Destroyed my Dads Yard, Driveway and Garage... He was PISSED!

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    My dad was not happy when I ripped out of the Garage LOL.
    Hope you guys enjoy a little change of pace.

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    1. George Axtell

      Prayers for Caleb and his family ❤️🙏🏼

    2. DEVILDOG8785

      grade 8 bolts are the way to go, just my opinion. there are places that you can buy nut bolt washer lock washers by the pound

    3. Jay Sweet

      Bad to the bone

    4. Jay Sweet

      Yes sitting on the foot and pinning it I love a good 250r but that looked fun and fast

    5. Kevin Woodward

      Great photography.jam up

    6. d2dap636

      T2G is a straight beast!!

    7. kenneth l

      The new body panels on the Banshee look awesome.

    8. Sylvester Washington

      What company sales Stinger fuel

    9. billy manilli

      Dammit Billy. I miss my old "shee" SO BADLY now!.... :(

    10. jamie muncy

      Probably gonna be up around your guys way Monday or Tuesday. My uncle Howard Muncy is on life support at Grant Hospital but since I’m going up I’m gonna stop by JEGS and pick up a few things for the hot rod. I don’t miss the cold ass weather up there, that’s for DAMN SHORE🥶🥶 I know where a 4-mill stroker setup is for that Banshee, let me know if your interested it’s close by. Take care of the old man, much love & respect from Southern West Virginia and Merry Christmas to the whole SRC family💯👍🙏👍💯

    11. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Went Golden 💰🍗 Chick On Friday I'm Ronald Thank You.

    12. Joe W

      Praying for calab recovery 🙏

    13. TINES UP

      Your dad is the BEST. 👌 love that man. God bless and Merry Christmas.

    14. Dustin Rogers

      U wana sell that banshee?

    15. Dustin Rogers

      GodBless 🙏. Billykona!!!!!

    16. srt5musik

      What is that intro riff?

    17. Dewayne Sloan

      They have some fast cars in Steel Alabama

    18. longboardguy

      Ah man you got RC cars too and the classic banshee. Man I loved your channel but I do even more now haha

    19. Heavy hauling Idaho

      Gotta love a banshee......... they are old but still cool! The sound it so cool

    20. TheCanadianBubba

      I would surely not be doing the sweeping if one of my boys made that mess...

    21. VoiceOverTalent by JamO

      Thank You very much for this vlog. It was very special and amazing. God Bless and Happy Holidays.

    22. Brian Reed

      Hate to hear about Caleb! I’m so pissed I have something going on this weekend that I can’t change!!!! I’m only hour and half from Steele. Good luck and will be waiting for the vlogs from you and old man!!

    23. Greg Weigle

      Good thing you don't live closer to me. Wouldn't be able to run the RC, we got 24 inches lol. Williamsport PA

    24. Daniel Barnette

      God bless

    25. Bryant Chapman

      Go down to Alabama and kick some ass God bless and be safe

    26. Abel Gonzales

      Maaannnnn.... That's Reminds me of when I used to ride.... Thanx once again the vid made me feel like I was there.... And bro , Thank goodness you did an inspection!?!? Keep up the good work , your awesome people . I give Thanx for you ,take care bro....

    27. CaveMan Garage

      Billy on my 66 chevelle I used the Flaming River gear box..its basically a vega box..lighter then stock

    28. CaveMan Garage

      I use the red loctite on bellhousing bolts..I hate when they come loose

    29. Joe M

      Glad to see you guys making the best of the situation with the snow and all that was awesome brother God bless to you and your family say a prayer for Caleb

    30. Nick Pendleton

      Sick vid i like these also

    31. William Downey

      Did Molly move on? Miss seeing her.

    32. Yankee Man

      I traded my 350 Banshee for a 2011 Raptor 700R that only had 28hours on it. It's much nicer having reverse and not having to make fuel 😆

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Idk I rather ride a banshee. Nothing like that power band and the smell!

    33. Trevor

      Your dad his truly happy he had sons, I can hear it in the way he says jackass.

    34. Bill Knight

      Keep in mind too, if it didn't and have some sort of give..... it would break 😢. Hope you have a great holiday and stay safe.

    35. Curtis Harrison

      Stock frame,has surpassed its limits. Boxing could help. If it want flex,it will break. Have a safe trip.

    36. Tyler Richards

      How much does your truck weight ish not looking for an exact just a rough guess of possible lol

    37. Steve Phillips

      You VS Hoonicorn is a video that MUST be made!! It's taking everything down. You're our last hope Billy

    38. Joey Voyles

      Billy why don't you have your girlfriend on anyone?

    39. Jeffrey Bamford

      In the old man's vid the boys r down at the lights 😅😅😅 don't know why there down there he says

    40. SgtLoki13

      Anyone else having Dukes of Hazard flashbacks watching this or is it just me? Didn't see a creek jump tho... Ya know you want to put one in for the RC track... make it big enough to run the quad off too.... just think how much flying four wheeler's will aggravate the Ol Man. You have the equipment... If you build it, they will fly!

    41. Mike Kooz

      Down here in Lebanon. We only got a dusting.

    42. Ken Farris

      I have been waiting for when you got even close to me, I live in Alabama. We are having our family Christmas at my Mother's Saturday and I can not miss that, anything else and I would, but not that. Only an hour and a half away too.



    44. ron miller

      everything you do to that chassis is gonna change the way it reacts at the launch , you make it stiffer in the frame then your tires are gonna suffer at launch , im not sure what you are after but your truck is a main attraction because of the way you have to fight it down the track or street it is pretty amazing to watch coming from a guy that is older than the old man i have been around racing since the eighties and im telling you that your truck is fun to watch , yes it runs ok but to me the whole show is the chassis twisting and flexing start to finish and you driving the shit out of it , but its your you do what you need to just so your happy

    45. foxguy day


    46. Alex Porter

      No chevy? (The dog)

    47. 835YT

      Forward "SPRING EYE PEARCH"

    48. Fermin Vallejos

      Must be nice.. I just wish I had parents period. Hopefully one day I'll make it out the gutter too. Good shit keep up the great content 👊

    49. sam vernon

      See you Saturday y'all be safe on ur trip down.

    50. Autofaze

      Now that's how to have fun in the snow!

    51. Jeff Jankiewicz

      Prayers for Caleb and his family.

    52. Timothy Welch

      I used to have a Suzuki quad racer that would tear up a banshee. Both are fun to ride tho

    53. Chad Sims

      Hope to see y'all at Steele this weekend. Safe travels guys

    54. Clay Brien

      Good luck at Alabama. We pray Caleb recovers fully our prayers are with him. Shout out from Australia

    55. Gordon Shumway

      Team Associated MGT 4.6 Love it

    56. kinotransam

      Good luck at the next race Billy!!! I've been commenting on a lot of the Hoonicorn Vs The world videos and Instagram posts trying to get them to lock in with you guy's!!! Hopefully they take notice

    57. Donald Heitger

      Yes, for Caleb.

    58. Backyard-Built-Trucks

      I would at least clean up the floor since I made the mess. I boxed my spring mounts in.

    59. Jared Toney

      Dude you boys got one cool ass dad.

    60. Mike D

      And God speed 🙏

    61. TH3 S10 GUY 1

      I have the same oil pan, I’m going to tighten mine damn good. Don’t forget that loose but BEHIND the steering wheel Billy lol

    62. John Jones

      Nothing like new toys and snow!

    63. Joe Cameron

      Get'r done this Prayers for Caleb better take care of that frame soon I'm working from back to front on mine still haven't removed v6 yet

    64. Kevin Wadsworth

      Maybe let the old man take a rip? He might surprise you.

    65. thecr500

      Seen that big black wire is looking ruff ...

    66. Face Melter213

      god I miss having a banshee soo bad....

    67. rich 570

      I got 17.5 inches in central pa i rode my new snowmobile but now I’m ready for spring. I hate the fuckin cold anymore.

    68. Nathan Smith

      You should really try dirt racing Ik y’all prolly hate it but I think young blood like you would be balls to the wall

    69. matthew jones

      your dad is right you are lucky you didnt end up in jail and i bet it would be mom and dad getting you out lol

    70. Matthew Kingsmore

      I'm in Erie PA! Love this bro! You are one youtuber I always like and comment on because your content is so lit!

    71. speed crusader

      cranky old man get off my lawn lol

    72. Matthew Kingsmore


    73. Turbo World

      I think that electric steering box that Glamis sold PFI for the razzle dazzle buggy is your best bet. You don't want manual bump steer life in that rocket!

    74. bucksnort bumblefuk

      Those rod ends should be replaced on the track bars. You shouldn't be able to twist the bar that easy. Dont buy cheap ones..

    75. bucksnort bumblefuk

      U gotta get a led light bar for that sbs. And, what's all that white stuff? Asking for a friend who lives in mn..........

    76. TomB nyccabbie

      Billy, you would fit in fine on the North side of Lake Erie. you already got your Canadian tuxedo, and you love the snow lol. Have a safe and Happy Holiday with your family and loved ones guys.

    77. Allen Lord

      RESPECT... Billy will go balls out and make great content and Tommy will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the shot.💯👍👍💪

    78. Herman Munster

      Im putting a manual rack on as well but also they make a thing goes in column to make it like power steering use them in roundy round racin

    79. jim pin

      Cool to see people coming together to help a fellow racer.👍👍😎👍👍

    80. Tom Grant

      Boy it’s a wonder if the old man hadn’t kicked your butt for what you did shame on you

    81. Dan

      My dad use to yell at me for destroying his yard and now my son and nephews tear it up bad I think he has finally accepted the fate of his yard and just enjoys watching them ride and wreck because they think they are professional quad racers and drifters. The first day I made a mound for them to drive over my son flipped the quad twice trying to do wheelies over the mound and my dad just cracked up going he's a little you. I always drove it like I stole it that's why I ripped my ass cheeks off on a chipped and tared road and broke my collar bone when my yz-250 hit power band in a wheelie when I was 14. My prayers go out to your friend 🙏

    82. MarshLT1Z28Vert

      That looks like a lot of fun BUT...... too cold for me

    83. James Bridges

      Good luck at the race hope Caleb makes a fast recovery will keep him in our prayers

    84. dennis bagatin

      Good luck racing drive it like you stole it 👍✌

    85. Matthew Mcclintock

      I know I seen his vid he was pissed about his driveway lol

    86. Stanced5thgen

      Love the orange 🍊 Canadian banshee nothing like the smell of race gas and klotz .

    87. 79tazman

      Man you giving the Old Man grey hair LOL!!

    88. SUNN RAYY


    89. Arthur Fricchione

      Billy thanks for sharing. I hope your fellow racer makes a full recovery and have a safe trip and a safe race 🙏🇺🇸

    90. Jack Death

      Praying for Caleb!!! Hope alot of people turn out for the race. It's a bit far for me right now but if I could I would be there.

    91. Stompin McAllister

      Everytime your dad said freaking idiots I could not stop laughing I dont know why

    92. Michael Fowler

      Front spring perch is a 03 Suzuki Vitara frame they're fully boxed with welded cross tubes

    93. T

      In the words of your old man , im not saying I'm right or you should do things my way but, if you are going to ride that banshee in the cold re jet it before you burn it down, life experiences first hand

    94. Mark Miller

      Don't you guy's heat garage?

    95. Race Gas Smells Good


    96. edvisme

      Those front leaf spring attaching points are known as "torque boxes."

    97. PatrickScott87lx393w

      Bet that oil pan Bolt comes loose again after a few passes didn't look like u tightened it very much but glad u caught it when u did could have been bad. Go flaming river rack

      1. PatrickScott87lx393w

        @Street Racing Channel good deal love this channel and your dads channel. Stay safe and stay warm hate this snow 😂

      2. Street Racing Channel

        I tightened it more off camera

    98. William Anderton

      All that snow and not 1 snow man in site

      1. William Anderton

        @Mom Hoskinson thank you for replying back, I'm an old truck driver out 4 weeks and home 1week, I run local KC but live ga. I enjoying watching y'all's videos it helps the weeks go by

      2. Mom Hoskinson

        Ya know, that’s a good point!! 🤔 next snow!!

    99. Bucketheadland

      God Bless Caleb🙏

    100. djm93

      send it bro never lift mobbin deep!