Street Race Cars Perform Social Distancing - Corona Days #1

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    This was our first time back on the road this year with the new engine. Still on E-85, Waiting on Fab Work to switch to methanol. Just some good ol' fashion street racing. Went home with a little more money than we came with. It was a good day!
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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 9 ماه


    1. dude seriously

      I'm not a fan of mustangs, I think they're overrated. I do however really like Porsche.

    2. Hoss Cartwright

      Be safe Molly you're such a trooper

    3. Mike Burke

      Molly owns that mustang now the white one Billy raced in beginning of video?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Different car

    4. thecapturban

      Like be how Molly does exactly what ya dad does at the starting line! Helps so much to keep everything a routine.. Love the dimes


      Another Great Video of some No BS Drag Racing. I Dig It! Keep up the good work you guys!! 🇺🇸 🏁👍🏼👍🏼

    6. Paul Swan

      Why Molly lining you up against that slow Ford 😂🤣🤣🤣

    7. badtbss ls2

      That ass though

    8. Bowtie Guy86

      That’s about the best I’ve seen your truck hook awesome bro 💪🏼

    9. Yensive

      the guy losing his hat at 9:29 lol

    10. Chapulim Colorado

      Wonder if you get the girl with the win

    11. FUBAR MOFO

      Lmao flag guy is way too animated! Looks like a dumbass

    12. DAVE Jr ADKINS

      Boys eat n good out there chunky mothafuckas

    13. John Milner

      I see lots of people who are not at a social distance. Everybody thinks their immune to the virus or don’t care if they die.

    14. Samuel ASMR FOODTONIC

      Who ever the white chick is line up the s10 is WIFE GOALS good for him 👍😉

    15. Reid Lemesany

      The bible warns against this I promise

    16. Reid Lemesany

      Stop risking people's lives and stop being a bad example people are dying turn from your evil ways stop glorifying this crap please stand up against this crap please turn to god and against sin quit glorifying it threw music and tv

    17. Daniel Baker

      Dude you are awesome and lucky. I wish I had a GF who was into racing like yours is. She's your greatest teammate

    18. Marvin Hindman

      No bet? No money to be had???

    19. john dodd

      I love the body of Ms Molly

    20. Brandon Lowe

      I honestly have watched damn near every video an never seen you get treed so bad... he definitely earned it buddy... another time man

    21. John Coles

      Molly's ass needs its own spotter. That things gross

    22. Zairn

      So tired of fox body mustangs.

      1. No Prep Stretch

        I'm not. I have two of them and love em.

    23. josh osborn

      hey bud what year is your s-10

    24. Roger Fitchpatrick

      Brings back memories Father and Son, it was the best of My life. Your Channel is Awesome. Comments from your Dad about you staying occupied and racing keeps you out of trouble I totally relate to that too. And your part time job is to hang on to Molly. That Girl loves Her Racing with you. That kind of Girl who does not mind Grease under Her nails is hard to find.

    25. chris monteith

      you both did a great job but you would have won for sure if you on your tree game. oh well great race and you'll get em next time :)

    26. ClassicGameMusic

      This nonsense has to take place in a flyover state. Ohio it is. This is a total misuse of cars. This uncool strife will come back one day and these lames will be on bicycles.

    27. accord847

      Jinxed it .should have never said how he was doing so good it looked like he jumped.;,)

    28. Luis Gutierrez

      If I seen thousands of videos of performance trucks but this one is one of my favorites this truck can run.

    29. OhSoTrendyyy

      Malibu got power windows!

    30. Excitable101

      3:30 that mustang was looking for a crowd.

    31. Melissa Selvidgegraves

      Browny points I'm on her profile

    32. Melissa Selvidgegraves

      I have a Molly but in my case it's a Melissa she is super duper smoke hot big blue eyes and taller than me lol hate that anyways she is my bonny I'm her clide marred 20 years I had a 1968 Camaro when I met her and a old Chevy truck we beat the back roads down I sold a Muncie trans to pay for out wedding she have given me 3 boys and soon to be three girls and is still a head Turner hold on to the good one

    33. Melissa Selvidgegraves

      That Nova with no front clip socially distanced its self from rusttang

    34. okta sandi

      street race must go on 😎

    35. David Mcnerney

      Love that ls Malibu and holy fuck Molly works her as off on the starting line for ya.Better put a ring on it buddy.

    36. Jody

      You'll get a permit for that chit or just do the damn thang

    37. Chuck 5.0

      Saw the thumbnail, I clicked it. Then I watched the races and subscribed. Nicely done!

    38. James Moreira


    39. J Mch

      That's the first time I haven't seen your pops (DAD) helping you out.

    40. Rico Karabanoff

      Billy the kid I like that!!!!

    41. J Mch

      Need more racing bro ham, I just got a 96 mustang GT and all it's got is a cold air intake and a H pipe but runs really good wish I could do some mods to it but just don't no what

    42. J Mch

      You hardly see Chevy blazers race he would of had him if he didn't run to the right.

    43. J Mch

      Wher was you guys racing at what state?

    44. mark leblanc

      It’s Great to see People Saying F U to the Government!

    45. Smitty

      Please make a two hour video of only her In Yoga pants

    46. kevin auman

      @4:29 looks like Molly has some competition in the rump roast category and Kid was caught looking too!

      1. James Marsh

        Not only looking but trying to act like he was recording the truck when he was obviously recording her as she was walking by.

    47. Ronald Johnson

      I shure like to line up behind her !!!

    48. Gees B's

      Wtf didn't see any social distancing!! I hope this was not recent. You guys are all stupid if it was. What's with the title on this video? Lies like our president or what?

    49. Ed C

      Musica de intro ?

    50. Glenn R.

      Just a hint.... "Social Distancing" doesn't mean thirty people standing shoulder to shoulder in a crowd on the side of the road. You might want to look this one up.

    51. Garykaren Mcgruther

      Did awesome. I would love to have you come up to Lapeer International Dragway for grudge races we put on. Your truck is no joke. Fair warn you though, alot of this guys are definitely street racer's. Who knows, you might be asked to a few.

    52. Jason Printz

      The Mustangs are looking like their making the quickest passes!! Probably cuz they're LS powered

    53. Dan Gilbert

      Go s10 go

    54. Motersickle Bum

      nice little makeshift drag-strip. where is it?

    55. David Whitehead

      Great vids. Keep it up! Did you check SMZeus”dot”com?!? You should use it to promote your videos and grow your channel.

    56. Nathan

      I wont me some Candy!

    57. Fred Rex

      I'm noticing the SRC gear on a lot of them outlawsI have a feeling we're going to be seeing you and that little pickup on tv pretty soon?

    58. Mad Martian

      6:00 7:43 9:49... I'm a little ashamed of myself.

    59. Brian Jacobs

      Paint that truck all white it needs to look as good as it drives

    60. Mike Kooz

      Southwest Ohio is with ya.

    61. drgnslayr72

      Is that beater bomb in the background of your final race??

    62. Creative Enjoyment

      Audience, this activity is in violation of the Safer at Home Act for social distancing. No face mask and not being 6 feet apart. People you have young children that are at PREY for COVID-19. Don't get me wrong, I'm a true and big fan to drag racing. I too have a drag/street mustang, but Okey Dokey Dang. Let's keep each other safer. MASK UP...Smh

    63. craig me

      Irrisponsible, grow up

    64. MAFI OSO

      Tell the wins next time .

    65. Pablo Aloy

      Wtf lol , that blonde girl looks so stupid looking like she pushing the truck lmfao

    66. John barfneck

      why are not the police arresting them all for illegal road racing?

    67. Jose Lepe

      l love the Chevy s 10.👍😍😍

    68. Tom Greene

      Umm... you do know it's not the cars that need to (not that they can) social distance?

    69. Josh McCain

      I stumbled upon this channel and I gotta say I’m happy I did. All of the content is great and everything from pops to the cameraman chimes in. Immediately got a sub outta me. Keep up the great content!

    70. doggystyledave

      Is it normal for the cars to be lined up, then have the guy tell them to move a little further RIGHT before leaving? Like.. EVERY time?

    71. Grey Wolf67

      Great watching you guys racing again. Class act, love watching you channel.

    72. andy347495

      I dont see any social distancing there bro.

    73. Invincibletro

      Star Wars commercial talking about "THE KID," followed by a shot of your licence plate, "TH3 KID."

    74. kyle marshall

      Awesome video

    75. Dale Groves

      Great racing and a top notch video, the person behind the camera is awesome.

    76. illmindjunglist

      Yall got some bad ass cars out there 🏁🏴‍☠️

    77. Gene Mounce

      Good Golly Ms. Molly !!!!!!!!!!! Hold on to that one kid., she's a keeper !

    78. ronnie9471

      Ol girl cute as hell

    79. rayloe1021

      Molly is soooo hot!

    80. Anthony Wilkerson

      Does anybody else see that they're not socially distancing but that's the title is anybody aware of that smart people comment

    81. Mike McNeill


    82. Jamessr23

      Everybody gets faster every year and a little smarter. Often who runs out of money first

    83. Joseph Lay

      Good tight race in the finials bro. I was stoked you were abel to, take out that Nova with no front clip. He didnt belong with yall imo. every one else was in street cars with majorty having working windows and are still stock fire wall but that was a stright up race car! He got gapped by a street car! Hell 2 cars by the 60ft 💪looking good man!

    84. Paul Lloyd

      Young versions of jungle Jim and jungle pam you too are awesome

    85. Joloke08

      I guess this is something to look back on for the survivors after all the others have died and can reflect on how it was all worth it................................ I pity those who wern't there that get infected as a result!

      1. No Prep Stretch

        LMAO 😂 🤣 Media tells you to stay home and you worry. Media don't tell you not to drive to sports events restaurants or any other non-essential destinations to reduce the number of car fatalities and you don't say or think anything about that.

    86. John Hinojos

      this hand drop racing is stupid!!!!!!!! you were against the back car the signal dude said there yet the car did one more jump and was OK?????????? should have been a red light why a stupid joke especially if you have money on that nonesenze

    87. Kent Shifflet

      Looks more like a GAP, than 6ft.socisl distancing!!! 😁🤔👍

    88. ddruckmu

      Racing was good, the only thing doing social distancing was the cars, not the stupid people.

    89. The Fitness Life

      Poor girl got smoke blown on her all day.

    90. Young Coffey

      Seen that pavement a few times , only being 35 mins away lol ppl that live at the end of the road will call the sheriff on ya ...gotta watch

    91. Michael Regan

      Social distancing at its finest. Not a mask in sight either lmao

    92. Wesley 'T Hoen

      And again you guy’s naild it !!! Great vid good racing and good respect to the oponent 👌🏻👌🏻 and hell who wouldent want to het lined-up bij Molly 😬😬 all Jokes beside great content guy’s keep it up !!!!! Love watching your chanel !!! 🤗🤗😎😎 greetings from Holland and stay safe 👌🏻💪🏻

    93. Tony Davis

      It is really obvious who doesn't get laid just by scrolling thru the comments...some of you dudes need to get out more. This quarantine is really taking it's toll

    94. MrMustnot

      dat ass thou

    95. Kye Smith

      Glad to see the s-10 is up and running again

    96. Stuart Turner

      Lost that one on the light but hey can’t win them all. Keep parking them on the trailer.

    97. Jay Walker

      Molly has became ah pro on lining up and even running out the burn outs with ya ,,, amazing job Molly

    98. Arnav Sinha

      You are part of the problem, no wonder the virus situation is so bad in the US

      1. No Prep Stretch

        @traskalleI explained to you why I am not concerned about the Corona scare. You claim to be concerned about human life but 3700 people die in car fatalities every day and that is okay with you because cars are made safer. I hope you're not the cause of a car fatality as you drive to a non-essential destination like a football game or restaurant. If that happens, think long and hard about if you had stayed home you would not have accidentally caused someone to die.

      2. traskalle

        @No Prep Stretch why are you repeating the same shit? I've seen and heard tons of reporting about deaths in traffic. Car manufacturers are constantly making cars safer. The roads are being made safer as times go on. All you're doing is trying to shift focus from the pandemic, why?

      3. No Prep Stretch

        Who is part of the problem of 2 people dying every minute in a car fatality? The Media failed to mention that now did they. STFU

    99. J D

      And I thought the malibu was never a threat . Was I wrong.

    100. tee money

      Who came for the spandex 😍😍