Mom was NOT Happy about putting Drag Tires in her Mini-Van

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    We are putting my Old 66mm Turbos back on for the weekend and then upgrading to Precision 7675s next week. Testing Tommy's truck off the footbrake, and maintenance.

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      Got to live you scratching that headlight up having it face down on still young..


      I can't blame your mom.. I don't let anyone use my car's..people have no respect for others stuff.. If it was my mom sge would gave went in on me..I mean bad...

    3. djm93

      mama bear was pissed hahah

    4. douglas macomber

      Oh this is too much lmao.....I love how relaxed you are hehehe. And the editing is awesome how you have mom one minute than you smashing the tires in the minivan. 🤭👍

    5. Joseph Smith

      I love the fact that your mom is on the channel also. A true family operation. God Bless you all.

    6. Brendon Ian Crosbie

      Better buy mum a new car there boy's you you fix But no so that's a new car for mother

    7. ECW Performance

      Ooohhh busted by Miss Vicki!!

    8. Kenneth Chapman

      Mom is not happy, No One is happy, js.

    9. Paula Navarro

      Complete lack of respect for others property. He should at least try to clean it up. That’s his dang Mother for pity’s sake 😡

    10. L/M Performance

      Why don’t you just go with a twin scroll turbo or even dual hx40s or hx45s

    11. Joshua King

      Get you a pick up son

    12. Todd Dooley

      Poor Moma, the sacrifices she makes for her family. 🤔😀

    13. michael stroud

      Billy pretending to be Sergeant Schultz.. I know nothing !! Nothing !! 😎

    14. Michael Wickham

      Buy your mom a s-10 and put a stock 350 in it, maybe a 125 shot on it (in case a quick run to Jegs), good grocery getter and good for kids hauling race parts/tires. Everyone is happy then.

    15. Q Ue

      Get an exhaust back pressure (drivepressure) sensor in. Make sure your gates not bleeding pressure

    16. Jeff Graham

      Billy looks stoned.

    17. Gambler87

      are u still using your methanol injection on your setup? if so you should put the nozzles into the volutes of the new turbos you will get way more cooling that way

    18. Tom Rose

      Mom ain't happy huh Got my S10 going Billy .it's just a gen 1's my weakest link so I built to about 600 hp..95 s10 with a glidemy channel is just up " ridge runner race truck. Granddaughter come up with the name

    19. Dockery Lucas

      Why your dad mad

    20. Noreen Goodwin

      Total lack of respect!

    21. diy mechanic

      If she’s not happy about that just wait till she sees the video of her husband yelling at Molly and calling her a dumb b****

    22. Kevin Cash

      Your pops probley catches so much shit cause of you guys lol

    23. Eric Storer

      @streetracingchannel Sep 4&5th no prep Small Tire Armageddon is going down in Oklahoma. $300 entry, $25k to win. I tried posting to your fb. Would love to see yall there. Hit me up if you want the info

    24. Steve Nelson

      Tommy's truck needs a cage in it bad

    25. Raymond Blankenship

      lol when you cut back n forth to him loading up the tires 😂😂

    26. kmc 468

      I like how you two brothers give each other the look and nothing need be said. nowthat,s family

    27. michael stroud

      Looks like mom needs to do a little bit of exercise ... 😎

    28. Glenn Evitt

      O You Sir Are Going To Have A Bad day MOM Not Happy Yall Will Not Be Happy

    29. Alex Thompson

      forced inductions bw s400 sx75 1050hp for only 649 each

    30. Tim Mangham

      The dad went off on the girl friend calling her a b!@#$ and all!!!!! Just rude. Like very dude such a disgrace. No where near a man after that sorry

    31. Ryan XcheezdawgX

      Would have been way funnier if you put some ON HER VAN

    32. PreacherPaul Dudley-Do-Right

      why you swallowing so hard while your moms interrogating you?? ROFL, you're gonna have eggplant for a week if you don't get her van cleaned up. :))

    33. Llama Cebu

      When y'all going to put a solid paint job on that truck

    34. Evolution Garage

      He said idk why they aren’t ordered already 🤣🤣

    35. john doe

      sup with your dad and his foul words man? i watched prob every street race video you have ive followed the s10 build from nothing and to hear him say half that stuffs outta line. i hope you go far in your career yong man, trucks bad ass and sure has won a title or two .. keep it going!

    36. Marco Huertas

      Your dad needs to smoke some 🔥🎄💨😁

    37. patt20b

      Hey guys why don’t yas put your old turbos on to your little bro’s Ute when you get your new ones ? Or are you worried that he will go faster than you? :)

    38. VADER MK7.5

      Who needs a Dad with 7675s and Molly.

    39. Pablo Medrano

      Can you put a link for the headlights?

    40. Jeff Johansen

      Mom, be happy the boy spends his money on the race car and not on Dope!

    41. Darrell Kidd

      Bill I have lost all respect for you.How dare you talk to a young lady like the way you did. If you think she cost you a lot of money I would imagine after everyone hears you threating to knock her teeth out,I would imagine a lot of people will cancel their membership to your channel. what a disgrace you are. lost all respect for you and the way you bully others around. Im thinking a quick lesson in manners might do you a ton of good.

    42. Rynos Place

      im diggin the Turbo John shirt that T2G has on

    43. Andy seibert

      This is what happens when daddy pays for everything he thinks he’s the boss. If someone talks to your women like sr did in the videos I’ve seen anyone with a set of nuts wouldn’t have let him talk to her like that but billy kept his mouth shut cause daddy pays for everything.

      1. SRC Garage

        False. Billy pays for everything 100%.

    44. twadam

      Moms a good sport, lol.

    45. Phillip Blake

      Time to make some money and get momma a vehicle you will leave alone.

    46. JJ Dawson

      When the business comes crashing down, the sponsors are gone, and the family is destroyed this is all on molly

      1. JJ Dawson

        Darrell Kidd pops was tired of being fucked over

      2. Darrell Kidd

        not mollys fault. maybe pops should learn some manners.

    47. Shane Finch

      Racer Mom. Much Respect to them ALL.

    48. LSmustangX

      Does your dad verbally abuse your mom too?

    49. Norm Hover

      Read your comment for me today nothing I didnt figure out keep smoking the tires have fun |I will be watching

    50. Mattias Jansson

      the 1.00 AR housing on the BW would probably have worked , meth needs large AR's

    51. s hfr

      Billy, what's your best quarter mile time in the truck? Kiwi Sam

    52. nullrout

      Billy, you're lucky your mom didn't slap you when you said exactly after she said "it might be a $500 mini-van but it's the nicest thing I have".

    53. West Texan

      I sure hope the scene with mom's mini van was just a put on. If not dad needs to be ashamed for spending the money on racing and making his wife drive a $500 car.

    54. Tanner Cox

      Garage videos are the best👌

    55. rusty shackleford

      that was funny as shit

    56. Jeremy Eubanks

      Yall boys better take care of mama's van!!!

    57. Chicago Vasko

      The V2 headlights look great and better safety equipment.

    58. Chicago Vasko

      Definitely get mom a better awd turbo Van.

    59. Turbo World

      Even though my car is broken at the moment, it sure is motivating to hear these two s10s!! Goodness they sound so Menacing! Great job Folks!

    60. ah 0160

      Man I wish my wife cared that much about her $30k Jeep 😂

      1. MegaDargar

        Damn man, and their van was $500 lol

    61. Turbo World


    62. Kevin Coverstone

      Time for you to buy a truck for hauling parts. Get your mom some new seats and clean her car. It your mom.

    63. Axe To Grind Productions

      Hey we have a 15k street racing going down in Colorado. Bring your DAD and come through.

    64. Norman Fab

      If you went with the Precision 7675 or 7685 sportsman's you can get a much larger exhaust housings. However the turbo frame is quite a bit larger than the standard 7675

    65. RickyBobbyRacing

      I am really surprised how many triggered people there are about Bill sr, so what he teases his kids, that’s playing around and having fun and that dude has been there for his boys, teaching them, not to mention footing the bill most likely on most of their race needs. I personally think he is a great dad! And I would bet that both Billy and Tommy would agree as well....

    66. Michael Nelson

      Mom gets a new vehicle of her choice Billy 😉 after u buy the mini van - parts runner plus make sure moms new vehicle is a truck of her choice gotta love mom she is so sweet 😉

    67. jkoppiii

      I don't see what the problem is. Ida already ordered them! Lol

    68. LSX LEX Motorsports

      what company did you get those LED headlights from? do they make them for c10's also?

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        RoyalT custom lighting

    69. lc2kid

    70. MathiasLegend87

      My favorite quote “I don’t see what the problem is, I don’t know why they’re not ordered yet.”

    71. 92eg6si

      Go look at the recent videos Molly posted.

    72. Eschelonistic

      The way your little bro looks up to you is awesome to see! Saw in the last vid he was near on tearing up after all the help your old man and yourself have given him he smashed those no preps! Loving the content and the true family vibe!

    73. Richard Harris

      S475s will outperform the precisions at half the price. It's a race truck why are worried about lag?

    74. Frankie DaFixer

      Thought Momma was about to cut a Switch lol,Great video Guys!!

    75. G Wheeler

      I have a 2 boys, 1 is 4 and the other is 1.5 and I can already feel how your mom does. My 2 could break an iron anvil with a rubber mallet, can't have nothing nice. Or my favorite is when I come home and the 4 year old has gotten into dad's tools and took something apart (usually pawpaw instigated) and it's in the floor in a million pieces (Daddy help me fix it).

    76. FUBAR MOFO

      In real time minus all the slow mo, video was 1min long

    77. Jorge M

      What’s the website to those lights ?

    78. matt benton

      Ya'll have a badass channel, but dude the way your dad talks to your ol' lady is trash. True coward an 100% disrespect to you an her. Id step back an realize what is on Facebook of him talking to her the way is does is probably going to ruin the IRvision fun. Like I said y'all have a badass show but you got to man up an end that shit.

    79. Johnny Moran

      How is there not a ton of moths and other bugs flying around in there with the doors open on a summer night?

    80. Johnny Moran

      2:53 no Wix oil filter!??

    81. Johnny Moran

      Can't beat a cheap Honda Odyssey mini van!! (If the transmission doesn't go bad)..

    82. Keefe Spencer

      You should see if Wilson Manifolds will build you an EFI intake and throttle body and switch over to EFI with a Holley HP or Holley Dominator and put aluminum rods in the engine and billet crank with 23 degree AFR heads if you don't run them already and top them off with a set of Jesel shaft rockers and a custom grind camshaft and bore the engine out to a 434cid or 440cid and then start learning your brother on turbos so he can switch to the blow thru set up your running now so you can have interchangeable parts on both trucks and save money on Nitrous and fuel if you switch Tommy's truck to run M1 as well and on M1 you won't have to run an intercooler or radiator if you don't want to......your truck is way fast for what it is Billy I'm very surprised you haven't tore the truck down over winter and put a 25.3 chassis in the truck atleast and a 4 link rear and a parachute and Hans device amongst all your other safety gear and making the truck safe

    83. Jamar Murray

      What light brand was that, Rolt?

    84. foxtrot789

      Looked like some backward teflon tape...

    85. TheCanadianBubba

      Look forward to seeing more !

    86. Craig Thomas

      5:23....... Let me help you... Precision.

    87. Robert Cummins

      I just watched a video on your dad, the way he treats and talks to Molly, no one should be treating any body that way. I really like to watch you and your brother racing but l will not watch no more.

      1. crxjustice

        @North Alabama grudge #TONEYBOYSFTW what a mess but after reading the old man's statement I would have blown off the handles as well. Wish the best for them as a family I enjoy the channel because of the family working together.

      2. Marten Marte

        Billy runs SRC, Billy has buoy it from the ground up... Billy and Tommy do all the video shooting and photos, and Billy does all the Editing...

      3. North Alabama grudge #TONEYBOYSFTW

        crxjustice molly Kennedy on Facebook

      4. crxjustice

        Video must be gone I never seen it

    88. Craig Thomas

      Take it from me boys......... Keep Mum HAPPY!

    89. l Lucifer l

      BorgWarner S488

    90. l Lucifer l

      Why you get nitrous for low end

    91. l Lucifer l

      Tryna be boosterboiz

    92. Matt Damon

      Tommy be eyeing some new turbo’s for his truck lol 😆

    93. Steve's Shed

      Loved this vid ! Was a blast watching the three stooges themed version of , what happened to my van ???

    94. Austin S

      I don't know man I used to think those little lines bill used to say were just trying to be funny but after seeing some shit the guy is just an asshole. I hope he straightens out quick

    95. don nova

      Those black marks in your van are memories mom! LoL 😆

    96. send it

      do your mom right dude she is so cool

    97. cew142

      Thanks Billy for answering my headlight question!

    98. Bagel_Dog

      Love y’all’s content! It’s real. Like me and my dad working in the garage on our cars. Love it!

      1. North Alabama grudge #TONEYBOYSFTW

        Go watch molly Kennedy’s Facebook video it’ll change your point of view on it all sure did mine

    99. Daniel Duroy

      Looks like mom getting a new ride

    100. Shawn Clemmer

      I appreciate you guys more then you know it’s nice to see carbureted motors are still competitive can’t wait to get my c10 finished 🤘🏼