We Raced RED SAVAGE at English Mountain NO PREP.

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    The Kid takes on Red Savage, plus more bad ass no prep racing.

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    1. Lucifer II

      Intro song name BTK?

    2. Hammerdown Fabrication

      Src has me decided on building an s10 next ,time to find a roller !

    3. Mike Burford

      Those doors look really nice on Billy’s truck.

    4. SUNN RAYY



      love the vids bro. keep up the ass kickin!!!!

    6. Jerry Frederick

      Love Raggedy Ann (I'm a Ford Guy) but that Green Chevy is a damn fast show truck. What's Young & boosted running for power? Great video, love the editing TOP NOTCH, Very Professional, Great job Tommy. Take Care and God Bless. Oh! Yea! MERRY CHRISTMAS That's what we say in my country.

    7. Vann Lemons

      I love when the mountain is packed! Cant wait for the next one!

    8. billy manilli

      "Boost Springsteen" LMAO... what a name Great Racing as always, Billy and "Old Man" (I'm an "Old Man" too... lol)

    9. Travis Cox

      I would've named that truck The GRINCH because it was stealing everyone's presents

    10. KaleoCRUZE

      that red fox was FAST!

    11. john hendrix

      I was watching your dad's video... For many of years I had a Yamaha banshee ... The last year I owned it I put the big bore kit on it... It takes that bike from mild to wild!!! A set of to me T5 exhaust and some 105 octane and that atv turns into a monster!! Almost got to the point of unrideable

    12. gavin erickson

      What block is it?

    13. Eric Wade

      Ordered a sweatshirt from y'all on black Friday. Will it be here by Christmas. Was just wondering thank you

    14. Matthew Hill

      You should make a public announcement on your IRvision for the Caleb McNeill race in Alabama lots of people follow you on IRvision but not Facebook. Definitely help get some guys out there to race for a good cause.

    15. TheCanadianBubba

      C10 got lucky... never give up !

    16. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Went Golden 💰🍗 Chick In Friday December 11, 2020 Billy Hoskinson I'm Ronald Adán Reyes Moreno Thank You.

    17. ProTreeVideos

      Hey random person scrolling down the comments Have a wonderful day :)

    18. Daddy shovel

      Your new doors r nice.

    19. HP Race Development

      who does your edits?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Peter McKinnon makes good videos on editing I watched a lot of his stuff

      2. HP Race Development

        @Street Racing Channel Awesome stuff - just trying to get started on the editing - any tips?

      3. Street Racing Channel

        I drive, Edit, tune, etc.

    20. Jill Lucas

      The free atm thermodynamically note because pruner cytochemically form absent a dynamic hammer. young, waggish blouse

      1. tyrone trump

        Jill Lucas we don't speak Joe Biden here

    21. Baby-Shark GTO

      That wagon looked to 60' HARRD

    22. Oper8or

      I wish I had known you were going to be there. I'd been there to root and place a couple bets. Was the Brian in the Chevelle? I bet his butt puckered that time.

    23. Baby-Shark GTO

      He's just new door goofin

    24. Tray Evans

      Dam every one got them reverse lights now. Billy the kid taught them something.

    25. Rebecca Zenthoefer

      Boost springstein😂

    26. Wayne Bowling

      That Sherm truck is a sweet build. I'm not a chevy fan, but the way he built it is so cool. The way he's got the turbos coming out of the back through the exhaust, then the pipes turned up makes it original. Keep making the videos Billy, and I'll keep watching. Thanks to you and your family for all the hard work and fun racing!!!

    27. Matt M.

      Pops looks soooo happy 😊

    28. SEXY GIRL1

      "\r\nWanna be friend?"

    29. Cory Lamb

      Always like to see y'all racing hometown boys up in Newport 🤘

    30. John Z

      Daymn,, Sherm's full size C10 is a righteous build and freaky fast!

    31. John Z

      @6:25,, "c'mon over here little man,, they back up alone,," Good job Tommy or Billy,, the little guy wants to help but let Dad tell him when he's ready to do that. Less confusion and above all SAFETY first.

      1. Tobias TV

        Lol that’s briar kinsler and he backs him up all the time.

    32. John Z

      WHOAH! It was soooo very close to a jump BUT Red Savage really did tree Billy,, a feat in and of itself! Billy hadda run 'im down but he got it dun! Wow,, that was a GR8 race!

    33. John Z

      Fans, for the cost of an espresso or two you too can have a symbol beside your name as a paying supporter of SRC. Click the 'SHOW MORE' just below the description to find the link. Support the channel on another level, they deserve it!

    34. Big Polska

      The first 10 feet for most of the cars was just loading the drivetrain, but after that, sheeeesh!

    35. Alex Duke

      "what a fucking piece of shit" you built the damn thing

    36. Danno Withit

      Damn that guy really said “good luck, you’re gonna need it” what a guuuyyyy, glad you gapped him

      1. Dave's Racing Channel


    37. DALTON FAM

      I just noticed something, Tommys nickname is Tommy 2 gunz... "TTG" But Billy's is "BTK"!! LOL! Maybe... bang, torque, kill... Im bored but I still thought that shit was funny... BTK LOL.

    38. John Teplir

      Repaint the truck as original. That is what people look for and recognize. Just like Garlits and his black Swamp Rats many years back.

    39. Jackson Kann

      Awesome that you guys showed the young and boosted crew some love, been watching their channel since the beginning, small world

    40. I Pooped A Hammer

      "Good luck. You'll need it." Famous last words. Billy dragged you down the track WITH his radiator wetting his tires all the way down it. Looks like you need the luck, dude. Not Billy.

    41. Rubberdown

      The last race.. Was killer..

    42. Glockspecific

      Good driving on that first rip!

    43. Ray Bryant

      Great vid as always SRC crew. Anybody got any info on the toyota work truck though?

    44. Waino Pihl

      please wear a mask

    45. Victor Hex

      Epic intro, another great video of real deal racing, certainly much more fun. Young and Boosted looked kinda iffy at first but they sure pulled it off. Billy shows a lot of elder maturity gracefully accepting defeat. The great character and honor of your family working together to win is what makes your hard work stand head and shoulders over other channels .

    46. David Bates

      Hi guys I’m David I’m from Australia and like watching the channel I’m building a 383 small block with the same heads you guys are using just like to ask what the cam specs in Tommy’s truck when it was on nitrous I heard the old man say it’s a oval track stile cam and what brand of cam is it keep up with the great work you do with the channel

    47. Chris Kennedy

      Damn wish I would have known y'all were going to be here. Would have came out and seen you guys run. Was there last time this year when you broke.

    48. big country

      That little beast is always fast as fuck. Sure wish you would paint it already.... this one panel at a time is killing me.

    49. KEI Fabrication

      Is it just me or is Raggedy Ann running his belts way too loose, and are his shoulders way above the slots in the seat where the belts go through? Look at 9:10 through 9:20.

    50. overindulgent

      That's racing bubba. You'll get um next time.

    51. mason thomas

      Billy i have watch all your guys stuff love to see it but when you and your old man help out guys they win most times but when they both come up dam money both lanes

    52. JoeyJoJoJr.Shabadoo

      Almost time for a tube front and and move the cooling into the bed.....

    53. Seeking TKO

      Alot of fishtailing goin on, seems like its the track so maybe try changing the air pressure in the tires..if i was to guess i'd say the tires are too soft, need air

    54. Coby M

      IRvision is really pissing me off with all the commercials

    55. Native Nation

      Awesome show

    56. Cody Black

      You know.... for 1320Video posting a video about Red Savage being the baddest street truck of 2020..... IDK. Looks like we got a new king here.

      1. Cody Black

        @I Pooped A Hammer Seriously. I’ve been following this channel for quite a long time and he has grown so much in such a short period.

      2. Nicky Gregory

        Billys truck is no slouch, everyone sleeps on him for some reason, that thing is rocketship when its healthy

      3. I Pooped A Hammer

        Especially considering Billy won with the radiator leaking water on his tires, and ended up much faster after he fixed the issue

    57. Ricky Stone

      Green truck got lucky 3 of his last 4

    58. Michael Wynne

      I'm pretty sure I saw two car's with only a lap belt, Ragedy Ann was one of them, if he had it I couldn't see it and it was loose as Hell,,

    59. Jr's Garage

      Sherm truck no joke ☠️

    60. Billy Beane

      Looks like your Pops was busy this weekend...

    61. Brown Dogs T&T

      The old man is going to have to start charging for his services. He is lining everyone up!

      1. SgtLoki13

        Was just noticing the same thing, Bill was out there lining half the cars up! Kind of you Bill, keep them youngsters safe!

    62. Travis Turnmire

      Cant believe I missed this race. I truly thought you guys were going somewhere else this weekend.

    63. Herman Munster

      Damn radiator cap!!!! Musta came off an LS!!!! LOL

    64. Barry Ison

      Man u're 1 of the best taking the light, cut a good light Billy.

      1. kevin shiley

        Billy and Tommy both cut a great light!! They must have played lots of video games when younger! Lol

    65. John McCaleb

      That red fox that broke the trans looked super fast

    66. RealRavenCorps

      Just curious about that black Nova at 5:40. It left really hard. Did the converter flash when the nitrous hit off the line?? It didn't seem like the rpm's were up that much and than bang it launched!!!

    67. jesse scott

      That was some good racing

    68. Robert Adams Metal Detecting

      The "Old Man" was putting in work! Needs to start charging for crew chief duties. Your truck is a weapon! That thing is steady lopping off heads.

    69. Dilly Dilly

      New doors baby

    70. Rodney Schnelle

      Thought y’all were going to Gulf Port?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        It got rained out

    71. Don Catherman

      S10 looks good with new doors and paint scheme....👍👍👍

    72. Keith Truckley

      We need a walk around sherm

    73. Ricky Burford

      Please put a little blue paint on the fenders and door to match the bed. Keep it OG

    74. Nissan Altima

      Congratulations to you young boosted you did a hell of a job man really proud of you come down here in Southern Ohio and so some of these guys down here what it's about Billy the Kid proud of you too you can't help the dumb s*** that happens man you're a hell of a racing a proud of you to keep up the good work congratulations everybody

    75. Phillip Blake

      Bill has to line everybody up.

      1. Striperkiller750

        Now that's about as close to street racing you're going to see, that's why I love this channel

    76. Billy

      Where’s the banshee?

    77. BurrNinja

      Sherm rolling the hell out. Always loved that truck!

      1. SgtLoki13

        Grats to him for the win, *SOO* nice to see something other than a foxbody take one home.

    78. Randy Pierce

      Hell yeah 😎

    79. Daniel Ward

      That red s10 is nice, but the kids s10 is just something else.

    80. Ohio Beast

      Killer video

    81. WhatTheFox302

      Was that an LS swapped mustang that broke and lost the entire race 😂🤣 what a piece of shit!

    82. Pyle81

      Yet another fantastic video. Everyone looks like they will live to race another day. English Mnt. Raceway has always been a great place to enjoy the racing sports. Be safe on your way home boys.

    83. Linda Haislep

      I like the idea that you all will line up against anyone to be the best you haft to be the best your truck looks good and runs great best of all it just keeps running better you learn something every time you run even if its only that you would not have done it that way Semper Fi and keep the faith

    84. Dan Myers

      Looks like you had the “luck” the driver of the red truck said you were going to need.

    85. Tommy Goins

      Awesome thank you for the footage,sorry bout the bad luck Billy

    86. Ken Farris

      the first race with the red truck, it looked like he may be jumped or cracked a tire too soon anyway.

    87. Renan Paim

      10:10 all the boost in the World

    88. C.R. Davis

      And for all those who say purging through the motor hurts it watch raggedy ann he does it all the time wow its a merical he didnt blow it up god i love internet mechanics

    89. Kevin Larrick

      Doors look nice would have been nice to see you in the finals maybe next time great job guys be safe

    90. Rodney F.

      Great video guys 👍

    91. lightskin. kj

      Wat you want to do with that novr

    92. Doug J.

      Like the new doors, if you paint it though you have to stick with the 2 tone. I really do like the factory color on that truck!

    93. Dave's Racing Channel

      Great content as always!

    94. Rhino Laws

      Man sherm has a sharp truck. Hes only 20 min from me

    95. Eastendhunter9

      looked like pops was busy with burn out prep for everyone lol

      1. SgtLoki13

        'Pops' of the racing community, looks like Billy and Tommy gotta share.

      2. big country

        The old man is the shit! Mad respect for what he does and the information he puts out..... he knows his shit!

    96. Crawford Towing

      That’s some damn good raceing

    97. Jeremy Strickland

      Hell yeah when are you and your brother gonna race Travis in Kentucky with that mustang should be a good race!

    98. Joe Cameron

      Damn details bite you right in the A##! Back out to garage putting my 94 ss together still working on rear suspension

    99. Josh Aubrey

      Just ordered my SRC hoodie yeyeeee!!!!!

    100. Johnathan Barnes

      It's amazing some of the douche bag comments some people give. Great content & great video. Thanks