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    At this Cash Days you'll see some SKETCHY STREET RACING. We drove 11 hours, and We didn't perform the way we had hoped to, but that's racing, and it won't stop us from sharing the action with you guys. The road was the trickiest surface I had ever been on. Being first down the road we both gave it our best guess and he was able to hook a little bit better down track and edged me out while I wasn't able to catch traction. Congrats to him, and congrats to the winner!
    Huge thanks to Limpy and Richard for doing what they do for us!
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    1. Brent Hass

      be careful out there.....doing a hundred and eighty in the quarter

    2. 1_BadKZ1000

      That black 65 Chevelle is so mean looking love it!

    3. J Mch

      Billy what part ohio you live in i live by clevland,streetsboro ohio your dad is so cool to be ther every race.

    4. Matt Brooks

      True American badass street racing!

    5. Savvy P Q


    6. Savvy P Q

      Much luv to tha O.G. flag man thank you foe setting all this up

    7. richard Turk

      Trailer a car to a street race isn't real street racing.

    8. rustys speed shop

      Another street trailer race. Oh I mean a race car race

    9. Doug Hopkins

      Little old school drag racing tip for you. If you want to keep anything from fogging up glass plexiglass whatever wipe it down with dawn dish soap then wipe it away. It's the original antifog.

    10. James Mills

      No need to watch, i saw every race in that long ass intro

    11. Austin &Tschandra LaMoureaux

      What Beater Bomb retire after that last lose

    12. DailyDriven 240z

      did 8:26 happen because of 7:43?

      1. Gap Cam TV

        @DailyDriven 240z nah, too much horse, not letting off, oversteering, and a 30° road did all of that.

      2. DailyDriven 240z

        Gap Cam Videos sayin he over heated his tires on the burn out

      3. Gap Cam TV

        Need to be more specific.

    13. Nawscawp

      This must be in kansas

      1. Joe B

        Right outside my home town in southwest MO

    14. Tow Ninja

      Definitely a wrist pin

      1. Tow Ninja

        Well dam , it sounded just like a wrist pin happy it was less damaging for you

      2. Street Racing Channel

        Turned out to be flex plate bolts

    15. Jason Printz

      Is that Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis??

    16. Fuqq Yew

      I wonder what turbo Boston George runs. It sounds good

    17. Alfa Kenny Juan

      Piston skirt collapsed, that the knock you’re hearing. MARK MY WORDS. Pull the head and you will see a pretty cylinder wall

    18. n01z3

      this is the kind of footage i found your channel from,love it man, the raw street scene state side

    19. Kenneth Brooks

      Wow the old chevelle won sbc power good racing content

    20. Rocko Nido

      Who's got the SC Chevelle? That things bad, he got a FB page?

      1. Gap Cam TV

        Follow this channel, it's my car. I'll shoot you my fb.

    21. Drew Hampton

      Man promise I watch u more then 1320 u r consistent with ur videos an u get down in that s-10

    22. Yael101 Simon

      Y’all should do the point of view of the driver as well. That would be cool

    23. Daniel Biddix

      Badass guys keep it up enjoying the videos

    24. Joe Dyer

      That sucks went out first round

    25. Ari Vat

      Where is Molly?

    26. ken barr

      While I do follow your channel, and I did subscribe to help you out, I have 0 respect for illegal street racing. I lost a cousin that I was very close to, when he was only 7 years old, to fucking street racers. Maybe you won't see the stupidity of it today, or even a year from now. But I hope for your own sake, you will see it eventually. I'm sure a lot of your posters will shit all over this comment, but I would really expect no less of them until they have suffered the same fate as I have.

    27. Jacob Chilton

      Damn i thought the old green monster had it in the bag love to see that car out running

    28. Jody

      Where was this?


      that road is trash

    30. Tommy Cook

      Too dam many mud stangs lol

    31. Matt Welborn

      That a new camera. Video looks great!

    32. Black Market

      Videos and editing are getting better Billy! Great to watch!

    33. Glockspecific

      I'm from Tennessee also, don't let the guys you met at the track a while ago represent us! You can use the two random guys

    34. Jeremy Eubanks

      That damn malibu needs some seem sealer

    35. Jerimy Combs

      Who was the fella in the turbo sunbird? I'd like to talk to him about his car.

    36. Ye Wilde Ryder

      sorry for the loss, billy; we were pulling for you. that malibu was FAST.

    37. Richie 9

      heavy car in cold weather i guess was the right combo, love youre videos you'll get em next time.

    38. fordtechlife

      Definitely a little sketchy good show 🇺🇸🔧🚘👍🔴📽🇺🇸

    39. John Thomas

      Can't win them all. The road looked like ice.

    40. Ryan Hines

      Hydraulic lifter maybe knocking?

    41. Fred Schmidt

      It's sucks going out first round , but makes cool video . Nice to see Boston George out there 👍 . Better luck next time

    42. Jason Kliemann

      I respect the sbc, just wondering why you havnt gone ls yet?

    43. Art Life

      love watching all those Purty shiny cars get blasted by the s 10...dont ever paint it, its perfect..lol great channel bro, cheers from Tampa!

      1. Rocko Nido

        Wasn't he out first round?

    44. Randy Gibbs

      Piston slap hopefully

      1. Randy Gibbs

        If it stops when it gets warm

    45. Ace Hardy


    46. twincammike83 16v

      You will get em next time Billy..

    47. Duncans Garage

      John Doc just said in his latest video that he’s coming to bend your neck with the procharged LS Colorado against your blow thru carb S10 🤪😝😜 and the funny thing is that he has never did the kind of street racing you guys do all the damn time so I believe it end the other way around and you will just have to Gaptiz him 🦅🦅🦅🦅

    48. Keefe Spencer

      Looks like he got out on you about a half a car and stayed there the whole race but if it went in your favor it could've been a good thing you had to keep doing a burnout cuz it laid more rubber down but in my opinion you should've done what he did a long rolling burnout to give you more rubber to hook on out the hole and I take it you couldn't use no sauce or water? You must've turned it down a little too much cuz you should've had him and you might've if you got the jump on him but what can you say you can't win them all

    49. Keefe Spencer

      When John Doc gets his Colorado done I hope you bust his ass with the S10 and you boy should bring Boston George along to bust his ass in the Bad Apple too

    50. bigwater52

      The knock sounds like piston slap

    51. Jump Street24

      Jon doc want smoke, want stand a chance on no prep/Street race, would u race prepped for a call out? U will be waiting for the build lol.

    52. Jeremy Hamilton

      Clicked video and realized you used the word midwest for clickbait! What a fucking loser!

      1. Jeremy Hamilton

        @Street Racing Channel cause you looking hungry as fuck using others names to try and get views. You didn't have to use midwest. You know exactly what your doing. It's shit like this that pushes people away from the street racing seen. Build your own shit bro. Don't eat out of others plate!

      2. Street Racing Channel

        How? It was a Midwest cash days? 🤣

    53. Pancho Villa

      We gotta get ya another go pro For the finish line 😠🖒

    54. TheCanadianBubba

      Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving !

    55. Hickory Ridge Homestead

      I had the same exact knock once. I built a new motor and had it on stand by, decided to go ahead and swap it and it was a damn cracked flywheel.

    56. Tim Wickersham

      Fucking old school man...love that chevelle,,,not to hip on the paint..just my opinion..everyone has one..lol..🇺🇲🤘🍺

      1. Shashanah Brewer

        It's called your sister look it up on fb give it a follow

    57. nashguy207

      If you ever make it to Bowling Green or Nashville let me know. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    58. l Lucifer l

      We all know if Beater bomb was there I’d be game over

      1. 8hour

        @Jump Street24 anyone's game on the streets

      2. Jump Street24

        Hard to beat tho... KC maxx, 2 nos mustang i no that can win- 1 black- nos/Green-nos, a nos Nova, and datson, when all these show up real heavy hitters. Next tear top cars is these cars like billy/prime/ and so on. Still amazing and fast, can pull off a win/upset. Missed some im sure

    59. Daniel Inman

      Love that truck I'll put my money on it any day

    60. redlightcivic

      Hats off to those who raced. It would have been a tough call to even give it a go. Looked like miserable conditions, road included. Glad everyone came out safe.

    61. Turny Montana

      Devils Glue sounds disgusting !

    62. Myles

      SRC, Billy, Bill and the Crue thanks for another great event coverage! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your's! Also thanks for adding the drivers at the end as well!! 👍✌

    63. DylanSN95

      You know your in the true Midwest when there’s a Casey’s in town

      1. Raymond Rainwater

        @C McNutt best laxative I've found on the market, the breakfast pizza that is

      2. C McNutt

        Casey's pizza is the best

    64. Rusty Wells

      That whole race was just who ever drew the right lane won. What the hell!

      1. Rusty Wells

        @Street Racing Channel I know sometimes it works in your favor sometimes against. But damnit I wished it wasn't this time just because of the opponent. 🦅🇺🇸🦅

      2. Street Racing Channel

        A lot of the time that’s how it is on the street.

    65. Jonathon Vince


    66. Patrick Brantley

      Don't think Jon Doc knows what he's getting into with his Colorado. The Kid will drag his ass.

    67. 510Redneck

      Chevelle's are sexy asf, wouldn't have the heart to street race it if it was mine... I would have to slap some shit box on it before sending it. LUL Dude was laying it down and its >his< to do as he wishes with it (all that matters)......Props.

      1. Gap Cam TV

        It wasn't my smartest decision I'll leave it at that. Lol

    68. Kent Shifflet

      Well, would have rather see the S-10 go rounds, but you can't win them all. Look forward to each an every video you guys put out. It's all real, all family, it's all good.. God Bless, travel safe, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    69. Rusty Wells

      Who was that you raced first Billy the BJ Street Outlaws?

    70. WhatTheFox302

      Street truck not street car****

    71. Rusty Wells

      That was the worst road I've ever seen to be the first off the trailer you should have went down second or third pair and you would have known too pull more out of it off the line! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    72. stlmikie

      Thanks Gents. Good stuff. Better luck next go.

    73. MrPdforeman

      Real nice folks there at the gas station.

    74. 2fish_tacos

      Happy Thanksgiving guys! Good ole TN neighbors at the end...good people. Awesome channel and content as always!

    75. Dustin Mitchell

      two boys at the end is close to where I live lol.

      1. all6t7

        Me too, glad to see Morristown and Rogersville represented.

    76. Murphy

      Billy and BG both ran good but the real winner of that race was the right lane. Left lane looked scary as hell.

    77. John Sargeant

      That's assume you guys take that little old 30sec to recognize the fans out here. Yall keep up the good work. 1st round or not. That little truck gets down thro there. Taking it off them old leafsprings will probly get it alittle more consistent and safer forsure..been good to see it come this far on them. I know with more power things just have to change. ..

    78. DOGLE

      Hey Billy, did you hear someone who’s building a truck called you out? After he gets done and I get around to building mine, I’m going to call you out next. Lol. Happy thanksgiving 🦃🍽

    79. Jeffery Chavis

      When y’all going to do some more race talks u and big bill love the channel. Miss the race talk

      1. Jeffery Chavis

        Hunter Melton they need to do a podcast then that would be great

      2. Hunter Melton

        Jeffery Chavis they won’t be on IRvision it takes all there money IRvision hates podcast

    80. SNOOK AROO

      limpy if i faal down that road is done hillarious only the limpster graet vid man

    81. Beer Hounds Beer Reviews!

      Intro music rocks!

    82. Brandon 28

      Kind of good u lost that first race thats a sketchy road to be racing. Risking wrecking ur truck isent worth it.

    83. Indiana Firewood

      Plz drag john doc ass old school 4 bolt ftw

    84. Todd Clark

      Happy thanksgiving raceing day everyone

    85. Alex Thompson

      would you consider switching to a 4 link?

      1. Billy T.

        Have wondered that myself. I would think that would be one of the upgrades in the future. Just the natural progression of racing. Keep improving as you go. A little a time. But, I do have to say. The "S-10" is about the baddest leaf spring mobile around. I'm blown away by the performance they get. It show's the S-10 and the "Bill's" are some bad mofo's. They get the most out of what they got.

    86. Dexter Williams

      I was just about to say lift it it gets squirrely

    87. David Passmore Jr.

      Maybe a piston ring? Ls engines are known for knocks at cold engine temps until they heat up and then the ring expands to where there is no slack at higher temps with piston and cylinder wall

      1. David Passmore Jr.

        I know, it’s a 400 sbc. I’m just Saying there’s a similar problem with another sbc, (the ls), that could be the problem. Or a wrist pin like he said

      2. Baby-Shark GTO

        Even if that was true there is not an LS in his truck.


      Love the videos bro, keep up the hard work and I'll keep watching

    89. jamie muncy

      Billy you know I’ve been racing with ya something nice you were down here racing in Kent Rose’s arm drops and you know I’m always following ya but I got some news for you, John Doc has called you out with his Colorado he’s building, and I quote “ I’m gonna bend his neck” Is put him on the street or a no prep and let the little truck eat. I sent the video to your dad, Happy thanksgiving guys💯💯

    90. Jeremy Strickland

      Thanks fellas this will be awesome

    91. Ponle Dude Racing

      Ohhh and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. IRvision fam as well..

    92. Ponle Dude Racing

      Did you hear what John Doc said on his channel 😂😂. I believe it's what you say in drag racing. A CALL OUT.... I would love to see you drag his a$$. He is building a Colorado lil truck for his channel and said something about you guy's. Keep up the great work and keep it between the lines. Full passes only. C-Ya

      1. Jwheels W

        Yes, he is not for everyone but I am subbed to this channel now 👍🏻

      2. Jackson Storm

        @Jwheels W nothing to settle down about. I'm not upset. Sorry you take matter of fact speaking as anger. Personally though I can't stand Jon doc .

      3. Jwheels W

        Settle down Jackson. All in fun. Spoke very highly of him and the s10

      4. Jackson Storm

        @SRC Garage he's a track douche . He don't want the s10 in the street, regardless of what comes out of his mouth. He must need views to be mentioning you guys like he's gonna put it in the street.

      5. DOGLE

        Your like the 10th person to tell him someone that is building a car is calling him out.

    93. Gary Strassburg

      Thank you Billy and Bill! SRC makes the way I watch drag racing complete! Best Street/Drag Racing channel on IRvision!

    94. Josh Aubrey

      Is it at the track, just wondering y u would post it on IRvision?

      1. Daniel Inman

        I love what you doing, showing what it takes to b a real street racer. I'll put my money on that truck any day

    95. Gearhead Rush

      Exactly what I was looking for Thanksgiving drag racing hellzs ya