We Won Every Round! Undefeated Weekend at I-64.

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    The Street Racing Channel crew came to I-64 for a Drag Race at the little 1/8th mile strip in Owingsville, Ky. 5 Classes entered, and 5 Classes won at the Revolution Street Car Race this past weekend at I-64. This weekend was a step in the right direction!
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    1. Marmoian Blackwell

      Where is Molly. Haven't seen her lately.

    2. Sherri Gaskin

      Do a small tire vs big tire pros and cons. I like big tires cause they look so good. Is money the only reason not to or event DQ? What's the dealio? That truck would look killer on some big tires.

    3. Christo Taljaard

      Out of South Africa! Love watching you race. Awesome

    4. philo sopher

      Awesome racing guy's! I don't see your times/mph posted on your video's? Just wondering. Thanks in advance. 🤠


      Dang son... Think you blew that white Vette off the track lol


      Starting to dig this channel

    7. Jason Sparshott

      You boys straight aren't playing!! Both of you are one point with the tree !!!

    8. Eric Adams

      If you ever need another son ill put my application in lol


      Pretty cool to see a dad out there living the life through the kids!

    10. Karl Mawby

      Love watching you All, Billy the kid , my Molly but I want dad start bringing his 55 too as He is who started it all n Backs you all, Love n Respect to you All ......go get em!!!!!!!!!

    11. Jeff Tomerlin

      I think all of us want to be adopted into your family! Good job with everything, especially the kids!

    12. SUNN RAYY


    13. Jason Millspaw

      You guys are getting better and better as you go. Great job on the tree, great team work and family. I love the humbleness out of you all. Keeps me watching and dreaming of finishing up mine. Thanks boys!!!

    14. SaskSleds2011

      Does buddy In the burnt Orange fox have a IRvision channel? Damn that car is nice!

    15. Kenneth Chapman

      Not everyone needs "wheelie bars" however good friend of mine, Bill Wineberger, ran a maverick, boss motor, ran 9's and used to just about stand on his back bumper, he launched extremely hard

    16. Melvin Hayes

      Awesome boys

    17. high1voltage1rules

      👍👍👍👍👍THUMBS UP👍👍👍👍👍

    18. high1voltage1rules

      Very very cool 👍😉🤘🏻

    19. Steven hill

      I'm surprised they let the blue s-dime run without a cage and belts!

    20. Justin Conkin

      Lucky to have a dad like that!

    21. Built by Daniel

      @17.00 shits gonna get real!

    22. Built by Daniel

      Tommy 2 guns cutting the damn tree down!

    23. red neck

      When are you coming back to clay city in Kentucky

    24. Trigg3rhappy

      Bro, Pick yourself up a flexable extension! Get one primed for like 10 bucks will really wish you had sooner! I do the same on my 94.

    25. Merlinmech

      tack weld the bolts in the a-frame. Way gooder.

    26. Winston Pratt

      Tommy has come along way really fast 😁 dad said roll that trash off in the burnout and bamm he nailed it

    27. Winston Pratt

      He said 6.5itty's LMAO 😂💀

    28. Joshua Wilson

      Hell yeah.. that's awesome dudes🤙 y'all were puttin in work...🤣🤣🤣🤙

    29. Dirty

      I was wondering if y’all ever raced at Kanawha Valley Speedway on route 35 West Virginia before they closed it down? I’m from the area and spent many nights at that track.

    30. fearcity retaliation

      Not to be that guy but that helmet won't help much if you don't latch it.

    31. millsmotorvation

      Awesome racing. It was good and close! Learn all you can from your Dad!

    32. Gabe Bingaman

      Keep kicking ass!

    33. Don Catherman

      Awesome job guys all of ya...👍👍👍👀

    34. Deese Garage

      What steering wheel do you have in the white truck? Looking for one to mount onto my factory column

    35. Bob Wahl

      What is your daily driver, by the way Molly is so cute

    36. Chris Hall

      What ya think them boys in the corvettes thought when they got drug by Tommy’s clean ass s10 with a bumper lol. Need to put a ball on that truck with all the shit Tommy’s dragging hahahaha

    37. Jeff Jankiewicz

      Much respect from one dad to another. Love the family support. You guys are killing the tree. Stay safe, God bless.

    38. Jay Hayes

      Apparently, killing the tree is in yours and Tommy's DNA.

    39. Maine TurboDiesel

      Get a f&$*@n cage In T2G truck will you already . . . . That things so effin fast . . . . I don't want to jinx but please . . . . It's about time for one.!

    40. Woody Treadway

      Great job Billy way to go brother

    41. Woody Treadway

      It's cool watching you Billy talk to you little brother like you do man looks like y'all grew up pretty tight but I can guarantee you to listen good arguments down the road LOL

    42. Woody Treadway

      Tommy you freaking Rock dude keep going young man it's so awesome to see you guys out there man y'all really work good together as a family it's really good to see a family-oriented deal man I've been watching you guys for quite a while and never commented this is first time commenting show keep it up guys you guys are pretty awesome to watch man

    43. Woody Treadway

      Tommy sure does hit that tree don't he

    44. Ricky Wood

      You guys have a goooood mom and dad!

    45. Grey Wolf67

      Great job guys. Love watching you guys win

    46. Isaiah Lopez

      Start posting more of the Nova Im going to buy one in a few months

    47. Jeff S.

      dude that pull against that malibu was badass! the S10 launched hard as hell! great run!

    48. streamliner86

      Just Awesome

    49. jimmyjackz

      Your guys Dad is what America and Life is all about!

    50. Manzanita uwu


    51. Ricky Burford

      Keep up the great videos guys. The editing is great. All you guys are humble and serious. Won em all ! I reminds me when I was a kid and being the " crew chief" back in the 80s for my brothers

    52. richard Turk

      Drive by that track all the time and never been to a race there.

    53. LSmustangX

      Thanks for letting us know the out come of every race in the title.

    54. Dan Myers

      What classes were you each running in?

    55. Dan Myers

      Nice job against that G body. He looked to have you totally outgunned but spinning ain’t winning!

    56. Eric Galloway

      Hey discovery channel these are street cars! Always a good racing video with you, thanks! Your family is great man props and respect.

    57. D Carden

      My grandma says dont get your ass gapped

    58. Jacon Cook

      He needs to come to Tulsa Oklahoma and get on some real street racing

    59. kris ryan

      followed zacks fox for years love that thing

    60. Nite Knight

      Sweet! Congrats!

    61. TPV Productions

      You guys need to come to MIR raceway and help my S10 turd out I need some of that suspension magic. You boys are rolling.💪

    62. Vertangle Lines

      What kind of color is on that foxbody?

    63. Brad mic

      Hahah oh shit button on Billy's final...great job guys

    64. TheCanadianBubba

      Been a while coming ! So sweet when it does !

    65. Robert G

      Great video, driving & runs Billy & Tommy! Great building, tuning, advice, and pit crewing Bill, I bet you are proud of your sons! You guys all did a fantastic job!

    66. Tookoff

      Where was this? Us60?

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        I64 - Owensboro Kentucky

    67. UsNCollord216

      Ruins the fun when you title the video with “undefeated “

    68. GreenBoy at GA Farms

      Man I love those ASS 10s! I miss mine more every time I watch yall. Keep kicking ass guys👍

    69. Vaughn Hill

      Great job guys. Good to see billys truck keeping the front end down

    70. Vaughn Hill

      That fox body is quick

    71. Vaughn Hill

      Good job tommy

    72. Vaughn Hill

      Well the first pass she stayed down

    73. Vaughn Hill

      What do you use for front springs. Camaro or malibu type v8 front style springs to hold up that motor or does it have factory springs. I know that if that truck came with a 4.3 litre theres not a helluva alot of different in the weight of a 4.3and a small block chevy

    74. Aaron Vanderveen

      Where's Molly?

    75. Hayden Eldridge

      Where are y’all from?

    76. chris freeman

      Great to see your brother doing well !!! Y’all need some more sponsors to step up!!!!!do you hear me Spencer’s!!! Step up!!

    77. Alray Baca

      Really love the channel it All about family and Racing

    78. Turbo John

      Congrats guys, well done!

    79. John Doc

      Bad ass y’all getting down for sure!!!

    80. Ken McKay

      Wheres molly ? Hi molly .how your car commin along ?

    81. Shelby Crego

      T2G truck is sooooo nice i love the white one too but every time I see Tommy's I just can't believe how clean

    82. EAST SIDE313

      Straight killed it!!!! Awesome job guys, u deserve it. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    83. Dewayne Long

      Awesome to watch nowYall dominate! Love dads involvement, need more dads out there to teach Racing to their children

    84. J Ho

      I bet he's a proud dad with them 2 boys chopping that tree down and dragging asses. Hell of a team right there. Love seeing an old s10 waxing a ZL1 camaro and vette back to back. Just goes to show combination is everything. You cant buy a win you gotta work for it. 10,000 truck beating a 100,000 plus car. Good job guys.

    85. Pete Braun

      Billy do you have any plans on painting the truck?

    86. Nick Sileo

      great job guys,there was alot of tough competition there and you guys kicked ass. dad must be real proud. tommy s got that tree nailed every round

    87. UPS Mech Johnson

      WTG TEAM!!!!!

    88. Frank Hays

      Awesome weekend of race guys congrats 😎

    89. lewis rogan

      Well that's insane, just nailing it every pass, congrats to you three, family of racers.

    90. Rafael Sanchez

      Hell yeah guys! That's what I'm talking about that needs to become a tee shirt

    91. TheTuttleCrew

      So happy for you guys!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    92. Dave Huckleberry

      Awesome racing! Congrats!!!

    93. d pizzle

      Nice tutorial in the beginning

    94. jon wheeler

      Man i got to meet yall Saturday and then my foxbody made it in the intro Freaking awwesome

    95. Rodney Hickman

      You guys pops iz the man. And a big Congratulations.

    96. Rodney Hickman

      Time to cage T2G's truck.🙏😊💪👍

    97. jamie muncy

      Congratulations Billy, Tommy, & Pops y’all took home the cheddar lmbo Both trucks look REALLY GOOD specially yours Billy. I know exactly what Johns car runs and it’s impressive to see you get the W. I’m sure you both weren’t turned up no where near the max, but to beat that twin turbo coyote car is IMPRESSIVE💯💯 That really should’ve been the finals not the first round🤦‍♂️ Glad to see you getting the truck back to the way it was. Hopefully I’ll have mine done in August and I can get a few races in b4 the snow flies lol Congratulations SRC💯👍💯👍💯 I knew I should’ve went, we started to go because it’s my local track and I could’ve aggravated Bill about the glasses😝😝

    98. Dean Thompson

      Now that's what I'm talking about family handing out ass kickins, awesome family, Pop's done good

    99. David Parrott

      I'd like to meet the 17 people who 👎 this video.. 🤔

    100. Gavin Schumacher

      So bad asss