WHAT are we doing... to the NOVA?!

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    1. Douglas Crosby

      Nice looong lines on that plate kit. That'll help it "Hit" soft and be easier on the tires.

    2. aaron sitz

      Absolutely love the nova

    3. Robert Riddle

      If you have the black nova you purchased on the show would you be interested in sell it thats

    4. Everett Koppen

      The trick to peanuts, use a shop vac first to empty the box

    5. hagman

      When you go in and out with the camera it sounds like someone is snoring in the background!!!! HAHA The vids r awsome!!!

    6. Chuck Fowler

      You gotta try the clear silicone from CRC you can get it on Amazon it works great Clay Millican turned us on to it he uses it on his top fuel car the stuff is incredible.

    7. Chuck Fowler

      It's a joy to watch you work you are so knowledgeable with mothers like you said the other day you cant operate your tv but you know your shit when it comes to moters....something I've always wanted to learn but never has I'm 51 now and its basically to late now for me.....god bless you and your family.

    8. jacob bennett

      Where is the blue s10?

    9. Teamster25

      24:26 Awaken the Beast Within!

    10. Shane Smith

      Love the videos and the short films y'all have made . Y'all also have a Hell of a Great Dad cherish the time y'all have . I lost mine at 5 and so you 2 guys are lucky to have him keep up the content ...

    11. Norm Fleury

      Can’t the steam holes on 400s be filled with Block filler to make the block stronger ?

    12. 72zodiac

      @ 19:45 your dad said he starts in the middle. that's good point. you should start at the middle. And BTW love the intake, one of those days I'm doing a BBC in my 72 Camaro..

    13. HSR racing and fab HICKEY BOYS

      I have the same sweatshirt also have the t shirt he is a good guy

    14. Kevin Cash

      I've really have been enjoying watching and learning some extra cool shit from your pops no wonder why your so good with motors etc he's a great teacher I could sit in a garage all day and help him just knowing I'm learning so much cool shit and different ways cherish them days with your pops it's cool that you guys record him doing shit like this must make him feel like a million bucks !!!

    15. 1965 Chevy Truck

      Man your dad really knows his shit. 👍🏼😎 It’s all about the details in Building an engine. He’s very good. 💯

    16. Carl Hart

      You have an awesome Dad.What does He do for a living. Keep up the great content I'm 68 grew up with cars racing and Hotrods

    17. Feliz Diaz

      The gold one I mean

    18. Feliz Diaz

      Isn't that dustys nova u show in the intro

    19. George F

      I wish we lived closer to each other. I wanna come hang out with your dad.

    20. send it

      poor dog had an envelope stuck on her neck and was afraid to move sad LMAO nice set up

    21. Ken Carter

      That is the noisiest camera zoom eveeeeerrrr! Love the channel guys and stay safe on the streets!

      1. dmfj1980

        At first I thought whoever was behind the camera had some sort of fairly serious respiratory problem lol. Great great Great video

    22. bigblocklawyer

      You need a Mike Laws hybrid injector setup. Revolutionary technology that combines fuel injection and carburation. You'll never be lean again.

    23. Scott McCambley

      Those single plane Holley Street Dominators have a new lease of life with the introduction of Holley's Sniper EFI. They are the hot ticket for us Sniper guys. Have an even older street dominator on my 400 with a sniper on it.

    24. Douglas Lambert

      That’s a piece of art!

    25. Mike Bas

      I really appreciate the in depth explanation of how you do things, it helps people like me who are trying to learn. I feel like I could actually do a lot of things myself on my toys.

    26. Mike Gowan

      Street Racing Channel, great content, love all of it. Very informative, you guys are just amazing people. Quick question, what is the name of your intro song? Keep up the good work.

    27. Scott Welinski

      Hey Billy, what is the air cylinder on the Nova's throttle linkage?

    28. kevin shiley

      Send those valve covers to me!!! Freebies fit my minimalistic budget.

    29. send it

      what is the deal with the throttle arm what are the lines running to it for? also mostly stock 400 huh ROLLER MOTOR love you guys wish my dad was so supportive when i raced billy you got an awesome pops take care of the old chubby guy LMAO

    30. man bearpig

      That's some heavy breathing going on behind the camera

      1. dmfj1980

        Ha at first I thought the same but realized that it was the zoom

    31. O Negative

      Make sure center intake bolts aren’t touching push rods.

    32. 7.62 x 39

      Ur lucky to have a cool dad like that my dad wants no part of race car stuff

    33. gary bennett

      when did yall get rattlesnake ? i hear that rattling in the background ;-)

      1. clint jones

        I think that’s tommy, I hear it in videos when he is behind the camera, so annoying. Someone put a muzzle on that kid. Sounds like he is snoring

    34. Greg Bridgewater

      That's a great dad right there.

    35. Justin Ward

      Spends $2000 on new instake, Steve Johnson Fogger and plate kit..... won’t use a new set of $17 fel pro 1206 gaskets that he has on the shelf

    36. Scott Welinski

      What is that horrible noise intermittently? Sounds like someone sucking on a dumb vape pen or a severely runny nose

    37. Derek Stewart

      That is the Correct torque sequence for all carbed intake manifolds, start in the center and work your way out in an X pattern

    38. Shane Rosenthal

      I have a great dad but he never really was into cars. You need to thank God every day for that man.

    39. yobigpapa

      Great Vid guys!!!

    40. Brad Goff

      Your pops is the greatest bro !!!! Awesome channel and wish I could meet y’all one day. Your just a bunch of awesome individuals! Keep up the good work !!!

    41. Creator 262

      Powdercoating the bottom of an intake (a lighter color) will reflect heat and help lower IATs 👌

    42. Time Spent

      Lambo door Nova oh my Lord

    43. Just detail

      Billy I know this a old video but you dont know how lucky you are that you have a father like him. Wish my father did this with me when I was a kid. Hell I wish we did it now. Getting ready to put my mild sbc in my c10. The 305 wasnt cutting it Haha. But a old 305 with a plate surprised some people lol. God bless to you and Senior .


      dad has a bad ass whip

    45. Cody Robinson

      What plugs you running in you 400??

    46. rcphillydragster

      I need one of those msw stickers for my fifth scale dragster lol that’s my last name🤙🏼

    47. send it

      you guys need a real tv show for sure good luck with the nova

    48. bluegod

      That nova omg what a beast

    49. bluegod

      Brilliant video really enjoy them love to see you take racing so seriously even sat enjoying playing with the track leaving button thing unsure of the name .. bud great work so much better then boostedboiz build hahahahhaa

    50. joe cucch

      I love the old school motors. But that is a whole lot of squeeze to pour down that old 400 small block.

    51. Chuck H

      This is one of the best videos I have seen in a very long time. The way your dad explained everything he was doing and why he was doing it. This is helpful to not just me but to anyone doing a build. Thanks for sharing

    52. Naught Meenaym

      Crescent wrench FTW

    53. Rudde67ss m

      Im curious, what does the nova runs on straight motor?

    54. William Thomas

      WHAAAAAAA? Reuse the intake gasket on a different manifold? And you said you have a new one siting right here? OH LORD what a cheap bastard......:(

    55. Glockspecific

      16 salty a** people still mad about getting gaptised by a mf street car! Edit 18

      1. SgtLoki13

        18 now, must have gaptized 2 more recently...

    56. Greg Singleton

      You're gunna laugh. I'm watching this laying next to my girlfriend. I kept waking her up telling her to stop snoring come to find out it's the camera zooming in and out😂😂😂 needless to say I'm sleeping on the couch tonight

      1. Scott Welinski

        Sounds like someone sucking a stupid vape pen

    57. Greg Singleton

      2:33 pup straight robbed you

    58. Jay Walker

      Its time to start another channel/racing and then the garage channel.. bigger you tube checks an more people will love seeing you just work on the ol car and s10.... ANYWAYS GOOD luck.. P.s. what happened with blonde???? ,just haven't seen her in a while.. she seems to be in to cars and shes very hot .. great VID guys.

    59. king0cans

      Momma at the end is smoking hot

    60. king0cans

      I have a 400 block in my Chevelle. Stroked to 421 solid roller and high compression. I have a 300 plate on her too. All I need is a good rear end

    61. NHRA Gold

      Pretty cool carb set up. Cool set up all around!

    62. Woodrow Delozier

      Nice car. Both of my nova's got stolen. This car tear's at my heart strings

    63. Lenagdyfigpkhh; Mossuto

      I wish you would update those wheels on the nova

    64. Mud Light Racing

      I have a proform carb and I love it cheap and good quality

    65. Chilled Soul

      Why just whyyyyyy!!!!!!🤦🏽‍♂️ Lol can’t fuckin wait to bring out both of our nova’s we have a street nova and race nova me and my dad are gonna start the build this yr soon.

    66. James J. McCloud

      Just got the same dominator intake gifted to me, can't wait to try it out. Ain't made it to that Victor Jr with direct port level yet lol but I think the holley will do me some justice with where I'm at right now

    67. Breana Strickland

      love the nova my dad has a big tire 68 that he has had since he was in high school

    68. Westview Garage

      Check out my S10

    69. NorCal Knight

      Just found ur guys videos. Legit street. Subscribed

    70. Roddin and Racin

      Nice video, looks like a good setup to race

    71. Chris Topher

      How does that motor rev so fast, Love it!

    72. PA Tuners

      I bought a lot of spray stuff from John good guy

    73. Sprayin Prayin

      Induction Solutions the W!!! Great company.

    74. Cedric Harris

      Where did you get that alternator bracket?

    75. Tracy Weber

      I'm guessing the black on the bottom of the manifold is a ceramic coat. Nice score guys!!

    76. B&L Performance

      Do you won't to sell the old intake manifold

    77. The BlazerSociety

      I could listen to your dad all day ❤️❤️

    78. The old guy Walking

      Man my heart skipped a beat when the ole Nova stared. It sounds NICE.

      1. Naught Meenaym

        The old guy Walking I didn't see the car stare but that's what's cool about older cars...they have a face.

    79. Charley Betts

      Haha yea, the whole time I was saying (to you) Wtf!? Break off that dumbass plastic cap on the silicone applicator top! Haha, then it was like you heard me, bc you said "I don't like this POS" then broke it off!!! Haha perfect!

    80. Busted Classic Garage

      Awesome music in the beginning!

    81. TPV Productions

      My old LT1 is supper small 52cc now. I was like damn after checking it.. 😯 Loving SRC's videos keep them coming. 👌👍

    82. Tommy Cook

      Love them novas

    83. sublime929

      If it were me I would have bought an aftermarket block instead of the fogger.

    84. Josh Stacy

      Enjoy all the time as you can with your dad. Had a great time with my dad building cars and joking around. Great video guys

    85. Hunt Gaming/Productions

      kinda dog is tht?

      1. SRC Garage

        Hunt Gaming/Productions Blue Heeler. ❤️

    86. Dennis Holmes

      I'm diggin that gloss black I have the bowtie valve covers on my 67 nova I just powdered em mirror black and they look amazing

    87. Motorsport Europe

      Bro your da is a bleedin beast of a da

    88. Patrick Moore

      Dude Stop Sucking on that Vape it is so damb distracting and about all you can hear your so close to the Camera sound like your bottle feeding!!!!

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Definitely not vaping. You’re probably hearing the camera lens zoom noise

    89. sabrom

      Excellent vid once again JR, and dad is a P.R.O breakin it down to a science, have you 2 ever lined er up for s***s & giggles? Lol

    90. Bryan Mayes

      The black intake and valve covers looks sick boys. Keep the vids flowing you got something good 🤘

    91. Kevin Stueve

      That intake is bad ass!

    92. Joseph Soto

      Wishme and my dad had a relationship like that

      1. gentile joshsaved

        "I wish my dad and I "

    93. Steve Welborn

      You are very lucky to have such a cool dad.

      1. James J. McCloud

        1 of the reasons I subbed lol besides the awesome content of course!

      2. streamliner86

        I Agree.

    94. riley galloway

      Love the wrenching videos keep it up!

    95. B

      I dont miss scrapping old silicone of the valley and all that but i still dig the older style SBC . 283 .....Yeah :)

    96. onebabyguerilla Johnnysparks

      Black on black top half is bad ass fellas, I'm big of fan of that look. Any thoughts on powder coating carb bowls in black , in my opinion I think would take this look to the next level of bad ass

    97. James Laurinitis

      Awesome!! Great to see you and your Pops wrenching. Real!!

      1. SgtLoki13

        @That'sWhat'sUpCuz That *is* pops car.... if you got new toys to play with, would you let someone else touch them first? HELLS no... you would want to put them on yourself and definitely be the first to go try it out. =)

    98. 👌🏻 looks pretty stock. Great videos guys keep it up 🇺🇸

    99. Ant Man


    100. Glenn McDaniel

      It looks good sounds good tell him Billy it still can't get bye the S10 lol