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    Close Final Round of a Little 12 Car Shootout here in Mexico! We had the truck wicked up in the last 330 ft to get around the Turbo LS powered Foxbody!

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    تاریخ انتشار پیش 8 ماه


    1. K B


    2. ian Bremo

      anyone know what headlights he's running?

    3. Crider Welding /Fabrication

      Man everytime I see the intro where you wheelied the hell out of it and I see you turn the wheel all the way to the right is freaks me tf out lol

    4. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy The Kid I Like The Nick's & Maddie's Dirty 30 Im Ronald Thank You.

    5. Ronald Reyes

      Billy I Like Nick's & Maddie's The Dirty 30 Toó Im Ronald Thanks.

    6. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy I Like The Nick's & Maddie's Dirty 30 Thanks Im Ronald.

    7. Luisao Castellano

      New subscriber 👍👍👍

    8. Reid Lemesany

      Stop risking people's lives and stop being a bad example people are dying turn from your evil ways stop glorifying this crap please stand up against this crap please

    9. justin everely

      Did you see that? Me neither. It’s fing DARK OUT.

    10. Anthony Rybczynski

      Oh man. Molly is gettin pretty big. You better not let her in the house or she might get stuck! Time for a trade in...

    11. Keith Smith

      Cool how he uses the on off head light trick to make the other guy jump. Never saw that one before

    12. Fords4life 91

      #RIPDirty30 ....dudes from my area he crashed it😭🤘🏼🇺🇸

    13. gil gonzalez

      Nice win Billy. Enjoy watch your truck kick ass! But have to admit also love to click over just to see Gorgeous Molly.

    14. Brian Palmer

      I can say u did some things with that truck

    15. Adam Perre

      Well.done Billy the kid great win I love yr truck and yr a great racer cheers from yr friends in Australia 🇦🇺

    16. JSQUAD117

      GG BRO

    17. Tommy Cook

      Bad ass billy s10 running good

    18. Jill Farewell

      Danny if you are watching leave a like this is zi

    19. Louis Arnold


    20. TheCanadianBubba

      Nice to be on top !

    21. William Kelly

      I don't think Billy could of pushed that scramble button in any further!!!! Once again great driving sir!!!

    22. Jay Hayes

      Yes, more racing. Nice win Billy.

    23. Wolf Pack Racing

      Damn that is one nasty cut on that right rear tire on the S10...seen it while you were checking air pressure.

    24. M.F.D Entertainment

      get this. so im in quarantine mode deeeep into youtube. I randomly end up on some 2 step comps and who do i see...src ole girl as a import face off model. you hiding a 2j 2 step machine in the back of the garage brother

    25. John Hartman

      I bet people would like to listen to an audio recap of these races, Billy. Even if it's only 5-10 minutes, bet it would blow up. My $.02

    26. ken barr

      That Dirty 30 is one mangy cur.

    27. 79tazman

      Did you watch Street Outlaws Barefoot Ronnie was rocking a SRC shirt I thought that was cool

    28. 79tazman

      Those guys must of be scared of you that's why the red lit. They tried to tree the lumberjack LOL!!

    29. Ant Man

      Yes!! What a race!

    30. shaunmilor

      you got molley pregnant ? gonna be crazy building go carts in a few years

    31. Finding Funkos From Than to Now

      Great win Billie. Would of been you and The Dirty 30 on the finals is they didn't call that jump

    32. Gordon Shumway

      Ride the lighting

    33. DrewJ_Z

      I have a blue heeler just like him. Always trying to eat my water.

    34. STIX

      Hey I just seen a video were nick wrecked the dirty 30 at a track have you seen it?

    35. William Stamper

      This starter is getting paid by certain people to, well, you know, put more money in his own pocket. Just sayin. If im wrong then he needs more practice at starting a street race. Am NOT saying i can do better im sayin his techique favors certain drivers and it's obvious

    36. Heavy hauling Idaho

      The dirty 30 is no longer........ what a shame

    37. jeff hickman

      Any woman that will crawl up under a car with you out on the road is a keeper!

    38. jeff hickman

      I had a Trans Am just like that red one. I could do the eigth in about 15 minutes..

    39. Phillip

      Just seeing if y'all going to print gaptized shirts again? You are doing it right. Hell yeah.

    40. Greg J

      Nice racing Billy cheers!!!

    41. Jelly73

      Dale jr is the light man?

    42. curtis g

      Now thats horsepower that came around him

    43. LS4.8 Frank

      Nick has a fast ride for real. That thing gets down and dirty! Sucks he jumped the stage. Congrats Billy on the win, a long awaited comeback is in order sir. 😁

    44. John Z

      That last race was awesome and the guy who lifted, he's quick, he's a class act and we're betting Billy and he will stage together again.

    45. Eric

      Confused why you gave that guy money if you are the winner?!

      1. Street Racing Channel

        We split the winnings before the race so that each person goes home with something. $1000 to me $300 to him

    46. John Z

      Good on ya Nick for spending time with that little tyke. All of us have a kind of video camera installed in our brains,, it's called "our memories". You gave her a little "video" very likely she will share with a fan of hers one day in the far away future. Just as all of us have those little "videos" in our memory files, those are the times that help us move through "life videos" that sometimes are not so pleasant. Thanks Nick, you may see her on a "Dirty 30" of her own in 15 or 20 years. :)

    47. Joe Patenaude

      You have come very far billy

    48. John Z

      TransAm may have jumped but it appeared Billy ran him down anyway..

    49. John Z

      Whomever the starter is, I like how he for the most part follows the same routine. That makes for good starts for those who pay attention,, having a starter who's routine is always the same [granted the light flash differs!] for certain makes for fair starts. Next time you're there Billy Thank him,, we bench type, video watch racers notice. :)

    50. Kevin Larrick

      Hey Billy this is Kevin about a month and a half ago we were coming back from Logan is the first time ever seen your truck I’d like to know how to find you guys so I can go watch-you Guys Street race I’m an old Drag Bike Racer if you could respond to this I will look back on this page to see where and how I find out where you guys are street racing so I can watch thanks

    51. John Z

      Geeezus I LOVE that old sedan!!

    52. 1NT2TRY

      Congratulations on the win, that mf'n s10 is ridin

    53. Bobby Marklar

      Cattle dogs are the best. Smart persons dog

    54. Gopherchucks Gaming

      You and that truck have come a long way, Nice work man, you have a cool dog too.

    55. Gary Wilson

      Another one shot down by Billy The Kid

    56. Frank Hays

      Wild rides buddy thanks for sharing buddy keep up the great work and videos 😎😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    57. Keefe Spencer

      Billy tha Kid vs "PRIME TIME" Tony Bynes on small tire/small block on the street since Tony is the King of Grudge Racing at the track and Billy is the King of Grudge Racing on the street there is also a few S10's and S15's and Colorado's and Ford Ranger's out there I think Billy should call out to race him on the street

    58. Jump Street24

      Wanted to see that trailblazer run some more, hate what happened.

    59. Keefe Spencer

      That Ole' Dirty 30 putting in work during that test hit right out in front of the house leaving with both wheels toting in the air that heavy old car with that short wheelbase and I didn't see him do a burnout first unless he did one off camera and even the I must've missed the remnants of the traction compound and the smoke cloud so I don't know but either way on the street tho DAMMIT MAN pretty impressive

    60. ron trexler

      Kick ass win on that stang at the end. Always fun to watch you rip. 🇺🇸🤘💪

      1. Jump Street24

        The top end would be close if not for the swirl, and mustang got out of it.

    61. Ben w

      No matter how may time i see it i still crack up at your intro!🤣 your dad cracking up brings it together

    62. Kevin Stueve

      Great race, Billy is just killin it in the S10, now ready to see ol 2 gun Tommy out there to mix it up too!👍

    63. Scott Bowen

      Had them jumping scared nice driving Billy!!!!

    64. Chris Vickery

      Did Billy pay that guy....

    65. NINJATurtleMan53

      I knew you’d win the next shoot out I called it to💯 good shit

    66. MrShark4488

      i would love to come out and watch you race sometime i live close to you.i have talked to your Dad a few times and met Molly at the Kroger in Hebron.....congrats on the win

    67. JimmyJames1978

      You may need to go pro...

    68. Kylor Ray

      What headlights did you say you had????

    69. Rafael Sanchez

      Good shit Billy and the crew keep up the great work, god bless!

    70. James Baumbach

      There will be no dragons in PA...Go West. 👍

    71. Joshua Ryan

      I fucking love and live for this channel, great stuff Billy

    72. OH IO

      Damn that mustang would had got that ass if he didn't let out

    73. Abel Gonzales

      Good job bro!!!! Badass Truck, your hard work pays off. One day I'll have a race car.... Thanks another badass vid.. keep'em coming, Texas

    74. Don Hamilton

      Congrats!! Are you being a bit conservative off the line?


      Looked like amatuer nite out there man. Except u bud.

    76. TheDevonwurz

      Light bar is sick af

    77. lloyd holt

      Great racing. Thanks for the video

    78. Adam Stoltz

      What a Beast!

    79. Kimberly Jett

      That is dirty shit what you you are doing with your headlights

    80. rhinoman001

      Back in the winner's circle again, congrats!

    81. Daniel Moody

      Let me know when you come down to south Carolina we can run your small block turbo s10 vs my small block turbo s10


      F.N.A good job. Truck was pulling way hard on top.

    83. larry h

      why are the head lights going on an off right before the flash light start on billys truck.

      1. larry h

        @Street Racing Channel thanks

      2. Street Racing Channel

        To signal when I’m ready. I do that rather than bump forward because some flaggers do not allow enough time to stage and the launch without your vehicle still rocking. Also so that no crybabies can say I cracked the tire or jumped.

    84. Ricky Burford

      Knock em down , Billy the kid

    85. Bennett

      Nice to see the driver of the mustang lift instead of wiping someone out👍

    86. Samuel Wolfe

      What is the song you use in the opening of the video where it’s just guitar.

    87. Fuego Saucy

      Billy just giving the sauce 🤘🏼🔥

    88. Rusty Wells

      I think you have found you jinx Billy the old man he wasn't there giving you bad karma! Tell him to quit getting into little bitch ass kids fights on the internet and he can come back out to play!

    89. Mark McGee

      The king 🤴

    90. Wayne Bowling

      I bet you had to hit the "Oh S-it" button on that one. Then on the replay, you gapped him. That was a good clean friendly race. Your buddy that you raced said it wasn't worth gettkng killed over and he's right ! Y'all keep having fun, and I'll keep watching the videos.

    91. Shawn Primeau

      Looks like all the hard work and dedication is paying off 👍. You guys rock💰 the whole darn family is Bad Ass!! The S-10 is Alive And Well!! God Bless!!

    92. PJ G

      Did Dirty 30 wreck the car recently? Does he ever race in the Buffalo or Rochester area?

    93. Nukkin Futz

      Reading the comments they say the dirty 30 is no more...I know where a "fat 40" has been sitting for about a year by where I drive back and forth to work just begging for an engine swap,body is in good shape and looks untouched, just kinda like a rat rod...I don't have the time or money to take on a project but if I did I would have inquired about it...still sits there😂😂

    94. David Mcnerney

      Nick P's dirty 30 in the 2 step is fuckin savage

    95. Garykaren Mcgruther

      We must hook up for some racing up here in Michigan.

    96. Roger chevelle

      Nice work Billy

    97. Weld that iron

      How do i follow that 30 ? Does the owner have his own channel.

      1. Weld that iron

        @Street Racing Channel Thanks

      2. Weld that iron

        @Jesse Dias oh dam loved that car hope he can rebuild it or something similar what's his facebook page.

      3. Hustlin Horsepower

        We’re here but just getting started

      4. Street Racing Channel

        Hustlin Horsepower is his channel

      5. Jesse Dias

        He has a Facebook page sadly it just got destroyed in a terrible fire

    98. GuessWho

      rip dirty 30

    99. Fordman Albert

      nice win!

    100. Frozen Stang

      Billy makes em nervous