We DESTROYED High Gear Clutches... (My Fault)

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    More Struggles this week as we go down to Windy Hollow Dragway for Pandemonium in the Hollar.
    Somehow the truck was low on transmission fluid after changing it earlier this week and getting a false reading on the dipstick from fluid coating the dipstick tube. We Took fluid out thinking it was over full, but in doing so we screwed ourselves.


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    1. Iron-Hide6.2

      Cracks on a track as bad as our local roads.

    2. Jordan Maggart

      Come to union hill right outside of Nashville. I’d put my money all y’all all day

    3. White Racing Films

      My hometown track💪🏼 sadly I missed the event

    4. Tery Tittle

      Dirty is an understatement

    5. THAT_1_GUY HHP

      Anyone catch that burp @2:42

    6. Austin Selman

      Do yall put a little skinnies on the tire before the wipe or no?

    7. MKEUnderground

      Intro was lit

    8. Jim Thompson

      Lots of chit chat and valueless word vomit and grab ass 👎

    9. j Eber

      Flush the TURD on November 3 Trump and MOSCOW MITCH have to go

    10. Andy Grundy

      Absolutely love you and your family. Reminds me of mine.

    11. Victor Hex

      Epic video! Real people with real cars making real power for some real fun.

    12. J Mch

      That track looks shitty bro.

    13. Tim Westwood

      And do you use mono leaf springs with your cal Trac set up

    14. Tim Westwood

      Is your rear end Braced

    15. Sruikyl

      How are you able to run without the bars going through your back window into the frame? They lax on cage requirements or are there bars underneath the tunneau cover?

    16. Mike D

      Nice seeing moms out with the fam....

    17. SlowerThanU

      Lol Landon... first thing he does is flex on camera. Dude is 😂

    18. Shaun Holden

      Wow johnny cash was at the track coed name rusty

    19. pigrond

      these things happen it was movin good though

    20. Bud D

      That purplish nitrous fox is nuts, they driving that thing lol.

    21. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      Whoa that surface is definitely a challenge! Really stretches the brain thinking about how many different little variables you need to worry about in a very VERY short amount of time racing at your level! Not even sure we would STREET race on a surface that sketchy, kudos to all of you. Sorry to see the truck hurt again but lessons learned, pay the toll and move on! Btw, LOVE seeing you 1 handing that wheel on a fast pass ;)

    22. General Hobbies

      dang, that red wagon @12:45

    23. rkinni

      Why do you not build your own transmissions? Something tells me you have enough knowledge to build them for your application.

    24. TheCanadianBubba

      Oh man, really feel for the dipstick dilemma, maybe a straight vertical dip with no turns or a sightglass setup could be had ?

    25. Jamie Bowyer

      Love y'all for everything you do your family's awesome keep it up!!

    26. Drew Heil

      Billy you are a beast behind the wheel. Truck runs down like a laser guided missile!

    27. Andrew Hunt

      I need to figure out this slo mo stuff to at least look fast great job guys as always

    28. Brian Rowlison

      Out standing content! Keep the good stuff coming! Tuff luck with the gearbox, but you guys put on one heck of a show. I know you and the old man will be back; better than ever the next time out!

    29. adrenaholic1

      Is Thornhill dragway still open down there?

    30. BigBoyzToyz69 Classic Muscle Cars Ohio

      Ohio is a racing state and this family represents the best. Thanks and keep up the great work!

    31. Josh Wynn

      @SRC Garage and Billy, when doing a burnout with a TH400, do you start in 2nd and shift to high? I heard it's a big no no to do it in 1st gear. Thanks guys!

    32. Hank Clingingsmith

      Man that 55 is FAST

    33. Robert G

      Great video and driving Billy, sorry about the bad luck.

    34. Nick Pendleton

      That "street" track looks horrible..

    35. M Pip

      Great video Billy. Keep em coming man.

    36. Philip Mazzuca

      Hard to read the stick when it’s not factory tube and stick. Those Lokar dipsticks are nice but sure as shit hard to read.

    37. Karl Morrison

      AWSOM VID!!!

    38. GlocksNthings

      I’m down on ky tn state line London dragway my dad lives close to owenville ky close to mt sterling

    39. GlocksNthings

      What size engine is in the truck why not put a lsx in it

    40. Jimmy King

      Y’all good people

    41. rich 570

      This is why I love y’all man, such amazing sportsmanship win, lose, break always gracious.

    42. rich 570

      This is why I love y’all man, such amazing sportsmanship win, lose, break always gracious.

    43. Scott Smith

      Billy I knew when you said that track was hidden in an old holler, there would be some locals dragging out their old iron... and that carbureted big block shoebox fit the bill. Great coverage great racing.. Scotty from Lancaster.

    44. Paul Brooks

      Did the clutches burn from lack of oil or something else? Where’s the oil gone?

    45. Mick

      good old Johnny Cash at the end with the toy car

    46. Trusted Castings

      It's a farvseventytoo with two 1250's on top, absolute Gold, I was smiling from ear to ear!!

    47. Dustin Rogers

      Dam that’s sucks Billy. Like always I’d bet on the S10 to win everywhere u go. But that’s Racing. Bet they all were relieved when they seen u broke. Lol.

    48. Joseph Cummings

      That a way to show them how to run down that left lane the proper way Billy!!

    49. John Z

      Tha 'ol Betty' is an awesome race car. I was expecting to see that car and that orange '66 Nova in the final. Apparently the Nova lost and didn't get there.

    50. Richard Harris

      GOD BLESS AMERICA! THANK YOU for acknowledging our GREAT COUNTRY

    51. John Z

      This into,, you KILLED IT Billy!! Awesome. I just finished watching 'ol Dad's video and just like all the rest of the SRC family fans, LUV'd IT! Thanks much for all the effort you guys put into your videos. Re that bump where the asphalt and concrete meet, it really wouldn't take a lot for the track owner to rent an asphalt 'scarifyer' and plane that bump down so there's no bump. Hope they do that before the next race they sponsor.

    52. Josh Schonfeld

      Ol Betty sure moves for being all motor!

    53. Steve Kleeman

      More awesome content.

    54. scott tim

      Hey why are we loosing trans fluid? Pops had too much of that DayQuil lol

    55. Peggy Patton

      He blow all that dirt off walking you truck through there real good move your real good billy at driving keep it up GOD BLESS you family.

    56. scott tim

      Dannnnng!!! That mustang next round lol

    57. scott tim

      Also had to pause for that next round white mustang cobra bumper prob v6 chassis lol black door cards that thing is moving

    58. scott tim

      Had to pause to mention the video footage from the back of the cab!!! Sick

    59. kirklandracing

      Take it from this Old Man, you never take fluid out of a transmission. Rather be high than low. A catch can will take care of the rest. Better luck next time but I think that Pinto could have taken the whole race. I like to know his setup.

    60. Rusty Wells

      Man I've run at that track and you have to have a set on you to keep it to the floor down that surface it scared the hell out of me the first time down it but it's one of my favorite tracks.

    61. Seeking TKO

      Whoa, Black Betty (Bam-ba-Lam) She's from Birmingham (Bam-ba-Lam) Way down in Alabam' (Bam-ba-Lam) Well, she's shakin' that thing (Bam-ba-Lam)

    62. l Lucifer l

      Start posting more damn

    63. joe blow

      Walk behind blower would do wonders...

    64. Christiano Decino

      @10:20 to 10:45 that’s fkn ride bet

    65. Allen Lord

      We need a chute on back of the S-10 . Just anything to keep our boi "Billy the not so much a kid" safe

    66. Robert Boten

      Really love your guy’s channel. Been around a lot of racing all my life, love what you and your family stand for.

    67. Tristan Abell

      Finally in my neck of the woods. If I'm not mistaken last year was the first year they had any cars on that track for probably 5 years or so.

    68. 79tazman

      That's sucks you ran into issues. That Ole Black Betty was a sweet ride even though it's not a street car I like that it has the OG dash in it

    69. SUNN RAYY

      BE SAFE, BE FAST 🔥🔥🔥🏁

    70. SUNN RAYY


    71. UPS Mech Johnson

      The slo mo intro was killer!

    72. Matt Brooks

      Like my uncle “Biggie” use say there in Tennessee; more horsepower more problems!” 😁😁😁😁😁

    73. young11984

      Where did the fluid go in the trans, made 2 hits the decided to vanish or was it blowing thru high on those passes too? Pretty slick to use the tires for cleaning the lane

    74. Chris Shea

      Tough break on the trans. That purple mustang was a contender also. Wow.

    75. Mr. B. Real

      widow hollow dragway ?

    76. sykwookiee

      Y'all need to quit tearing up the only S-10 that I like...if you're not breaking something then you're not runnin' hard enough...thanks for allowing us into your racing family...take care y'all...

    77. JT T

      Your truck makes enough power.. Run Shell Tractor gear case oil.. It doesn't break down.. Better viscosity.. No thermal break down... It doesn't foam up like ATF...

    78. CaptJack

      She was running sweeeeeeeet shame had issue. Cheers

    79. Tommy Cook

      Lol i got the same Tonka toy my dad played with it when he was a kid

    80. Bigfoot Trucking

      That first pass Billy got gas happy went out the back door with that mother

    81. Dale Steinecke

      Dam and she was running so good

    82. RyaN Poe

      Crazy track

    83. Ac Black

      Sorry to hear about the trany, BUT you and your Dad know how to tune!!

    84. Aaron Flatinger

      Tough break..but 💪👊❤✌

    85. David Passmore Jr.

      I’m guessing picking up debris in the groove from burnout to launch, then blowing it off the tires in the “burnout box”. I’ll have to keep that in mind should I ever need it 👍

    86. Matthew Mcclintock

      Ole Betty is a bad bitch lol

    87. stlmikie

      Why wouldn’t they guys sweeping the dirt sweep,it to the outside?

    88. Big Bill at Iron Garage

      Cleaning the lane. Rolling through the dirt and the back tires pick it up then you clean the tires in the burn out. Yep the old man is right. When I was racing we would do that 3 or 4 times during a race and I don't think anyone every figured it out what we where doing. You will need to do that on some of those little outlaw tracks. Well you got this winter to get that truck ready for next year.

    89. Scott Pierce

      I miss that HOT GIRL FRIEND !.

    90. Shannon Lindsey

      Great Video, Billy..Great Content.. That Super 10 is getting faster and faster..Proud of you guys..

    91. Gerry Milidantri

      Dam that track is like racing on an old driveway

    92. kreega K

      A dirt road would of been better than that track Holy shit

    93. Shawn Clemmer

      The fact that you have dislikes blows my mind I’d love to have a conversation with them 😂🤔

      1. clint hotrod Patriot

        probably dislike for silly reasons. or cross-eyed and hit dislike, and too lazy to change it

    94. Steve Stauff

      I’m shur they were releaved that you had trouble. You’re truck was killing it

    95. Tammy Forbes

      No such thing as a race car that doesn’t break! Anything ran that hard is gonna give some where! It just gets easier after you find they week spots in your drive train!

    96. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy I Like Matt Ryce Im Ronald Thank You. ☺

    97. Countryboy Scooter

      Billy you need a ride on a big team like John Force Racing!!

    98. sam mitchell

      Was amazing getting to meet you guys last weekend billy. Great wonderful things in your future buddy. Loved talkin with you and your dad and learned some kool tricks especially with the dirty lane. Much love and God bless from ky!!!

      1. SRC Garage

        The pleasure was all ours.

    99. Biscuit Boy

      That orange Pinto wagon is bad ass!! Anyways, get the trans fixed up and get back out there!!

    100. James Hixson

      Where is T2g. Billy is quick with the lights. Great job Billy.