Cancer Survivor Drives his ‘68 Camaro for the First Time in 5 Years

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    Denny Place got to drive his 1968 Camaro for the first time in 5 Years. It was a sweet moment, and we are blessed to be able to help him get it back on the road and share it with you guys.

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    1. Joe Doe

      Love u guys and what you do it really touched me also im battling throat cancer and chronic fatigue while i am installing a vortec 350 in a 1996 2 dr gmc jimmy hope i can get it done

    2. Joe Doe

      I am a cancer survivor also good for him

    3. Chad Schluterman

      Y'all are awesome

    4. ElectronicMechanic

      Awesome guys you have huge hearts the tears are rolling

    5. Joshua Meers

      You guys are just good people god bless y’all

    6. John Hoover

      Your guys are awesome for doing this for Denny. Great guys.

    7. jeff wharton

      made me cry 3 times. your great people . don't ever change.

    8. Leo Ehlinger III

      Your family is the best. Keep it up, for America needs more people and family's like your. .

    9. Cole Kitten

      To the 23 people that disliked this video they have no heart

    10. Keith Patterson

      I teared up at the end . What a great group of people and what a great video.

    11. 1fastmr

      I was a teenager in the late 70s early 80s.I had a 1970 Challenger and every Camaro I raced looked like this one.That 68 Camaro gets more special every day.Good job guys.

      1. Thomas Hawley

        Me too..74 Nova SS

    12. Sean Grey

      I really love what you guys did for your grandpa's friend,, man if you guys get up to the Chicago area racing, I would love to come watch you guys race!! You can email me at and let me know thanx !!! I'm a fan !!!

    13. Scott Adams

      Buckeye lake? You know where Thornville is

    14. Johnny Turbo

      Awesome people, awesome car, awesome video!

    15. Rene

      My 67 Camero 350 came with a 750 CFM Quadrojet Carburetor, and I installed an 850 dual pumper Holly Spreadbore on it, it was too much for the 350, causing it to bog down, I could not figure out why until I found a formula for calculating the proper air intake, and learned that on a 350, the 750 CFM was the correct size, and the 850 was too much for it, I put the Quadrojet back on. The Quadrojet was a gas saver as long as you did not get on it, but fed the engine well getting me a top end of 140 MPH.

    16. Rene

      Good and true Americans!

    17. rsdunphyphotography com

      The look on his face when he started it up brought goose bumps and tears at the same time!

    18. rsdunphyphotography com

      Being a photographer, and watched all your videos, what cameras do you use ? Thank you

    19. John Jones

      This was a great one guys.One of the best projects I've seen you do.The S-10 racing and builds are awesome but this video pulls on the heart strings.

    20. Arnold Childress

      That's one fine car

    21. Jeffrey Vasby

      First Denny your in our prayers brother! Thank y'all for helping a friend out and prayers & blessings on y'all! I cried watching this 1. I had a 68 Z28 396 BB,425 Hp,4 speed. Called it my wheelie car. I could light em up in our HS parking lot pull up on a speed bump and pop up the front wheels above a coke bottle. Now I look back as a disabled Army Veteran with all my Brother Vet's and we regret letting our old Muscle cars go. I'm Blessed with 26 grandsons, 2 great,& 13 grandaughters & all that are old enough say Poppy you should have saved them and given them to them. I wish I did but life takes us down different paths! I had 48 muscle cars in 4 yrs of High school. 69 Judge,Hemi Cuda,Challenger, Novas,Chevelles,Demon,Duster,ect. Too many to list plus I struggle to remember Specs,model, makes & years! TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury )Thank y'all for all the wonderful video's! Love & God Bless America! Uncle Jeff!

    22. Kevin Cash

      Only car channel worth watching actually real life shit and guys who know shit about old school cars and motors great tubes boys

    23. Darin Fonder

      Takes me back about 35 years to a simpler time. Miss that

    24. Brad Kolpak

      Good job young man you are a righteous brother I am 51 and I've been helping out everybody in need as long as I've been on this Earth reap what you sow

    25. Buff Studly

      That brought tears to my eyes watching him drive that Camaro. You Folks Are Good People. Michigan

    26. william anderson

      Tis a great deed you guys have done there? Simply awesome,should be proud,and $29.95 for an original master cylinder,Wow

    27. HotRod Jones

      Hey Billy, you and your dad are a special kind of people. The world needs more like you guys. Listening to Denny laugh every time he pulled gears bought a tear to my eye man. Love your Channel and all the best with your future racing. Rod from Australia 🇦🇺

    28. freddykugr

      Howdy brother , ive read that vitamin B-17 cures cancer , and the apricot seed has the most B-17 , i also would like to say I Love your videos it brings me back to my hot rodding days , i still have my 2 favorits , a 55 chevy Belaire 4dr. and a 59 stepside chevy Apachy , both dont run now , but am still hoping i can get them back to running even with my bad back , God Willing , Peace Brothers,

    29. Aaron Wright

      You guys are totally AWESOME! It's so great to see kindhearted people like you.....TY Brothers!!!

    30. ChevyShawn

      Awesome guys!

    31. Rob Woitowich

      That was an amazing video you guys did. God bless you all for a sick man's dreams come true.

    32. Devin Cannon

      Thats amazing

    33. Rick Harper

      I want to see Denny take a ride in the S10 !!!

    34. midwestshitshow

      God dammit. I cried 3 times in 34 min.. Jesus

    35. Stacy Dornan

      Good on you guys ,God bless you all

    36. Dan D.

      Great video of a great family helping someone out! 👍

    37. Thomas Knight

      Y'all are really good people in your hearts...may you always be blessed...

    38. Jeffrey Ison

      Bill and Billy you guy's nailed it on this one. If this don't put a feel good feeling in peoples heart nothing will. Thank you for helping people the way you do! You make us gear-heads proud.

    39. brian winiarski

      You guys are awesome people! Love the channel.

    40. Chad Spade

      Very nice you guys are great people!! That's just what this world needs!!

    41. M

      Pretty Nice Camaro. Nice body. I guess E85 is more readily a available in Ohio. I live in a county of 120,000 Next to a major USA city and we have 1 station that has E85. But Ohio is a farming state and I live in an Oil state.

    42. 1HeavyHitr

      Never liked something so much that brings a tear to my eyes every time I click a fucking video. Truly amazing people.

    43. Todd Lewis

      I'm not crying I swear! haha, good shit guys, keep up the good work and awesome racing!

    44. Adam Thompson

      That was a great thing you guys did!!!

    45. Kevin McGill

      Nice production!


      love and family

    47. Mini Dragger

      In case anybody forgot. That's what America is all about. Horsepower that makes your asshole pucker.

    48. Bradley Hodges

      That was pretty cool will you guys help that guy for helping you most people don’t do that nowadays you really touched his heart that was cool

    49. Mike Bas

      Seeing Denny hammer through the gears was just awesome, he looked like he stepped back in time. You guys do awesome work, sure wish I could learn from you. That car sounds pretty wicked, can't wait to put my Nova back together now.

    50. Daniel Ward

      Damn good video, took me a couple hours to watch because I'm always busy. But great job, you guys are a class act. Keep up the good work, and that camaro is a riiiipper!

    51. Daniel Ward

      Shout out to Patrick Glenn Nichols! Probably spelled wrong lol

    52. Nicholas Smith

      this is one reason i love this channel the way you guys help out others

    53. Gregory Graham

      So proud of your family, stay real .

    54. ImJuSSayin

      1 word beautiful

    55. Jimbo Rachetmaster

      You guys rock. Great job on video/editing. A real class act......

    56. Ken Bell

      Make God bless all of you I pray he is all well and loving life

    57. John Mathews

      I take my hat off to you and your family you guys are awesome

    58. Rob Shirley

      Love all your seeing old school hot rodders seeing their cars run again.Im 44 yrs.old and I grew up around old cars like these. When I was a kid u could find them in every tree belt in the country not so much anymore.luv 50s and60s hotrods.

    59. 79fordster

      you guys are the best , bring tears to my eye thanks for sharing!!


      Real nice video. Great car.

    61. Mustang Guru

      GO ZOOM

    62. Mustang Guru


    63. Tim Dually

      Best of luck enjoy it 👍🏁 sweet ride

    64. rifleman1873

      Billy, you are not only a great person, but a great car guy and a great video producer. I am increasing impressed with your channel. Keep up the great work!!

    65. Aidan Morris

      You know how to fix bad power steering? Manual steering 😂

    66. Mark Payne

      What gears are in the Camaro ?

    67. BamBamMotorsports 27B

      Not a Camaro fan, but this one is a nice ride....great to see you all helping those that help your family along the needs more of this!

    68. Korn Beane

      Black better is awesome

    69. shawng7902

      ok honestly guys, how many Camaro guys here are all pumped because it's not an SS with Z28 stripes on it??

    70. Mike Davis

      Dang you guys are amazing people. Thanks again for keeping it real and no BS......

    71. Shad69SS

      Big Block. WooHoo!!!!

    72. Tarry Smith Sr.

      My favorite car

    73. Martin Corbitt

      I cou.d feel the excitement running thru his veins as it was in mine! Y'all fellows put DREAMS but in his heart!!!!! Have fun Dennis!! Lol!! Lots of fun!!!!

    74. James Woodward

      love the E85 and torker 2 intake

      1. James Woodward

        you guys are awesome..thanks for the works of humanity and brotherhood

    75. Terryharleyrides

      You guys did an incredible honor here, thanks so much for being who you are and for what you have to offer.

    76. Duke Nukey

      Awesome video! You are “good folks”!

    77. Randall Reveal

      Really awesome video. Its nice to know there's still people with a heart to make others happy in this world. My hats off to you guys.

    78. Richard Bruce Music

      18 Mopar fans gave it a thumbs down.

    79. Ryan Daleo

      This is awesome.. There faces are priceless..

    80. vonsmink1

      Bam Uh Lamb!!!!!

    81. Robert Williams

      you guys did real good. God bless you abundantly for your kindness🤗

    82. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      Nothing today can even compare to the sound of a big block Chevy

    83. 2 Lane Blacktop

      Doing the Lord’s work ✊

    84. Donnie DeLeon

      That was a great story keep up the good work 👍

    85. AH III

      At 68 yrs old, my eyes were tearing up just to see the happiness on their faces. helping each other. What a great car!

    86. J Business

      hahahahaha Put that thing away! What u always tell me to bring it out....not for me lmfao ahahahaha

    87. Will i am MC

      @ 13:08 your race truck does wheelies, yet even you smile when behind the wheel of a 68 Camaro . Good job , great to see ol Denny's car hitting a lick .

    88. Julio S

      Extremely giving way to pay it forward.I hope everyone can learn from you two gentlemen in these trying times.Besafe

    89. TERRY

      I also have Cancer and no longer have any of my old Hot Rods but I sure do miss them. Enjoy it Denny............

    90. carmelo1966

      Me again love the sound of that monster under the hood at 5:00 am est.

    91. carmelo1966

      Here is an example of what America really is, God bless you all and God bless this beautiful country we live in.

    92. karl knudson

      if you would of taken it to a garage they would of milked you for clutch replacement ! good friends are priceless!

    93. karl knudson

      ah hah i was right i commented to soon on clutch good job guys and pops has the patience to tune the carb right good team you guys did good job! and if that cancer ever comes back google raymond rife documentary this guy was prolly smarter than you guys and you guys are pretty sharp mechanic raymound rife mechanically removed cancer its amazing the hurdels he conquered watch that shit and you can kill the corona virus the same way believe it or not

    94. karl knudson

      you guys should run return line to gas tank and run high volume pppelectric pump with the fuel pressure regulator on the return line along with pressure guageon return line so you get unrestricted flow to carberater,.... adjust clutch linkage might just need some play in it

    95. Repair Man

      These are Real Car-Guys. I never liked the J. Leno's that made it all about money and trophies.

    96. PNW Fabulous

      You guys rock! I have a 69. I’ve had it for 27 years and I’ve never driven it. Time to get that shit going! Love the videoes man. Awesome work!!

    97. Keefe Spencer

      That is awesome some of my all time favorite cars Papaw's Tri-5,Pop's 69-72 Nova and Denny's 67-68 Camaro I know that Papaw's car is a 55 and Pop's car is a 69 and Denny's is a 68 but for me those years of the Tri5 and the first two years of the Camaro and Pop's Nova 69-72 is all the same body style and my dad has a 72 Nova small tire drag car with a small block on nitrous and he's had that car since I was a kid and when he first got it he used to street race it until he beat everyone on the street with it and he couldn't get anymore races from the locals anymore so he took it off the street and now he just strictly drag races it and for over the first 12 years he had it he had a 355cid N/A in it and now he has a 434cid in it and it runs pretty decent he's been low 5s in it in the 8th and he also has an 87 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme on big tires with a 565cid built by Scott Shafiroff the same guy that built the short block in the S10

    98. Keefe Spencer

      Does that Camaro have the 396 427 or 454cid in it?

    99. cody miller

      Good stuff guys! Great job!

    100. Greg Lopez

      You have a great friend, n God bless you in your journey to fight this disease my pray are you n your family keep up the good fight.