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    Hope you guys enjoy. All racing was done in MEXICO ;)
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    1. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Keep It Up With The Nick's & Maddie's The Dirty 30 Thank You Im Ronald.

    2. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Nice The Nick's The Dirty 30 Thank You Im Ronald.

    3. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Nice Nick's Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thank You.

    4. Ronald Reyes

      Billy I Like The Dirty 30 Toó Im Ronald Thank You.

    5. Ronald Reyes

      Billy Thats Nice The Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thank You.

    6. ShortyCordy

      Is this in OHIO?

    7. Jordy Emede

      Sounds like the cops found your Facebook group chat to me 😂

    8. ApokalypticNightmare

      glad i found this channel not to long ago with some real straight racing instead of watching group of people doing donuts and call it racing ..

    9. Time Spent

      Standing Tall , Boston George,,

    10. Ari Vat

      What, no Molly.

    11. jcnpresser

      That last spot reminded me back where we use to race, 100 foot of rubber on a narrow country road. We didn’t have cars like y’all do but we still had a blast.

    12. David Graham

      Once you have it in you as teenager it's never leaves racing is thrilling

    13. Ernest Major

      17:14💪💪💪💪💪💪 right lane drove that bitch.

    14. Daddy shovel

      I give you the name of my old truck, she was not as fast as yours but looked alike. CHUM BUCKET.

    15. Alanna Alexander

      That mustang was dope running hard

    16. This Dude’s A Dick

      21 minute video with 13 minutes of talking. Cool.

    17. JP Man

      Seems pretty obvious there was someone tipping the cops off on the new addresses as soon as you posted them to FB. Undercover cop in the crowd somewhere. Wow, really?

    18. Brian King

      Racing starts at 12:30

    19. studlybudly06

      "No bye runs"...Round 1, back to back bye runs...

    20. Randy Westbrook

      Great Racing. You and your dad have an Incredible relationship. I wish I was that close to my dad. It's Great that both of you are so into Street Racing seen.

    21. 1HundredWatt Warlock

      Definitely a rat in the fb group

    22. All Out Throttle

      good stuff dude! Ohio

    23. sean foley

      Best street racing videos!! Where can I get the skinnies hoodie?

    24. Vana Frankenstein

      9 minutes worth of talking an slow ass cars don't watch this video ppl it sucks ass

    25. mobcuzzz

      Holy fuccck just race already!! Enough talkin about the "rules" dam

    26. chrisinator13

      So no one has found alternatives to running backwards and holding a light... other than going to an actual drag strip?

    27. stinkinlincoln90


    28. Jonathon White

      Well great maybe he'll paint the sum bitch now!

    29. Bass Addiction

      Do not us favebook to communicate...... Really you know they can track your every movement leave phones at home besides one person to call ambulance if needed walkie use is under the radar

    30. AMG Cartel

      This Whole Channel illegal 💯


      Dam that was kinda strange that the 🚔 were already at those spots watin for yall . Nice work nonetheless

    32. chris hamilton


    33. Israel Cardona

      Racing starts at 12:25 if you want to skip long intro and a lot of talking

      1. Phillip Davis


      2. chris hamilton

        Thank you

    34. Michael Schultz

      Nice Bye Run at 15:05. Didn't just make a Pass, He Owned Up, and gave us a RUN!!

      1. Michael Schultz

        Damn, And AGAIN at 15:05. Legit Runs(especially alone)= Real RACERS!! NOW, Take it to the Racetrack, Where it BELONGS!!!!

    35. dora42ch

      sorry ass shit video. get your act together and make sure this POS cars can actually race.

    36. Sergey Soukhenko

      Should rename it to 10 min driver meeting

    37. anonymous

      Slow cars and solo passes. Street racing should be like Stockholm you should have to drive your car to every single spot to prove it is a true street car

      1. anonymous

        @Gordo Miguel there are 0 3000hp pro mods that can drive 1000miles..the aussies run a blown twin screw N.A. then when they get to track unlock blower pulley..its cheating .not a real street car .and by the way your thumbnail is of a guy Who died of AIDS!

      2. Gordo Miguel

        @anonymous I'll take that as a no,you either didn't read,or didn't understand my last comment. All these debates about what is a real street car are silly,especially in the day and age where 3,000 hp pro mods are making 1,000 mile trips.

      3. anonymous

        @Gordo Miguel fat miguel..is english your 2nd language? Do you know what bukake is?

      4. Gordo Miguel

        @anonymous I've seen it many times.Did you not read or understand my last comment?

      5. anonymous

        @Gordo Miguel watch STOCKHOLM OPEN..all their cars are not trailered to each race they have to be driven..they have the REAL street race scene in Sweden!

    38. Nathan Morley

      More racing less talking

    39. ARSMITH36571

      Why would you have two separate bye runs in a street race? It's waste of time.... the bye runs should of been run together to save time.

      1. father of2

        So you dont mess up the rest of the ladder..

    40. Joe Brown

      Me: it's a real street car Also me: let me unload the car from the trailer.

      1. SOULESS

        street cars do break when you're driving the piss out of them.... what happens then? going to push it home or pay a retarded tow bill for some half wit to fuck up your ride? lol...

    41. Roblin Prasad

      Video of street racing but more than half the video is all talk👎👎👎

      1. Street Racing Channel

        @Roblin Prasad Ok so no rules, or drivers meeting next time. got it

      2. Roblin Prasad

        @Street Racing Channel racing instead of talking just saying

      3. Street Racing Channel

        Whatever you say. We have plenty more exciting videos sorry you didn’t like this one.

      4. Roblin Prasad

        @Street Racing Channel yeah with lot less talk and more racing which its all about.😱😱😱👏👌💪

      5. Street Racing Channel

        You ever been to a real street race?

    42. MV Agusta

      Amazing drag races! Check out the Dragster RR America's raceway from my channel. ♥

    43. Mr. Riley

      I want that Pontiac

    44. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

      Less talk more race

    45. John Rodgers

      I'm glad these guys are following rules. It doesn't matter what rules really, but theres rules. And these guys are keeping it old school.

    46. Ozark Hills R/T

      It's not about "religion", it's about relationship with our Father in Heaven. If we glorify God racing, He is in it.

    47. Radioman

      Damn..12 minutes of yapping

    48. Billy T.

      I be liking the Boston George Mustang. Sweet, fast car. I like "box of crayola" paint job.

      1. Billy T.

        @camaroguy 66 can't say I disagree with you. The sweet part is multi color paint scheme. And the fact he won the thing. Other than that. I totally agree with you on the fox body mustang. Being the owner of a 92 Z-28. I dont see myself ever owning a mustang. Not in this lifetime. I do dig crayola paint scheme though.

    49. aaron pendergraph

      Dropping addresses on Facebook is retarded! no disrespect but that's how they found you everytime!LMAO

      1. Street Racing Channel

        You didn’t listen close enough. It was not public Facebook, it was a private messenger

    50. OneWood Clark

      Great job Little Brother ! 🏁👍🏻

    51. TheRealStonerSimpson

      “They even started calling me.....Boston George” -Blow

    52. Carlos Villarreal

      That hotrod was all bark and no bite

    53. Barry Ison

      Billy cops don't need search warrant 2 read ur messenger, it's social media hun. Loved the video n keep up the good work.

    54. Charley Betts

      Ole Billy Boy laying down the law, and running the show like a *Boss!!*

    55. seraaj minnis

      Good show just trim down on the rules people get to pedantic over that I just want to see some racing not 10min of bulcrap talking

    56. Moz Mike

      Worst one yet

    57. Greg l

      Mexico has all the racing spots.

      1. Charley Betts

        Lol... yup, "Mexico" is the spot in every state... lol

    58. Rusty Wells

      Limpy would be proud the way you ran that Billy!👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻

      1. Nathan

        camaroguy 66 limpy is a OG for cash days man

    59. Mr. B. Real

      enjoyed the video until 16:30 really .. if anyone wanted to confess their sins this is not place.

    60. Nason Taylor

      Anyone know the setup on the mustang Boston George????

    61. Steve Welborn

      I really enjoy this channel and I hope you keep doing it. I'm sure it's a lot of work but you are very good at it. Your dad's nova sure is a sweet ride. I like everything about it and wouldn't do anything different if it were mine. For it to come so close to that fox says it's definitely working.

    62. raymond moreno

      Where was the s10

    63. Repo

      How can you not love this, keep up the vids

    64. CptCannibal

      What hood is Boston George running? I want it!

      1. Daddy shovel

        Looks like a Harwood 6in

    65. Ant Man

      Awesome video!!!

    66. Joseph Mandly

      My man nick that car is nasty bro only if u could get traction tho

    67. Eddie Bryan

      I can honestly say I have never raced in the fog, first time for everything.

    68. Bryan Roupe

      Chase is a race. How the hell did this video get 8 dislikes. Probably state troopers lol

    69. The Fox Doctor

      Nice sermon, now line that shat up lol!!!! jk 👍

      1. DNR Auto

        The Fox Doctor thank you thank you

    70. Savage Productions

      Awesome video, Billy! I'm glad Eric's car is working for him!

    71. Boosted Streets

      Street car but has to be trailered? That’s not a street car in our town..

    72. Bankrupt racing

      I enjoyed the vid ,( not the joke about religion ) but i still give it thumbs up because all in all its a great vid and it looks like Billy an them did a awesome job putting the event together. Wish Billy an his dad would start back posting more vids . Enjoy all his videos.

    73. Ron Gravel

      I got the fuckin chills when that 4th gen pulled the wheels and got sideways. That was boss af

    74. Boosted Cutlass

      Nova running strong!

    75. Boosted Cutlass

      Love it ! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    76. Scober

      Another great, well edited video full of local heroes. Billy, you're a good promoter and foresee a future for you doing that besides driving.

    77. MrJayo73

      Was Shitbox on that show fastest car on Netflix? Anyways great video like always

      1. David Brown


      2. Cesar Augusto Palacios

        MrJayo73 just about to ask that

    78. Chuck York

      Great vid Billy. Boston George is dragging ass. Glad to see Head Games laying down some good hits. The NOS is working. Keep em coming.

    79. 405awhp

      Your channel is just awesome, your videos are very well edited and just enjoyable to watch. Love how authentic this video is, can't get anymore real then this. Keep it up!

    80. 405awhp

      Your channels is awesome, your videos are very well edited and just enjoyable to watch. Love how authentic this video is, can't get anymore real then this. Keep it up!



    82. Bob Falfa

      Nova putting in some work, glad to see it out there

    83. Timmy Hutchinson

      Hell yeah bro, running the show! Pops nova looking good. Wish you could have pulled it off in the end, but sounded like it spun after the 60. Maybe next time! Keep it up!!

      1. Carl B

        Yep, like a champ. Nice to see a car that doesn't look like a complete pile show up, too. Thought all street racers forgot how to do paint and body.

    84. Trevor

      Hands down the best racing channel. None of that 1320 BS.

      1. Bryan Sells

        Yes that's right hell ya

    85. AnthonyTee

      Racing starts at 12 min

    86. Keefe Spencer

      Next time a group text would be better .....thats crazy our dad's Nova's are the same exact color and sbc on small tire sounds like a good grudge race to me lol and I could be wrong but I could've sworn that the 4th gen Camaro beat that 2nd gen I guess he had car problems and y'all let them switch spots?

      1. Andy Cousino

        No he crossed so they Disqualified him

    87. Kevin Riley

      Looks like that mustang beat ur pops. But yall say he jumped, yet thats the only race you never show from a different angle at the start? 🤔

      1. Greg l

        He red lit so bad stevie wonders saw that sh*t in his current state

      2. Jackson Storm

        Bill &Billy are pretty classy dudes . They aren't gonna compromise their integrity, and reputations over something like that.

      3. Street Racing Channel

        And why do you think I didn’t have that extra angle... think about it 😜

      4. Street Racing Channel

        Didn’t get it from any other angle on that race. Why would he not come back for the next round if he didn’t jump. Also how do you know who was driving? 🤣

    88. Texas 214

      Great to see Boston George win one🤙🏽💯

    89. yarrdayarrdayarrda

      Cool video BTW, lots of close calls and good driving

    90. yarrdayarrdayarrda

      Police see you loading or unloading "race" cars in the middle of the night, how is it you guys aren't charged?

      1. Sammy B

        My lawyer will have that thrown out I dont even have to go to court Trust me ... They have tried several times

      2. Sammy B

        Unless they catch 2 cars engaging in street racing there isn't shit they can do but tell you to leave💯 We do it every weekend and some nights during the week so there isnt a shit load of people just watching all the time in Columbus. Anyone that really does this knows that

      3. yarrdayarrdayarrda

        Well it's not like you're at a 3 am show and shine :D It's pretty suspicious having several unloaded uninsured car in some industrial area, no? @Topper Harley

      4. Greg l

        @Dustin Meyer to add same with red light cameras. Most courts have deemed them to not be used to determine a ticket. Unless a officer is sitting there it can be used as evidence. There hasnt been one case in ohio to stick where a redlight camera alone has been used to give a ticket that ive heard of. Columbus has 68 and they all got turned off. The officers can turn them on and sit in eye shot of the intersection. But all they can do. You have the right to face your accuser if a officer cant be present cause no officer wrote the ticket at the time, then you cant legally face a accuser. If there is no accuser there is no case. Like my buddy showed up to a hearing for his seatbelt ticket. The officer wasnt there. All he said was i was wearing it and case was dismissed. Why you should always take a ticket to court in the off chance the officer doesnt show up.

      5. Dustin Meyer

        even if there is video of you doing such act they still have to see it in person. now if in court video can be used as evidence against you.

    91. Zdark1

      Skip to 12:30 for the racing

      1. Bob Falfa

        camaroguy 66 Ok, so you don't then

      2. Bob Falfa

        camaroguy 66 Guess you don't get it

      3. Bob Falfa

        Street Racing Therapy Why would you skip any of this? All of it's good

    92. It’s not a Nova

      Awesome! Well deserved 🙌🏼

    93. jamie muncy

      Nice Billy👍🏻👍🏻 Bills ole Nova seems to be hitting a MEEEAAAN LICK for what it is. Thanks for the video 💯💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💯💯

    94. Maverick 205

      Great coverage ,( maybe just a tad too much detail ) , that's about as real as it gets folks.

      1. Rusty Wells

        Yep I could have done with a little less detail don't want to pull the curtain back to much nothing good will come from it.

      2. Ant Man

        SaltyStang yea but legally he could get held responsible

      3. SaltyStang

        Never to much detail for those of us that don't race on the streets for us that race on the track it's pretty cool to see what all goes in to putting a street race on I thought Billy done a great job

    95. Quentin Runyon

      There is a drug epidemic happening right now and they wanna fuck with street racing. If more people would put there money to the pavement it wouldnt be like that. Raise your kids with a car addiction and they wont have money for a drug addiction. Leave street racers alone its a culture thats never gonna die

    96. Steven Thompson

      Real street racing... if you come to dislike then why even click on the vid..

      1. Rocco Jacobs

        That lil mis match notch was hooking this whats its about

      2. No Prep Stretch

        @X CrankyOldMan You must be delusional. When the music came on there was racing in the back ground. Fucking racing.

      3. dusty rhodes

        @X CrankyOldMan you are probably the snitch

      4. Greg l

        @X CrankyOldMan why are you on this page then if you dont like it. Go watch urban hillbilly or make your own videos and edit them how you want.

      5. X CrankyOldMan

        first off. didnt know there was a 10 minute driver meeting. second when the racing start there, is suddenly some fucking music in the back ground. So get the fuck out of here with who dislike.. ME. No need for all that shit... watch urban hillbilly to see how it should be done. Fucking music.

    97. d pizzle

      Did I miss a video...where’s the S10?

      1. d pizzle

        Damn that sucks. I like watching that truck leave with wheels in the air. Thanks for the info

      2. GaMOPAR

        Blown a head gasket.

    98. stlmikie

      That calico coupe is no slouch!

    99. Gavin S

      Great video

    100. redlightcivic

      Note To Self: Remove Sheriff's Department from FB Group Message.

      1. SgtLoki13

        don't use Fakebook

      2. DOGLE

        redlightcivic lol