Molly and Billy Racing The MUD CASH DAYS.

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    Hope you guys enjoy our trip to Dirty Digs Cash Days at Scenic Trails in Corning, Ohio. We Sure had a blast, and look forward to going back. Hopefully next time there wont be any Mud and we can really Fly!
    Shoutout to STREET RACE OHIO for hosting the event!


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    1. Johnny Turbo

      Note to self... If you need to leave at 8am, tell her you need to leave at 6am.. :-) The good ol Banshee, even now they are no joke... I had a Banshee with a fully prepped Duncan Racing motor, made 83HP at the wheels. ( I know there are some higher HP ones out there) She was a beast and damn near unbeatable

    2. Rallysport 420

      Never thought I'd hear upchurch in a street racing channel video hell yea man!

    3. Doug Robustelli

      Nice job you looks like alot of fun

    4. Brad Campbell

      I know ppl already have commented on the Upchurch music but I’m glad to hear y’all representing. When well you be coming back to Tn/Nc?

    5. Ang Moore

      Nice music choice skin! 😋

    6. David Adamson

      That last one the other guy cheated by being a foot ahead of you & heleft early so Molly you really won that one

    7. joe blow

      Tap clutch to 2nd gear to make sure you dont hit neutral then click the gears without the clutch. The trans is designed for that. If its hard to shift you can slack the throttle a bit to ease the gear change(s). Every machine is a little bit different.

    8. Lethal Mustang

      Hell yeah Upchurch and SRC what a combo.

    9. Joe Momma

      VP C16 Fuel will kill your carburetor needle and seat. Ask me how I know.


      Billy: Its double elimination. Molly: whats that mean? Everyone: Wow! 🤦🤦‍♂️ Lmfao!

    11. Mike Lucas

      Nothing better than a banshee you get it to bite nothing will beat you long live 2 strokes!!

    12. JV_VLOGZ

      😂😂 the make up and dressing part have to be legit 2 hours ahead

    13. Chief 3

      Now that looks like fun in oregon it was sand I live in Alaska now the greene's took away the place we use to ride witch sucks

    14. send it

      Molly has a cute lil puppy

    15. send it

      get some 589 mud tires really wish i was there love that shit keep up the good vids

    16. Scott Wilkins

      Upchurch!!! Perfect!

    17. Kenneth Chapman

      Thanks for sharing this, lots of fun !!

    18. Ole Deuce


    19. Jorge Rodriguez

      Billy you dont have to chluch the banchee after 1st all you need to do is a small pedal of the throttle very slighty and kick in the next gear! Good racing love the content keep it up!

    20. Jeepin with Joshua

      Shew... reading through the comments I feel like I’ve missed something. All the hate on Molly like she’s done something wrong by being herself. A beautiful young lady who will spend time in the garage, turn wrenches, build engines, support the same passions as you, and not only play in the mud, but hold her own when it comes to competition took a little time to make sure she looked as best she could when accompanying you for a day of fun... I know everyone is perfect, but maybe cut the gal some slack 😉 I enjoy the content from all of your channels, looks like fun.

    21. DAB 2020

      Glad you know who Upchurch is and supporting his music besides some of the jack legged dirty douche nozzles that care nothing about their fan's and only about money and how much bullshit they can acquire or cause just for clout. Upchurch actually cares about people and fans. He's the goat of country rap. Keep up the awesome video's and gapitizing. 😆

    22. cain sample

      You Know The Deal Brother

    23. thecapturban

      Churrch... Creek squaaaad

    24. Abel Gonzales

      Man you guys are living the dream !?!? I love anything that goes fast , and playing in tha Mudd is always a "Blast" !?!? And good job by the way "A Natural Winner".... Im happy for you guys, Thanx again Merry Xmas....

    25. Jay Sweet

      Lol he is funny

    26. Jay Sweet

      Your so beautiful love your video's

    27. Lee Knudson

      Good golly miss Molly

    28. midwestshitshow

      Love how this spanking is the reason for your veiws. I just unsubed. Petty ass shit

    29. Joe M

      Yeah Billy kill it but Molly was right there Kool Beanz you guys have a merry Christmas

    30. Justin Lienhoop

      Good job mm 👍👍

    31. Todd Rupard

      Great video. Soon as I heard Church, I knew it was a banger... OH LAWD

    32. Billy

      Hey man slap a empire exhaust on the raptor 👌👌

    33. Oliver Huggett

      stop pulling in the clutch leave it pined and shif

    34. RCRebel

      Any content with Molly instantly gets a like!

    35. Twobigballs24 Bigdaddy

      All ways waiting on women hell yeah Billy fuggin

    36. Ken Farris

      You need to be talking about all the many things she is so good at, cut downs even in fun will destroy relationships. I am always giving love and compliments about you and this show but portraying her in that way is not cool as they say.

    37. mineral area outdoors

      Coming from a ex professional sand drag atv racer, bump up them rpms on that banshee... try higher rev and maybe trying taking off in 2nd when its slick...

    38. mineral area outdoors


    39. BLURR

      RHEC 573

    40. Allen Lord

      CREEKSQUAD 🤘🤘🤘🤙🤙

    41. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Went Golden 💰🍗 Chick On Yesterday I'm Ronald Thank You.

    42. Kevin Coverstone

      Your girlfriend high maintenance young lady.

    43. John Thomas

      Stop using the clutch to shift. Launch with the clutch, apply upward pressure to the shifter, blip of the throttle while keeping pressure on the shift lever, as soon as the dogs in the trans are unloaded the trans mission will start to shift into the next gear. Once you re-apply throttle the next gear dogs will pull the trans into the next gear. Practice this up shifting method while riding. It need to be done quickly. It eliminates all slip from engaging and disengaging the clutch and if done smoothly will save wear on the clutch without damaging the trans. It is the quickest way to upshift. Good luck.

    44. James Wilson

      Great vid! Merry Christmas!

    45. jimmyjackz


    46. Phillip Hawkins

      Need to take upchurch on a test hit in Tennessee

    47. Ada 7474

      That was awesome. Great job guys

    48. Travis Sikora

      🌲🎁Merry Christmas @SRC fam 🎁🌲

    49. bill harriss

      Congratulations Billy, Did you use the 2 stroke oil i sent you in your Banchee?

      1. bill harriss

        @Mom Hoskinson I am glad you enjoy them. yes i did see the video, i hope it continues to bring blessings to your whole family! merry christmas and happy new year to you and yours!

      2. Mom Hoskinson

        @bill harriss thank you so much for the cross necklaces too! I don’t know if you saw the video on SRC garage where bill talked about them and showed Billy’s hanging in his S10. That meant a lot to us. Thank you. ✝️

      3. bill harriss

        @Street Racing Channel My pleasure.

      4. Street Racing Channel

        Thanks man

      5. Street Racing Channel

        I did! Runs awesome. Also used it in the scooter

    50. Allen Allen

      Good job Mollie and Billy

    51. Tommy Cook

      Lol it's a learning curve then once u got it u got it but there is a little luck involved keep it up me and my boy love atv drags got one we r building for 2 stroke class next year its a 400cc 2stroke canan dirt bike motor with 43 hp stock .going to build it and put it in a blaster frame so no weight at all same power as raptor but 150 lighter so its going to be interesting when it all done and a lot of fun lol

    52. Kevin Smith

      Go molly ! She did great 👍 , congratulations billy

    53. joshua norton

      Hell yeah got some church playing fuck yess

    54. Nick Spedden

      Hell yea skin!

    55. kevin schnepper

      Merry christmas to your whole family

    56. Chandler Frazier

      Be badass if yall linked up with Church. We know he likes go fast shit too.

    57. John Mcmillen

      Disregard I just saw the video where Bill Sr opened them enjoy and Merry Christmas to you and your family

    58. crawfordd17

      Billy look into some OHTSU MR501 tires, they’re a Honda radial tire. They are BY FAR the hardest hooking knob tire ever made. Had them on my 03 banshee and they’re insane. You won’t be disappointed 👍🏼

    59. Barry Ison

      So u, was running that Banshee in what class? Both of u, did awesome, healthy and happy New Year.

    60. Billy Harrison

      Earned a sub with notifications just for having upchurch music

    61. John Mcmillen

      Wanted to see if y’all received the t-shirts

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        Sure did! Thank you so much! Very thoughtful.

    62. monzahunter

      Upchurch playing in the background, the BEST!

    63. James Gay

      She always makes us two hours late with her makeup and stuff. Lol that's all women better get used to it . Merry Christmas to ya'll! ☃️

    64. Bill P.

      I love it, if you didn't know already, start in 2nd off the line

    65. Terry Samples

      Looked like fun have a Merry Christmas

    66. Jason Haschert

      Bro, you are a natural born winner!

    67. Jamie Dalluge

      I'd wait for as long as it takes for a girl like Molly to get ready

    68. Jamie Dalluge

      Track sucked but looked like fun

    69. G-rock

      Put transmission fluid in a spray bottle lightly spray the TREAD on your rear tires it softens the tire and mud wont stick!! It hooks up a lot better

    70. Clint Flowers

      I 100% feel your pain, however you have to tell you woman that it starts at noon when it actually starts at 2, then you’ll be right on time. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, you’ll learn how to be on time.

    71. James Eyman

      Damn an hour to do make up? Thats what we call a natural beauty!!

    72. Mathew G

      Have a Merry Christmas to you guys ❤️🇺🇸🙏🏻🎄✌🏼

    73. Randy Wyckoff

      Much respect Billy. I got to tell you as an old guy,,,a girl who takes forever to get ready will always be a problem. LOL. It never stops. She will always make you late. If you guys have kids and she's supposed to pick them up from school,,,they'll be sitting on the curb for an hour after school. LOL. PEACE!

    74. MrBIGNAWD


    75. sabrom

      Congrats Ladies(Molly) and Gents (Jr) Does Tommy have a channel up & running?

      1. sabrom

        @Tommy Hoskinson Right on Tommy congrats & much success.

      2. Tommy Hoskinson

        Yessir , SRC Photo just made it a couple weeks ago

    76. greg gilbertson

      What is the song playing in the first 2 and half minutes?

      1. Chris Fenton

        Upchurch..yz !!

    77. G S

      Upchurch ftw!

    78. waterfowlhunter20

      Anyone wondering if that was straight c16 billy dumped in? Every last bit counts.

    79. Blake Hansen

      Your kind of being a dick to your girl Molly though even if your "joking"

    80. Ag Tuber

      It stops the bog down low

    81. Ag Tuber

      Does your banshee have the boost bottle that connects the carbs.

    82. Chris H

      Did he say “off like a turd of hurdles”? Lol

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        Off Like a herd of turtles... meaning slow. Lol

      2. Eric Bell

        He did. Lol 1st I've heard it myself lmao

    83. The Wraith

      Banshee needs some shearer pipes or CPI, and a drag port and stroker crank. You'll bust up every bike in town.

    84. Brett B

      The best song I’ve heard on any channel and the 2 stroke revving sets it off

    85. J Sigafoo

      Awesome video as usual!!! Love the upchurch music as well RHEC #CREEKSQUAD

    86. Jayden Gruell

      about time to leave molly behind bro trust me she will not good for you do your thing she has a lot of growing up to do just saying good luck at 2021

      1. Clarence Hatfield

        I had no idea this was a place to get relationship advice

      2. Chris Fenton

        @motorsportmolly ....haters gonna hate cause you ain't riding with them !!!

      3. Jeremy Davis

        @Motorsports Molly 🤣🤣🤣

      4. Motorsports Molly


    87. Jay Ball

      He should have to race in the 700 class with a 350 two stroke. Just like in moto cross a 250 two stroke races in the same class as a 450 four stroke. 125 two stroke races in the 250 4 stroke class and 80 two stroke races 150 four stroke class.

    88. Marc Evans

      Make sure you post the next dirt drags.. I just bought a brand new 700rse. Would love to come down for some shananagins!!!

    89. John Teplir

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to all you gals and guys. Work hard, play harder.

    90. Hyman Gerlick

      Makeup for a MUD RACE?????????????

    91. Randy Fehl

      Btw it's not like she needs any makeup to begin with 😍 treat her right young man

      1. Motorsports Molly

        I have a new puppy 😅 leaving the house can be a hassle

    92. Calvin H.

      The right lane ruts were too deep at the starting line.

    93. Brian Stump

      Creeksquad hell yeah bubba 615

    94. Built To Boost

      That's wild!! Awesome video as always bro! 💯

    95. Marvin Cox

      Merry Christmas Y'all , Ty , SRC,Billy ,Molly , Tommy two Gs.n his Better half , Mom n Pops for all that you do to make this possible , U Rock , Merry Christmas to Everyone 🎄⛄🎄⛄🎄⛄🎄⛄⛄⛄

    96. Randy Fehl

      A good woman is worth waiting for

    97. djm93

      Mobbin deep send it bro never lift 😏 🤙 stay bless 🙏 control what you can control and ignore the hate

    98. Cost delta

      Your Banshee is WAY too lean. Thats how you blow it up. Put bigger jets in it.

    99. Stanced5thgen

      Nothing like a shee love that 08 orange 🍊

    100. Robert G

      Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Billy & Molly! I wish you all safety, good health, happiness, & prosperity in the coming new year.