The American Ride - Short Film

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    Motorsports Molly and Street Racing Channel work together to bring to life a 1960's Themed Short Film featuring Barney Fife, Grandpas 55, and some more Bitchin' Hot Rods. If you love American Graffiti, Smokey and The Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard, or The Andy Griffith show, you will love this Short Film.
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    This video is for non-profit use, and all the Songs used belong to the Artists, and their Record Labels.
    Chuck Berry - Roll Over Bethoven
    Freddie Cannon - Tallahassee Lassie
    Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
    Bill Haley and his Comets - Shake Rattle & Roll
    Fats Domino - Ain't that a Shame
    Filmed By: Tommy Hoskinson
    Edited By: Billy Hoskinson
    Directed By: Bill Hoskinson Sr.
    Barney Fife: Todd Beckett
    Actress: Molly Kennedy
    Dispatch: Brian Webster
    Shoutout to Chelle's 33 Diner in Rockbridge, Ohio

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    1. Street Racing Channel

      Thank you guys for watching, and thank you for your support. ❤️ Check out the links in the description if you want to check out some of what we have to offer 👍🏻

      1. Jeramiah Weston

        I have watched this at least a dozen times! I just love it

      2. Classic Rods

      3. Ken Farris

        Brought back so many memories, thank you so much. As a 15 year old country boy in the mid '80s I would look for any job I could find after my chores were done like mowing grass, stacking hay, or any job I could get to make money to finish building my future transpertation and to buy the paint for the little black 55 chev. Finley after many hours of sanding out bondo ed spots from prior hail damage, I had it ready to paint, but due to lack of money, I ended up painted it myself with a paint color called midnight black that had a hi-gloss wet look to it. It turned out pretty good, especially with it being my first paint job ever. Looking back having to pay for everything made it way more special to me in the end. It had a 327 engine out of a 1968 stingrayVet gave it all I needed with the 411 rearend I had under it and chrome rims. It was left original otherwise, including the 3 on the column gear shift which was a pain trying to shift during a street race. lost several races due to me locking the gear shifter up in 2nd gear. Thankyou so much, got me teary-eyed, but in a good way.

      4. Byron Cottingham

        I want to drive to Ohio I had a high school sweetheart that I didn’t show up for prom her parents pushed us away from each other I’d like to relive it and send it to her with the ending I have in mind she’s single so she might say yes to my proposal I’d have to have help

      5. Ken Farris

        I had a 55 chev in school, brought back so many good times. I really enjoyed the short film. Incredible job.

    2. squidgymop1

      Get that black cowboy hat and the white button shirt 👌👌 also bit more horsepower 🤣

    3. Ethan Beier

      Let’s be honest here. That bel air is going to get ate up by a big block police interceptor galaxie 😂

    4. Pliskenmovies

      I loved it, congrats to the whole team for this job, it's great !

    5. Deuce Devil

      Loved this! Thanks for creating this short film. From East Coast Canada 😈

    6. rick templeton

      Make a movie it would be a major hit loved this.

    7. mchllmarrs71

      Still love the memories of my dads '57 slap 😊😎

    8. UncompressedWAVmusic

      Awesome video.

    9. J bigelow

      Stumbled into your video earlier.... awesome job! Watched several others and have to say they all made me want to take my NotchBack out and run the shit out of it.. ( I’m in NY, so that won’t happen ). I subscribed - looking forward to more clips

    10. Gerri Kupicki


    11. Gerri Kupicki


    12. Gerri Kupicki


    13. Tru Blu

      7:19 Sprint Cell Phone in the 50's who Back to the future..Great job guys..

    14. Jourdan Young

      Make more short films

    15. Wesley Nash

      Civic princesses wouldn't understand....

    16. allthingsgaming

      What a great short film 🎥 👍🏻

    17. Kevin Larner

      Molly is stunning

    18. Ray Hardesty

      Awesome job guys. Wish it was longer.

    19. Sherri Gaskin


    20. Dale Kriescher

      Thank you for your chanel

    21. Dale Kriescher

      This vidio is to much

    22. Michael Cuff

      The cops got tired of tryna catch me when I was a kid in my 66 442. They would just wait on the side of my moms house till I came home! Lol!

    23. Daniel johnson

      This is AWESOME!

    24. Jax Jax

      Love that 1955 belair 🤘🏻

    25. Hollowpoint357 S&W

      Love the blast from the past, you guys played the parts well.👍🚓 Barny was cool too.

    26. James Willette

      Love the music and the car Molly is a classy lady beautiful indeed

    27. TheHilander

      Nice video! I recognize some of those roads. I come though on occasion in a big truck.

    28. Scott Qualls

      Where's Bob Falfa?

    29. Clarence Hatfield

      Oh man, love it

    30. Jason Wells

      Very cool. Keep up the good work billy

    31. Steven Laxton

      That black and green 55 ford at 6:39 is pretty slick looking and the 56 ford is one of my favorite cars ever mostly for the driving lights being such a major trim piece and the 55 just having subtle round driving lights in the grill....beautiful car

    32. Kevin Bohling

      I can only imagine the amount of work that goes into doing a short film like this Billy. Great stuff man! You've got a knack for this stuff. The shiners was awesome too. Great sound track, oldschool dukes of hazzard meets mayberry meets 2 lane blacktop kind of vibe! That 55 sounds soooooo good screamin down the road! And Barney..... Mr Beckett nailed him. Lol. Well done young sir! Keep it coming!!!

    33. Gary Holt

      That was an awesome little short film

    34. A s m r

      So badass billy

    35. John Laws

      Will Molly hike her dress up for $15, I heard she would!!!

    36. Scrotie Mcboogerballs

      Lol 😂 loved the video guys and gals billy she's a great lady buddy hold on tight to her and the 55

    37. Chuck Anderson

      Bodacious! You guys are on to something! Rock On!

    38. Thomas Knight

      Brings a tear to my eye watching y'all holding hands shifting , my lady did the same thing... Hold on tight...

    39. Stephen Neat

      This is a great film. Would love to hear the story behind it.

    40. Doug Robustelli

      Hey Bill....Two reasons why I love this reminds me back i. 1967 hanging out at the McDonald's on Friday and Saturday nights with all our street cars and setting up races ...listening to music and talking their had to be 50 cars in the lot. I really miss those days...2...I became a Police Officer and and was on the job for 30 yrs......At that time it was a great job....I would love to hear your story on this video....Thanks for the memories Bill....

    41. Classic Rods

      I loved it... anyone that gave it a thumbs down, does not understand how much time is involved in making short films..... you guys did great... from Classic Rods the Story.....

    42. starlin hembree

      This is good Stuff!!

    43. sal alvarez

      Reminds me of myself in high school.

    44. 969outlaw

      Love watching you guys channel when I'm on lunch at work! Keep it up fellas!

    45. Joseph Deffendoll

      I loved it!!!!!! You kids should make a movie and yes use the Chevy. We need a cool hotrod movie for 2020. Excellent work every one.

    46. Miles Holt

      Damn what a BABE. In the most respectful way possible. You're a lucky man if she cooks half as good as she looks lol.

    47. RICK Wheeler

      The cars should get credits like the actors lol

    48. وسام و يوسف


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      You two are the COOLEST CATS in town.

    50. Jonathan Constancio

      This is so freakin awesome! Can’t wait to see more.

    51. Bill Cohnen

      Thank you to all involved in making this great video, got my 77 year old mom to watch it, she smiled , and told me it brought up a lot of great memories of her and my dad in the late 50s, my dad was King of the Street in 58-60 with his 58 Fairlane. Dads gone now, but my brother and I still recall all the great stories he told of his street racing days. Thank you all, and The Shiners video is awesome too.

    52. Ben Brooks

      Amazing video. Loved the music and the cars. Only one word of advice , her left hand needs a ring on It. Y’all make a great couple 👍🏼

    53. Alexis Underwood

      Very nice edit



    55. kathy guinto

      The 55 Chevy,namely the coupe,holds a special place in my heart since my father had one when my sister and I were toddlers.It had a 2 tone paint job-Ivory white over canary yellow,and it had a 235 cubic inch blue flame six.Considering what it was,it was pretty fast,ofcourse,it wasn't in the same league as the black 55 chevy in this film,but it got up and went,it moved along.this was a long long time ago.He had the car when my parents got married in 1957,the same year they met which was on saint patricks night.He bought it in 1955 late in the year.The 56's were coming out and he didn't care for the styling of the 56's so he got the 55 which was a floor model,a demonstrator ,if you will.Anyway,I love the films you guys have done,I've seen them all,they're great.Keep up the great work guys!.John M Guinto

    56. Jun Jun

      Freaking awesome! Man you can act!

    57. Johnny Turbo

      Yeah... I dig it! Not to mention i can relate to getting away ( most of the time) 🚓😉

    58. Steve Hodder

      Good golly miss molly what has he done with your Holley

    59. Steve Hodder

      Cheeseburgers, Chevy and beautiful ladies, everyone deserves to be young once, let’s never forget ourselves and young people to enjoy

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      O k , now we want a full length motion picture ,you guys nailed this one out of the park, great job, you guys did a better job than anything from Hollywood,

    63. Bullitt Da Outlaw


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      diner is in Hocking County off 33 on the way to Logan

    65. Douglas Chapman

      7:31 Lancaster

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      5:24 in Thornville Ohio

    67. jerry doneDIDit

      thats one fine lady. she could make a grown man that knows better do some stupid shit.

    68. Joseph Valentino

      Molly Kennedy is stunningly beautiful. She played the part perfect.

    69. Bread Man

      If that doesn't look like a good ass time idk what one is.

    70. BudgetEskay -

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    71. idessaoutlaw

      I'm 60 going on 16.. Good show y'all. 🎸🎶🥁🍻🤠😎

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    73. IR Light

      Totally Awesome!! Really funny and creative!! Thank you

    74. cf mechanic

      These short films are great it makes me wanna get a group of hot rods and shops and film something similar out here in californi

    75. Brian Chong

      IRvision power couple. Great job to all. The town fit perfectly. Too bad all the modern cars couldn't have been removed. Gotta have deep producer pockets for that. Cool vid nonetheless.


      Awesome video!! Where are you guys located?

    77. Wooley689

      I had fun watching this.

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      That's one Badazz Ride,,, And the 55 Belair ain't Bad Either...😁 I'd Like to Wish You and your Girl All The Best...

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