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    Billy The Kid is Back on the Streets for the Kentucky Cash Bash. 16 Car $200 Buy In shootout! We made a bunch of changes to get the truck competitive on the street again! Let's see if it paid off.

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    1. Dennis Wilson

      Man i gotta say a Big THANK YOU to the Kid and and the production honestly...No long talk sessions..non of the BS that we as viewers dont wanna see..Just gets to the actions..and doesnt just do his own truck..he does all of them..I for appreciate that..less talk more action...THANK YOU...Subbed and Notification on just for those reasons alone..there are more reason i like this channel as well. Where i live in Southern Oh we have a older airport that i wanna get a few events to be held at..would love to see this truck at one of them...will definantly be messeging and all if it goes well

    2. Teamster25

      11:43 The best is that Speed Limit 10 over Billy's right shoulder lol!

    3. Raul Gonzales

      Congrats on your win. Besides the cars and great racing. What really stands out is when your dad hugs you,you are truly blessed.

    4. B I


    5. Daniel Hicks

      Being humble is a true life's soul

    6. Leen De Ronde

      S10 for the 10 out of 10 win with a good crew💪

    7. Timothy Bungato

      That scramble button causes warp speed at the end. F#%K!

    8. Jay Hayes

      Waffle House here we come.

    9. Jay Hayes

      They got gaptized by a mother freaking street car!

    10. Michael Minshell

      now that is how ya do it kick ass then get the money !!!!! oh yaaaaaaaaaaaa

    11. Ray Thomasson

      Great job, guys! You and the Old Man really do great work on the truck to make it happen! I just watched the video of when you went from nitrous to turbo, that other girl was in it. It was hard to watch. It felt wrong. Funny thing was, there was a white Foxbody there in your shop.

    12. John Maxwell

      Did your videos are awesome and your brother is killing it on intro

    13. Josh Sutherly

      Billy what's your Facebook page I wanted to share a post with yea

    14. Yota Savage

      You’ve got to appreciate how great of a relationship the dad and son have. Incredible!

    15. carlsracingmiami

      killer man .................................................Everyone go racing

    16. Bmwjonte

      Thanks for another awsoome video / Jonathan from Sweden

    17. SAVAGE GCR

      Chopped that foxbodys head off. Hell I thought you jumped at first. On that damn light.

    18. Alan Mc

      I have a detroit true trac in my car . What kind of unit or system do you run or recommend ?

    19. SRC Garage

      Thank you to everyone who made this race possible. We made new fam in Kentucky. 💯

    20. alexis gonzales

      Smoking a joint in my 85 s10 while I’m watching this lol

    21. RAY ABBOTT

      Damn bro you treed that nerd

    22. SourBogBubble


    23. Rhage73

      way to get the W bud, love watching you guys doing what you love. Nice friends and family you have going there.

    24. AL J

      That was a hell of a slow motion shot👍☝️☝️👍☝️

    25. Guy Noir

      Good street win . Happy for the strong family unit again .

    26. stlmikie

      You really are fortunate Billy.

    27. JT Damico

      Damn, you had my hands sweating just watching... Great job. Thanks for the video

    28. Daniel Hayes

      Damn good job 👍

    29. Nick Kirkland

      Billy vs beater

    30. H Savage

      Never have I looked forward to anything on IRvision or tv as I do this awesome family. Keeping it real! Congrats to them all. Loving his Dad's channel as well and sharing these and it to all my friends.

    31. Bee Jeezie

      I really dig ur s10

    32. Bee Jeezie

      Hi Billy I'm building a 1975 datsun wagon currently looking for a small block Chevy an turbo 350 transmission

    33. Joshua Gibson

      It's so hard to enjoy 660ft racing.

    34. Joshua Gibson

      There is will only be one Billy the kid in racing Bill Stepp from my hometown of dayton ohio. He dominated for a long time with mopars. Google him. He was a real life outlaw. His story is well worth looking into if even remotely interested in drag racing history. Edit: I'm not trying to dis the guy in the S10. Just trying to hip people to a big part of drag history.

      1. Joshua Gibson

        @Street Racing Channel awesome. I've seen his son around on some of our Dayton FB pages. It would make for great content. I hope to see this happen!!!

      2. Street Racing Channel

        I got in contact with his son this week about an interview for the channel on their racing history

    35. Travis Peoples

      Always a joy watching your videos! Real drag racing and no Hollywood BS! 💪

    36. Tom Bartolome

      Congrats! Thanks for keeping it real street & sharing the ups & downs!

    37. Socalfun

      I’ve never seen Billy with such a huge smile on his face then after that first lick! He looked so freaking happy and excited! It was awesome to see. I wish he would let down his guard a little more like that for us. Awesome job Billy! 🏎💪🏼👍🏻

    38. cew142

      Someone, someday... i repeat, someone someday will sponsor you and Tommy for the NHRA pros. And if that doesn’t happen, you gonna get there on your own. You guys are dang good and very determined!!! Your old man will definitely be your NHRA crew chief...

    39. TAL LAT

      Congratulations well done.

    40. stlmikie

      Good job guys!

    41. Jared Spear

      Damn that little S10 moves out!! You’re a force to be reckoned for damn sure young man. Always enjoy watching you race. Gapped everyone one of them! Even the Nerd, which is saying something. I agree that right lane was tough for a while. Looked like it turned a corner at some point but left was on point! Congrats young man. Hell of a showing

    42. Patrick SETEC ASTRONOMY Rubio

      THAT! WAS! LEGENDARY! SRC TO THE FRONT! Awesome hearing those 7675's doing work. :D

    43. rick Strong

      That S10 is legit.

    44. millsmotorvation

      Awesome driving! What rear shocks you run??

      1. SRC Garage


    45. TheCanadianBubba

      Winners gonna win !

    46. Aaron Coy

      Keep it up kid!! I hope to race with my boy one day. 🙂

    47. TetraHydroCannabinoL THC

      Why do alot of people use the s/10 for a race truck? I have an 88 S/bomb maybe ls swap it

    48. Mike Dale

      Ever dumped pops on his ass during a burnout?

    49. ziggie16

      lol ole dustin the money holder XD

    50. falden01

      Billy can drive

    51. Sean Cedio

      Awsome job, Please keep up the hard work and the Awsome content........I look forward to when you post new videos, and when pops post's videos. Y'all just like me and my "family" back when I was your age.

    52. William Saba

      Nice job!

    53. danny Boi

      You lit the fire can't wait to show my old man we to might be a father son race team Congratulations to you and your pops Billie

    54. danny Boi

      Do Congratulations you deserve it Billie love following you and that Family I live threw you guys

    55. Kevin suppes

      NICE JOB! 🍻


      Like i said before, that is one badass S-10.. Good stuff Billy.

    57. coreylynch31

      Some hundreds for the Waffle House

    58. Brandon S.

      The most i have ever seen the kid smile 😃 lol

    59. Bradford D

      Congratulations, I really like watching your videos. It looks like you’re living the life you should be an always wanted to live

    60. life of Adam

      Way to go Billy and team!

    61. M A

      When Tommy said that left lane mustang left hard . I think I heard you say I'll show you why they call me Billy The KID..had to review it lol

    62. Greg Snider

      Good Show!!!

    63. Robert Jander

      I love this channel I like drag racing

    64. tyler Schmitt

      That’s a bad dude!

    65. Jesse Watt

      Nothin I love more than seeing a small block put a LS in its place! Yeeeeew. Dang ol son you doin good!!

    66. pigrond

      nicely done

    67. Daniel Frye

      You guys are awesome.

    68. Jason Toombs

      The Kid with the gap on every race! Awesome footage!!!! The most amazing part is the hug from the dad at the end and the pride he has in his sons.

    69. denden s

      This family is so cool

    70. Greg J

      Wow that was some edge of the seat racing bro! Nice job congrats to you and your crew👍

    71. Sirqa Live

      hate to see you put Bird back on the trailer, but damn that was a good race.

    72. Bobby mckinney

      That truck was a rolling!!

    73. Baby-Shark GTO

      Yes sir

    74. Fernando Martinez

      CONGRATS ON THE WIN MAN! The next best thing to the win is seeing you and your brother with your dad doing this as a family along with molly and your buddies. Jus FKN AWSOME! #SRC!

    75. Barefoots Backyardbuilds

      Damn that truck is fast

    76. Terry Burch

      Take some weight off at truck and maybe I don't know get better front in parts

    77. Allen Leathers

      Where was this at in Kentucky?

    78. Tye Campbell

      Great job!!!

    79. Boosted Hyundai

      Putting in that workkkkk

    80. Larry Hendricks

      Grats Billy ! Man can you drive!! Love it!! Congrats to the rest of the family and team of course

    81. clint hotrod Patriot

      nice job family & The kid. chopping

    82. cutter 2.0

      I thought i had clicked somebody else video man i had to back out and double check myself 🤣🤣 that intro got me good plus good job on that win man and 👍👍 on that new intro 🎉🎉

    83. Axe Bryan

      Gapping them ol boys for past time

    84. Don McMain

      That's awesome Bill & Billy and crew way to go back to the street and own it bro . 👊 props Dad ✌

    85. Ye Wilde Ryder

      solid win, congrats!

    86. Benjamin Lavallee

      Good work bro nice victory the kid is the best :)))

    87. TooSick ilx

      Living the dream!! this channel & Src Garage will blow up No doubt!

    88. Kevin Davis

      Congratulations Kid! You have one of Fastest street Trucks in country. Happy for Yaw!

    89. jt

      Nice job guys and gals.

    90. Ryan Sirko

      Great job billy! That ole small block is running! Boy!

    91. W. Branch

      Congrats Billy 🍻 Looked like your learning to ice skate out there, against "the bird" 😬

    92. Dean Braud

      You for got best Girl friend too

    93. TN Royal

      Am I the only 1 that paused the video at :28 lol that slick growth tho

    94. Drew Heil

      Good job Billy and SRC crew that truck is a beast

    95. Johnny K

      Happy for ya Billy..good job. Keep it up.

    96. Joe M

      Great job brother God bless

    97. Kurb Deala

      Add another notch to the grip for BILLY THE KID..💪💯💪

    98. Daniel Wade

      Hell yeah that thing still Street! Good job Billy, great job little S10

    99. Tony Cervantes


    100. Timothy Dockery

      Do your thing boys. Dad has got that S10 set on go