With More Horsepower comes More PROBLEMS.

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    We worked our asses off all week to make it to Cincy Street Nights. More Power due to the Methanol Fuel, and less convertor slippage = ?
    You'll have to watch the video and find out.

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    1. Chevy-_kid

      What year was that vett at 15.00 min in video

    2. Dennis Wilson

      Hey Kid i dont know if your paint job is sentimental or not but if you ever wanna design a livery for the truck..id be more then happy to offer my skills with photoshop and digital art to help design something. thanks for the always impressive vids..win or lose you dont really swing emotions...hard to see that people not putting thier egos into this.

    3. Fredie Farmer

      What stall rpm is the best for strip/ street ls 5.3 motor power glide trans

    4. David Muntz

      Don't give away all your secrets to your S-10's Ole Man!


      Love this channel man. Chevrolet all the way.

    6. Everett Koppen

      Someday I like your family, very awsome family bond. Don't fret the breakdowns ,its part of racing ,I help out my little brother when he goes racing in small tire mustang . Keep up the good work, awsome channel

    7. postal sucks

      sorry buddy but you need a mic. you talk so damn quiet and your truck makes the ears bleed when at full vol.

    8. Billy Barrow

      Your dad should build a red s10 with a blower so there is a red, white, and blue truck with all different power adders. 🤔😁🤙

    9. Donovan Williams

      How do you figure the slippage %?

    10. king vegeta

      I wanna see him and his brother race

    11. ADAMJ327

      In my opinion best video out yet! I just love the RAW video and the real world learning taking place. Keep it up guys !!!!

    12. lewis rogan

      Hope you gets some positive luck coming your way, you definitely deserve it... Keep smiling.. You guys..

    13. Jim Brumbaugh

      Love you guys. I lived in ohio until I moved to Tennessee, sand drag raced for years.I thought I still had a multi layer fire suit to send you,but dont.someone needs to send him a suit especially now with methanol. Love the relationship amongst your family. Great job guys!

      1. Mom Hoskinson

        Good news! The grandparents just went together and got each of them new fire suits and gloves. It was overdue. Billy will talk about it in his next video 😊

    14. skippys vr4

      That truck should have never tried to run that event. Totally out of its league. Try to make it reliable and then go up against big dogs.

    15. Karl Morrison


    16. s hfr

      The converter has jacking screw bolt holes for you to use when you need to split it. Saves all the dents and burrs from hitting with hammer and driving bars into the split. :) :)

    17. Narcissistic Racing

      I can’t for the life that of me understand why people would dislike your videos

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Must be the Mask Police..

    18. Jeremy Blair

      Pete is a good dude

    19. diginahole316

      5:04: "don't show this!" Pops says

    20. Tommy Cook

      Dam at my home town track and didn't know it dam

    21. Q Ue

      Watch Stevie fast video on servicing a converter. Wal Mart salad bowl catch the converter and fluid

    22. Outlaw Rail

      This is oh so true.. added a blower to my Rail and instantly busted the transmission... You gotta love this stuy

    23. Henry Barrett

      Grew up at Edgewater best track around

    24. Clint Flowers

      You’ll work it out, your dad is a very smart man, you’ll get. Perfection takes time, you’ll get it figured out. You boys are smart too, just saying, your dad is sharp.

    25. Shit Box

      Race car problems are good problems to have, life could be way worse. 👍🏻

    26. Thomas Rice

      that green truck is a monster and i love how it rides the front up like an f body. super cool

    27. Arthur Bradley

      You just lost punk the corvette ate your lunch ,oh well maybe daddy can make or buy you something faster .

      1. 1NT2TRY

        H A T E R

    28. pigrond

      good luck i hope its minor stuff man

    29. Brad mic

      You should steal Tommy's alternator(its new)...his truck is down he'll never know...hahah..keep your head up you have a badass truck and your one hell of a driver

    30. schlepd911

      I grew up going to Edgewater.

    31. OneFastDuster

      Big Money bolt-together converter. THAT'S the way to go. I run a billet FTI but not a bolt together.

    32. Daniel Ward

      Clank, cluunk you just know when it's right lol

    33. Amateur Shooter


    34. supercharged6771

      Buddy i also tune using a f.a.s.t. air fuel meter but it's super helpful at idle to keep plugs good but just a touch on the rich side, than I go of off exhaust temperature 1350 is building power 1500 is breaking parts on GAS 1000 to 1100 on meth or e85. When I glance at the A.F. meter ha, i just make sure it's fat otherwise only temps

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        ...OR you can read the plugs, since that is the only way to know for sure what is going on in the chamber lol. Looking at generalized numbers may keep you in a safe area, that is IF every engine was the same, but it does nothing for power unless you have a true baseline... Not hatin' just sayin' lol.

    35. Jason Scruggs

      Man you have my luck. Keep up head up and you will be back on track

    36. Night Moves

      You guys are awesome I was wondering when Poppa was going to save the day. Just great channel and great family

    37. PHANTOM S10

      Great vids man can't wait till my s10 is done

    38. Nick Boucher

      I'll be honest. I was blown away to notice y'all don't run head studs on your nos engine. Why is that?

      1. Nick Boucher

        Is that another part of the fail safe? Let the gasket go first?

    39. Rick Harper

      Hang in there Billy, you'll get it!!!

    40. Michael Bowens

      Pops the truth at that mechanic work

    41. ponypwr

      Dont get me wrong the s10 is stupid fast, but some of the cars on the track the night of tbis video where on a whole other level. Your buddy in the chevy 2 with the huge blower is just moving!

    42. Tom Timmermann

      Good lesson fellas... Never wish for a shorter shaft

    43. Gabe Bingaman

      I don’t understand why people are disliking his videos. Yeah they don’t talk much, but you can learn a lot by watching them and their dad. Hang in there brother! Don’t let this shit bring you down!

    44. Vida Johnston

      Hope Things Get Better For You Guys!

    45. Todd Clark

      Always a good time a street racing channel baby


      Damn guys these videos keep getting better. Keep it up👍👍

    47. Maximum Energy

      Word of friendly advice. Put some wheelie bars on it , that'll fix it . I know my uncles gotta 69 Camaro ........

      1. 1NT2TRY

        Wheelie bars = bandaid for shitty chassis and shock setup

    48. Simmons racing187

      Why would this video get any dislikes 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️good video Billy and Tommy

    49. Logan B

      Don’t let it get to you y’all could of easily whooped that vets ass just work out the truck until you get it dialed

    50. Simmons racing187

      Nice video Billy, just like Tommy, I haven't taken one apart either, i basically been using disposable converters

    51. silly guy

      More upgrades! More money!

    52. jamie muncy

      DAMN BILLY!!! If it wasn’t for bad luck you wouldn’t have any😤😤 Miss the days of the truck making passes one right after the other no problems, so just imagine when you get all the weak links lined out...TRUCKS GONNA BE A HAMMER💯👍👍💯

    53. One BigDeal

      Looks like NOBODY is buying the Covid 19 B.S. Awesome, people WAKING UP!!

    54. Taylor Perry

      Was this cincy street nights or Wednesday night light

    55. Faith Fitness & Fast Cars

      Thing is making a ton of power! Cant wait to see how it does when it lined out

    56. Mike Eyler

      It's always something.....change stuff hoping for improvement and nothing but grief. I've worked all night to get stuff back together, drive 3 hours to the track and have something come apart during the burnout. The good thing is you and your dad keep after it, admit your mistakes, and put a lot of thought into what you do. I always look forward to your videos. Real racer life and you don't carry a truck load of B.S. with you. Really like the music on your videos too.

    57. K W

      Congrats on 150k subs!! Y’all deserve it!

    58. Edward Kimpel

      This channel is way better than anything on tv. Especially if you’re another racer and know what’s going on or think you do. Always learn something from you guys. The videography is great too. Love watching you guys and Molly Motorsports.

    59. Jay Walker

      for some reason the man up stairs didn't want you racing ,,that alll ,,,,

    60. TWISTED Scene

      What was that stuff you sprayed on the gasket?

    61. Mr. Fix it

      How much would it take to build the same set up in the S10 for a 96 mustang??

    62. twincammike83 16v

      That green truck would of been hard to beat anyway..

    63. Mustang Guru

      That belt always flaps around so much. We added a tensioner and idler pulley system to keep the belt on.

    64. Glenn Ramsey

      I want to see Billy and the Farm truck race ..

    65. Matthew Varnam

      You got one bad to the bone hot rod my friend love it..and i have one question is that a copper sealant that you spray on the head gaskets does it help it seal up better asking a question cuz I don't know

      1. Tommy Cook

        The copper shit does help seal dad swore by it after awhile u see on your spark plugs is that bad i dont know

    66. Ryan Doyle

      I’m loving watching your videos boys and girl I’m from Canada u don’t see many old S10 on the roads any more love you guys send it

      1. Ryan Doyle

        Ya Too much salt and snow around here

    67. 4460cows

      I really enjoy this channel. It shows the good times with the bad times in bracket racing. I know cause we did professional bracket racing out here in California way back in the 1970's 1/4 Mile track. Bracket racing has come full circle since those early years over to the 1/8 mile track rules. Those S-10 trucks you two brothers have built up with your Dad are super impressive builds. Looking forward to more race test and results. Hang in there tough Kid.

    68. John Z

      It was cool to see a lot of fans check'n you and your operation out. Your fan base is deep Billy,, deeper than you know bud.

    69. John Z

      @16:25,, we feel your pain Billy. The 'Vette was for sure on a pass and you hung pretty close without your full power. Next time eh,, next time. Chalk it up to "that's drag racing".

    70. John Z

      @11:47,, ",, when we were tapp'n it back together,," yessir, every time I had to "tap" an assembly back together something got hurt. Lessons learned,, IF it needs tapping something may not be quite right. Pull it apart and check,, verrrrry carefully, something isn't right. That hammer you guys have isn't a "dead blow" is it? A good one is a solid investment for your shop.

    71. John Z

      @10:15,, sounds like ya'll need a new set a bearn's in that ol fan,, decimeter likely tips into the 80's fer that ol girl don't they. [edit] further into the vid it appears the sound was the S10,, not the fan. My bad :(

    72. Ed Dean

      I was there. Wondered what happened.

    73. Rebel Motors

      Amsoil Have a Super Shift Non-Slip Racing Transmission Fluid

    74. wymansst

      Breaking shit and having failures has nothing to do with luck.

    75. Douglas Pell

      Enjoy your program!

    76. Douglas Pell

      Hang in there just working though new set up gremlins! Yaw will get it!

    77. Josh Ray

      7 commercials in 24 minutes sorry I unsubscribed

    78. 3madeamps #3 in nc

      longer videos ..all the junk on t.v sucks i like this Channel better !!

    79. Rusty Wells

      The drive shaft being f up is what burt the high gear up!!!

    80. Rusty Wells

      That's bull crap driveshaft shop not being able to measure inch and a half well I guess it's time to find a new drive shaft shop! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    81. 3madeamps #3 in nc

      this is better show then the new street outlaw junk ...

    82. Rusty Wells

      You would have beat the vett if you hadn't broke the belt especially if you would have got on the scramble button! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    83. 3madeamps #3 in nc

      pops has got this !!!!! love it

      1. 3madeamps #3 in nc

        @camaroguy 66 well like he said more power more Problems ... i run a tci transmission myself i bought in 95 that has a transbrake they say will hold 750hp idk case looks stock to me .. but iv not drove the can in years

    84. Rusty Wells

      It's not you Billy it's all the internet pissing match's your Dad be in it's rub off on you and gave you bad karma! I've been telling Bill it's not worth it but he's to hard headed if he see something not right he's going to speak up! 🦅🇺🇸🦅 Someone has put some voodoo on the truck you have to cleanse it with sage!

    85. Steven Neal

      Race it, break it, fix it, repeat...that's what it's all about bro...i think you need a little less breaking though bro...😂 hopefully next time your day will go a lot better 💪🤜🤛

    86. Rubberdown

      It's something easy but so hard...

    87. Kent Shifflet

      Hang in there, Dude!!! Remember, good things come to those who wait!!! It could've been worse, motor could've blown... Take a negative, and turn it into a positive!!! You know I'm rooting for you...

    88. Dalton Holley

      What tires are you running and how long do they usually last

    89. Nebraskan Assassin

      No worrys Billy this shit can't fade ya none brother

    90. Victor Hex

      Probably the best SR channel out there. This well done video has lots of tech and mech for the gear heads and racing motion for speed freaks. Dad is cool as hell keeping the kids in line working to get it done and on track by moving their truck(s) tech level forward all the time.

    91. H Savage

      ABC. Adversity Builds Character. Awesome following your family. Keep pressing forward.

    92. Lloyd Applegate

      I got to meet TTG at the track AND got my hands on a SRC truckers cap. I had a great time. 👍

    93. Kevin Kroll

      I really enjoy you doing what you do ,so keep it between the lines! And remember to have fun !

    94. EAST SIDE313

      😲@13:05 that Vette.....😲😲😲

    95. M. Garza

      Keep at it boys!!! You got to get all the bugs out... Cheers...

    96. bigwater52

      I’m curious with all the hurt motors, why haven’t you when to like a efi setup?

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        @bigwater52 Never said you were trying to insult anyone, you can ask anything you like. The issues he has had, has nothing to do with tuning or needing an expensive setup for a laptop to tell him his alternator belt fell off, and certainly couldn't be fixed at the push of a button. Well aware of what FI offers, however it isn't the magic fix everyone thinks it is... MOST applications don't even need it, and is just used because it makes them LOOK fast lol.

      2. bigwater52

        I’m not trying to insult billy or his pops obviously it’s a tuning error, and the driver. With the efi statement i was referring to like the holly system or fuel tech, as both can correct, tuning issues on the fly, and set warning levels/protection, if its sees a low voltage, from kicking the belt, it will shut it down or loss of fuel pressure, running it to lean. I’m not saying it still won’t eat a piston, but theirs just so much more you can do with efi, also not insinuating that efi is better then carburetors. Just at that power level with a carb it’s hit or miss. Motors ain’t cheap, IRvision don’t pay as much as everyone thinks. Hurts the bank

      3. VengeanceIzMine

        @bigwater52 Your question insinuated it when you asked if he was going EFI because of all the hurt engines... Was just wondering, since running a carburetor isn't the problem, how would EFI magically fix it?

      4. bigwater52

        VengeanceIzMine who said anyone was blaming the carb?

      5. VengeanceIzMine

        Carburetors don't cause parts failures... just sayin'.

    97. Justin Credible

      Damn..now you gotta weld an inch and a half back on the driveshaft..😂

    98. Happy Dude

      Growing pains is all

    99. Mike Dale

      Heatshrink on a butt connector is like spray paint on a shitty weld. Use it. A lot of it.

    100. Chris Davis

      Get yourselves some capacitors to hold onto the juice for these situations. Hi molly btw