Quarter Mile Runs with the Twin Turbo S-10!

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    Not the way we had hoped to do this weekend, and didn’t video as much between rounds as I would’ve liked due to making changes and looking at data but we did make progress. Subscribe to see what happens next time!
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    1. Matthew Wilson

      Come on that truck is cool a plastic one? You need STL Fab shop in hermiston Oregon to make you the sickest fuel cell you've seen

    2. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Hoskinson I Like The Nick Plewniak Racing Shirt Im Ronald Reyes Thank You.

    3. Johnny Amador

      Texas, as usual, great job on the video

    4. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Hoskinson I Like Nick Plewniak Shirt The Dirty 🚘 30 Im Ronald Adan Reyes Moreno Thank You.

    5. Marco Polo

      The hood raising up is it one of them things like farm trucks camper top door opening?

    6. Aj Lauzon

      Dude I get so bummed out when you get denied like this. You're such a good fuckin kid and work ur ass off to do what you do. Seeing dumb shit completely destroy your chances at winning fouls my plugs. That's a new one, not grinds my gears, fouls my plugs.

    7. O Negative

      I had a s-10 just like your wish I had it back to v8 it

    8. martha villa


    9. Mike Bjork

      Whats your truck run in the quarter

    10. teknoäijä

      i get it why street racers don t tell their et s and trap speeds but is it really so serious. at least for me,it reduces the interest factor.i doubt that billy the kid races so high dollar grudge races that he benefits from withholding this kind of information.i d say that by letting your competition know how well your car sixtyfoots or quartermiles,you can intimidate them into redlighting etc.for example no prep kings would be more interesting if you knew the times and by what margin the win light came.maybe it s just me,the hc street racer and those who are into racing just because it s sort of trendy really don t care about the numbers.

    11. Roll Tide

      What's the best 60 ft you have gone?

    12. Jay Hayes

      Hate it when the truck is running perfectly and something non-mechanical breaks. I mean all it had to do was sit there and hold fuel...……..ughhhh!!!!!!!

    13. Dustin Chesshir

      I had same fuel cell from Amazon allready cracked one as well

    14. Tim Shafer

      We rhino lined a fuel cell on the outside to stop it from cracking. This was after the guy had cracked 3 of them.

    15. Dan Johnston

      May be late info. But you can't blame the cell for cracking if it mounted in a ridged fashion. Body flex is your cause, not poor welding. Rubber mount your cells regardless of material used.

    16. Warren Watts

      Hey guys, strong passes, looking good!! Thought I'd throw something out there, jus some food for thought. Might should start throwing it in Neutral at the big End, especially the speed you are going, should be atleast 130s to 150s. Coming off the throttle hard, is s sure fire way to end☆up on your Top!! I kn from experience. Lol Deep gear sets will basically drop rpm super quick off throttle. It's like hitting your brakes!!! When Billy was chasing the mustang that left early? If that track was greasy, it could have been disastrous. I kn Billy can drive good, But..if you start chasing your tail at 139 mph, ain't much anyone could do. Jus sayin.

    17. James Reaper

      What did it run?

    18. Brian Waddell

      Love to see a time slip on ole girl in the 8th

    19. Ted Cregger

      yr truck run great, yr gf babylicious

    20. Kelly Wagner

      No internal baldder??

    21. BadBullitt

      Why no E/T , you really look fast good job!

    22. Oper8or

      You had them so nervous they kept jumping the lights. You are good man.. and they know it.

    23. Getting Shit Done Racing GSDR

      Bad ass channel brother, love the S-10!

    24. Backyard-Built-Trucks

      Have same cell and mine broke as well street driving . now have a rci plastic cell.

      1. Dustin Chesshir

        I have broke one on my 2nd one now

    25. Mason Elam

      What were the times??

    26. Anthony Berten

      could you show your time slips after every pass?

    27. Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

      Dude I'm always impressed at how quickly you isolate a problem with the set up, sucks you could not finish the race. You are a hell of a racer and know your ride like the back of you hand. On a side note that yellow Rally Nova at the beginning of the video was a work of art, reminded me of my old Rally.

    28. Salah Omari

      got to admit. fucking badass at hitting pro trees

    29. Tony Wells

      Weld it then use 1" angle fully welded and you won't have any more trouble.

    30. J B

      This truck is downright the most fun drag vehicle to watch I have ever seen. Every pass is as exciting as the rest. I was expecting an injected lS turbo but wow a small block and a carb, that's awesome. Super great driving as well, I am very impressed, keep up the great work.


      Wow shit luck

    32. Steven Riordan

      Good job kid ,love your videos keep up the good driving .

    33. Copper coleman

      You are only going to get one chance to have the right safety equipment..come on man

    34. Glenn Tatum

      awesome video bro. Now fix your hood also. lol boy that hood looks like its about to fly off.

    35. paul desjardins

      Hi. I like to think I know my stuff. I've watched a bit of your stuff. I've built alot for myself and many others. I have to ask. You tell people suspension and things like that . Yes that's involved. But well you take a video of the frame? I've seen crazy work to many things . An s10 does not launch like that.

    36. JP Man

      Some big sponsor needs to pick this guy up. Imagine what he could do with all the parts he needs and a couple of support mechanics to keep him running all the time! Great videos, keep it up man.

    37. JP Man

      Some big sponsor needs to pick this guy up. Imagine what he could do with all the parts he needs and a couple of support mechanics to keep him running all the time! Great videos, keep it up man.

    38. 27 GH

      Sorry about your misfortune/fuel cell. Jaz makes a nice fuel cell. A little more $ but you will never have issues like you did. "Jaz" fuel cells. Alot of race shops in Ohio I'm sure carry this item. 👍🏁 Nice runs anyways Billy. Always enjoy the vids.

    39. Jay Vog

      Yeah bro. After rejecting the carb, it really did sound a hell better throughout those last 2 or 3 passes. One other part I was listening to, that tranny your running. It really sounds like 1st. gear is perfect, but 2nd. sounds like it's to low of a gear. Like there's to much in between 1st & 2nd. So two I different ideas. I'd there a way to change out the ratio in 2nd to alittle bit of a lower gear ratio? Or maybe look into a beefed up 3 speed. Mainly your engine sounds like it loves the higher rpm with the cam your running. Well, that's all just my opinion. Keep it up thou, you have came a long way.

    40. Randall Canter

      Dirty dime , dime life, dancing dime , t-ten

    41. Randall Canter

      Bub what's the name of your truck ? I've seen it in quit a few videos but have never heard a name

    42. Hector N.

      the content is great man! but, just wondering when you're gonna get that hood under control?

    43. Chris V

      What motor and trans is in that thing?

    44. send it

      need to brace that hood before it becomes someones new head

    45. Ryan Mealer

      Dude love you're vids man but you dont show any emotion or excitment for anything kinda wierd

    46. 79tazman

      Your not the first one that talked about the amazon fuel cell being junk that's just to bad the thing happen when it did it never happens on a test and tune day always has to happen in the middle of a race anyway that think is hooking and bookin' it's a bad ass truck

    47. Kevin Williams

      Did he just say it would run 7:70 7:80??????? On 30lbs

    48. ste v

      You can come up with a better intro than that bro

    49. PB Machines

      Billy I didn’t see any rubber mounts for you tank I’m I wrong?

    50. Wiley Coyote

      Put rubber bushings down before you bolt it to the bed.that beds flexing a ton

    51. Michael Rogers

      What is the intro song shits a1

    52. marc st laurent

      Be safe young man , more safety gear please

    53. Arturo Zarate

      I'm curious....does your carb have air bleeds? If it does are you changing them when you change jets? I'm not familiar with boost through a carburetor so please forgive me if my questions are irrelevant.

    54. gsxrboy96

      Just curious, how come you dont run fuel injection in the truck ? Would make fuel changes and provide safeties so you don't hurt the motor again,

    55. Trent Klawans

      TN is right. Use a rubber bushing to mount the cell

    56. Randy Gibbs

      That really sucks man

    57. Dennis Lebhardt Jr

      Man you seamed so bummed, it's all good dude you'll get them next time.

    58. jamie muncy

      Wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have any🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ The bad luck bug has bitten ya all year but it looks like your making some Bitchn progress now💯💯 Good luck buddy 💯💯👍🏻💯💯

    59. Vern M

      I want my mustang to go that fast, lol - I'm lucky if I go a 13.50

    60. Mark Rich

      2;38 rather than drooping RPM when launching scale timing back and have it ramp right back in.

    61. William Roberts

      You need to have some rubber on the mounts to the tank to account for flex

    62. Perfectly Disruptive

      Great footage! Your truck is high caliber. Amazing consistent launches.

    63. Jeremy Strickland

      hell yeah billy ol girl is rolling chevrolet muscle

    64. 92TFoxy

      Rubber isolaters on the tank mounts, no hard mounts. Shouldn't have any issues. Fatigue stresses/vibration and TIG'd aluminum is prone to cracks.

    65. Jody

      Rubber mount it

    66. Billy T.

      Yo Billy my man, I've been watching you for quite some time now. You and "Boston George" are my favorite legit street racers. Watch everything you put out. Dude, do all of us and yourself a big favor. Put more into the safety aspect of your racing. A full firesuit with gloves. A "Hans" setup and anything else that you can address involving safety. As the 53 year old father I am. Felt I needed to speak up. Also, when are we gonna see some new podcasts with you and Big Daddy? Those are great, love em.

    67. Cpo lt

      Hey dude, in light of recent events I gotta say i would love to see a full cage and some type of head restraint system. The speeds these cars are goin these days, we really need to be vigilant on our safety!! Trucks bookin guys! You're a driver, no doubt ab that Billy!!!

    68. bigwater52

      They crack on the welds because the vapor that builds up inside the tank bet the air relief quit working an it had a lot of pressure built up

      1. Dustin Chesshir

        @bigwater52 I been about 2000 miles with this last one first one didn't make it 500 miles

      2. bigwater52

        Their just super cheap man, you get what you pay in the long run

      3. Dustin Chesshir

        That's what I thought so now on my second one i used one of the top fittings plumbed up a vent with rollover check so far so good mine was definitely not from frame or body flex lol

      4. Bob Morris

        Yeah right...

    69. Dan stein

      Need to do some bracing or something to reinforce the rear end of that beast. Too much chassis twist coming of the line. If your going that fast u shouldn't ever go with just a "band-aid" cheap fix solution.

    70. Gabe Hilliard

      How did you like my hometown track? Its a good track and has really good track crew. Sad to see you had to drop out as there was no doubt you were gonna win that thing, your truck was hauling!! Awesome content as usual keep it up and God bless!

    71. Cody Hewitt

      If you have the fuel cell bolted down straight to the bed try adding some rubber rings between the tank and the bed for vibration so it dont crack the plastic tank or if you ever run metal either one

    72. john baker

      Great video as always. Very entertaining. Keep up the good work. Good attitude and cool to see you reppin other drivers. (T shirts).

    73. RedlineShadow29

      I hope you got it fixed and run some E/T's soon

      1. teknoäijä

        yes,we are all waiting to see some et s from billy the gid

    74. James Perkey

      Thats a BAD bitch bro!!

    75. white chocolate

      I live in clarksville

    76. Rob McCabe

      That sucks bud next time you'll be flying good luck this weekend stay safe

    77. ISEE YOU

      7.80 quarter mile? Damn!

    78. Brandon S

      Fuel is power. Everything else just helps you burn it.

    79. Michael Burch

      Go to 7:32 and look at the fuel cell mounting. Extremely rigid mounting of an aluminum fuel cell in a twisty bed. It was only a matter of time before it cracked. Rubber mounts, or a less rigid sheet metal type mounting would have helped immensely. Regardless, your switch to plastic should hold up to the twisting a lot better. Good Luck!

    80. Boosted GTO

      Looking good man!

    81. Rafael Sanchez

      Great video as always bro keep up the hard work. Next time ask the blonde girl for a good luck kiss maybe ur luck will turn around lol God bless

    82. Steve M

      Polly the nicest cleanest and I'm guessing quickest runs I've seen you make. Nice work.

    83. Joshua Ryan

      Cool video thanks for sharing the dramas along the way #racecarlife Still my No.1 fav channel on IRvision 🤙🤙

    84. Jeremy Hedlund

      What Carb? What fuel?

    85. TheCanadianBubba

      Great to hear the dial in is improving. Better days coming brother !

    86. NZ Salt Flats Racer

      Bolting an aluminum tank solid will cause it to crack. Sit it in a frame with insulation & clamp it in place so it's captured but can still move.

    87. Dave vonAnderseck

      Man that sucks. I guess having the plastic you’ll never have to worry. Good to know 👍

    88. Brandon Shelton

      You got a hell of a truck keep it rolling yo. Let me know when you coming back towards alabama I wanna meet you and the truck.

    89. Adam Stoltz

      That thing is movin great work!!!!

    90. Darrell Nichter

      Muncie drag strip I take it...been there only live hour and half North!

    91. Rusty Wells

      Holy fuck you have got that truck flying Billy!!!! 7.8s 7.7s people I don't know if you know how impressive this is with Billy's setup but I'm telling ya it's fucking wild!!!

    92. CrankShafts & Fuels

      I wish i knew you were going to muncie Im from up north in Fort Wayne

    93. Southern Speed Videos

      Dang what a bad one. Truck was on point and on the way to the winner's circle. Better luck next time. What brand did you go with? Size? I'm prob gonna go with a plastic 15gal after seeing this.

    94. Brandon A

      🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 that ol man of yours is true fuckin american. Twistin a ratchet,heard the anthem and threw his hat off. We ever end up at the same track or road ima give that man a case of beer of his choice.

    95. Patrick PhippsPA

      Thanks buddy. Always appreciate your efforts and love seeing you videos! You're headed for stardom my friend.

    96. Scott Vaughan

      Ole S10 was riding boy. Keep up the good work. And yeah the Mustang jumped like a scared Rabbit. But you we’re closing that gap.

    97. sabrom

      Told ya man, once you got it dialed in it would be all over, the Champ Is Here!!!

    98. Ron Barfield

      Trucks running good 👍

    99. Jesse Dias

      Dam that chassis flexes alot gotta get more bars in there for sure you can see the bed point upwards on the launch that's some power!

    100. Money Grip

      The rx7 and dart were beautiful omg