Banshee VS Raptor 700R Hillclimb Drag Race!

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    Stock Yamaha Banshee vs Raptor 700R
    This weekend we did something different. Hope y'all enjoy.

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    1. D&D Offroad

      We had a blast with you guys at Tecumseh. Can’t wait to do it again. 🤘🏻

    2. Mike Sidebottom

      LOL u cant say you have road a banshee if the rear brake caliper has not fell off. or hear the rattle of the kick starter i drug my caliper for miles on rocks got my banshee new in 1998 still running stock plugs lol i have glass bead blasted them clean in 2002 if u ride hard check rear swing arm pivot bearings alot trust me locktite and grease are your friend. AND knife edge porting and rifle bore carbs is a must made my banshee 20+mph faster now old rims are bent and at high speed it gets speed wobble when hard on the brakes on pavement. missed placed my banshee keys last year:( p.s dont noise wheelie it will brake tierod ends

    3. E5D

      The banshee god first bro , always lol

    4. YYFREAK

      25:34 for race

    5. Billy

      More quads!!

    6. Cory Emerson

      Quads is where it’s at. I have 2 Yamaha 450Rs let me know we can ride.

    7. Braden Fuller

      Maybe that Honda that girl own has the corona virus that is why it will not start up

    8. bruce krueger

      I still race dirt track cars. I'm getting older doc said I needed a cage. Cuz i broke to many bones, still ride my Honda rancher , around the cabin homestead

    9. bruce krueger

      Man I miss my race banshee, and my Honda trx, 250 moto cross, quad, , totally empowering, , love the video dude

    10. JDFabrication

      Whats the name of the track that you used for your intro song?

    11. codi Follett

      840 she had it lol

    12. hayden schmitt

      I love it , you have to come to Florida and ride

    13. Jarrod Hines

      Yeah! Love your channel. My son and I xc race and I used to drag race alot!. Nice to see y'all in our element! Come to Indiana and race an ixcr race with us sometime! It's a blast.

    14. Scott Peck

      Yeah skip same introduction and go to action you will get more views, it's ok to talk however action gets the #s

    15. Derek Woods

      Looks fun. Chin mount for your go pro ftw. Check out Jeff Walker the pro mx racer's channel for how clean the chin mount stuff looks!

    16. Wayne Tate

      Awesome content.

    17. Michigan Quad Trails & Tales

      Loved the Video! I like all quads.

    18. bigwhiteslow

      Miss hearing the sound of a Banshee.

    19. Derek Hansen

      Hell yeah Billy, your pops is right... Some people like the informative behind the scenes stuff. You have the potential to be the next cleetus if you upload every day and find silly stuff to do in between drag racing.👍

    20. tim blackmon

      Cool video...looks like alot of fun..

    21. David Lyons

      He needs to learn how to shift the Banshee...... in time....

    22. Jordan Langdon

      Billy’s about to buy a turbo side by side now haha. Love the video man 👍🏻

    23. Kevin Coverstone

      Side-by-side ripps dude. The turbo sounds really cool too.

    24. Craig Cooley

      I haven't even watched it yet, and I Love it... Awesome Job Dude... Mix it up and Love Life... I'm about to be 55, and it passes so quickly... :)

    25. Mikel Ellsaesser

      What kind of gopro r u using cause I want one. U could see the atv was bouncing all over, but ur camara angle stable as hell.

    26. Marco Polo

      Camera angle higher is literally only thing that could make this video any better. Well maybe a helmet mic so you can talk to us every now and then. Not constant talking like moto videos, just every now and then. Thanks for the videos I’m glad for what ever made you start videoing races etc.

    27. Paul Lane

      I like the varied content on the quads. Definitely like the banshee. I like two strokes period. You should build the banshee and make some big two strokes power. 👍👍

    28. John Hartman

      Not what I come to your channel for. Didn't care for it. I commend you for trying new things though. 👍

    29. Brandon Searle

      Love this type of content

    30. Boosted Cutlass

      Quadzilla 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    31. William Kelly

      Great content billy!! You should show more of your flip projects....

    32. J Simmons

      Love to see the everyday stuff! More videos like this would be appriciated. We watch for the racing but for me its the people. U guys are good people..keep up the good work

    33. HSR racing and fab HICKEY BOYS

      I drag race banshees

    34. Chad Warner

      Been riding quads and dirtbikes my whole life be honest with you Honda has always been the most reliable

    35. Jonathan Morris

      You should adjust your cam up a little

    36. Devin Berry

      Yeah man that would be nice seeing more videos

    37. G Body Garage Racing

      More Truck!!!!

    38. Brandon Keenan

      Anything with a fast motor is a good video! But even better if ur girl Molly is with ya! Lol. Love ya guys u got the fantasy life bud! Enjoy it cuz many like me would love to have all that! 👍

    39. Dirty Dollaz Racing

      I like the vlog style content man, gives you a more in depth look and unfortunately life can't be race cars 24/7. Keep up the good work!

    40. Daniel Duncan

      hell yea keep doing some videos like this

    41. The Dangler

      Your town knows how to grow some cool ass people and beautiful ladys...!

    42. BEN AUSMAN

      2 stroke life👍

    43. david parks

      do more of this stuff

    44. send it

      nice love the banshee and sweet trails if you haven't rode alot with 2 stroke keep a plug wrench and plugs always in your pocket and dry Molly can ride and word of advice never tell your woman that already did not want to be there that she is killing your vibe on camera and especially to another woman on camera good way to be a new single

    45. jamie muncy

      If you think that XSX is bad, ride one of the CanAm Maxerick X3RR. There the baddest and fastest side by sides on the market, they smoke the Razors. You’ll be like my buddy Chris, you’ll completely give up drag racing for the Maverick lmao😝😝

    46. Baby-Shark GTO

      Dang Brook is ridiculous

    47. EAST SIDE313

      🔥🔥🔥Klotz🔥🔥🔥 Bought a brand new 2001 kx125 and slightly re jetted it, leaned out the low speed and fattened up the high speed and ran it 50:1 on klotz r50 to this day with no problems 😂😂😂 she's a freak too I'm telling ya, I'll walk that banshee whenever you're ready. Ooooooh that smeeelllll...😍

    48. Josh Long

      Cool video looks like y’all had pretty good time. I have some friends that go there all the time have never gotten the time off work for it. Y’all like it and start doing more Content like this molly and you are gonna have to make the trip to haspin acres in Indiana for some crazy trails it’s where my wife and I go with with are group of Misfits most often it’s about an 1hr 45 minutes from where we live we’re all out here Raising Hell in Champaign County OHIO

    49. xsuperstar95

      Quads for life

    50. J Mch

      There is a place called Yellowcreek in Wellsville W.V have to check it out it's a cool place to ride but it's a drive for ya but people go there and camp out for the weekend

    51. J Mch

      Great video so who won the races ???

    52. Tyler Hobart

      Banshee squad hell ya man I have full bills pipes on my shee I couldn't really tell what pips are those they sound almost like my Bill's pips and I found it view when my gopro is in super view don't see as far but overall looks better but that's just what I like

    53. 69JJV

      I can understand how a turbo guy can love a two stroke.

    54. Roger Moore

      Keep making your everyday life Billy. Your family is one of a kind.

    55. richard brady

      Molly kicks ass !!!

    56. Timmy Streit

      Thanks for the shoutout and for letting me take ya for a ride

    57. Fredie Farmer

      Can’t believe you found a stock banshee.. love the 2 strokes. Great video

    58. KD Customs

      Build it up like mr nasty 😆 100hp.

    59. That2ndGenKid 96

      Love the content you make and any content you wanna make

    60. Christopher Becker

      We dont nessacarily watch these videos for the drag racing we watch cuz you guys are real 100 all the time glad to see u gettin back to showin what yall do whether its racin workin or ridin its all good bub keep it up and god bless yall

    61. Eric Martin

      Looked like a lot of fun

    62. Fate

      put that damn seat belt on and keep up the vids love them but ye wear that seat belt

    63. Justin Black

      This kind of content is a great twist to an already great channel. I say keep up with it in the off season man!

    64. Million Dollar Reaper

      This is definitely another way to kick open the doors to get more motorcycle events going. Godspeed with this new adventure

    65. Ernest Barnes

      Just love your channel and your dad's. Keep it up we need to see more off Molly too!

    66. Neal Mason

      Great content brother!! Variety is a good thing. Btw u need some beauty 🛌💤 baaaaad bro

    67. John S.

      Badass ride brother..... love that 2 stroke soind nothing like the rush of hittin the powerband....have fun be safe...

    68. Dustin Floyd

      Best sound in the world is that 2 stroke banshee

    69. Joe Cameron

      That's a great way to relax I've got an old Rupp transport for off road fun

    70. Greg Simon

      The unmistakable sound of a banshee hauling ass up a mountain.

    71. tylers builds

      When I watched your dads video he said you got a banshee and the first thing that came to mind is a drag banshee!

    72. Greg Simon

      Really enjoy following you your dad and Molly even when enjoying some time away from the cars and racing. Tell Molly to upload some more videos.

    73. John Routhier

      Other places to check out: Majestic in PA Mines and Meadows in PA Hatfield & McCoy in WV Ride the Wilds in NH I have a Kawasaki Teryx and would enjoy meeting up in the trails sometime

    74. EmoJay A

      Drag racing and off roading - nothing better! Keeps me out of trouble ! Love the channel.

    75. All terrain TV

      Keep the banshee videos coming! Could get a chin mount or I like my chest mount for the Gopro.

    76. jcnpresser

      I remember riding behind them banshees back in the day, getting peppered from the roost, brings back memories!

    77. Dustin Horn

      I had those same pipes on my banshee. Sounded so good

    78. Roger Hughes

      Billy what part of Ohio r yall n??

    79. Doc Holliday97

      This is rad more riding vids

    80. Stand Up Merica

      Follow your father he won’t steer you down the wrong path

    81. Jesse Gibson

      What’s your day jobs you and molly?

    82. Cesar Delgadillo

      Nothing better then mixing gas and kickin ass!

    83. outdoor living

      I'm a banshee freak mine is a 98 completely redone with a 429 twin 2 stroke aftermarket engine with a 25 shot of nos it's very wicked I've been clocked at 140 mph in top of 5th gear and i ran out of road looked like you had fun nice quad man

    84. Chezley McDonald

      You gotta leave in 2nd on the pipe! You would have gapped her!

    85. Chezley McDonald

      OMG!!!! I think you are using what I call The Slap Technique lol when I shift gears I I just slap the clutch hand not on the bar at all

    86. chad anderson

      I'd love to see more videos like this. I have a 700r. Ive had a few of them. I love banshees but I'd have to say i like Molly's raptor more lol

    87. Chezley McDonald

      Get it the guys of that lil shee!

    88. WhatTheFox302

      That Ford powered Foxbody tho 😘

    89. Michael Wynne

      Molly, put a pipe, different Air cleaner and a Programmer on your Raptor then hold on, you'll need to change the rear tires if you want to get it to hook, I've owned a few 700R, fast and Dependable.

    90. speedy Leedy Mccree

      I love any and everything thing you Molly Tommy and your dad put out!

    91. p bibus

      Always look to see if ur banshee is smoking out of BOTH pipes. If u run it lean its catastrophic. Jus make sure u keep an eye on that. Im gonna try and find u on Facebook. So u can look at my quad and see some of the things I work on. Keep up the good videos. Love you and ur Dad.

    92. Nick Spedden

      Banshee was eatin

    93. Kev'm Tee

      The RZR Turbo is not a 1000cc engine. It's actually a 925cc engine. Unless he turbo charged a 1000XP.

    94. jack woods

      Keep it coming Kid!!! We love watching y'all!!!!

    95. Patrick Maldonado

      You coming to Arizona?

    96. maddrummer691

      That place looks sick!🎃🏍

    97. Zachary Shorter

      Keep up the great content Billy!!

    98. Peyton Keith

      Love the fourwheeler Vida changes it up a bit but cool to watch maybe sometime meet up somewhere and ride together

    99. Nick Kelley

      All for daily/semi daily vids🤘🏼

    100. Daniel Frye

      That banshee sounds wicked with that exhaust that's one fastest and funest quads I ever rode back in the day.