out of jail. Used to be front street at 11 everyfriday and saturday

    80. richard tucker

      who was driving what ?

    81. humpty

      This channel is gonna be big real big it's got network quality footage excellent editing memer that

    82. humpty

      Caddyjack here what's chief thinking he should of brung the crow some of these is ringers mang

    83. jason floyd

      Will big chief ever build and car like this the way murder nova has instead of the caddy jack that Jackie runs that way chief can run in these types of races???

    84. Charles Moore

      Me : a bottle deep yelling at my phone “That’s a jump!!”

    85. 70corwin

      Why does big chief keep saying the street outlaws is fake? Aren't they really competing against each other or is it scripted? Or is just because they have a permit to shut the street down?

    86. Yeti Speed

      Man that 3rotor 4BT diesel hybrid of Beater Bomb's was sure running good

      1. E Koe

        the hood is welded shut too

    87. Hayden Royer

      That Blue mustang GT as in Giant turbo

    88. jo

      insane production quality man, i am impressed.

    89. GetATrade

      When Chief isn’t up front he makes the prerace all about him still. Lol

    90. kevin bennett

      all the people here must have good jobs

    91. J Mch

      Need more street racing like this all ther is is 1320..

    92. Chase Paul

      Who else thinks Cletus McFarland should race with them

    93. Veko 1Hundred

      Big Chief is 💯% down with the culture of Street Racing❗ at the same time he is💯% an an ass hole for dissing Street Outlaws why bite the hand that feeds you? Need to stop being jealous of no prep Kings because it's still racing and exciting the streets isn't the only type of racing. I'm from the 405 and if no one else says it I will speak up! "Big Chief stop being a stupid ass!

    94. Angel Munoz

      Keep it up youll probably be better than 1320 vid

    95. Rafael Martinez

      Loveing the kc vids keep coming out to our lil “Mexico” spots💖🙏🏻stay safe

    96. Nectarbro

      GODDAMN that Z is bad ass

    97. karl knudson

      the guy with that bad ass nissian 280 or 260 whatever it is needs a rear wing to put weight on rear tires that would stop excessive wheel spin on mid range and topn end and mount a windshield spray nozzel right in front of rear tires spray them with vht on the fly that should get her down the track

    98. almoxarifado Sport Master

      muito massa gostaria que fosse dublado mano . top

    99. Adam Shipley

      the best part is seeing how excited the 405 boys get for their friend taking the win against the Z, that's what its all about !

    100. Svt_Vick

      Savage ass Beater bomb ! 👍🏼💪🏼🙏🏼