American Muscle Takes on Ricers at their own Game!

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    Dyno Sesh, Racing, Midnight Madness, Two Step Competition, this vlog has a little bit of everything compiled from one weekend.
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    1. ElectronicMechanic

      For some reason I thought we were gonna see the dyno numbers but then I said naaaa thats top secret......

    2. oliver marshall

      americon muscle is only fast in a strait line or mild corner

    3. Sherri Gaskin

      Imports suck.

    4. Eyeball Chambers

      RIP Dirty 30

    5. action jackson

      Perfect ending 👌

    6. Tristan Layton

      Going to gap city church to be gaptized!

    7. Scott Nelson

      see you in KY soon hopefully

    8. David Navasca (517davnava)

      dirty thirty is a joke when I grow up Im gonna beat that thing like its a piece of junk with a GT-R

    9. Alex K

      im confused. what did anything in this vid have to do with ricers

    10. The potato and kamel towe

      Tons of respect for your driving ability. I don't know how you manage to steer that thing with one hand at 150+ mph while the truck's going all over the place.

    11. James Eyman

      Ahhhh memories..... RIP Dirty 30

    12. Wes

      From the title, I was expecting to see American Muscle cars RACING Ricers not just seeing who is the loudest. Click Bait IMO

    13. Tate Wright

      Known Fact: If a car had no hood, it’s either a piece of shit or a beast

    14. Yackie Shan

      Where’s the drifting part and mountain racing theirs no skill involved behind the wheel

    15. Wolf Nightfire

      Every Real Racer knows when it's time to simply load up and head home because Racing isn't all about being brave it's actually about being smart and making the correct decisions and knowing when to push it and when to load it There is always another Race nights but there is only One S-10 Kid ...Great Job Wise Decision keep up the great work and Keep digging Forever Forward Brothers 💯😎✌️🤘

    16. Ronald Reyes

      Headed To Eat Some Fried Rice At Import Faceoff Hebron Billy Hoskinson Hi Nick & Maddie The Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thank You.

    17. Ronald Reyes

      The Day After With Nick, Maddie & The Dirty 30 Billy Hoskinson Im Ronald Thank You.

    18. Ronald Reyes

      Nice The Nick's & Maddie's Dirty 30 Billy Im Ronald Thank You. Have Fun

    19. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy I Like Nick Plewniak's & Maddie Brennan's The Dirty 30 Im Ronald. Thank You. & Keep It Up.

    20. Ronald Reyes

      I Like The Dirty 30 The 1930 Plymouth Sedan Billy Im Ronald. Thank You.

    21. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Show Him Nick Plewniak & Maddie Brennan The Dirty 30 That Was Nice Friends Im Ronald Hey Billy I Like The Dirty 30 Toó. Thank You.

    22. James Spires

      I feel a little aroused yeah

    23. Beards & Builds

      Damn, what a wild ride!

    24. Dennis Brown

      That riff in the intro is 🔥

    25. joeashbubemma

      Do you idiots live under a rock? Democrats are trying to ban fossil fuels and you're still running pissing contests between "American Muscle" vs. "Ricers"? The libtard tyrants are waging a war against ANYTHING that burns fuel, and here you are shitting on fellow racing enthusiasts. The time will come when you will need to come together as a community to fight off these libtard lunatics who want nothing more to control every aspect of your lives, including what and how you use transportation. Drag racing? Ha! Too much pollution, BAN IT.

    26. thecrow

      where was the ricers in the video , this was a water of time other than the white assss 12:53

    27. Dingo Kitt


    28. SlyTheUberMan

      That gold chrome gtr sounded like shit lmao

    29. Dan Boren

      American muscle is what it's all about!

    30. Baby-Shark GTO

      Nick has an awesome girl ❤

    31. 1greencuda

      Stop turning your wheel when you are in a wheelie .

    32. cody harris

      "nick almost catches the midget on fire" LMFAO Billy!

    33. bumperxx1


    34. teknoäijä

      respect to dirty 30.true street car and fast at that.

    35. Randy Rounds

      I like your doggie 🐕

    36. Adam Fields

      Click bait didnt see any racing. The rat rod was cool though. Change the title.

    37. Ryan 300ZX

      i struggle with all the conservative southern this Dude is! Defiantly a different world down there where American cars are viewed as reliable and Trump is viewed as a good president. Lots of 8 And 9 second imports around the country so bragging about not being beat by an import shows ignorance.

    38. FUBAR MOFO

      Damn that brunette brook is hot as hell w a killer ass!

    39. Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

      Another perfect video man, thanks. I really needed this to start my day. Think I'll go out to the garage and finish up some exhaust work. :)

    40. Abel Gonzales

      Hey bro, Awesome vids..... I love the Authenticity!?!? You keep it real, I've being Inspired since I 1st subscribed. Keep'em coming , Much Love Texas!?!?!

    41. My Music

      Amazing video

    42. John Kendall

      I never have a bad day watching you all?? Thank you for SHARING

    43. Tyler F

      LOL “nick almost catches the midget on fire”

    44. Joel Williams

      I said gavjack2004.

    45. Joel Williams

      Backpack 2004 must be defective.

    46. Cameron Blanchard

      🔥🔥🔥 🏁🏁🏁amazing what he did🏎️🏎️🏎️ 0:56 👇 👇 👇 👇 👇💘

    47. Póntos Olympians

      The title is wrong i dont see any ricers !! anyway the is not such thing as American Muscle all parts are from Mexico Canada and China hehe

    48. Johnny Hurtado

      Hahahah I’m here just for the girl shes hella gorgeous no offense brotha

    49. Jule Rulez

      Next time take a large stone instead of wheel. When your car goes left you put the stone to the right side -otherwise put it left LOL

    50. Rickerd Licks

      isn't "ricer" now considered a racist slur these days? Whatever, show more of the girl.

    51. Dynamic Dopamine

      But short shifting is a band-aid. Its not fixing the problem

    52. Dynamic Dopamine

      @3:10 - 3:17 it at 0.25x playback Speed!

    53. E-Racer

      I’m lost what is the point in them Revving them up and letting them pop I don’t get it what are they trying to do how would you win?

      1. Brennan Clark

        He's bringing the RPMs up to dump the clutch/trans break. Makes for a hard quick launch. Also on turbo vehicles he's building boost from the starting line doing that.

    54. Live Free Moto

      the blonde though wow

    55. jacob blair

      14:19 that fuckin ass tho.

    56. Shawn Kelley

      Great video you guys 👍❤️

    57. Boosted GT

      what's a "ricer"?

    58. Whop Junior


    59. John Givens

      THUMB NAIL!!!

    60. Seth N.

      that green s10 needs some work bad

    61. 3k Motors

      Lol. Your way out of my league. We are out of our own fn league.

    62. jack daniels

      I didnt see ricers

    63. Billy wayne Huggins

      Don't feel bad about running out of fuel a bunch of us have done that

    64. Adam Cornelison

      Japan all the way fuck USA gay today

    65. Adam Cornelison

      wreck the truck so that sorry Ass piece of shit doesn't come around ever again

    66. Adam Cornelison

      America is rice and a gay people thing

      1. brapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrapbrap

        Says the gay person with a ricer car from 2gay2curious, three days grace and bullet for my valentine, and is also subscribed to v shred

    67. Jeancharles Rabaux

      Avec le chien sa fait penser aux furm truk 2 si ta deux kit nos tu peux rivaliser avec le furm truk se que je comprends pas pourquoi sautant de puissances sur que 2 roue plus de mil chevaux sur 4 roue on gagne bc aux démarrage c est pas 2 roue qui accroche mais 4 comme les super cars audi r8 Bugatti veron lamborginie aventadors toutes c est voiture tient la Mitsubishi evo elle a 5cylindre ou 4 cher plus et se qui fait sa puissance c est ces 4 roue motrice comme la audi quattro personne n y croyais et pourtant elle a tout gagner ou presque

    68. Ken McKay

      When ya takin it over to the paint booth?

    69. Time Spent

      You all are Fun,, dirty 30, is. Wickod Fast

    70. Lee

      Me: *I could look at you for hours* Her: *awwww* Me: *pushes out of the way* Also me: *stares at the turbo whilst licking my lips*

    71. Joe Momma

      Marry the Girl Billie !

    72. Jimmy Larsen

      Only one reason im looking at this.....and its not the damn car.....

    73. Gold

      little do they all know they will all have to Wear hearing aids at the age of 40 people protect your hearing

      1. Swat 93

        Gold Not to mention the amount of smoke they inhale over time

    74. Big Irish

      So tuners are ricers now lol righhhhttt ok hillbilly ill gap you in my evo and take your bimbo gf with me

    75. Ari Vat

      You're a winner everyday, even if the S10 breaks, because you always have Molly.

    76. Chris Sheridan

      Where is the part where you RACE the Ricers ???

    77. MrShaun1578

      sucks about the traction problems man I hope a 4 link suspension is in your future man so you don't have traction bar problems

    78. Feao Pole

      The man can cut a tree killing it dude taking names like a boss. 👌👌👌

    79. NOgo54

      Should safety wire your bolts and nuts.

    80. Richard Upyurass

      That's some serious driving for your age. Another ten years and you will be in a big time sponsored rig

    81. jimmyjackz

      Young'n can drive that is for dam sure!

    82. John Cook

      she looks ALOT like Camilla Ludington

    83. Mr. Quiñonez

      That girl is a dream come true

    84. Creazioni di Realta

      Exhaust popping almost blew the midget away

    85. StreamerBoi

      What was the horse power on the dyno? Dammit I must have missed it :)

    86. YoYo Maa

      Show the girl more. She is Cute

      1. Jeremy S

        @nallen100 lol

      2. Michael Diamantino

        Suffer In Silence haha

    87. SovL:Remedy

      She fkn hooks! Man, i didn't see any times!

    88. Maciek Jutrzenka

      i am suprsied that RX7 was that meh. those things with the right crazy tune can.. do marsh like crazy

    89. David Burnworth

      Dude at end in the green truck, needs to stop and get his shit right before something happens to himself or an opponent

      1. mrhazel

        He kept in his lane and won Everytime. It ain't easy keeping a blown big block mini truck staright

    90. Eric Larson

      I don't understand how a truck, with the engine in the front and being rear wheel drive, can be a good drag car? There is extra weight in the bed? Thanks for any explanation.

    91. coolslider2011

      17:09 u missed the cutaway might want to edit

    92. lawson862011

      You one of the Hoosiers , that’s where I was born at Marion county Indiana...

    93. DrugTalk 101

      NICE TRUCK bullshit video title boycotting this BS channel watch 1320 thousand times better!!!!!!!

    94. DrugTalk 101

      Don't watch click bait total BS hate people that make videos like this!

    95. Krista Jordan

      drag queen

    96. twincammike83 16v

      All most catches the migit on fire.. 😆😆😆

    97. Murphy

      Getting the kids involved is the coolest part of the day.

    98. Justin Stephens

      U know you all came here for his girl. She looks like Julianne Hough hot

    99. Scott Kinderdine

      Those Ricers all sound the same LOL.

      1. Adam Cornelison

        Fuck you Ass Hole muscle car's are junk on rice just like America and their piece of shit flag

    100. Rippee42 RIPPEE

      Less of you and more of her 😊