Tommy Two Guns NASTY SOUNDING NITROUS S-10 First Fire-Up!

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    The Newest addition to the Street Racing Channel Fleet of bad ass trucks and cars! Tommy Two Guns will be out roaming the streets both barrels loaded!
    Music - Lobo Loco

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    1. Trucker Tom

      Have you guys ever had issues with the front and rear lip seals on the "swap" oil pans leaking?

    2. The_Whisper Chevy

      What fuel pump are you running?💪👍

    3. TH3 S10 GUY 1

      Great video guy’s !

    4. Tennessee Honey

      Carbs will soon rule the world again don’t worry, billy smacks tf out of just about every person that runs Holley efi on many different setups an they almost all go home with sore jaws😈🔥🔥👌keep it up!

    5. TKOUTLAW1

      What did you guys end up doing to fix your front spring problem?

    6. Greg Griffin

      What does it cost to build that motor

    7. Darrin8112

      The moment you fire it up and realize you might not be ready for it 😳☠👽

    8. thecapturban

      I know its late but switch the rear end over to a high pinion, ya gain a good deal of horsepower. High pinions pull the pinion towards the ring gear low pinions pull the pinion away from the ring gear. That's why 4x4's use them.. Hope it helps

    9. Kevin Cash

      Love the dad cherish your time with him guys and man does he know his shit just sub to his channel keep up the good tubes guys

    10. Rob Davis

      What a freakin awesome dad you have!! I had one like that too!!

    11. Armando Campos

      I have a 406 like the one you have in the s10. Its built for boost. I was trying to sale it. Just throwing it out there if you're interested let me know thanks for your time

    12. Daniel Ward

      The response of that thing is legiiiit, she's a beast bro.

    13. Austin Lee

      i’ve got a a small block chevy engine. i built from the block up and every time i fire it up it goes from about 1200 rpm and shoots up and keeps building rpm and i have to cut it off or it’ll blow its self up. it does all that without me even touching the throttle. what could be the cause?

    14. Marco Polo

      Street racing is to big you can’t possibly keep up. You have a stock body, full interior stock, stock front end, and a small block, and nothing special out back! Street racing channel: hold my trans brake!

    15. Dennis Burger

      That small block is hittin!!

    16. Richard TheTurd1

      That is not how you pack bearings

    17. Martin Neps

      What size block is this please comment back thank you

    18. Greg Singleton

      How exciting! Man everytime i have a first start it feels like the very first time. Enjoy it dude

    19. Michael Cuff

      Sounds REALLY GOOD to me!!! Badassed truck guys!

    20. Upperpdx

      What kind of brake setup do u guys run?

    21. Joshua Guidry

      If you don’t mind me asking what motor is in Tommy’s truck ? Cause I know your dad hates ls lol

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        415 ci.

    22. Joshua Guidry

      Tommy’s truck came out damn nice , billy you got to paint your S10 to that way they both look sick an kick ass on the street or rack !

    23. Tom Rose

      My S10 drive shaft from strange was 55" my problem was I didn't count for the pinion nut that sticks out side the pinion flange..had to trim the end of pinion shaft off.was the fix

    24. Toddel Bob

      What a mean, bad ass engine!!!

    25. M Roberts


    26. William Barger

      Another great vid. Family racing and wrenching, I grew up the same way. Hey Billy, I keep trying to buy merch, always out of large everything. Stock up, so I can show my support for another ohio boy!

    27. Buddy Duncan

      Guys watch out for a guy in his mid to late 40's driving a white Camaro with a half black hood schoop he is an undercover cop getting tag numbers and turning them in I tried to take pic and add it here but cant the car is an 3 gen about like Molly's

    28. BBRUNO

      Nothing beats the sound of a cammed small block. Congrats

    29. Jay Hayes

      You had to show your little brother up by riding a wheelie at the end of the video...…

    30. Bobby Carter

      If ur Dad didn,t cuss so much i would let my kids wach your channel which we love.I,m sure i,m not the only one feels this way.Good luck GOD BLESS

    31. Chuck York

      In the intro, Tommy looks happy as a hog in a wallow. Guess we got a NOS S10 again. Good Luck Tommy !

    32. Screaming z1

      Cuttin an ol half a round out of those springs 🧐


      someone needs to buy pops some safety glasses luv the videos and i want him to be able to keep making them with you all lol

    34. Robert Siwik

      Cool video as always. For some reason your videos really hold my interest.

    35. andrew french

      Incredible.sounds massive.great talent dialing it in

    36. denden s

      Tommy what mufflers are you running with ?I like the sound.I love this channel

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Dynomax mufflers

    37. lovejago


    38. Ben Nicely

      Cool video 👍👍

    39. Switch

      The old Lion, running the pride! Love this channel more every time i watch a video! Please keep them coming. Billy, initially I saw a post of an offer to paint the Kid's truck and I was like NOOOO, but thinking more about it... i think it would be beneficial to paint it up and do a rim swap etc... Everybody knows the Kid is in town when they see it. Fesh coats and minor changes would stir everyone on the street up. I.e. "What else did they do to it?" and so forth. I love it the way it is. Mad respect, but a lil change would be very interesting.

    40. Mike Davis

      1:32 INTO ANOTHER VIDEO..... Who ever does these is amazing. Music, Timing and content is all top level!!!!!!

    41. 8hour

      Sorry but that's my new favourite s10 ;)

    42. Rich Gurley

      Best dam dogs in the world... I have two myself

    43. Hayden Gregg

      Ya drive that to school?

    44. Ronnie Howells

      Street Truck Tommy Hellz yeah!

    45. Josh Wynn

      That lil mota sounds rowdy! Lil bro coming for ya Billy!lol

    46. Driven To Be Great

      That'll get the ole peter tingling lol

    47. kram Null

      Dad's going to have to give someone a lesson on packing wheel bearings...

    48. Tobias Dolton

      nice s10...LS or LT powered??

    49. PrenadeZuno

      the biggest regret is selling a 1980 s10 for 1000

    50. Myles

      Great see Tommy is getting his truck done, but time for the kids to do the manual labor and pack their own bears! The youngster won't learn anyother way! Trust me been there done that! Guys a d gals alike can learn from Pops before he decides not teach you kids anymore. ✌

    51. StreetSmart 660'

      Awesome! Brings back memories from 25 years ago. Love from deep down south.

    52. trlprk

      Man, that engine sounds so crisp

    53. The Warden

      Incredible family with a phenomenal work ethic!

      1. SRC Garage

        Thank you. That’s the best compliment anyone could ever give.

    54. E Cannon

      The look on his face says it all.

    55. Jordan Wall

      Saying this is an awesome truck doesnt seem like it does it justice from what you can see. Have yall done any bracing to the frame for the added torque/hp? Didn't see any when watching the video, and I'm trying to decide on bracing my 88 ranger frame when I get the nitrous 302 in it.

    56. Finding Funkos From Than to Now

      Your dad is a great guy. And a meh-chan-Nik lol

    57. #HammerTime# H2R

      What's the trucks name?Blue balls?

    58. Dirty

      I would like to see everyone stop ordering parts from VaChina.

    59. Kamikaze

      11:30 he floored it at least :)

    60. Shaun shaunk

      Teach them young teach them right

    61. Corey Hickman

      Anyone else feel like they were playing snowrunner or fs lmao tha music

    62. Todd Baker

      Somebody tech this kid to pack a bearing!!

    63. Gib The Kid

      Have you ever considered giving a breakdown on what this build costs?...great video, but seems there is an opportunity to provide a lot of useful info, too...give people a realistic view of "what it costs" to build a "Street Machine" in today's world...

    64. C&C Auto Works

      What brand carb is that

    65. Mark Reidsma

      Just started watching your channel . It's good to see a real racer in a real life situation where you work in a garage not a huge building with all the equipment you need . Spending time with family and not doing drugs and alcohol. I used to street race years ago but it's gotten harder to find back streets with low traffic . Anyway love your channel .

    66. Randy Lanhart


    67. Tim Murphy

      The music in the intro? Who is it?

    68. Maximum Energy

      Well this is probably the last we see Tommy . I feel sorry for the guy who has to scrape the remains off the road . We'll miss you Tommy . Seriously who gives something like that to a teenager in high school ???

    69. Patrik Andersson

      is there any reason why not to use 4-link in the rear?

    70. Ethan Bible

      Damn that is one clear picture what is that 7K camera

    71. Jack Pinnell

      It's clear as day why I watch this channel. It's about family.....3 generations in fact! Starting with the 55, then the Nova, then the first S-10 and now the second S-10! And let's not forget Molly's "fire chicken" lol.

    72. Eddie Fox

      I'm curious to know Bill's background.. hows he know so much lmao.

      1. SRC Garage

        Grew up poor. My dad, my uncle, and my brother are all mechanics. My uncle is also an electronics specialist and a machinist. I’ve had to do everything myself or rely on my family to help my whole life. “Make due, or do without.”

    73. John Doe

      Please put wheels on that, super nice looking ride other than the ralleye's

    74. Kenneth Brooks

      Wow very nice sounds

    75. Kurt Fosberg

      Go to a salvage yard for springs after market stuff is not usually as good as a clean junkyard part those rotors for example they're clean and new but heavier than stock you can check the balance on a rotor installed dry bearings spin back forth heavier spot settle to bottom grind outer edge take weight off also late 80s Mazda lug nuts same thread but 13/16 socket they look better than stock as far as manufacturing process design

    76. Don Dagy

      Music man, sweet music.

    77. Kurt Fosberg

      I think mid size 78-87 gm spring Cutlass reagal Monte ECT Oldsmobile powered ones being heavier Buick V6 or 2.5 4cyl being lighter

    78. 72gunslinger

      sounds crispy AF!!

    79. mike harrold

      More Molly please

    80. Chris Shea

      Sounds killer. It’s super responsive. 💪

    81. Mike Rollings

      Not many channels I get excited about when I get a new video notification.. this is one of em. Can't wait to see the brothers race.

    82. cew142

      What muffler is that?

      1. cew142

        Bill Hoskinson: great sound and performance! I have those on my car.

      2. SRC Garage

        Dynomax 3.5” Ultraflows

    83. Gunnutz71

      Sounds Great!

    84. RebelRob34

      Dad's forearms are the size of my thighs. Can't beat old man strength.

    85. Richard's Property maintenance

      Friggin sweet some badass s10s

    86. michael stroud

      Sweet ❤️. And Molly looks good too With her new hairdo

    87. Tim Boro

      Sounds fn sweet

    88. wymansst

      That is one excited young dude. Congrats on the fire up. 👍🏻

    89. john cox

      Dang that engine sounds good build me ☝️

    90. TheCanadianBubba

      Has he treed Billy yet ?

    91. Matt Coffren

      That bitch sounds angry. It takes a lot of skill/experience to do what he’s doing with the idle screws without a vacuum gauge. I tried that by sounds and I got a big fat atchooo lol make sure you pay good attention to the little things he shows you. I learned a lot when we first fired my chevelle. Keep gridding love the video

    92. Zach a

      That truck is bad ass

    93. david wiley

      What mufflers are those?

    94. Wayne Bowling

      It's all in family. You boys dont realize how much yall have learned from your dad. Not only a career, but a hobby for family. Anything you can do as a family has got to be one of the happiest things you can do in life. I tell ya Billy, Tommy's got a big pair of shoes to fill, meaning your wins. Lol, but dont worry Tommy you got a dad that can build some of the nastiest engines out there. Like I've said in my last comments, you keep having fun making the videos and I'll keep watching them. Thanks guys for keeping families together!!!

    95. Rusty Wells

      Boy Billy is getting faster every time I see the truck!

    96. Wayne Tate

      Congratulations Tommy. Exciting times ahead.

    97. Jesse Layton

      Can't wait till Tommy gets faster and y'all linem up.

    98. Baby-Shark GTO

      Lil brother in the game now

    99. Josh LaTorre

      I need some help . I have the same carb just went to e85. I have a bad stumble at 2000 . Maybe you can help me. 256-620-0708

    100. Tom Tucker

      Tell Dad that if I see him using the grinder again without his safety glasses on I am going to ask the dog to bite him.