Molly's SBC Build, Dad Reacts to me Crashing Silverado.

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    Finished up Molly's Engine today, then got my new Optic Armor windows installed, and then wrecked my Silverado. It was a productive day! Let's get molly's channel monetized!
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    1. Joe Bidenov

      Damn lucky Small block Chevy there. This video was very educational.

    2. Chuck Norris

      We all know why we clicked

    3. Southern man In a yankee world

      God ol mighty! Talk about pretty!!

    4. Matt M


    5. Don victory

      My god shes gorgeous reminds me of someone

    6. Charles Garcia

      I am an automotive painter your dad is a bad ass congratulations for recognizing that good for you very proud

    7. Charles Garcia

      That is very awesome as my 10-year-old little girl does not want to have nothing to do with me but I raised her the entire childhood it’s like losing’s I just hope that she wants me to be around her and she gets older have deals with a lot of Passing on this family and this hurts the most is not being able to be a father it was my dream but your dreams don’t always come true maybe I asked for too much but I love her dearly

    8. David Banaszak

      Your Dad is Awesome. I wish my dad was that good at teaching me things.. thats one hell of s motor build gonna look great when its done!

    9. Jerred Wayne

      Some peoples kids 🤣🤣

    10. ((Bass))

      THUMB ❤️ ttps://

    11. Boom Boom

      Some Priceless tips here, thanks. I subscribed.. Happy New Years and Many Blessings To All...

    12. Ozjado

      I've watched videos that have amazing content and walk you through a rebuild step by step that could be 5 years old and only have 100k likes or less, chuck a sexy girl in yoga pants in the thumbnail of anything and boom!!! 1 million likes straight up.. we are fucking thirsty

    13. Michael Hagen

      Dude you're a rad Dad! I cant wait to do this with my Daughter's!!

    14. Mr. 5.0

      Cakes cakes cakes

    15. Mr. 5.0

      That's what happens when girls try to be guys🤣🤣🤣🤣

    16. Gorenas _garage

      How old is she? Because she looks super young

    17. Jeffrey West

      Molly is definitely a keeper 😍

    18. We Dem builders


    19. Andy Parker

      Dude, you can fix that...a little chewing gum and some bailing wire...good as new! 😂😂😂

    20. Styxxx

      She's gonna make some lucky guy extremely happy one day.... Nothing beats a gorgeous woman who's not afraid to get her hands dirty rebuilding a small block chevy engine! 😏

    21. The Loobis

      This was incredibly borring.

    22. scotty162

      Irresponcible name for a channel, never condone street racing, take it to a sanctioned racetrack.

    23. Jeremy Moreside

      Engrave before hydro dipping. They won't rust then

    24. Jeremy Moreside

      Some of my greatest memories growing up was wrenching on farm equipment with dad and grandpa. Earned my respects showing your daughter how to do stuff properly. Subscribed

    25. Tanner Smitson

      Only thing I seen wrong was when molly was bolting in the heads. Gotta do a crisscross pattern on those head bolts not in a row. Better to start in the middle and work both sides in a crisscross pattern together. Good job yall!!!

    26. Dylan Camp

      Sorry but she needs to throw that 350 small block Chevy away and traded in on a 5.3 LS

    27. keith waring

      Crushed Billy's feelings with that 16 blown engine statement!...🤦‍♂️🥺🥺

    28. Tracy Hagans

      Id love to be in anyone's shoes there

    29. Evaristo Gutiérrez


    30. Tomek Alicja


    31. Thecause Ofitall

      Holy shitz wat the fuck was you doing 😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭 dad going crazy lol

    32. Ricardo Sanchez

      I'm in love

    33. Aztec 100%

      That’s a really hot hot engine

    34. billy smith

      what is your opinion of boxer engines . 2.5 in Subaru 2020 year

    35. John C

      Over all, she's gonna be one bad ass mechanic if she listens to the Dad

    36. robert woodward

      The look on his face when you talked about the stud being soft and yhats what she said was classic

    37. S_Carolina_Pyro864

      Nice, 1st vid I've watched of you guy's liked and sub'ed 👍🏾👍🏾💥💥

    38. Kurt DeBergh

      THE KJD that is me!

    39. Paul T

      Glad you’re ok buddy and you can replace the truck but not you and I think you’re dad knows that. 🙏🏽

    40. ORAL WAYNE


    41. rustytrucks

      why is there men in this video?

    42. 11green11

      Gotta love dads 🤗 glad yer ok ,God bless y'all ✊

    43. Gavin McNaughton

      Yoga pants clickbait

    44. Jeff Smith

      a proper 351w would have kept a few on her channel

    45. KaosonaS1000RR Daniel

      CAKE... 6:45👌🏾🖐🏾

    46. Calvin Evans

      At the end I was expecting you to say " that'll buff right out" and he turns around and hits you. Lol that would have been legendary 😂.

    47. Calvin Evans

      9:20 I can hear the rain in the background of the video. I live in the desert where Arizona, California, and Nevada come together. I haven't seen rain since Thanksgiving day 2019, it December 15 2020. Over a year now, this desert is a dust bowl.

    48. Jesse Premo

      "Your dad is the man, Count your blessings every day you have him." Should be the most liked comment on here.

      1. Old Soul

        Hear what?


      Hell yea she staggered the intake bolts when she tightened them down. Damn iv roped in a few back glasses.

    50. Nicholas Lee

      Comon man, you can't waste the perfect time to teach your teen daughter about measuring for pushrod length, what factors effect it(not the rockers- base circle and deck height MO), and why you want the right length- so the rocker sits centered on the valve stem.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Not his daughter

    51. T. L. Robinson

      I wonder why Billy got so quiet when asked how many engines he had blown up.

    52. Jason Grinnell

      Poor man! You kids will understand one day when your kids drive up in a wrecked truck.

    53. MasterYoutuber

      Every other thumbnail in the relate video is an ass shot.

    54. Desinee Mullins

      Is that hwy 70 In pontotoc ms?

    55. Ray Jones

      So how old is this chick? Looks like a high schooler to me, while you old bastards are talking bout her leggings

      1. Ray Jones

        @Street Racing Channel ok.....still seems a little creepy. Shes a pretty chick but what I'm saying is that if you're over like 30.......act like it! I didnt see anything out of the way but I dont think that's what this channel is about. There are plenty of those on here, so they could comment on those channels! But hey, who am I

      2. Street Racing Channel

        She’s 22

    56. Thomas Rodriguez

      My father was showing me about engines and cars but he had diabetes everytime he would show and teach me for a day and after that he would be layed up in his recliner for like four days sick legs would swell up miss my father ..your father and my father are kinda similar just wanted to say keep up the good work molly remember every minute and every second of the memories you create nobody can ever take those away from you ..much respect to your father your a good man sir

    57. gus bus

      You better be filling that buttup billy..with some thick juice

    58. grantlandneil

      He's really thinking "my son can't drive." LOL

    59. justin stephens

      Wonder why anybody clicked on this one

    60. DFB58

      at least all of these simps clicked and learned a thing or two about Chevy's. I can't wait to get mine done

    61. Somphoth B Siratsamy

      Super cleche

    62. sidewayssam

      Love seeing the time and care being taken to teach. Fabulous

    63. Adam Stampley

      Is there a name for that metal song in the intro?

    64. Morgan LeBlanc

      What a great Father this girls Molly has!

    65. Eric D


    66. Jimi Sizzle

      The butt... amazing.

    67. Dan Gilbert


    68. Felix m

      What a beautiful engine. Good to see that you are past the "hold the flashlight 🔦 "part. Good job to dad also. Seems like a great teacher.

    69. Bryan K

      When I saw one person working on each side while installing the intake manifold, and the intake wasn't taped off, I was just waiting for the first bolt or washer to be dropped into the intake.

    70. MR. JP Christian

      This Dad is So Awesome...............

    71. KC ROYALTY

      Thicky thic thic

    72. David Stirm

      She dont care....

    73. Rafael Herrera lopez

      No oh no!! Good I'm lost that's a nice how ever cover then thin tights lots less . I over said the toss over a jenken horn lol . I couldn't carry out and say a dad was mad I can't be silent .. you all now..

    74. Rueben Orelue

      Only here for the yoga pants

    75. Michael Lovelace

      Hi iam mike

    76. Al Coholic

      I’m digging that crazy color on the block. Good choice on that one. 👍

    77. Darrell Coccagna

      My dad just chain smoked salems. Ur lucky ! Also i like the block color.

    78. Inspector Gadget

      I love my dad but man I wish my dad was more like him. It was my dream to become a automotive tech just never had the knowledge for it nor someone willing to teach that actually new what he was talking about.

    79. dntpearson1994

      You might want to edit out the part about being on your phone

    80. G Wolf

      Damn, did you see that block in the thumb?

    81. Memo Arellano

      I just came to see the video Cuz there is a Gorgeous Blonde 👱🏻‍♀️ out here !!!

    82. Bobo Teabaggins

      Man what a lucky dad being able to tap that hole out.

    83. tiscitatascit

      Love the Christmas Tree! Great team work! Quality content right there.

    84. Mike Begay

      Would love to hear that small block Chevy scream quarter mile.

    85. Matthew Wilson

      What a awesome dad and an awesome girlfriend that is such a rare woman

    86. Davide Madera

      "The one timer I've been glad that I'm not driving an all-country pick🆙️, I guess." 🗨🤩🐚🛶🌀💮⛩🐉🎭🌵🌌

    87. cryptogreen

      Does molly have her own channel? (Nice yoga’s)

    88. Shane Walker

      Double thumbs up to great dads!!!!!! Every strong woman has a stronger base due to strong father, strong mother, and a strong mind. Nothing beats stereotypical boundaries being smashed by proven intelligent people. God bless her and praqying out to her family tonl get what sge deserves. Keep it upo you lady!!$!!!$$!

    89. Robert Weitlauf

      i love the fact that Molly has better torque wrench technic the some engine builders I've seen on youtube.

    90. Chris Stockton

      So awesome seeing females learning to build engines, and a good teacher as well

    91. Jimmy Merritt

      Y'all all know why you clicked on the video.

    92. Antonio Arteaga

      This is so cool. I wish I had someone to teach me all this stuff. I have a career so it’s a little hard to go to school but I plan on going to a tech school to learn more than I do now. Y’all are awesome, cheers 🙏🏼

    93. Javier Gonzalez

      Where did the girl go? Wtf

    94. Javier Gonzalez

      Wtf lol you got spm in the background? Dopegame sick ass song and beat

    95. Justin Curry

      Love it.. all of it😍

    96. Wayne Graves

      Looking good girl...


      I need somebody to polish my head

    98. AllCity323

      Dam those leggings tho😍😜

    99. Charlie Guwop

      I know dad is thinking, " damn son, you done good, you done real good"

    100. Charlie Guwop

      If those pants were skin colored I would think she didn't have any on at all.