Small Block Nitrous S-10 Project! "Tommy Two Guns"

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    This truck is going to be one of the nicest S-10 Builds around. Brand new 415 Ci SBC Machined by Mcvay Automotive in Mount Vernon, Ohio and assembled by Us. Paint and Body work by Brandon Body & Paint out of Newcomerstown, OH. Induction Solutions fogger intake manifold Plumbed by John Molina. Battleaxe Powerglide Transmission by Vickers Performance in Alliance, Ohio. Using the Camshaft from my Old Nitrous Setup!
    My Old setup : 400 SBC, the same cam, same AFR 220 cc Heads, less nitrous in my truck went 5.62 with a very loose convertor off the footbrake :O
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    1. gus bus

      Id call it BLUE BALLS

    2. Ryan Downs

      Lol i hate slap it together too but you guys are all great together and let me tell you old man you are great dad i watch all you're vidoes have since the beggining you raised some good boys every vidoe with you and them boys makes me smile they remind me of days longs ago with my dad and my brothers in the paint shop building cars and trucks i remember my father being one of the 1st guys to build a v8 s10 in Maine it was a really cool truck it only had a old 350 th350 trans shift kit and 373s but boy she would shit and get it for what it was he always ran 15 by 10 Creggars in the rear with 275 60s whites out I can remember his first issue was clearance so he used a body lift cut them in half but believe it or not it made good room around the fire wall but even more it looked really cool no rear bumper just a riece hitch kinda looked like a gasser or pulling truck none the less it was a really cool truck back in 96 97 he loves his Creggars and 4inch cowl hoods on everything... Good times good times so i think you guys awesome and old man you are very humble them boys are lucky to have such great parents oh can't forget you're 55 it's perfect with the factory stearing wheel old gauges with Creggars & 4 speed i love it!!!! Orange 55 was the first car i ever helped my father paint.. I've wanted one for years just like ur car! But i do have my baby brothers truck he owened before his accident... keep being humble guys! God will see you guys threw a good life, safe!!..... Take it easy and keep fetching them gears old man!!

    3. wade bordelon

      Awesome how you guys doing things together

    4. Dean Thompson

      That's exactly what needs to happen to Billy the kid's truck, frame off resto....

    5. Bob Ruxer

      I need your old man's help got a 55 Chevy I put on our block 800 I need to know which Jets he thinks I should put in his thing cuz I got to change

    6. peskypeet

      Where can I get that shirt? "28 x 10.5 if you don't understand this we can't be friends"

    7. Kenneth Chapman

      I know my Grandma's was a 57 Belair, but every time I see the fifty five makes me think about it, Grandpa put 327 in it they took me to get ice cream in it when I was six.

    8. Davey Bowman

      Please excuse if I missed it, but what did you end up with in Cubic inches? I’m guessing 406, but just wondering. My son in law and I are building an 87’ S15 with a 416 SBC, Procharger set up, about to get it running.

    9. cooltruckin

      Great video, and I love your dads tips and tidbits. Keep up the great work. We appreciate it truly.

    10. thecapturban

      "Slaps" 10🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    11. thecapturban

      Knowledge bombs.. Like "slaps" it all in there🤣🤣🤣

    12. Joshua Jackson

      Any dyno numbers ?

    13. Jeromy Pitman

      Love those incognito Ford engines u run

    14. Nfamous Fpv

      Love that 55...🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    15. Robbie Frentz

      Is it the lighting or is the hood a different shade???

    16. Corey Wright

      Question for you! Is a sbc 400 bored .60 over considered a 415? My dads build is a 400 .60 over and we figured it to be like a 412 but we aren't sure.

    17. Este Dude

      what headers are y'all using

    18. Phillip Gage

      Whatever you do, do NOT “slap ‘er together”.

    19. Glenn Kotas

      love your videos ! May I ask How you guys pay for all this stuff ? im in the wrong business lol !

    20. thomas green

      Dads shirt "28 x 10.5 if you dont understand this, we can be friends" your dad is cool man.

    21. R Ching

      Question is dad your major sponsor? If he is hats off to him!

    22. Jannette Jorgensen

      14:55 15:05 06:24


      whats the cost on the build ?

    24. Dar Fo

      Man its a good thing I dont live that close to Jegs! I'd probably set up and account and have my paycheck direct deposited to them!

    25. Squarebody Joe

      Man I loved this video. I mean I enjoy every one you put out but this one hit home. Remembering times in the shop with my dad and brother. Thanks for letting us in on these moments.


      Didn't know you guys were Ohio boys. Good to know I'm from Ohio myself. Keep up the great videos. Do you go to kil kare

    27. jerry surratt

      Great tunes' Awesome content''

    28. Mike wslsh Walsh

      I think it's really cool your dad is showing you how to rebuild the motor with the bearings and main caps it looks like he knows his stuff my dad taught me I did the same thing street race I'm 60 and I still like to stretch my legs to it never go away

    29. Shawn fuckin Davis

      Blue bayou see what I did ther lol blew by you best channel in the game boys thank you for your time gents

    30. Shawn fuckin Davis

      Blue by u

    31. T Dooner Dooner

      Thank god for Pops. He'll keep them in line. Keep up the great work

    32. Time Spent

      Smells Like Freedom. , ever thought about putting a second Steering wheel in the Passenger side of 55' , how the driver's Ed car's had those "in the day.. I think it Look really cool for a second Steering wheel decoy..

    33. joey howell

      This video makes me miss spending time with my dad working on cars lost him almost 12 years ago cherish these moments man you never know when they’ll end

    34. Mark Reidsma

      Wicked 55. I want a 1st name relationship with a Jegs store . Your dad is a great teacher

    35. All terrain TV

      So you can run high compression and nitrous? I'd like to know how because I'm trying to figure out what compression ratio I want, and I thought if I throw nitrous at it, I would need low compression.

    36. _ DEVSTER _

      Awesome vid!

    37. winch racing

      Badass vid Billy 👌

    38. chris monteith

      great truck, great driving, great editing. just subscribed yesterday. keep it up Billy!

    39. gary Blankenship

      Would you consider running the truck against a all electric vehicle

    40. Billy T.

      Thought it was cool to see "Barefoot" Ronnie Pace, sporting a "Street Race Channel" license plate. That plate looked pretty dang cool on Ronnie's black Nova. On Street Outlaws Memphis. Seeing that license plate peeked my curiosity. It makes me wonder just how many people

    41. n01z3

      that last clip 🤣🤣

    42. Black Waterdogs

      This takes me WAY back ! Thanks for turning back the clock for a lot of us old gearheads !

    43. shawng7902

      love the look on his face when he kicked that bearing and you asked where did that come from?? don't act like we all haven't had a moment like that. When you spend an hour pulling something back apart just to be "sure" that you did it right. some go forward 10hrs to find out it wasn't right I guess. I'd rather take another look. Mine has been apart so many times now it mostly has snaps instead of bolts

    44. shawng7902

      Damn those ole header mufflers always sound badass. Remember the old jeeps running around with fender well headers and purple hornies. They have the side pipe sound just a little more tame pointed at the ground.

    45. Logan Schroeder

      Hey Billy how tall are you, i want to know cuz i would like to get an s10 or 454 ss and drive it around, but im supposed to be 6'3" to 6'5"

    46. Mike Steward

      Tommy Two Guns name her "Blue Oval Killer".... Bowtie all day everyday! 🤘🤙

    47. J Zaler

      Does anyone know what the song is to the intro to all of the street racing channel videos? Thanks!

    48. 09mc

      You fellas need to be on motortrend

    49. Ardale McGowan

      When’s the next time you guys coming back to the pad??

    50. ImJuSSayin

      Blue balls

    51. Johnny Moran

      I just bought that same alternator bracket set off of Amazon.. Just built a 388ci sbc, Brodix Track 1, full CNC, single stage fogger with a 300 pill.

    52. Johnny Moran

      Stimulus money = race car parts!

    53. Cody Kasinger

      Good ol 400 sbc and the trusty weisco pro pistons 👊🏻👊🏻

    54. TPV Productions

      Damn! So that's what it's like to do it right. 😅 "taking notes"

    55. 2042matt

      Love this channel, my favorite channel on IRvision

    56. Alex Podolsky

      "Thomas" like the train because it's gonna pull like one

    57. Brad mic it covid-19

    58. Dynamic Dopamine

      Man I wish we had a Jegs in our town. That was too cool. We've got Summit, but it's like two and a half hours up the road LOL. That little blue truck what look damn good we have a set of weld Magnum rims

    59. David Windsor

      Blue streak. Blue lighting. Old Blue. Or Bluey.

    60. Broke Boyz Engineering

      It’s quarantine I need more frequent content👍👌😂

    61. Joe Beaver

      I guess we could kick it in there lol

    62. Ben Nicely

      Cool video 👍👍🤜🤝😎

    63. mark jenkins

      That's going to be a awesome truck Tommy guns

    64. Rafael Bonilla

      You should called "Sonic"

    65. jack death

      So glad your dad put the peddle down going under the overpass. That sounded freakin AWESOME!

    66. Trent Dawg

      Wassup with the opel?...... ls swap? That would be dope, like a midget vette......I envy people that are within driving distance of a summit or jegs, take that over a home Depot or lowes any day, what compression ratio are you guys shooting for on that beautiful small block??.......4.125" bore what's the displacement your goin for?

    67. pigrond

      lookin good boys

    68. Dewayne Sloan

      You pops is smart run 400's

    69. Doug Hopkins

      I've heard if you bury a small block it will grow a new one.

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Doug Hopkins lmfao

    70. cw1824

      Same reason I haven't switched to an LS. 12 years of dirt racing. Acquired a lot parts!!

    71. Harper Evans

      Play song

    72. Jeff Brooks

      I say Grape “Juice”

    73. Handyman68

      Tommy 2 guns and the "2nd amendment "

    74. mopartshemi

      11:00 you know what I am thinking at that moment..

    75. Denis Santini

      It was nice to see Barefoot Ronnie promoting you guys on street outlaws. He had your license plates on his vehicles and was wearing you shirts with hot shots hat. 🤘

    76. Camaro Drag Racing Second Generation

      Looks like u gained a few pounds for winter

    77. Dan Gosh

      Hey Billy, What blow through carb are you using on your s10?

    78. Raffael Leon

      should done the same to billy s10 make the s10 prettier..

    79. Nicks backyardprojects

      Your dad don't like it when you say "slap it together" then proceeds to knock the pistons in dry.

    80. Ramon Casillas

      Great build and video. Thank you. Remember pops doesn’t like the phrase SLAP IT TOGETHER. LOL.

    81. john smith

      nice video

    82. Glenn Manchester

      Geez you spared no expense that should b bullet proof spray the snot out of it lol just be sure the ring gap is really big lol

    83. send it

      damn those domes you boys have a kick ass pops take good care of him

    84. G14 Videos

      Love it. What cubic inches.

      1. G14 Videos

        @Tommy Hoskinson nice. My gbody has a 406 so I was wondering

      2. Tommy Hoskinson

        G14 Videos 415


      how come you dont run a ls motor or are they too typical bc fuel injection is Superior or do you like the simplicity of a carb? just curious

    86. Jesse Free

      Masonite?... Too obvious?...

    87. Bryan Roupe


    88. TheCanadianBubba

      Good laugh at the end ! Thanks for that ! Go get em Tommy !

    89. Kingsmountain13

      I hate it when there’s a spare rod bearing on the floor!

    90. JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo

      The lack of an LS, especially for a new build, literally breaks my heart...... Scared of the 'New School' ? I bet for what you paid for that splayed 4-bolt, you could have nearly got a Motown LS block to run your old bottom end and take advantage of an LS top end.....especially the heads and induction. Considering that even garbage LS aluminium heads are better flowing than most aftermarket SBC heads and are a dime a dozen in junk yards, I just don't see the need to build SBC any longer.

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo I get what you’re saying, it’s not that we’re scared of “new school” I wouldn’t even say that building a sbc is old school, it’s all aftermarket parts just like what you’d put on an LS, yea the small block has been the exact technology since 1955. But we know SBC’s like the back of our hand. We know how to tune them. So if it ain’t broke don’t fix it ya know? Also, LS motors are ugly , it would be an insult to put a boat anchor in the engine bay of my nice new truck lmao

      2. JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo

        Lastly, as my recommendation for naming. Since you posted 'TOMMY TWO GUNS' in the title, his truck and license plate should be 'DBL BRL' (double barrel ? 2 stages of NOS? etc, etc)

      3. JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo I eat my words and actually get to the spot in the video that you mention your abundance of SBC parts lying around, might I also remind that Tommy could have easily began his racing program with an 800HP Turbo LS junkyard build and learned on that before going forward. Great fabrication platform at that point and no need to 'shoot the wad' on the first motor.

    91. Jerimy Combs

      Name it "Poppa Smurf"

    92. Lucky Beardo

      Man I miss building motors with my old man, he’s only been gone since November, cherish those memories of a lesson learned, they will last you a lifetime!👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Lucky Beardo sorry for your loss man

    93. Dustin Holland

      Great video guys. Thanks again.

    94. Renwick Conolly

      Digging the MUSIC!!.. and the fantaatic videography...

    95. Knick Knickerbocker

      no lube when installing pistons?

    96. James Moreira


    97. Ben Thare

      Yoda remind Jedi......

    98. Patrick SETEC ASTRONOMY Rubio

      Fantastic coverage! It's gonna fly and I'm looking forward to seeing it make a hit. Here's a name recommendation. "Tommy Two Gunz"

    99. Lewis Declouette

      Damn we need one of them in Texas

    100. Scott Reed

      This reminds me of my dad and me doing our first engine 427 in a 70 Nova. The way your pops is explaining as he goes sounds just like my dad. Awesome 👍