Twin Turbo Truck runs on Alcohol!

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    We Converted the truck to run on meth. Just a quick update video from the garage.

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    1. pointmeby

      Just got my tshirt from you guys. Great quality and material. Love it. Thanks for the quick shipping too!

    2. Burny Chaplin

      Alcohol alone is good for 7 percent horsepower

    3. Karl Mawby

      On Alcohol, that's a Rocket ship.....go get em Billy the Kid........

    4. britt vanegas

      Your running Methinol not alcohol in case one of you idoits tries to fill up on bacardi 151. 50/50 meth/nitro is were the fun really begins!

    5. Kenneth Chapman

      What you think about Jessel shaft mounted rocker arms?

    6. Chris Blake

      That's a big ass fuel pump and a small fuel filter

    7. DRIVER 84

      I know you boys know the old block of wood on the valve and slam it with a hammer trick ....I've sealed a couple of valves that way.....some pb blaster down on the ports and when you slam them it should knock the carbon out and start to seal

    8. Mingledbones

      I have heard from some people and I think engine masters did a study on it that the angle/orientation at which the carb hat is mounted can affect air/fuel distribution to certain cylinders in a boosted application.

    9. Peer

      who is the intro song from? Like it, thank you.

    10. Matthew Kingsmore

      You need to marry that beautiful girl! You have a keeper! She loves cars and is super sweet!

    11. Josh Rooster Cogburn Wood

      I'm surprised you waited this long to make the swap!

    12. Nitrous Boyz

      The fuel pump wiring being that small doesn't get hot?

    13. ponypwr

      Why not just spray it?

    14. Kellon Zehendner

      Where you guys from in Ohio

    15. Shane Murphy

      God bless you and your family love the content ❤️

    16. Mic Malone

      I have a old school blackn decker valve grinder with all the books and attachment for it for sail if anyone is interested. $500 Canadian

    17. Dewain Ness

      Damm you guys know your shit! Good luck with the new settup!

    18. Woody Treadway

      So what is the difference between the two fuels that you are talkin about using is 1 a cooler burning fuel or what exactly is the ins and outs of it

      1. Woody Treadway

        And what octane is the new fuel that you are using I know that when you guys use racing fuel or when most people use racing fuel it's and then we'll High octane level over a hundred just curious

    19. Dan Myers

      First off I gave zero experience with a blow through set up. That said, I am amazed that the one carb can provide enough fuel to keep the engine happy. This thing on methanol is going to take a LOT of fuel. Did you have to change the power valve in addition to re jetting way up?

    20. Dan Myers

      Methanol works great, especially in the heat but the thought of an invisible fire always kept me away from it.

      1. K W

        That’s the reason I’ve been reluctant to swap over. I’m on E85 right now, but trying to talk myself into meth.

    21. Joel Noble

      I couldn't believe my eyes! Something actually being adjusted with a screwdriver and no laptop.💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    22. Tanner Cox

      Love Molly but she’s pulling that wrench towards her more than rotating it

    23. Andreen Motorsports

      After being on Methanol for the last 15yrs, I cant imagine running any other fuel.

    24. TheCanadianBubba

      Do you have a pressure switch to hold off or kill the N₂O if it drops off ?

    25. Sean Mayo

      Must not be to fast it has no shoot

    26. TM P


    27. Jerry Frederick

      The corn at the test spot is looking great. Ironic that the S-10 is now running corn based fuel. Loved the condensation on the carb and intake camera shot. Once again I learned a bit more from watching you guy's. Fel-Pro Marine head gaskets sound like a good fail safe for lower nitrous apps.

    28. David Altizer

      Pretty cool running into you and molly up at jegs the other day bud.

    29. tnross23

      Man I run almost the same set up in a Malibu, except I went to EFI with XFI and E85 and my IAT’s max my sensor at 250 degrees 1.3 seconds into the run! I really been debating switching to meth or adding a A toA intercooler

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        With fuel injection running on gasoline, you SHOULD run an intercooler.. FI will benefit more from it with warmer IAT readings.. Not really mandatory with a blow through carb, but would still be effective.

    30. Bucketheadland

      Noticed the Dale Earnhardt #3 sticker gone from Tommys truck..???

    31. Rozza43

      Why not run a water to air intercooler or something?

    32. Thomas Knight

      Since you got SpongeBob arms you can clean my, here is a razor blade... And then that look that says no sugar tonight in your coffee no sugar tonight in your tea

    33. Nebraskan Assassin

      Sounds good 👌 Billy

    34. Slow S10

      damn 425 shot. I'm hoping I can spray 300 on my 5.3 with forged weisco pistons and k1 h beams

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        No reason you can't, as long as it's tuned correctly. Get greedy, and it won't matter what the parts are made of lol.

    35. Tim Wickersham

      Your videos are awesome,,,and the editing,,,damn, just curious why you prefer a blow bye carb over EFI? ..and that sucks with TTG's truck..I'm sure it will be back better than it was before...🤘🇺🇲

    36. Corey Whitt

      Keep the Oil Changed in it, And run fuel rated engine oil!!! Don't wash it out!!!

    37. Kenneth Porst

      I gotta know to convert the feul system to alcohol. Dang this is one fun as Wip imaging driving this to work Woooooow

    38. John Z

      We're glad you relieved Molly from the head bolts,, the attitude o the socket we could see rounded off bolt heads 'a com'n if she kept going!!

    39. John Z

      Ooooooh,, pretty rocker assy bubba! The comment to Miss Molly,, "you got sponge bob arms",, I spit my beer!! LOL

    40. Corey Wharton

      ... if yo girl will clean your intake with a razor blade AND do it right... you wife her

    41. Paul Brooks

      Great work guys, love the content 👍

    42. theTIVANshow

      @streetracingchannel . After that pump burns up. Get a remote fuel pump for a 24 valve Cummins diesel duel filter . You can pump more fuel more evenly and cheaper than the pump you put on in this video

    43. Michael Bowens

      Molly is a real teammate love to see y’all work together

    44. Michael Bowens

      Love the videos your dad is the truth at his work

    45. sjrsloan

      get that boy a big pump so he can use all that nitrous

    46. El jefe

      That corn field now is looking at the truck tinking how his life is gonna end

    47. Mattias Jansson

      That fuel pump is no joke !!!

    48. carlsracingmiami

      killer man ...............................................................Everyone go racing

    49. Douglas Cooper

      They got Gaptized by a DRUNK TRUCK!!

    50. Chris Heard

      Your test spot is starting to look like a a old outlaw track

    51. l Lucifer l

      Not even wearing a bra saw you lookin boi

    52. George singletary

      Does it run faster or better on alcohol then gas?

    53. Jonathon Vince

      Sounds so much quieter on alcohol

    54. Brandon Kipp

      When we gonna see the nova again?

    55. Carl Rapp

      Is that a dart small block

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Yes, Billy runs a Dart block.

    56. Simmons racing187

      Sounds awesome on methanol, what kind of carb is that?

    57. angel munoz

      When are the og src shirts going back in stock ?

    58. J Bevins

      So.. Curious i have a close setup as you what did you do to the carb to allow methanol to work. My c&s is on 116

    59. Jason Sanderford

      I'd buy a shirt with pops and the screwdriver making adjustments! That simple thing screams in these videos! Thanks y'all for all the hard work!

    60. Jason Sanderford

      Warms my heart to see adjustments made with a screw driver and not a computer!!

      1. Jason Sanderford

        @8SecSleeper 😄 this guys a comedian. I'd line my carburetor up with you electronics ANY DAY.

      2. VengeanceIzMine

        @Jason Sanderford I hear ya. That's why I tune with my eyes and ears... I don't rely on electronics lol.

      3. Jason Sanderford

        @VengeanceIzMine it's what I learned. Never dawned on me till I see him doing it. Brings back memories man I tell ya

      4. VengeanceIzMine

        The way it should be..

    61. bigblock67camaro

      I ran 2 regulators with 2 kits, total 3 regulators with the motor, would bypass return test before the race also. But the major point I would make to any racer using a plate is to remove the plate and inspect it from time to time, ESPECIALLY if your plugs start getting inconsistent readings. Had a cracked line inside the plate on the gas side, dribbled instead of fogged and burnt 2 pistons down! Good luck Guys, Enjoy your videos

    62. Luis Ramirez

      That first test was a breath of fresh air good job

    63. Joel Mendez

      No dejen de usar carburadores

    64. Philip Mazzuca

      425🍼! Lol What was the A/F on that pass? What did the plugs look like?

      1. Philip Mazzuca

        Bill- all the plug straps melted? What do you usually like your A/F on the hit...... 11.5 ?

      2. SRC Garage

        12.5 Burnt the straps off

    65. Douglas Pell

      Enjoy your program! Yaw seem to be a really tight family! Hard working people! Good to see Molly working on things and teaching her! That is not seen very much! Yaw watch over her pretty well! Great job!

    66. hatchhonda19

      On meth the truck will have no teeth and asking for spare change in no time. lol.

    67. chad meyer

      All i want on my truck is a Molly Carburetor😍

      1. VengeanceIzMine


    68. MrCarnutbill67

      Did you guys just invent a “blow off gasket”? Haha

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Actually, that IS the reason why you do that with head gaskets.. like a burst panel or a fusable link. Run a good gasket, but not the strongest like an MLS, especially in an application that isn't trying to set the world on fire.... Weakest link will break first, and a head gasket is easier and cheaper than pistons and head repair... I do that for people quite often, like a safety measure if they miss the tune up.

    69. Rudderify

      You should do a video interview of your dad. Ask him questions like where he learned how to work on cars and what was his first street race...stuff like that. I’m sure us viewers would enjoy a vid like that.

      1. Rudderify

        Ray Kemppainen sweet, thanks!

      2. Ray Kemppainen

        They've already done something like that:

    70. Gunk Webster

      Your old man is tuff and you can drive awesome family

    71. Ole Deuce

      Man e85 run that hot, oh and were do you get the music from, i dig it, and like to use something like that

    72. 835YT

      "its like a honey badger it just dont care" I LOVE IT MAN !!

    73. -G- LocK


    74. Edward Kimpel

      Alcohol is great. Been running it for a while. Engine runs way cooler plus more power. Down side: corrosion.

    75. Shane Wright

      Great job guys 👍👍🇨🇱

    76. James Larkin

      Hoping your running 50/50 with those lines? Any more your asking for trouble. Upgrade to real lines anyways, those will fail you.

    77. James Larkin

      Can't believe you weren't running it to begin with.

    78. Quincy M

      Will you ever go fuel injection

    79. Rich ard

      Love to see the TTS10 turned into a mud bog truck

    80. Rich ard

      Lmao you girls a badass for trying so hard.

    81. Bill Knight

      You know you're having fun and giving it your all, running your truck to the max once you start breaking things. Awesome video guys keep them coming and stay safe.

    82. Daniel Gallegos

      Molly!! 🔥🔥🔥🔧

    83. Driveway Built Foxbodies

      Now it's time to see it back in the winner circle. That meth makes such a big difference. Glad that it was a simple repair and y'all can get back to business. I seen Dirty Deeds going to a new home. How in world did I not know it was being rafflled off? Looked like it was going to a good home.

    84. shaun hampton

      Man I love the way Tommys truck sounds!!!!

    85. Kyle Story


    86. stefan w

      Love the fact that he sticks with the blow through carb set up! His dad can tune the shit out of them.nothing like turning wrenches with pops...makes for great memories

    87. Glenn Ramsey

      I was always afraid of my motor not getting enough fuel i ran 3 fuel pumps .. a factory style on the motor .. a electric pump backing it up ..then id run a holley pump straight to the fuel side of my nitrous plate .. 5 years on cast pistons with just a 125 shot with no problems .. not too bad ..

    88. GhostEi

      Does anyone at all have a link to any video that really explains what a scramble button is and what all it does as well as how cars are tuned to deal with it

    89. Izaak Avena #LuckySS

      Love your truck bro

    90. Kyle Love

      Love ya run oldschool sbc instead of ls cool as hell...

    91. JV_VLOGZ

      💯💯💯 man yal are a hell of a team your dad is full of knowledge mad respect for yal keep it up

    92. Dan Evan Fishing

      “Alright guys we’re back here to another episode of WTF happened” 😂

    93. John Doe

      OH my Molly is beautiful!

    94. DFV

      Don´t worrie Bill!!! Dad´s don't fail ...Dad´s do tests !!

    95. ROCKSTAR9808

      What yall do for a living to fund this?

      1. SRC Garage

        I own my own excavation business. The kids do this full time

    96. IR Light

      U R So Lucky to have an OG Badass in ur corner!! And HE is also blessed to have somebody to actually listen and EXECUTE!!! All around AWESOME!! Love I.R

    97. Brian Cunningham

      Tommy that is a great pump run that same one but have a second pump as well for daily driving they have a heat issue and will fail while running full time just something I found keep up the good work love your shows

    98. Frank Hays

      Really going to gaping their asses go head buddy can’t wait to see it run 😎


      I can’t wait for the weekend footage 💪🏾

    100. bumperdown racing

      Does the motor in Tommy's truck still have a stock block? 425 with 2 kits😬

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        No, aftermarket.