Tommy Two Guns is an ANIMAL & The Kid S-10 is BACK better than EVER!

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    Tommy Two Guns Proves in his first ever race he is a wheelman! There is no doubt in anyones mind why he has the nickname! Reaction Time Quicker than most anyone else, but his brother :) and Natural Driving Talent!
    Music by: Justin Johnson

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    1. Efrain Irizarry

      Billy bless overall your sacrifice and your family is ozone and congratulations for your movie 🎥 . Keep it up

    2. Joshua Rivera

      Tommy needs his button on the wheel, now. But he tree'd the hell out of everybody.

    3. Brian Hanel

      The kids truck is way over due for a flashy paint job to match it's performance and his girlfriend🙃

    4. Clay Brien

      That hug was stronger then the launch and that launch was strong. Great to see you both loving what you both do best.

    5. Jason Sparshott

      Tommy is a little beast on the tree !!

    6. Mike Stufano

      Just awesome Billy. Stay humble man. Getting in to my s 10 build now. 2000 standard cab 6.0 ls going with twins. I have to say tho your dad and turbo John have those older 400 motors ROLLIN! Your dad is pretty amazing still running a carb. I imagine the toilet bowl comments stop before getting to you!!!! Congrats am to you and your brother! And most of all to your dad and with his own channel now!!! Get him a camera for Christmas lol. Keep the faith , best of luck in 2021! Maybe I’ll see y’all out there!!

    7. Nick Bradey

      Very cool u the bond u guys all have!! Keep it rollin!!

    8. Scott Clark

      Is it me, or was that short film really good. Luv the truck s to.

    9. MrBIGNAWD


    10. David Carpenter

      Tommy 2 gunz Tommy 2 speed Tommy 2 wheelz ( in t/ air ) Tommy 2 step Tommy 2 kitz I think I can keep going ??? your dads so cool ,,, a win ,,, a bear hug & a " love you dad " ... Can't get no better ... unless ,,, you had a beautiful welder in the family ... love you guys ... thanks ... Dave ...

      1. David Carpenter

        Yep ,,, what ya learn togather in the shop ... Is worth more ,,, than all the money in the world ... My dad & I raced go-karts ... I raced the modified ones ... hundred twenty mile an hour ... Up in Barnesville Georgia... They shut the town down ,,, all on asphalt ... No win up there ... I was so far in the back ,,,that when the pack got in a crash ... Me and 2 other got 1st ,,, 2nd & me 3rd ... Dad & me raced on local dirt track ... I was winning ( like I did alot ) ... I was lapping my dad ,,, & he wrecked me ... He said ,,, " wasn't going to just let me drive around him" ... " WHAT " !!! Yep ,,, he knocked my chain off ... I was so mad !!! & he thinks it's all funny ... I guess they can wipe your back side ,,, but don't try to pass them on a track ... You better keep & eye on your dad 2 ... He might also ... He learned all that stuff somewhere ... Ha ha ,,, so funny ... Love you guyz ... I got a son & we get along ... We see each other every day ... Who no's ... Thanks ... Dave ...

    11. Randy Arnold

      That man can drive!!!! The steering wheel was all over the place and the truck was strait as an arrow 😅😅😅😅 spicy 🌶

    12. Dusty Scott

      One hell of a team and family! Dad and mom are hella badass parents :)

    13. No Joke Racing

      Tommy just ran out of gear against the blue mustang

    14. Tony Godbey

      Kid has a great future, if he keeps his eye on the light. He tore it up this race.

    15. SLIMZD

      Tommy gun and u guys are fun to watch keep improving and grinding I just watch some recent videos of Tommy truck that boy is a wheelman he be killing the tree

    16. thecapturban

      T I double Grrrrrrr🐯

    17. matthew jones

      hey what clearence are you running on the rods and mains how can you rou run 70 psi at idle and not run the pan dry please respond i used to run three and a half rods and mains six quarts would not be enough in the quarter mile

    18. PreacherPaul Dudley-Do-Right

      "Don't let off till the front comes down or you're in the ditch".....looks like training days paid off

    19. Jaii Quintana

      I respect the fuck outta you bro. that hug man, speaks a billion words man! Keep up the good work man 💯

    20. michael lane

      Pace makers in mt Vernon Ohio is for sale I’d figure I’d let y’all know

    21. Joshua J Zapata

      Damn that truck moves

    22. Joshua J Zapata

      I love the justin Johnson song playing in the back

    23. Cody Lawson

      How are you tuning on the fly. I’ve seen you adjust on some type of screen near your sun visor, but it looks like you run a carb?

    24. Joe qhilliq s

      Wheres the hot blonde. Hug her.

    25. W.W. Oklahoma

      Happiness is the ol'man yelling out as his kids are winning!!! Priceless!!! w.w.

    26. Charlotte Goodwin

      Im sorry man but i gotta ask what in gods name is the block/head set up on Tommy 2 gunz. She sounds damn stout in the box on all motor

    27. 937 Motorsports

      I'm glad to see that kinda relationship with your brother wish I could have one like that with my little brother

    28. GlocksNthings

      What size motor are u running

    29. hansoh01

      I also hit the Like button as soon as I saw the Hug.

    30. Tim W Holl

      Again, Awesome video those trucks can run! Just wondering why don’t you run line lock on em ?

    31. Chad Stacey Hopson


    32. James Gordon

      Great video and koodoes to your Dad's expertise in automotive science, stay nervous 😓 it's keeps you sharp 😉 👍

    33. Mike Crevier

      The whole family experience is what alot of people can't have or would like to have . Said it before your POP is a beauty and you boys are no exception, glad things are coming together for all you as a group. Another sponsor should step up to help with your efforts. Cheers from Canada

    34. Boss Hog

      Just got my "The proper way to block the highway" it..thanks for the fast shipping!

    35. Jamie Son

      Tommy on the tree

    36. Notpumpgas Anymore

      Make a bet that if you burn another piston you'll face that carb hat straight and give it a try.

    37. Notpumpgas Anymore

      Love the channel by far my most favorite out there. Keep it up everyone great content!!!

    38. Kevin Williams

      Tommy you animal!

    39. Chevy Truck life

      Best family channel out there, just sayin

    40. Robert G

      Great video and runs guys, you'll get it sorted Billy, way to go tree chopper, Tommy! Way to go, Big Bill, you've done an excellent job!

    41. Dave's Corner of the World

      Tommy is VERY good on that light!

    42. VengeanceIzMine

      All about controlling cylinder pressure... if it makes more off the boost, it will make more on the boost. Good job guys..

    43. Ray Kapalka

      I have a ? I am putting a 305 I'm my 93 Sonoma with a 4l60e and it is going to be my daily lunati barebones 280/290 cam and 601 heads want to run a holly street demon carb and tps kit from holly will that tps kit work with all holly carb? Would like your dad to give me a heads up on it please would like his input just a daily ok everyone and yes a 305

    44. Dylan Southerland

      I love watching you guys. I never miss a video. I love that you guys and your dad all love racing and are always in the shop working on stuff. Billy you should paint your truck bubba! Tommys truck is to nice you gotta do somethin man lol

    45. David Windsor

      Tommy the savage. Dropping competitors at the tree. 👍🚀🏁

    46. Stephen Glasgow

      Dang! Tommy friggin killed it! Hell yeah!! Im missin Ohio. Need to make a trip out soon.

    47. Amateur Shooter

      Gr8 stuff

    48. J D

      That Mustang in that last pass. Wtf!

    49. Burton Drury

      It's about time to put some wheelie bars on that S10 don't you think. I hear it all the time from racers. When the wheels go up you ain't winning races and now that the S10 is producing the power it is those bars will keep you down . You know when all 4 are on the track the S10 is hard to beat. Anyhow I thought I would just put that out there what do I know. Truck is fast and you guys are awesome. Your father is the best wish I had a dad like that growing up. Ain't nothing like having that support to make your dreams come true. Keep making these awesome videos and I will keep on watching.

    50. George Quinn

      Congrats to Tommy , Love the videos and the racing , you got a great team..

    51. Wooley689

      Good video. Tommy DeSimone's brothers may not like someone using his nickname.

    52. RiFT SyLO

      8:03 whats that little fella doing?

    53. FamilyMan Racing

      Nice work Tommy!

    54. Chris Haase

      Great video as always guy's. Love seeing the entire family having a great time too. You guy's are very lucky to have a Dad that enjoys racing. His wisdom is out of this world

    55. brandon kessinger

      Had a hell of a time this weekend. Good to see all you guys out doin your thing. Tommy is on the come up man!! 👏👏👏 super awesome to witness.

    56. rich 570

      I love this channel bud, your guy’s trucks take me back to when I was 16 and had a s10 new lol also your brother is doing great he doesn’t argue doesn’t act like he knows it all just soaks up knowledge

    57. Magia

      I bet when you turn that up your seat gets foggy mist. If your wondering what that is well it's where the G force packs your piss pump up your crack and you fart and piss your self. Hahaha

    58. Michael Igel

      Next movie?

    59. Jon Jones

      bro tommy jumping every light why no one say anything

      1. SRC Garage

        You obviously don’t understand roll out and pro tree racing.

    60. Frank Hays

      Awesome job way to go tommy thanks for sharing guys billy can’t wait to see your s it back in tuned 😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    61. D Bracewell

      Your so lucky to have a fantastic father like that and I'm proud of you 🛐✝️🛐✝️

    62. The Daily Mock

      looked like larue i couldnt totally tell from all shots. but i kept saying i swear thats larue lol then i saw the mcir lol :)

    63. upchurch ryan

      What is the into song from

    64. M. Garza


    65. Joey Voyles

      Tommy is cutting heads on the tree! Good job

    66. Bluto Sadlowski

      Lmao. The kid is bad ass. He reminds me of my nephew. Looks like he could be his brother. Got the same no quit attitude. I would post a pic so you could see resemblance, but my army nephew would prob beat my ars, and we can't post photos on here.

    67. greg king

      Who the hell does not like this

    68. Dale Steinecke

      You both are animal's behind the wheel. Way to raise them boys dad

    69. Roger Flick

      Just had to throw that MPH. In lol

    70. Adam Perre

      Hi there from Australia 🇦🇺🇦🇺 u boys are great to watch a both yr trucks are tuff as nails good to see u guys stick to gether and seeing the old man by yr side is priceless he's got a lot of knowledge of what he's doing so take in what u can from him because no one else will teach u better than him love u guys from yr friends down under 🇦🇺🇦🇺

    71. Steve Boberg

      Kid was killin the tree !!!! Way to go guys

    72. Brett B

      Man I can say how happy I’d be as a racer for my lil bro to have done what tommy did!!! Wow!! It speaks volumes to the teachers billy and bill Sr are and the kid is a natural!! He couldn’t have done any better at that race nothing to be ashamed of there buddy, just needed a little more nitrous is all!! Haha

    73. Raw Rap

      I love you guys great job👍👍🚀

    74. Joe Trader

      What a cool family😎🤘🏻

    75. jdmrok20

      Me Screaming Let's Go Tommy!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Pumped!!!!!!!

    76. Jeffery Blalock

      Awesome job Tommy!!! Billy the new setup is sick!

    77. Seeking TKO

      swap some on-car parts for some stock or hi-po wanna kill it this will do it and it should yeild a favorable result

    78. Joseph Lay

      So whats Cubic inches now? Was it still the 400 30 over which is 406... so you 60 over now??

      1. SRC Garage

        Billy’s is 406. Tommy’s is 415

    79. El Bill Burrito

      My favourite channel at the moment - SRC! PoliceActivity is a close second.

    80. homer

      I must have dad issues, the hug got me.

    81. Operation 660

      So hows it feel seeing your truck on street outlaws?? (Race night in America) they called you Brad but its definitely your truck

    82. Luke Cerny

      They way your dad gets excited about Tommy’s pass makes me can’t wait to have kids and cheer them on in something they love!

      1. Thomas Knight

        It a great feeling let me tell you... ...pride in the children...

    83. Victor Miller

      Be at the next race at Marion County Raceway, $15.00 for adult spectator, Aug. 1st, 2020. You are missing out, if you don't!

    84. Zzach

      Your whole family is awsome man little brother did an outstanding job too!!!

    85. Dave's not here man Wakeup

      Awesome Family of racers you all are. Keep up the great work and I'll keep watching. Hello from Michigan.

    86. Jeremy stout

      I know the thumps down is just haters but wow. Keep doing what your

    87. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Maddie Brennan & I See Bill & Billy Hoskinson Im Ronald Thank You.

    88. dropping Hertz

      Man I've said from the gittyup I New Two🔫🔫 was not comen out to disappoint sh!T u did a Hell of a job mite be time for a lil more higher of a gear on the big end Shes redline before the race is out love to see both u guys killen it and drove them both back on the trailer Awesome 🤘

    89. Karen Elam

      Tommy is going to add a lot to what i think is already the best race channel i know of.

    90. carlsracingmiami

      killer man ........................................... Everyone go racing

    91. B K

      Did you remove a video? I thought you just uploaded now it's gone.

    92. jack woods

      You deserve the success put in the work!! Been a weird start to the year for EVERYONE!!! Let's make the back half of the year better!!

    93. Chad Sims

      Proud Dad Moments, keep up awesome jobs guys

    94. James Larkin

      This is a fine example of a great American Family built on old school family morals! This Country needs more of this, not less! Liberals pay attention its okay to hug your Dad & tell him you love him! God Bless this family & God Bless our Country!!

    95. Jingles96

      I thought my phone audio was all out of whack, turns out Tommy's truck is just fucking LOUD

    96. Kevin Kroll

      I've been watching for awhile great to follow with your winning or loosing I'll be in your corner cheering you on ! Keep your HEADS in the game ! And the rubber on the road ! I'm just amazed at the power those trucks are burning that's why they use them for everything ! I'll be watching you just having fun !!

    97. Stacy Dornan

      Young buck was Rollin,great job kid

    98. Malcolm Johnson

      Man I love your channel I watch it all the time,all 3 of y’all are a awesome

    99. Joe West

      Your brother was killing the tree every pass

    100. jkoppiii

      Hell yeah! Great job guys! Whats up on that exit car was that a fox