NOLA STREETS Halloween Havoc (Teaser)

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    1. Abel Gonzales

      Bro that was Titts.... You come a long way. Love the Intensity !?!? Got my Adrenaline Pumped. Thanx....

    2. cf mechanic

      Looks like the usual fire Nice short looking forward to whole thing

    3. MrShark4488

      are you going to Marion County on Friday for the battle of the 28s ?

    4. MrBdmfps9

      I seen on ur dads channel u raffled off the orange truck. I was wondering how I missed something being said about ur truck being raffled off. He also said that Tommy has a extreme blazer he might be raffling off too. If so where do I need to pay attention so I can get in on it?

    5. Vicente Esquer

      I love that nobody wants a piece of "THE KID" 😎👍👌✌🏎 MAKES ME WANNA WORK ON MY BLAZER!

    6. Shane Murphy

      Can't stop watching the truck. Man I'm crying so happy for you and your beautiful family man. Your awesome Billy.

    7. JV_VLOGZ


    8. Clarence Hatfield

      They’re having a pretty big race at Huntsville Drag Strip this weekend in Huntsville Alabama, hope you guys can come on down. Test and tune Thursday, qualifying Friday, race Saturday

    9. Al V

      Love the music and the video good shit

    10. Michael Nelson

      Old man's pop's channel is killing yalls channel Billy and Tommy 🏁💯


      Well the tease seems to be FIRE!

    12. Jeff Graham

      Awesome, can't wait!

    13. Chris Coleman

      Yeah Kevin gates and some good racing. Can't wait for the full video

    14. Lane Buwalda

      0:46-0:49 😳😳😳YEEET

    15. M K

      Hope y’all are going to Cleetus and cars

    16. Tanner Cox

      Kevin gates is perfect for a DA pad racing.

    17. Soill Garage

      I’m liking the Kevin gates during the racing keep it up

    18. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Can't wait to see to see all the rowdiness!

    19. Ryan Jenkins

      This video gets me ALL fired up!!

    20. Danial Miller

      Charles Snider AKA Chip is representing 205 with the red/black turbo LS S-10

    21. KD Howell

      Sick teaser 🤘🏻 love it

    22. TheCanadianBubba

      Looks like a whole weekend in just over 2 minutes.

    23. Michael Alamia

      Ohhhhhh weeeeeee, can't wait to watch this one 🎃🎃🎃

    24. aaron miller

      What a badass teaser

    25. Steve Stauff

      Love it

    26. Tim Wilson

      Please give us All the content from NOLA. Love this stuff. Tigger is top shelf on the camera. Brisbane, Australia. 🇺🇲❤️🇦🇺👍🏻

    27. Allen Jay

      Y’all rock it !!

    28. Honda Strong

      Best editing around, no cap

    29. Mark Spaltholz

      Nice video. When you guys coming great lakes drag way in Wisconsin

    30. SUNN RAYY

      BE SAFE, BE FAST 🔥🔥🔥🔥🏁

    31. Dustin Bieri

      Passed you guys this morning going north bound on 71 in florence kentucky. Can't miss that truck from a mile away! Trucks looking killer guys keep it up!

    32. Drew Smith

      Sooo sick bro great work with the clip 💯. Can't wait to see the whole video! #TheKid continues to put in work on these streets and these Vids! Great work brotha!

    33. minitrucker04

      This is going to be a good one!

    34. Victor Hex

      dang, that was a cool idea...a teaser. Now I gotta sit on the edge of my seat and wait for the real show. Thanks. Seriously, good job.

    35. Terry Monroe

      Thanks for the short clip but we want more 😀 , as always your video's are the best and it looked like alot of fun ... Goid luck guys

    36. MrPONCHO467

      You and your old man are dope combination!!

    37. House of Shar Peis

      Smh. Not a dictionary in sight for that title huh

    38. Patrick Brantley

      I just watched this video five times in a row. Gates and SRC for the win.

    39. Shane Wright


    40. Big Manley

      What's the name of the song?

      1. Patrick Brantley

        Icebox by Kevin Gates

    41. Refugio Lopez


    42. Canadian Kid

      Is “da 5” on saturn or uranus? I forget which street its on

      1. Las1k

        Its on Gentilly in the front there. Look at the power station with the brick building

    43. J P

      ok i can’t wait i’m pumped for this!!

    44. Cody Breeding

      What the nane of this song i kbow it kevin gates

      1. Patrick Brantley


    45. Glockspecific

      Nice change of pace with the song, love it!

    46. Michael Rodney

      Did you take down the Firebird?!?!?!

    47. Vegaman66

      That was cool bro!

    48. Leonard Cherry

      BJ got balls

    49. Kevin Johnson

      Just watched your dads video words cant describe how much I liked it very heart felt and this teeser is bad ass dude. I have to take my youngest down to Columbus for a dental exam and if the video is out il watch it in the car while her and momma are in the children's hospital

    50. Scott Carter

      Man digging the music and the loving the racing. Keep on keeping on"KID"!!!

    51. Caleb Dunston

      Good seeing y’all in NOLA again, didn’t get to talk to you much beside short min at driver meeting. But man that pass beside the firebird was still a win in my book!!!

    52. Jeremy 77

      Put up the burglar bars, she gotta murder charge. bless her heart.

    53. Alex Thompson

      you out running ryan mitchell says it all really maaaaad

    54. Dave's Racing Channel

      You Tease we want to see the whole thing!

    55. Anthony


    56. Justin Wheat

      Best music choice. Gates is from Baton Rouge Louisiana not to far from where you was. Lookin forward to this from Louisiana with love ! 👌👌👍👍🤘🤘💪💪

    57. HoodKnox

      Let’s goooo!!!

    58. Mr. Robinson

      Now that’s a trailer

    59. Leen De Ronde

      Real street

    60. StuntBikeJourney

      Can’t wait for the full video.

    61. Jesse In A Chevy


    62. nick grrr

      Straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    63. C&C Auto Works

      That was the funniest two minutes I've had in a long time

    64. stlmikie

      Looking for that full length.

    65. Richard Svärd

      Damn.. n now i have too wait and se the rest

    66. Mathew Bishop

      Sweet camera, super clear video

    67. Joe Erickson

      Don’t get more Nola than Gates!! Keep up the awesome work!

    68. Jeremy Ware

      I don't get tired by gates is the best for long road trips

    69. Chad Wright

      Was watching Murder Nova live stream then SRC popped up....

    70. Paul Kiehlmeier

      That teaser was amazing! On another level. Got me so hype. The question is does Billy beat Ryan with the black firebird?

      1. Warren Watts


      2. Chase Hebert

        When you only lose by one car to Kcmaxx.. truck was movinnnnnn

      3. GaMOPAR

        No....lost by 1 car length.

    71. Scrotie Mcboogerballs

      Always great vids guys take care God bless

    72. Cam Mullis

      Fuckin epic!!!! Absolutely nothing better than the streets

    73. G S

      Kevin Gates and the SRC ftw! I love yall like a play cousin!

    74. Giftied

      sickest edit in while; shit got me hyped!

    75. Lex Riordan

      Say hi to ya mom for me

    76. D Mac

      Making them streets famous again!

    77. Striperkiller750

      I love this channel and Molly too

      1. Dave's Racing Channel

        @Mike n Melissa Gowen thanks!

      2. Mike n Melissa Gowen

        @Dave's Racing Channel Subscribed Just now. Thanks

      3. Dave's Racing Channel

        id love you if ya gave me a subscribe

    78. Will Richardson

      Cant wait 2 see more

    79. Stan Davis

      521 views in less than 10 minutes.

    80. Working Class

      500 views damn, feels good to be early on SRC

    81. Billy Harrison


    82. daniel c

      Damn coming in hard with that kevin gates

    83. Colin Felstead


    84. Joseph Autry

      Love this channel