Racing at Street Car Takeover (BG) 2020!

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    No Prep Testing at Marion, Took Motorsports Molly down the track for the first time on Methanol. We went to Street Car Takeover in Bowling Green, KY with both S-10s. We had an awesome time, and can't wait to go back!

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    1. Richard Thomas

      Love to see the family working and racing together. Need to see more of Molly's races.

    2. Richard Thomas

      Like to see Billy line up with Tommy. Just for fun.

    3. CodeManfortworth

      Big brother had to take him out,that's awesome

    4. Fredie Farmer

      Great video.. you guys are killing the tree..

    5. msattler111

      Just wondering........... How much does it cost just to keep rear tires on the S10??

    6. SUNN RAYY


    7. pissed off pistons

      What is the digital number gauge on dash..its usally in the 300-400 range?

    8. Allen Dawkins

      Idgaf what nobody says "the kid" is a bad mfer. Stay safe brother. Love from ellerbe nc

    9. Miguel Padilla


    10. Daniel Ward

      Gotta feel like you're being shot out of a cannon lol

    11. Flomond Barnes

      you guys look great togather enjoy your lady man you dont find them like that any more .

    12. Johnny Dodson

      You should have told Molly when you were giving her a rip. "we're giving her a ride in the S10 so she can remember why I'm her man"

    13. Allan Collins

      Have you guys ever ran at clay city KY, Kentucky drag way, y’all would like it a lot of fast street cars

    14. Jim Phelps

      Love your channel. It's family oriented, and it's great your family works on the vehicles and races together. If I ever get my car done, would like to be able to race at an event with you guys. My 10 year old daughter said maybe she could be your cheerleader. I told her race teams don't have cheerleaders on the track, but she can cheer from the stands. She said dang it, they need cheerleaders on the track. God bless you, stay safe.

    15. David Carpenter

      Yeah @ 18:40 ... I no rite ... Doing wheelstandz on noprep... Thkz ... D ...

    16. Michael Pulley

      There are crazy horse power there I know this because it is my home track go there every other weekend

    17. Charlie Meredith

      My hometown wish I’d know y’all was there would have loved to see you race in person

    18. Kerman Fuller

      congrats tommy

    19. Triton Bradford


    20. Bones Nelson

      Been watching your videos for a while now just wanna say there badass and that's coming from an old school drag racer!

    21. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Looks like a great night or successful racing for the SRC Team! Even without sweeping wins across the board, you guys are fighting with some BIG prep surface dogs!

    22. Wolf Firewalker

      You're doing well Kid keep up the great work !! Also Spend as much time with your Dad as possible because He truly is one of the greats and has a lot of experience and knowledge and I see pride and love in his eyes when he looks at you and life is short and days run long and time flys faster then wheels can ever turn so Keep your head up your foot down and your eyes on the prize but never lose focus on what is truly important and that is to always remember to keep stock of what you have and be too worried about what you don't because believe me when I tell you that nothing last forever but tomorrow will always handle its self as long as we make the most out of today Forever Forward with the shinny side up and the rubber side down .. Keep diggin and never ever give up ..You Got it Kid and the only limits you have are the ones you place upon yourself Go gettum KID!! 💯😎🤘✌️

    23. Anthony Jones

      Beechbend is great! Plus its right next to the vette factory and museum.

    24. Steve Fellers

      Congratulations to Tommy!

    25. Tiger Paw


    26. Borgonian Evolution

      Super Weekend for you guys. Strong and consistent. Gratz to Tommy for holding it together and taking the win in the truck class.

    27. A10warthog

      You guys did a darn great job run watcha brung outstanding Awesome 👌

    28. Lamb Chop

      Relationship goals ladies and gents

    29. EAST SIDE313

      Hell yeah!!!! You guys killed it!!!!💪💰

    30. Peer

      Who is the intro song from? Thank you

    31. Dan Dallman

      Out of the groove and kept her straight for the win, nice work!

    32. Frank Merkl

      Fix the bump steer in the truck!! or you will wreck it !!!

    33. Ryan Doyle

      Send it leave the paint

    34. Scott Burns

      I love beach bend raceway. I'm in eastern KY so about a 4hr drive for me. Glad you guys had a blast there. One of the oldest tracks around.

    35. eric D

      Ok now the brothers need to race and see who's truck reins Supreme

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        That would be Billy... lol.

    36. Corey Edmonds

      Yall don't be FRACKIN around...! Great Job!

    37. Calvin H.

      Holy SH!T that white Mustang is fast! He must have put a Chevy engine in that thing. lol.

    38. Calvin H.

      A little skating on the dragstrip is always fun. So is gaptizing a few while you're there. lol.

    39. Nathan LeBell

      Well done gents!!!! Love the content

    40. sjrsloan

      well yall got the local boys around heres attention,good job!

    41. Vicente Esquer

      You guys make me want to work on my 86 S10 Blazer!

    42. Winston Pratt

      That eclipse/talon was coming for you with that all wheel drive in the 1st rnd but I knew the old small body pick-up would come through lol

    43. Winston Pratt

      Don't worry lil bro bro 👊 I got you....🤣🦾

    44. John Z

      One final thought for you,, I write as many comments as I can 'cause I'm hoping the comment numbers help with the cash you get from YT. If that's not so, number of comments are irrelevant I can surely stop but I'm hoping they help.

    45. John Z

      Tommy Two Guns - Street Truck FTW!! Well done TTG! Billy,, you're a class act buddy,, graceful in the Winners Circle and graceful in defeat. You're right bud,, those folks in Small Tire prep track are wired on KILL,, you're on your way as quickly as budget will allow. The more of those events you make the more you're picking up subs and comments. All make for a stronger channel and MO CASH to get the SRC TEAM in the press! Good on ya,, all of you!!

    46. man bearpig

      That little blue truck is sweet looking, clean

    47. John Z

      Wow!! First round Street Truck,, Awesum run Tommy!! Way to stay focused buddy!

    48. John Z

      Daymn!! Saturday first round in small tire the sun was blinding,, Billy dun GR8, whupp'd up on the import FTW!

    49. John Z

      Tommy was STRONG in Street Car, tree'd 'em all [something Tommy Two Guns is coming to known for!] but the Firebird just had a stronger big end charge. We've a feel'n Tommy's S10 will find a bigger BIG END come next race. Billy hammered the competition in spite of being just a tad bit squirrly [hope we see Billy find the cash for a back half and 4-link in his hotrod one of these dayz!] ~ and we luv'd it!! All in all the first day was a huge success,, nuth'n broke!

    50. John Z

      Ohh yeah! That opening scene Billy and Molly, the camera haze, the same suits, the helmets,, AWESOME!

    51. Bryan Sells

      Crazy semi was shown said Cheeseman’s trucking is my ex-wife’s parents company

    52. 510Redneck

      So pumped ya'll got some gear on... now just gotta work on getting all caged sometime :)

    53. Thomas Partin

      Arrow dynamics play a good part of why the mustang was able to haul a$$. You need to start thinking about getting Billy's truck a front spoiler/air dam, to keep air from getting under it at those speeds now. Cool video.

    54. Joe Howard

      Do you guys have merch ? Love that black MSW shirt your dad wears !!!! Great win Tommy And yes Billy that guy would’ve had his hands full with a no prep race !!! Great driving guy’s and yeah lol can’t let Molly forget what the S10 is all about ...... 😎

    55. TheCanadianBubba

      Great looking Weekend !

    56. Biscuit Boy

      Brother, you better marry that girl!! There aren't too many around like her!! All in all, it looks like everyone had fun, and Tommy won his class....Great job!!

    57. The Freeze Zone

      youve got no prep and the streets down pretty good, your having fun, with what you have, and thats great....I can see ya spending some more time on a sticky track to nail down some good baselines, you do have twins, turn them fuckers up on those sticky surfaces, let er eat! :) Stay Safe, Stay FAST!

    58. Nissan Altima

      Congratulations, you did an awesome job me and your fault we're right in your footsteps of your father and your brother good luck and I hope you best Billy Keep On Truckin brother you are coming along with the new set up good

    59. Drag Car Builder

      Congrats to Tommy for winning the street truck and so glad y'all stepped up with the full race suits I used to race in jeans and race jacket and had methanol catch on fire and burnt my shit to the ground and lucky I got out of the car and got the car outta the shop after making a hit and just had the coat and helmet on and looked up and seen my fiberglass hood melting and the sob was on fire and I just didnt have my suit and gloves on! From then on I don't even get in and buckle up or even dynoing cars ya never know when your gonnna spring a leak from somewhere and ya cant see the methanol burning bud!! Y'all keep up the great work!-

    60. Brian Schiffli

      " We love Violence, Primus and wanna see 9" Nails driven through someone's eyelids! " . Really loving what you folk are doing over there and watching from a lil burg west of Edgerton on the IN side. Thx for sharing.

    61. Sketchy's Garage

      How'd you teach your S10 the g-body shuffle. 🤣🤣🤣 Keep up the hard work!

    62. Bryan Phelps

      my hometown track

    63. Tom B

      Coming to Edgewater seek a little revenge on that Tin Soldier car ?

    64. Daniel Moody

      Hard to beat a promod that bolts on small tires

    65. Lonnie Airsman

      Awesome job guys

    66. BEN AUSMAN

      Keep up the great work guy !!!👍👍

    67. Brandon Burnette

      You should bring the trucks down to us 60 this weekend to jjs armdrop race 13-15

    68. Corey Wharton

      CATCH ME ON NO PREP! I legit started laughing hard. That stang was on ALL the roids like WTF!!!

    69. Boss Hog

      Great video. Glad nothing broke!

    70. Michael Bowens

      Love the videos and your crew is awesome

    71. Greg Rousseau

      I enjoy watching you race, but when are you going to race big time???

    72. Rusty Wells

      Yeah Billy you need about 2,000 horsepower too play with them boys but I know you would smoke then if you had that amount of horsepower! 🦅🇺🇸🦅

    73. Nick Austin

      I love how this family sticks together. It’s a big reason I watch. You guys rock. Keep up the great content!

      1. Anthony Jones

        I dont blame him, hes trying to protect his son and he is is tired of working on his truck by himself.

      2. Nick Austin

        I don’t have Facebook. What did he do?

      3. shane Calton

        Dogenohp dude the dad is getting dragged in EVERY single fb group

      4. Dogenohp

        You must not have seen the video of there dad and Molly, go to her Facebook page and watch it. You will soon lose intrest.

    74. jcnpresser

      I wish sct was big in bowling green like everywhere else. Like you said there’s something there for everyone. Water park. Amusement park. LS fest gets pretty packed. Last year it took us about an hour just to get to the track just from all the traffic. Y’all need to build a ls and come on down and hurt some feelings.

    75. Jake Wade

      Did the guy that put you out win the small tire?

    76. kathy guinto

      I'm single and loving every minute of it!.John M Guinto

    77. Jake Wade

      What mufflers does Tommy run?

    78. Chuck York

      Both trucks r laying down some awesome hits. In the groove, making power, and putting it to the ground. OFF DA CHAIN representin the real streets of OHIO. Great videos n great trucks. Your dad, you, n Tommy make me proud to b an old Ohio street guy. Keep it up.

    79. James Moreira

      Y do u let your brother do a sloppy burnout💩💩💩💩💩💩

    80. Jeffy joebob

      Tommy choppin them trees down 👊

    81. W. Branch

      "Don't worry Tommy, I'll get him" 🤣💯 Billy please paint that Truck 🍻

      1. Feliz Diaz

        My name is stick when you get ready to paint that truck I know u fellas know some paint and body guys but when it comes to custom painting I worked with juan parker over 25 years I'd like to show u a thing or 2 ur dad and his dad had to of known him I'll try to get in touch with ya and ex plain the situation sometimes it's not the $ why we do things

    82. Steven Thompson

      Congrats t2g🍻... buddie eric Jarvis runs that s2000 with a k24 4cyl. Bg is home town😎

    83. Jungle Jim Outdoors

      Big bro takin care of bidness 💪

    84. Steve Nelson

      Wish I knew y'all where in Bowling Green KY my ass would have been there like to meet y'all

      1. Steve Nelson

        Bowling Green KY Beech Bend Park it has been there a long time it is one of the best tracks around you guys come back love to see y'all

    85. Jim S

      F$$kin cool, Thank you!!!

    86. Larry Hendricks

      Great Job Boys!! Nice to see Tommy in the winners circle. Not much Billy could have done his last race. Y'all still nailing the tree! Let me know if you get into Missouri at all. I'd love to see those s10's run live! Gonna add my usual side note to say i now have a running 68 merc in my garage! She's not quite mobile yet but i'll take running at this point. I'll be putting a vid together of the first start and posting it up on my channel. Keep em comin boys! Love the channel!!

    87. Summitx800

      Hey kids do you like violence?? 🤣🤣🤣

    88. 2damnkwik

      you need to marry molly dont find girls like her much

    89. 07bluelbz

      Nice work guys. Impressive driving as always. Glad to see you guys have a smooth track outing without any major failures.

    90. Robert G

      Great video and showing guys, congrats on your wins!

    91. Rodney Hickman

      Congratulations Tommy keep it going. 👍👍

    92. Phillip Blake

      Now Tommy can buy a headlight.

    93. Ant Man

      Congrats fellas!!!!!

    94. Tommy Cook

      All shit u r going to be at Edgewater all cant wait in my back yard all yea good time and some fast hodrods

    95. Justin Weideman

      "you kids like Violence" HAHAHA

    96. Mike Martin sr

      Congratulations Tommy

    97. Richie 9

      You got em back alright.

    98. James Moreira

      Fix the head light

    99. Ang Moore

      Could I recommend a light bar lol 😋

    100. Jason Fleenor

      Definitely a cage in Tommy's truck.