My Life Before Street Racing Channel

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    Street Racing Channel has been a blessing to me and my family. In many ways it has helped all of us, and i'm hoping its maybe helped some of you as well. This is a short video on how SRC came to be, and how we got to where we are at today with the S-10.

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    1. Bobby Smith

      Thanks for the videos Old Man LOL I've got 15 years on you and you remind me of me keep up the great work and stay Humble 👍👍👋👋👋

    2. Johnny Turbo

      Its always cool to hear peoples storys on how they became " Them" . Well done brother!

    3. Tony Martini

      And I've been watching since day one


      I was there the night we blocked off the highway in Mexico when daddy dave come got Phil's car. That was good times right there boys

    5. Troy Heflick

      Hope all is well with the family no posts on either page in a week.

    6. Jimbo Rachetmaster

      Happy anniversary SCR. You guys do a great job. Appreciate the killer vids. Hope 2021 is very good to you and your family. Shout out to the ol man for his infinite wisdom, and Tremendous patients he has you knuckle heads. Peace...

    7. ISEE YOU

      Love this channel.. I group up watching my Dad race.. when I was 16 he stuck me in his restored and modded 12 second 65 GTO... later started building up my own cars.. by 19 I had a 9 second Daily driven mustang during late 90's. Great times I will never forget and I would never trade those memories of me and my Dad hitting the track. I wasn't into drinking or drugs or girls ... until I got older lol... during my racing days my head stayed under the hood of my car I was constantly modding.. I am 42 with a family and a 2 year old.. I sure miss those days... Enjoy them!

    8. First Last

      Billy I really like your show and I think you are very smart and intelligent young man. Keep up the good work and remember knowledge is power in power is knowledge it’s all how you use it to count. PS where Molly ? God bless you and your family

    9. Dale Stevens

      Hey Billy! When are you going to get some more shop shirts? I am just faunchin at the bit to give you some money! Thanks and keep the videos coming, I really enjoy them!

    10. Jerry Frederick

      What is the story of the all white front clip. What happened? Your channel brought me back to the track (spectator for now) and I'm a Ford guy. The little S-10 that hauls ass is great viewing. You guys put out great content and great visuals. I also love your dads stuff. I'm a big fan of SRC Garage. I have learned more than a few tings from you guys.

    11. James Meehan

      Well you left us hanging man !! The night you raced Daddy Dave what happened that changed it all for ya ?? Love the channel btw, even my 9yr old daughter watches the minute she sees there’s a new video up. Love ya wholesome and family bond your channel spreads and makes us believe that good old American families still do exists. Keep up the great work.

    12. Rob Loose

      Awesome video billy

    13. Mark Smith

      This is Mark Smith from china grove nc. I just wanted to say You sure do have that little truck set up right. You be tearing some _ss up good luck and keep doing what you're doing.

    14. The Road U Take Home

      Stay up

    15. Sergio Altamira

      I hope one day me and my kids can have that tight connection you and you're pops have. I didn't have my father growing up, watching you guys is a great example to me. Keep up the good work God bless you guy's.

    16. Smith Rob

      Great video, I love your channel and your dad's that's awesome that you guys are in Ohio good to have some good wholesome Ohio family on on here to watch keep it up and get faster

    17. DOMMEX

      Proving Pa' wrong... keep at it bro dont stop!

    18. Nicholas Fantini

      Boys of the never lift

    19. Joe Jensen

      The Memphis trip was fun. You won at the track and the street race.

    20. Steve moxley

      I have Question why don't you use Wheelie Bars ? I really enjoy your You tube channel God Bless

    21. Jamie Round

      i watched the 1320 video's but only once in a blue moon here..........

    22. Jamie Round

      loved the lil history on u billy & also on molly too on her channel tell'n & showing a bit more of what all u both r into when not racing on the street's or pull'n a motor apart & building motor's...... it's awesome to see the other cool natural stuff u both r into.....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wondering if your dad & her dad were into racing before u both were born...... keep up the great job's..... oooh your brother he racing or still building his rig or what..........

    23. marc st laurent

      You succeed due to hard work , driving skill and excellent family support especially with your dad’s experience.

    24. moosestang# LS

      Yo get it boy!! Never lift

    25. Howard Ottman

      Love you and your family channel great people genuine keep it going that s 10 would look bad ass black cherry

    26. keyman1969

      Seen that truck a lot. Nice!

    27. Drag Boat Garage

      I watched Stevie Jacksons rise to the top, I see so much of him in you! Your next my man! Big things your way!! ✊✊

    28. PsychobabbleRapp

      I live in Perry county, stumbled on your channel after driving by you guys testing down by the back gate ( you know where, huge wheelie) ) we were behind the old man when he turned in your driveway and I saw the SRC decal, been watching every since . Keep up the good work

    29. Its Burky

      Whats the intro song?

    30. FrontYard4X4

      This video really hits different

    31. TAG_4V

      @2:00 sooooo fine 🥰😍 but Motorsports Molly is decent

    32. jvandenberg100

      Thanks for sharing Billy.

    33. Peter Coffin

      Great video Billy...

    34. asshole

      Nobody gonna talk about the guy on the toliet getting his ass beat?

    35. Fish Pony

      Hell of a ride!!

    36. Karl Morrison

      we will continue to support both you and SRs channels kid. keep doin what your doin.

    37. Hunter Brown

      Man this is such a cool video!

    38. JV_VLOGZ

      Nice man wish I could of grown up around this ...💯💯

    39. Jason Scruggs

      Been a fan for long time don't miss a video. You stay true to you in ur videos. Love seeing your family work together and supporting each others goals.. you don't flash money, brag like some I know on IRvision. I usto watch Little County videos but his content went way down hill. You could not pay me to watch his channel anymore. I love drag racing. Epically street racing.

    40. Aaron Johnson

      Just was thinking watching some re runs of the street outlaws 405, and watching the jj circus that’s on now the fastest in America and was just dreaming of actually seeing a street outlaws-vs- IRvision racers I don’t kno if there your flavor but you guys the SRC , cleetis McFarland and jack stand jimmy , Kyle from the boosted bois has an 8 second mr2 that’s flying right now and maybe grab up the boy Boston gorge or anyone you guys know that you could depend on making good fast clean AtoB passes consistently that would make a hole lot of LOOKS I WOULD BET THE HOUSE IT WOULD LOCK UP IRvision...

    41. Nick Boucher

      June bug was a baby. Badass video man. Blue shirt black cowl hood picture is going to be one of those photos your kids try to envision you from.

    42. Chad Schluterman

      U should build a RC of your truck

    43. Greg Smith

      You are obviously are my clone. Didn't give a $hit about school. Girls, party, fast cars, night racing, only in the 80's!! Now I'm an IT director for a big corp.! Wouldn't change a thing!

    44. Seeking TKO

      good video thank you

    45. swatson0061

      Lol. Pretty much the same thing the old man said about your high days. You're lucky to have a dad that carries the same passion for the sport that you do.

    46. Sean Shoemaker

      Dude absolutely awesome video!! What your doing is awesome 👌

    47. John Z

      Billy,, you Tommy, your Dad and Mom, those two amazing little family friends and Molly, all of you have been a blessing to the world of IRvision! Wishing you guys even more of GODS Blessings as you charge into 2021 and beyond!

    48. Jacob Johnson

      I still remember the time you came down to our little spot in eastern Kentucky to race my buddy Brandon in his s10 been watching the channel ever since

    49. john hayes 3


    50. Slick Mike

      Before Street Racing Channel He was still a legend

    51. TN Royal

      Love the channel

    52. David Randolph

      It’s pretty cool to see how you started and came up and you are still you

    53. edward athanasaw

      That was one awesome video

    54. Jason Cochrane

      I am from Charlotte, which video has that in it? Thanks love the channel!!

    55. W. Branch

      Thanks for posting your story Billy 🍻

    56. John Schiefelbein

      Enjoy watching your channel and watching you race! Living in the Pillipines and nothing exciting happening here. 74 yr.old American love street racing! Be safe and win Bill. Just take it to the limit, one more time!! John

    57. Trevor Smith

      Your channel has come a long way, definitely one of my favourites 🔥

    58. الوحش دراقون

      I am following you from Saudi Arabia, your videos are great 🇸🇦❤️🇺🇸

    59. Daddy shovel

      Thank you for putting us in the truck with you.

    60. David Newton

      I could have watched hour's of you guy's getting up to where you are now

    61. slo_5.0h

      Awww man it was just getting good why'd you stop so soon? LOL!

    62. Brandon Chauvin

      We've all done stupid things as kids....its all in having fun. Glad you were steered on the right track though. Keep at it

    63. Ray Olson

      What brushless motor is legal for the racing you guys do?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Any of them

    64. Safuez

      Yessir wish to have that same story at a young age but my truck ain’t going fast anytime soon... well maybe🙄

    65. Mickie Macca Moo

      Found you before Molly was in videos. Watched your channel grow. Love watching your videos! Nice work.

    66. Really BadAim

      7:36 lol been there done that!

    67. Blair Read

      Mean ,,NZ...👍💯

    68. shane barney

      Great story keep it up

    69. realtree 59

      U guys make some of the best content

    70. TopCity AutoMechanic

      I enjoy watching what you and your family are doing thanks for sharing :-)

    71. gonzo-trey

      Let's be honest probably the only real driver mod out of most these IRvision race programs.

    72. Alan Swift

      How do I say this, okay here I go. Wild child to a successful and fast street racer. You woke up and you found what you wanted to do. Plus you have a awesome family to back you and help you. Especially your Old Man. Good luck in 2021. And I love watching your videos with you and your old man and family. Also Molly to.


      Well this i think was by Far the best all round video thats been made. to know the man you have to walk in his shoes.

    74. Walter Ermling

      Man you should come to the Westend drag race in Salem Indiana this summer

    75. moosestang# LS

      Thank you for being here pal

    76. Brad Blaser

      Been following you guys going on 5 years now. Was late on subscribing to the channel, didnt watch much youtube until I started watching your videos. You put out real good content and excellent editing. Bought me two entries for the drag car, if I win I want to come race ya. Bet it's a blast hanging out with you guys. You seem so down to earth and that is what has always kept me coming back. Keep it up, have fun, and be safe out there.

    77. Woody Foster

      You n your family rock. Ive seen all the SRC video's including Molly's videos

    78. Charles Rich

      Keep them coming... Watch every video, I was wearing your hoodie at my kids baseball game and one of the other parents " GOT GAPTIZED BY A STREET CAR.... WHAT THE HELL. My son said you just don't get it... It's a street thing. He's 15 I laughed my A off.

    79. Will Moto704

      Thank you for sharing your history leading up to who you are now! This was great man

    80. Barry Ison

      Thank YOU! An ur family, June pup 2.

    81. xXThE_MaD_ShOTXx

      Hey bud, you guys rock. Keep it up. And your dad reminds me alot of myself with my sons. Teaching lessons while having as much fun as possible. I am about your dads age and have a Nova and a Camaro in the garage with a square body s10 outside waiting. My oldest just turned 16 and he has been around cars his whole life and the bug has hit. So I can truly relate. Keep doing you. My son and I watch you guys videos all the time and are subscribed to all of the channels. Take care

    82. mechanic vet

      This is about the best documentaries I've seen for not being HBO. Awesome

    83. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Like Golden 💰🍗 Chick On Friday I'm Ronald Thank You.

    84. Aaron Repsher

      Bad ass video Billy, looks like you could write a book already!!......The great thing is you're just starting the first few chapters of your legacy and you have infinite to go at the rate the S10, you , pops and the rest of the family are going! Stay humble my friend and here soon greater challenges that reward larger achievements will keep coming!

    85. Marshall Warden

      Very cool. Kinda similar to my teenage years growing up back around 2003. I've put a lot of nice cars together. Some that were 10 second street cars. Wish I had kept one & just kept at it kinda like you have. Has gained me lots of knowledge on several different platforms of vehicles & that's worth something I supposed. Ability is the poor man's wealth.

    86. CaptJack

      Stay Humble Stay focused. Billy you have a special trait I'll call calmness. I watch how you react or don't react during races. You have that thing that few racers no matter what kind of racing it is that will give you an edge. Cheers and Continuing success and safety

    87. June Dupree

      Neat getting to hear how it all began! The little video going to town in the 50s car is still my favorite!!! Please make more like that! June

    88. Shit Box

      You’re a lucky young man, I’m damn near 40 and still haven’t been as fast as your truck was when you were in high school, but I’m getting there. 😄👍🏻

    89. VoiceOverTalent by JamO

      Thanks BTK. And family. God Bless

    90. Arthur Fricchione

      Billy, thanks for sharing how it all came together. Great family great teamwork and great racing. Wishing you and your family all the best in 2021 Artie. Have your hat on the table right in front iPod me 🏁🇺🇸😊

    91. Dane Smith

      Your making Buckeye Nation sooo proud!!! "When you are grateful for what you have more will come into your life " Stay safe and God Bless gentlemen and GO BUCKS!!!!

    92. seth 00

      What rear end is in your truck 9inch?

    93. Dale Samuelsen

      Love following along your journey and glad I can support you by at least watching your videos. It's no easy feat doing the IRvision deal but I think we all love your content cause it so relative to all of us. We could all achieve what you have with determination and commitment. You and your dad are so humble man and where your at is where I wish I was with racing and cars. Hope to meet you and your family one day. An aussie fan

    94. John Ruhlman Jr

      Love all your videos! You and your family are the best. Y'all are such an inspiration!

    95. Gary Oates

      Billy I feel all dad's think there kids are going to be f**k ups at some point in time.. Hell I know my old man though I was and I own 2 successful business. I know I just watch your videos on IRvision and don't know you and for family, but I can smell bullshit 100 miles away. I think your doing a hell of a job Kid. Keep your noise to grind stone and keep kicking ass on the street.

    96. Trucker Tom

      I'm Currently building a. 040 over 350 for my bro in law's 92 S-10. 305 H.O. heads,mild cam,edelbrock performer intake with a 600 cfm street avenger. Might make 263hp if I'm lucky!

    97. Vaughn Hill

      Im glad you chose racing over the partying and drinking because theres a good chance you could be in jail or evn worse young man. I love your channel and i have always liked that truck. That truck was what got me started watching that truck leave with the wheels off the ground. God bless you and be safe out there young man.

    98. jason Trott


    99. Dirty Dollaz Racing

      The honesty and old cellphone clips 💪🏼. We’re all “f*ck ups” chasing a dream. Your growth speaks for itself. Respect

    100. gooseman 116

      I felt this video...