I TRIED to Launch on A LOT of Boost!

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    Launching on 10 Pounds of boost... Will it work? Find out in todays Vlog.

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 4 ماه


    1. John Phillips

      I love the old man.. he's bad ass.. can't wait to see him..one day soon..jp.!.

      1. John Phillips

        Ok sorry thanks

    2. Jeromey Tew

      Just catching up on your vids so this is late but noticed and like the edition of the light on the back to get in the groove

    3. joshharrison60

      Awww...better give her a kiss next time...an maybe a better burn out if ur guna leave on high boost...need that sticky lol

    4. Denis Flaherty

      Those boys can cut a light...gapped everyone!

    5. State Of Flow Media

      The 26 people that disliked this video have been gaptised by Billy 😂 true story

    6. David Morgan

      ohh how i miss it

    7. Unome Last

      Last burnout was a little weak too. Keep up the good work.

    8. D Max Life

      Dude you got the world by the ass. You have a badass truck that you and all your inner circle have put in time on. Your channel is growing because of that same work ethic. And you have one of the most beautiful women on IRvision as your partner in crime. Let me run it down for you 1 looks ( absolutely gorgeous) 2 attitude ( always no matter what has a smile ) 3 self sufficient ( don’t need a mans money as she makes her own) 4 this here is the unicorn with the first 3 she is a gear head just as much as you. So for god sales give her a good luck kiss. It doesn’t matter if your shit has picture windows in the block and sounds like a power stroke on a cold morning starting up. Anyways love the content and your whole family involvement, making buckeyes look good. Ever near Dayton hit me up!!!

    9. David Parrott

      8:45 I think Tommy's opponent was waiting on his door dash order at the starting line😂😂😂 Tommy was half track before that guy left😂😂😂!!!

    10. nick kelley

      What camera's are you using?

    11. D B


    12. Joshua Wilson

      Great video. You did good man. If them tires didn't let loss that would've been a damn good race. 😎🤙

    13. Dlc

      Your channel is awesome!! I am 65 and love it!! You boys are soo lucky!! And Molly too!!

    14. Slate Miller

      Billy and tommy need to race each other lol

    15. Anthony

      U forgot to kiss your girl and you put too much boost to it. Lesson learned.

    16. Sixx6Sixx

      I personally thought more boost around a 100-120ft and a lay on the scramble button at 300ft would have sealed the deal brother... your 60ft was already on point. Great footage!

    17. gonzo-trey

      Respect , probably the only IRvision person that runs his truck not his mouth ... progress has been unreal congrats 👏

    18. daniel mulvena

      JEESUS BILLY that thing is a RIPPER

    19. Mike Angelastro

      It’s a great channel 🇺🇸

    20. Richard Matzen


    21. SSK side shop kreationz

      Your videos always have rediculous low volume for when your talking but music and racing comes in perfect. I'd suggest maybe checking your mic situation out or maybe it's in your volume settings when editing. Keep up the good racing boys!

    22. J D

      You must have thought you couldn't beat him by how much you turned it up.

    23. Bigtruckin 18

      Time for pops to get rid of the 6.5 and put a Cummins in the duelly

    24. Power Stroke6.7

      That tommy is a MAN drove to the track kick some A$$ and then drove home. Now thats street. I hope your dad gets that channel going even if it's a live feed to show us some of the tricks of the trade or what not to do or things not worth buying. I'm looking forward to hear some tricks and tips. Both trucks look to be running good.

    25. pob000

      I'm digging the school bus trailer combo

    26. Z Ack

      Dont act like your having fun or nothing.. be sure to just let it be shown on video that your strictly working, on the job.. the ole 9 to 5 beat... playtime is other times.. lol

    27. Matthew Varnam

      What new things have you done to the truck because that thing is really eating at the 330 and on out.

    28. Matthew Varnam

      That's alright you still got a trophy you got that sweet beautiful girl.

    29. Colin Davis

      Man I really wanna know the fastest time for this thing in the 1/4 miles.

    30. Raw Rap

      🚦Man you be driving‼ like it's meant to be driven💪💪👍👍💯‼

    31. Ryan McKay

      Your dad watching where your tires are launching from is key. You can see the passion. Love the videos man. Bad ass trucks and super cool pops.

    32. Mike D

      Shit happens to the best and worse of us but you still got 💯 fam all the way...

    33. Matt Bowden

      What mufflers is Tommy running? Sounds nice

    34. Weekend Pursuit Outdoors

      If it ain't broke dont fix it brother!

    35. karlos rivera

      SO (fast)

    36. Paul Brooks

      Always remember the Good luck Kiss Billy 👍

    37. Steven Black

      Why do you always turn up the boost when you’re gonna win!!!!

    38. Ryan Jenkins

      I can't help but to start head banging every time the intro music kicks in.

    39. Tyler Chrise

      huh i live like 30 minutes from that track

    40. Bryan Sells

      I wana know what Tommy’s truck run and what’s is hp

    41. Joelee Finn

      Great job!! You guys are the best that’s on! You’re on the way to the big time!!

    42. Randy Leeder

      Billy the kid and tommy 2 guns chopping trees!! Hell of a job guys!

    43. Mr Make It Worse Makes It Better

      Always give your woman a kiss. That way you can blame it on her. lol

    44. Bradford D

      Keep living your dream. I’m happy for you brotadochip.

    45. Jerry Mccracken

      Love you channel love your truck love the music, anybody know who plays that song at the first of the video

    46. pigrond

      tommys spine lol. yeah it was working then you bumped it up nice racing though nice work.

    47. Gaugetheredneck 15

      Lol she pours perfect me over here spilling all the gas just trying fill up my mower to mow my lawn.

    48. yogurt77

      If he doesn't give you one, I will. 😉

    49. Fernando Martinez

      Tough loss at the end but you went out there and went rounds man. AWSOME FKN JOB! You'll get em next time. #SRC!

    50. Stephen Goodspeed

      Any chance you could get youtube to stop playing creepy Joe Biden ads on your videos? Kidding of course but I love the truck and the videos of the Camaro and 55 shoebox getting back out on the road.

    51. Woodrow Delozier

      Billy gave him the full grapplebees menu

    52. Damien Doisher

      Dude your pops is fucking cool. Spend as much time as you can with that man. Nice job man, for sure can drive.

    53. Mark with muscle cars

      Congratulations on runner up! You'll get them next time s10s to the front

    54. jesse scott

      You guys are awesome always fun to watch your videos

    55. Chris Wagner

      Jw what sterring wheel u have

    56. Turbo World

      Billy, what is the digital box on the dash showing 4.49 ?

      1. Turbo World

        @Stephen Northroup alcohol if I remember correctly. Thanks! Was wondering if that was it. Thinking of going similar route myself.

      2. Stephen Northroup

        Air fuel for the alcohol/methanol. Forget which one hes running

    57. Danny Smith

      You got cocky. Lmao that’s what you get 😂😂

    58. silly guy

      Your rollin dude!

    59. Mr Olsen

      It's time to put a LED light over the fuel cap aswell😁

      1. attitude adjusted

        I usually just use a cig lighter.

    60. Jimbo Rachetmaster

      You boys sure wheel the hell out of those trucks. One hand Tommy. Great job on the videos. Excellent editing. Looking forward to the Billy vs Tommy race. You know its gotta happen. A loss is a lesson learned, never miss the good luck kiss......

    61. john arnette

      Absolutely love your guy's video's the best part is father and sons doing something together they love, Don't often see this anywhere these day's lost my father in 2018 did'nt have a relationship you all have its nice you all show the world how it should be can't wait for the next video

    62. Gunk Webster

      I think the way your brother left you are probably in trouble

    63. Rwc Cwr

      Hell of a run Billy but I'm with Molly though always give you a woman the kiss before the Run. Love the old man's new channel when's Tommy going to get his channel?

    64. Gunk Webster

      I like how hard it's hook in I can't get mine to hook now but working on it

    65. marc st laurent

      Still lacking roll bar on Tommy’s truck and using three point seat belt . :(

    66. Texas Torque

      Does Tommy's truck have a cage? Cuz he is getting FAST

      1. Street Racing Channel

        It’s getting one soon

    67. Jeff M

      Leave it alone and use that scramble button. Truck was dead hookin...

    68. Unchained_01

      Whats or where did you get the music at the beginning ??!!!

    69. Ken McKay

      MOLLY wheres molly ?hi molly .hows your car commin along ?is it ready yet ?

    70. Cobalt06

      You guys need to do Rocky Mountain race week next year. With you, your brother and molly in the 10, 11, and 12 classes it would be an awesome week.

    71. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Have to run right on the edge with a lot of your competition these days, sometimes you go just a little OVER the edge unfortunately. Still looks like a great night of racing!

    72. Burnice Caulder

      should have kissed the girl

    73. Zach Ballzach

      You and your dad make an awesome team! It's great to see y'all racing together.

    74. angelic powers

      Pops is the best crew chief in the business

    75. David Windsor

      Well that's racing. Got really close.🧐👍✌

    76. M Pip

      Love the videos. Love the family. Keep it up!!

    77. Mark Lawson

      It looks like Tommy was "Out gunned" in his race

    78. Dan Myers

      Every single racer has made the same mistake of over estimating the track surface. Just a part of racing.

    79. David Mcnerney

      The old man dont fuck around. That light really gets here in the rubber. I was gunna ride down to Marion and see why Nick did. There aint shit for racing around here.

    80. Scott Davis

      Tommy holy sht bud that first hit wow That was fkin fast 👍👑😏

    81. all the boost

      She was runnin good... Too much

    82. Steven deez


    83. Steven deez

      It be alright brothah man you know you had a fun and Blessed night there’s always next time and you had everyone scared of your ass The Whole night lol you and your brother were running shot!!!# SRCGITRDONE

    84. Dan Rogers

      And that's racing kid! I just cringed when you turned that up! You were eating everyone off the line.i get it though for sure! I thought you would stand it up before blowing tires bud. Truck is running tough bud!good job to dad too! Good job and chin up! You have a lot of wins coming! Love the videos buddy!

    85. josh stovall

      Don't think a kiss or a dead hook would have helped that race. That guy was steady dragging your truck like nothing. I hate to say that because I'm a fan, but he straight out powdered you.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Lmfao 👎🏻 you’d be wrong there

    86. YomaBlood

      brother, if your girl ask you for a kiss, trust me, you better give her one or someone else will ... that s10 is wicked tho

    87. Rusty Wells

      I don't think you even needed to turn the boost up Billy I think you had him just as long as you were on the light!

    88. young11984

      That was a good night of racing hoss, sometimes you turn the wick up a little too much because you needed it and it backfires but thats racing. Still a good run, lil Tommys is getting good too. Glad to see family still working with each other, hope it all works out and kiss your ole lady next time😂

    89. yarrdayarrdayarrda

      Awesome job, awesome content!

    90. LS4.8 Frank

      Damn Billy tough luck bro. It would have been an extremely close race had you not turned up the boost on launch, but I'm sure you know that already. Y'all both did good so keep your heads up.

    91. Canadian Kid

      Where’s Molly been?

    92. Rich I

      Got to go for it or you will never know! Great vid!!!

    93. Roger Brown

      Billy ! You did great! Trucks running like a bat outta hell and that was some stiff competition! Always watching from Wichita! SRC is kicking ass!

    94. Harold Wilder

      Love that S10

    95. FT42

      Pops: From one father to another please put a cage in Tommy's truck.

    96. Daniel Ward

      I like how the pimp juice routine is different between the 2 of you guys, pops is a boss.

    97. Savage Productions

      Dang, get Tommy an aftermarket steering wheel in that thing. Looks like he's steering a pirate ship going down the track lol

      1. Topper Harley

        Hard to over correct when it takes one full planetary cycle


      As another racing u tuber, Im writing on my good friend Freddy's like, I just want to say that maybe u all might want to acknowledge All of the posts from Your fans. They will appreciate it. H. F.

    99. Lance Kitchen

      When will the "Dead Nutz In These Muthafukas" T shirts be available? Lol I had to replay it and make sure thats what dad said.

      1. Street Racing Channel


    100. Turbo John

      Trucks are fast, good job getting them faster and faster!