Brothers Truck Does NITROUS WHEELIES on the Street.

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    Nitrous wheelies are fun, especially in a stock chassis S-10! It's about like trying to ride a bull!

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    1. NSM TURBO

      What size rear tire/wheel and backspacing? What rear end are you running? Thanks

    2. David Bates

      Hi guys what are the cam specs of Tommy’s truck

    3. ISEE YOU

      Activation RPM 0.. is that set how low it will spray? Don't you ideally want to be 3k or higher when spraying?

    4. ISEE YOU

      The interior wire job kills me as an old audio installer who believes in clean wiring that needs a lot of work and that white loop hanging down is gonna get caught in a foot one day. I really love this truck but man I would love to see it wired cleaner so the interior looks more stock.

    5. Parts projects paint performance Powered Racing

      (FASTEST IN AMERICA) who else would love to see SRC Garage Bill and his family next time on Fastest in America ? I know Bill would Be A Team Leader that would be legendary .(Parts, Projects-Paint & Performance) check its out Bill, we will be with you soon with a 2ed gen s-10 build and also a coupe Fox build. Thanks for the videos and all you do for the racing population sir.

    6. Mr Busy

      That is one good father

    7. Rick Wisehart

      Pin that hood down

    8. Joseph Cummings

      Man you guy’s have the freaking coolest Pop in the world!!

    9. Charles Rich

      love and his Dad shirt Fkn send it

    10. 22 Performance

      Do y’all run the 117 in the engine fuel cell too or just nos??

    11. Jay Walk

      the damn left jumped about 3 feet up on one of those passes.. fookin beautiful LOL 🤘2020😷😆

    12. Jay Walk

      7:04 bad ass shirt ..

    13. jack woods

      I love Pops laugh when Tommy sends it the first time!!!!

    14. Dan Myers

      Looks like the truck could use some frame stiffening? That’s a lot of frame twist off the hit...

    15. Jonathan Keenan

      Love how your dad explains things to you guys keep up the hard work thanks for the awesome videos.

    16. Allen Jay

      Kick ass , you two boys are living the dream . Your pops and grand pops did it right .love the channel

    17. Kevin suppes

      Bad ass S10s 🍻🍻

    18. Michael Cabrera

      What kind of muffler you have on the truck?

    19. Anonymous Person

      Saw a guy wreck a truck like that with no rollbars in it was not good... No way I would race that fast without rollbars...

    20. Ricardo Perez Santana

      que machi arremanga esa maquina q relaciin trae en el diferencial

    21. Ronnie Phipps

      Thank you for being a true street racer drive there and back and not on a trailer

    22. Clarrnce Clark

      The money people seem to have blows my mind What are you going to do with it now

    23. Wade Smith

      farther sons relations are great bring back me and my dad

    24. Scottie Johnson

      Who did the music?

    25. Fifty SiX

      Quit letting off puss

    26. Noah Luster

      What you running for exhaust?

    27. TrAiLeRpArKpiMp N

      Your Ol Man Laughing on the 1st pull made me smile my ass off! DAD OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!



    29. nick baldwin

      What headers are you running and tire sizes I have 82 s-10 ladder bar mounts hit everything have hooker headers drivers side sets lower than passenger side it hits everthing need to raise I figure tires are what I will use to raise it

    30. Krazo buildZ

      That’s bad ass dude 💯

    31. John Krout

      National Trail back lot ? Looks like

    32. Steven Thompson

      Your doing great!!! I kno my son would be a nervous wreck... got a dad that's been there an has all the advice to keep you safe!!! And gets a laugh at the end of it🤭😂

    33. Little Bastards racing

      Nice dime

    34. Big Rig

      The needs to be on a shirt. Not going to let off till front end comes down or you go in the ditch

    35. chevy caprice

      I need to kno how much yall charge to build a small block up

    36. 69JJV

      Tommy learning fast. Kid you were conceived by a NITROUS hit.

    37. Duey Jones

      Are you’re headers custom? Engine swap headers are not gonna breath well with 406 cubes that I’ve built

    38. Jay Hayes

      The dad's laugh cracks me up. He's so serious looking and then cackles like a kid.

    39. Kent Shifflet

      You have two very knowledgeable people showing you the ropes.... If you listen to them, how can you not go FAST???? Billy, you want to take it from here???

    40. merrill mitchell

      That was awesome.

    41. Thomas Lewis

      Who built the truck .? This is how you do it...I would love to know more about the S10. Since they have considerable experience with aftermarket parts in the S10/Blazer chassis.. What do they recommend as far as engine mounts, steering shaft, headers, exhaust, suspension, transmission, rear end, gearing? My point is a lot of young kids could save a lot of money and grief with some good tips. So many young kids get a bad taste and give up on motorsports. Some idiot takes there money and leaves them with a pile of useless parts. We all need to do our part to keep the sport going. The EPA, federal regulators are still a threat [more education is needed ] After watching Raceweek.on IRvision..I was thinking..We use to run a 2 big Walker muffler off a single exhaust 1970? Chrysler 440 cu inch Imperial.I'm not sure how much air they flowed, but they were extremely quiet. In a 1968 AMX with a mild hydraulic cam/flat tops lift 390 cu inch/4 speed . The car ran 11:40 at 120 mph with open headers and collector extensions / With the 2 big heavy Walker mufflers that were really quiet, the car run 11.90 at 116 mph. Not bad considering how quiet it was. Might be a good idea for race week or Hotrod magazine, Holley,etc events 1600 miles wearing headphones and yelling isn't fun.

    42. Jaden Crocker

      Needs a non stock steering wheel

    43. MrShark4488

      i will see you all the 4th at Marion County and buy some merchandise from you if you have my size.i will save on shipping,i live 10-15 minutes from you in Hebron,'s going to be a good time that's for sure

    44. Mark Godina

      Who cares

    45. Ag Tuber

      U was on racenight in america they said your name was brad to protect your self

    46. Tyler Tucker

      Damn this dad knows his shit

    47. Josh Wynn

      Tommy you have a FAST ass truck lil brother! You're doing great, don't let anyone tell ya different!

    48. Justin Esi

      I love your dad, such a great Man!!

    49. Sean Mayo

      Well good for your brother by god

    50. Dan Johnston

      Cameras on. Truck pulls the wheels off the deck. Camera pans around. Catching the old man's shirt, which has written....FKN SEND IT lol Classic moment.

    51. Jay H

      Beautiful truck guys!

    52. Beekeeper Dave

      I think you did a great job hats off to you Tommy it takes courage to get behind the wheel of a fast hotrod and do what your doing keep up the good work and don't let anyone discourage you and give em hell!

    53. Sixx6Sixx

      Lifting too early...nice ride 😉

    54. Don Catherman

      My car set up same my line lock so it ingages with trans brake as well ...stops that rocking ya get when on trans brake...holds car still on the line,,,,I have a mini 2 stage nos controller.....dam nice wheely.. Tommy Two gun's...

    55. Michael Parker


    56. n01z3

      the person who captures the two SRC trucks pulling the wheels side by side one day, 😎😎😎😎😎😎

    57. LS Redneck

      That was Awesome! Great job Tommy. Don't Lift

    58. Daniel Harrell

      Man u r doing awesome most grown men couldn't do what u r doing in your teenage years great driving

    59. gadgetfadget

      Nice one Tommy! Big brother better watch his back. 👊🏻🤣🤣

    60. Epe Fab

      Good to see America still builds hotrods🤘🏻


      I've always loved the fast good old square body S10

    62. Upperpdx

      How are you guys warming up the bottle?

      1. Tommy Hoskinson

        Just a torch

    63. Brad P

      You guys have the coolest dad in the world!

    64. Andy Grundy

      Absolutely love it!

    65. Anthony Akers

      I fuck with that camera what are you using?

    66. TheCanadianBubba

      Go get it !

    67. mike osborne

      Come to Edgewater this weekend

    68. Thomas Fuller

      Time for racing seats an 5 points

    69. Corbo Yates

      Who are the 15 morons that disliked this video?

    70. donn crawford

      What mufflers on that it sounds sweet

      1. Tommy Hoskinson


    71. marshallnoise

      I love the knowledge getting dropped here. And I love fathers being fathers to their sons. It is really wonderful.

    72. Corey Wharton

      That second time was amazing dude. Awesome that you are learning how to get that beast under control.

    73. twincammike83 16v

      Man that truck looks fast... Billy will be getting worried there's a new kid in town..

    74. Myles

      Excellent job Tommy! Good luck this weekend! Stay safe, but most of all enjoy! I was lol with your Dad! ✌

    75. Jaime Casa

      boys and girls and naked squirrels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!there's no replacement for displacement!!!!!! ask your pops

    76. Jaime Casa

      stay in it!!

    77. Daniell Gonzales

      What kind of mufflers you have on the truck? I like them. Part number by any chance?

      1. Tommy Hoskinson


    78. Karl Wright II

      Hands down best dad ever🤘

    79. Ray Smallwood

      Its not the street when you set up like a track .....damn kids!!!!

    80. dropping Hertz

      Videos just keep Getin Better & BaDDeR keep em Rollin SiR That motor Is gonna come back even Nastier then before u might have to start putting some weights on the front of that bad boy to hold her down soo Epic 🤘

    81. Outlaw Rail

      Pop keeps the show rolliing for sure.... Tommy you did good Man. Nothing to be ashamed of buddy 👍😎

    82. SourBogBubble

      CAge time as im sure others have said

    83. Jeremy Strickland

      Hell yeah Chevrolet Muscle

    84. LoKey Fee

      That truck is clean!!

    85. dylan smith

      6:57 purge, two step and launch 👌🏻

    86. Robert Lambert

      This is a badass pic. Love it guys.

    87. Karen Crilly

      Hell yeah, glad to see Big Tommy 2 Guns in the mix and getting that flight to the moon as well.God bless you guys.From a Tampa,Florida man good luck and stay safe.Sincerely Kipp an Karen

    88. Jamessr23

      Roll cage next please!

    89. jcnpresser

      I know you guys will never go fuel injection but both y’all’s trucks have like 3 computers on them controlling stuff lol. Fuel injection may have saved several blow ups, I know y’all have had some bad luck on parts failures. By the way, Tommy’s truck is bad ass, when y’all going live them both up?

    90. Zelly1327

      The father the daddy !!!!!!great guy

    91. Chris Vickery

      Tommy understands moon tune thang stood on up....good job hanging on tommy....did it seem to be getting higher every hit

    92. BeardedYoshi

      Keep your foot in it till it comes down or you go in the ditch!! SEND IT!!!

    93. -G- LocK


    94. Enarro54

      You guys are sooo lucky to have a dad like that. Truly blessed! Im building my first LS block alone at the age of 35 and cracked up when your pops said "no more of that flat piston life" hahaha

    95. Chris Wagner

      Nice stuff.but what about some safety equipment. Roll cage

    96. -G- LocK

      HE GOT GAPTIZED BY A FKKN STREET CAR ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FACTS

    97. Axe Bryan

      Awesome job Tommy. Thats one gun cant wait to see ya on a full pass with both guns! It wont be long. Great job

    98. Cj Coleman

      Want to adopt a 46 yr old son? This is awesome to watch. Wish my kids was into racing and cars... vehicles. This is really by far my favorite channel. The racing aspect is awesome but the family side is what really counts. You kids don't take it for granted.... sorry young men. I kind of did and I regret the hell out of it now. I lost my dad almost a yr ago. Y'all keep doing what y'all are doing and like the shirt said... F'KN SEND IT!

    99. Jerry Frederick

      Bob at the machine shop needs more air time. Dad sure knows his stuff, his tutorial on nitrous set up is 1000 times better than anything on TV. Those shows are annoying and treat the viewer like a 5 year old. Keep up the great content.

    100. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      The laugh Bill, the laugh. What a feeling it has to be seeing both of your boys out there getting it done and learning from their Pops. Looking forward to seeing all of your July 4th we're bringing some of our Old School toys out as well!