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    Another day in the life of some silly street racers from Ohio...
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    1. Killinzlowz

      Im a little confused as to why you'd put the stud girdles on before adjusting the valves?

    2. mike kowalski

      Great video

    3. Liam Soldatos

      Whats the song off the start of the videos???

    4. Kenneth Chapman

      Making high horsepower and torque always involves breaking stuff.

    5. Tom Rose

      Triple springs? Didn't you mean doubles with dampers?

    6. Victor Hex

      You dad is a real treasure. He knows stuff and backs his kids 100%. Watching SRC videos is like watching family.

    7. Aaron Tiensvold

      Are Billy and Molly boyfriend and girlfriend or brother and sister?

    8. Crazy Canuck

      You have one hell of a good smart father who sure knows his way around an engine and has no problem helping you out.

    9. Rob Woitowich

      What is that gold part on top of the rockers?

    10. Jim Orr

      Love their videos, good to see a family working together! Love the tunes, who are their playing?

    11. James michael

      I can’t wait to see you racing snow ❄️ white I love the way billy dad treats you like your his daughter as well right there for both of you guys keep up the good work and good luck this season

    12. John Mathews

      Great video love your work 👍👍

    13. Les Bratton

      Can't believe you're only using two bolt mains.

    14. Vw Rosstorations

      Well put together vids, I’m along for the ride...👍🇬🇧

    15. Ferraritrip

      Sweet ass Molly!


      GIRL IS FINE....

    17. G-rock

      Have you HAD TO GO TO BIGGER HEAD BOLTS with more boost or is the gaskets holding good enough??

    18. brandon zachare

      Yo what’s the deal on the videos why they coming in so slow

    19. Creator 262

      Wish i had a dad like that.

    20. James Johnson

      Dude u got agirl friend who likes tearing engines apart and likes getting her hands dirty u better marry that girl bro

    21. Travis Rc Adventures

      Hey man I came across your channel It’s glad to see a young man like yourself doing this and a big congratulations to the old man for teaching his kids how to build house power 🤙

    22. E-Racer

      I really hope you fixed your fuel leak where it goes into the carburetor it was dripping like crazy.

    23. Chandler Frazier

      Your dads a fuckin badass.

    24. Mike Muncaster

      Dude your dad and girlfriend are awesome helping you out! You have a great family dynamic going on. Keep it up!

    25. Wil da boss

      Your pops its a roit lol love seeing ya working together now u have molly to ya going to be a force to be wrecking keep up the good work guys & gurl

    26. Husky 14

      Why does he look like he has zero emotions lol

    27. Arrow Phillips

      Something to be said about an old school speed handle wrench...was my dad’s favorite tool when I would help him put motors together as a kid...he died in a fishing accident years ago but watching you all work on cars brings back a lot of amazing memories.....

    28. George F

      I’m surprised you still use the blow through carb. It’s cool too see. And no intercooler. Deff rare setup

      1. Jason Sparshott

        You sure he doesn't run a intercooler of some sort ? I know they ran a water/methanol spray when it was nitros to lower AIR . He is waisting power with 2 turbos and now way to cool down AIR . It must have something on it .

    29. Jose angel

      I love how dad said "put the music up" then sits down starts nodding his head hes awsome....

    30. adam CHIARAMONTE

      Tell that woman t ok pull her hair back when she working on the cars. I've seen hair get get yanked out and pull her head in on the hot motor.

    31. Chaz Clemons

      Dude. Your old man is awsome!!

    32. Nicholas Smith

      it's cool to see all 3 wrenching away on billys truck.

    33. Tommy Brumfield

      my dream to one day be able to do this with my sons.great video bud

    34. Rob

      your dad knows his stuff

    35. Art Life

      Great video guys(and Molly) lol glad to see you making moves in 2020

    36. Richardson Auto Diagnostics

      Sounds like its time to go EFI...

    37. Raven T

      Anyone notice the cameraman went right for mollys butt when they were wrestling? Good work!

    38. Jeff S.

      Always enjoy your videos. How old are you?

    39. Jeff Fowler

      I changed the valve springs and seals on a Dodge 440 without removing the heads. 😏

      1. Jason Sparshott

        I've changed springs and seals on many many mtrs without pulling the heads .... It pretty common practice anyone who has been around a shop has at least seen it done . Air is amazing with its ability to hold a valve up in a sealed combustion chamber ! 🤔🤦🏻

    40. Tim Emmerson

      Your Dads help and knowledge is invaluable man.

    41. ISEE YOU

      11:40 fuel leak... :)

    42. ISEE YOU

      My Dad got me into Drag racing also.. was running 9s back in the late 90s.. drove it daily to college.. cage and all.. gotta love Dad's... your's seems super chill.. very cool.

    43. Gabe Husmann

      You make all that power on a 2 bolt?!?

      1. Tracey Organ

        I had to check like 3 times to make sure thats what I saw, that power level is insane for a 2 bolt.

    44. 90lxFox

      anyone know what the background music is?

    45. jr white

      I bet shes a freak in the sheets

    46. joe blow

      Why such heavy oil?

    47. Patty Ferguson

      Love this channel. Love all you guys. Keep it up

    48. Dan Boren

      Since you are running a flat tappet cam you might want to switch to Shell Rotella T 15W-40 motor oil. I think you will be very happy with it, full synthetics don't really do very well with flat tappet cams.

    49. Potomac Termite and Pest Control

      Billy when you gonna come the the dark side with us and get a good LS set up my like brother ! I fought it for so long but when I finally did it was amazing !!!!

    50. Andrew Brent

      Would a crankcase vacuum pump system not help that boosted engine make a little more power, just curious? Good luck, love your channel!

    51. John Martin

      Heads up in life. Be Billy's dad. After doing it for years he helps everyone in that shop go fast. You Sir are legend!!!!

    52. Joe Momma

      I saw a fuel leak when you first started the car

    53. natedog 859

      Be grateful you still have your dad here racing with you I never got that chance to race with mine

    54. MoonShine Menace

      Here's an idea if you're going to teach him how the connecting rod goes, why don't you show him the Tang's on the bearing and cap since the bearings go Tang to Tang? Not every Rod has a really big chamfer built into it. The Tang to Tang method is foolproof

    55. MoonShine Menace

      Titanium retainers are a pile of s***, get into a set of tool steel retainer. Tool steel made by manly is actually cheaper then titanium and they never wear out. And they're just as light.

    56. Tommy Christiano

      Do people not know how to use GPS on there phone?? Crank the music

    57. turbo man 351w

      hey guys what block is that has 2 bolt mains and not 4 bolt that you are using????????

    58. bruce krueger

      He who is behind is generally angry , at those that are not only right , but blessed enough to be a better leader in ur own life able to lead others ,

    59. bruce krueger

      That's a trump annolygy

    60. bruce krueger

      Reaction time is critical, . With all said it's a parallel in every aspect of ones life , it u can see it ur in the tail of the line

    61. RedlineShadow29

      5:40 i have to be that kind of person when someone ring my timber at my apartment

    62. ron trexler

      I hope those valve springs you're putting in our pretty fresh. I wouldn't risk anyting. That would always run fresh Springs so you know where you're at. You do you though. Thank you for the videos!

    63. Wayne Bowling

      I like how Billys dad is so much involved. It's a good thing to see a father and son doin things together

    64. StreetSmart 660'

      Curious since you keep having issues with number 6 what intake you are using Billy?

    65. shawng7902

      I have polished pac springs and all titanium in my LS heads. Put it all together and it looks like a chrome valvetrain, too purdy to cover up really. Those heads come with a kind of OEM beehive anyway so I thought why not throw it all on the scale and see how much weight all that Titanium is saving.....uhh well must be stronger then I hope. Cause they sure don't look $400 lighter to me lol. They are twice the size and look like a way beefier piece for sure. If they were steel at that size they would be super heavy I'm sure. Comparing a steel quarter to a titanium 50 cent pc. Ti and Inconel has been the biggest thorn in my side for 16+ years now. Its paid me an awful lot too though

    66. El Bill Burrito

      You should hook up with Demolition Ranch / Off the Ranch Matt Carriker and do some racing with him Texas. Would blow your channel sky high!

    67. El Bill Burrito

      I was gonna bizch and moan about you not using nitrile gloves, but they did show up eventually :-D

    68. Matt Brooks

      You can tell they’ve run those tubes of permatex many times before! One perfect swipe with the perfect amount! I make such a mess when I’ve used it every time! I absolutely love seeing the notifications when a new SRC video is released! 2020 is the year

    69. BMERE 828

      Man you guys have hit the nail on the head for a car guy street racing channel . I really enjoy your videos hate I wasn't able to check you out when you came to NC

    70. Bob Kersting

      Recent subscriber and I will tell you why. I saw a few of your videos and was very impressed by your driving skills. Anyone who can handle that kind of power has mega skill. Then when I saw a video of you and your dad wrenching on your truck, it brought back memories of my dad and me, in the garage fixing anything wrong with my cars. I really miss those days and I am glad to see you with your dad. Makes me remember the best times of my life. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.

    71. Peggy Patton

      Was great turn music up he won't come back you got a cool ass dad alsome do as much as you can togather my dad been gone 12 years as 6th this month don't day go by I don't think about him miss him 2020 I hope you guys go kick butt make ton money god bless be safe.

    72. Backyard-Built-Trucks

      Wonder if a diverter put in bottom of the intake may help equal out air flow to the cylinders.

    73. IB raunchy

      Billy , How are you liking the new lift ?

    74. RocketDogRc.com

      Have you guys looked into having the top fuel hoops installed on the block and the heads.. basically it's a wire oring that goes around the cylinders.

    75. Matt Walker

      That S-10 is one BadAss truck even when its down , awsome video and keep them coming !!!

    76. Thomas Rice

      your pops is a G lol its great y'all have that truck to spend time together on .

    77. fordtechlife


    78. Outlaw Rail

      A 2 bolt main, I love it. 😎💗...Most think a 4 bolt is best. But a factory 4bolt is junk. The outer bolts cut all the material away from the webbing...Splayed 4 bolt is the way to go. As a machinist I sale the hell outta 4bolts. And or trade for 2 bolt blocks. 2 bolts with studs is Damn near bullet proof.

    79. Oper8or

      Crack.... man i wish i could pop my back like that. Love the vids and the life man. I know it aint easy but i'm glad you all keep pushing and getting the job done.

    80. bret kopp

      Your dad is smart as hell man its wild

    81. Thekelsoman H

      Dang ol man thought you were a nicer person then that lol

    82. Jon Do

      I just came here for the back cracking... lol

    83. Matt 107

      The best part of this channel is how you and your dad do all this together..

      1. Michael Regan


    84. Toyota Turbo

      Who does the engine software for you guys?! Do u use a tuner to do this or do u adjust the map yourself?

    85. winch racing

      What a cool family to be apart of !!

    86. Toyota Turbo

      Ur old boy knows a motor component doesnt he?! Amazing video thanks again

    87. Chris Watson

      Everything around me is on fire at the moment but your videos are always a great way to escape reality. Always enjoy myself watching your videos pretty well put together and always get some new information 🙏🙏

      1. Dan Johnston

        You east of the Gipps or NSW mate? I'm a Vic, but hoping these fires come to an end soon.

    88. Andy seibert

      Must be nice to build race cars on daddy’s pocketbook

      1. Simple Man

        How does it feel to be "That Guy"

      2. SRC Garage

        Andy seibert wrong.

    89. Copper coleman

      hey i live in Germany and have the same karaoke stereo lol

    90. Eschelonistic

      Your old man is a fucking legend mate, loving the content.

    91. George Dennison

      Somebody piss in your Wheaties this morning, son? Or is it just your time of the month; hating on some poor city boy lost in the wilds of O-hi-o... LOL

    92. D L

      You and farm truck should run

    93. Black Bart Bartholomew

      I think Dad might want to be a little kinder to people. Hebrews 13:2 “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.” Your channels blowing up and y’all are great, just remember to thank God for your blessings and pray every day.

    94. jason hallman's inventions

      Badass kid, that motor looks mean as fuk

    95. Jordan h

      Awesome video!!!what kinda tire you running on the s10??

    96. USN_Ret 84-05

      @7:23 That was my job in my Dad's shop when I was 6, he put a step stool in front of the Safety-Kleen cabinet so I could reach inside.

    97. Robert Briones

      Go brodix

    98. USN_Ret 84-05

      Put directions outside the door on how to get back to the Interstate.

    99. Darren’s Mopar Express

      I enjoy your videos but your dad isn’t a happy guy for most part

    100. M K

      Your dad reminds me of my dad especially when we were building my car. He helped a lot, and was always down for wrenching. Sadly we grew apart once my car was done and we don’t have a good relationship anymore. I love watching these type of Vids

      1. Ray Thomasson

        Get back with him! My dad died mad at me, I hate it every day. I am 57 now and my son is 1000 miles away. We don't get to see each other much, but still can talk when we can.