$32,000 + On the Line at DIG OR DIE!

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    Street Racing Channel's Highlight Video from our trip to Dig Or Die in Rockingham, NC. This is not every single race, but we did capture a lot of them. These are the "Highlights" of the Shootout.

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    1. David Romero

      Kid is cool great driver . But pops makes the show great job

    2. les_ 316

      in camera rides would be awesome to see with driver if posable

    3. Gerri Kupicki


    4. Gerri Kupicki


    5. Gerri Kupicki


    6. Lucifer II

      That road needs to be re done

    7. Lucifer II

      Turbo John vs SRT


      Good racing bro the right lane wasn’t able to hold the power down track I think if you was on the left you would have won

    9. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Went Golden 💰🍗 Chick In Friday December 11, 2020 Billy Hoskinson I'm Ronald Adán Reyes Moreno Thank You.

    10. W. Branch

      What did we learn Billy 😉 Seriously u2 did great though 🍻

    11. Craig Johnson

      How does it feel to be a world famous race truck driver Billy?

    12. Frank Pandolfini

      Maryland car takes it 🤘

    13. Mike Schwindt

      You have got to fix that hood right before you lose it. Lol

    14. Gerald Onyekwere

      Who said spinnin ain’t winnin!!!

    15. Built To Boost

      Finally got a chance to watch this. Good job Billy. One of these days I'll make it down for this event with the shitbox 240!

    16. Legacy Performance

      I didn't enjoy getting put out first round. But I'd rather it was you than anyone else. Close race and pleasure to meet you Billy.

      1. Bruce Fridley

        Maybe yall can run again in 2021 Legacy Performance !!

    17. tingsdal

      Why the fuck is santa out flaggin races when he needs to get my presents ready

    18. Forrest Byrnes

      me and my 3 sons have been watching you all for a long time now. you guys are awesome! and for me the best part of what you do is the fact that you’re doing it together as a family. though we try , life right now is getting in the way of us doing much of anything together except trying to keep our heads above water. wether you realize it or not, your family gives a lot of inspiration to those of us that dream of one day having this type of togetherness and closeness in our own family. can’t wait to one day meet you guys. old mans videos are terrific and despite what he says, he’s a great speaker and very easy to listen to and learn from. here’s to all of you!! keep up the awesome work!!

    19. Andys709

      Buddy, turbo John got her figured out . Awesome content !

    20. Karl Mawby

      Awesome video , Team SRC a Huge fan out here I'm Apache junction Az v8 SS 10 owner too......

    21. Jefe Moreno

      Hell out of all them cars you made pretty far bro. Where has T2G been, his truck would of been perfect for that kind of surface .

    22. Juan New

      No se sabe quien corre, no se sabe quien gana 👎

    23. Jerry Frederick

      Give some back story on "Raggedy Ann" Autism Awareness please. I love that car (it's a Ford powered Ford). I'd love to hear the story. Awesome video, well covered.

    24. NSM TURBO

      QUESTION, PLEASE HELP! I'm currently rebuilding my th400 and was going to install a transbrake but was told not to, because I drive on the street more than strip. I was told that with a tbrake the psi is too high and not good for a street car, and the trans won't last long? My s10 is driven on the street 60% of the time and 40% track. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    25. Shaun Ford

      So is he ready for Leroy

    26. Sammy's Garage

      Luv the channel guys!!! Religious Follower!!! What’s all the smoke about to the left of the track?

    27. Gary Clarke

      Old man , nice to see a few racers with autism awareness on the back windows of the cars, IT'S MORE THAN JUST RACING...I'VE COUSINS IN OHIO AND AFTER THE COVID CRAP, ILL BE OVE TO SEE THE TWO TWINS S 10s RULING THE STREET...

    28. Steven Black

      Every time he looses it’s because he turned it up. Every single time I feel like I say this.

    29. Wormser McFrazzleweiner

      Who's the owner over the c3 corvette, that thing is cool.

    30. W.W. Oklahoma

      When comes to tuning, listen to your Dad!!! w.w./Oklahpma

    31. Jay Hayes

      It's like a bad ending to a good movie when BTK gets knocked out of the race!!!!!!!

    32. David Bates

      Hi guys what’s the cam specs in Tommy’s truck

    33. RideBecause UCan

      Your video production looks very professional. Well done.

    34. bucksnort bumblefuk

      Yo Billy, what's it like when your pulling up to the box and all those people are standing around placing bets on your side? How do you tune it out?

    35. nolan engineering

      They don't call that place "The Rock" for nothing. I want to know how Parks was able to pull the front wheels and never spin a lick for 6 rounds. It's all in the A to B.

    36. Charley Betts

      #TurboJohn & #SRC #SRCGarage teaming up is the BEST thing in the Small Tire No-Prep world *RIGHT* *NOW!* --> Prove me Wrong!

    37. 420_Bless

      Have you fix your Wing? Right corner yee

    38. SgtLoki13

      I see Foxbodys everywhere... Seriously, out of 107 cars how many were Foxbodys? Looked like around half the field or more to me. The little trucks are starting to build in number as well. Love the content guys! Don't mind an old Mopar guy grumpin about all the Ford's here. =)

    39. Tommy Goins

      Great job ,you will get them next time

    40. Joshua Rivera

      That track makes it anybodies race. Tommy "Let's Go!" 🤣. That should be ur truck name, lol.

    41. Cullen Cowap

      I love the insight you all offer in your videos. No Prep is a real sport - you've got to be able to read the surface and know your vehicle in and out to be able to maximize your traction. Helps that when the arms drop Billy is the most consistent driver at every event.

    42. David Arneman

      Its got to feel good rolling into the box, seeing everyone trying to bet on you.

    43. slo_5.0h

      You might not have won but they sure as hell knew that little truck was there that's a fact,,, see ya next time.

    44. No name


    45. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

      That is one GOOD night of tight racing! Great to see you and the team with so much support even when you're "on the road".

    46. garrett yarborough

      With 70 lbs lost with the new doors was there any weight reduction done to the factory doors?

    47. Matthew Wilson

      At 4:45 into the video I seen the welds on that roll cage of that mustang 😳 do not get in that car! 😂💥


      Great racing as always. Always look forward to your videos. Thanks for the awesome content.

    49. rich 570

      It’s tough man especially that many damn cars, and that surface you are still one hell of A driver and very very graceful win or lose that’s why I really respect you guys.

    50. Jason Franklin

      Wheres the gf n the stang

    51. Karl Morrison


    52. rich 570

      Never really watched Turbo Jon other than seeing him on John Doc’s channel guy looks to have A lot of shit figured out looks real fast.

    53. tehmurfski

      Awesome guys loved the vid. Better luck next time. Some awesome machines out there.

    54. PsychobabbleRapp

      I have always been perplexed as to why one would mess with the tune when you are winning rounds with ease

    55. Clarence Lawhorn

      How come Molly doesn't hang with you and you're family as much seems she doesn't go on many road trips with you all seen her in the back ground hope she's getting her fox body going you guys besafe and keep up the good job love pop's video's as well

    56. TheCanadianBubba

      A real drag to see you smoke them off...

    57. jesse scott

      Hopefully I’ll get to see you guys in March I have some family stuff to take care of in March up in PA awesome video as always you did awesome and I’m confident you would have won it if the right lane would have got a little help after it sat cold for 45 minutes

    58. Jason Snodgrass

      Great job Billy 👏

    59. Scott Dodd

      That's tough Billy. You're a hell of a driver. Keep it up.

    60. rods907

      The old man looked like he was freezing his ass off 😳😂😂 I have got 15* outside if you want some ! and it suppose to get colder to down to single digits by Wednesday!

    61. Chris Rockwell

      Lmao big ass fig newtons logo like in Ricky Bobby 🤣

    62. Alex Duke

      But I DO love fig newtons

    63. 660 Productionz

      That’s a dope ass video

    64. Dan Myers

      You did great Billy! Congrats.

    65. Kevin Kroll

      Fantastic job on the videos !! Love the story of the race .

    66. STIX

      Billy im a ford man but i would love to take a ride in the s-10 one time cant wait for molly to get the four eyed fox out there and show up the chevy guys lmao

    67. n01z3

      22:00 DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you ever get used to the pressure. i know you dont consider your self "famous" but the truck is fast and the reputation to uphold would get in my own way, if i was in that position.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        I love pressure

    68. STIX

      Billy and Matt are still my favorite two

    69. STIX

      Turbo john gapped that ass

    70. Charles Jaime

      That Truck needs to get painted !

    71. Charles Jaime

      Good Racing Guys one thing could help you guys is Get Radios !, Communication

    72. Victor Hex

      Watching your races, win or lose, has to be the most epic fun of the day. Great video as always.

    73. Shit Box

      Team shitbox I need one of those stickers!!! 😁

    74. Brad mic

      Yt:DNR AUTO.......fools gold

    75. Remis_oconnell

      Is that Andradee’s white notchback?

    76. Slime Lines

      Man yalls program has improved leaps and bounds as the year progressed which is all that can be asked of that bad azz dime

    77. Brad mic

      Bobby parks (blacknasty) for the win.....cant wait till next year..hopefully it will be you and turbo john in the finals..tell Matt to stop oiling down the track

    78. Magia

      Ps. Your truck so fast you make men's foreskin peal back on there own. 😂😂😂

    79. John Teplir


    80. Magia

      You have a master built machine kid. Have fun you have a great family. Enjoy your videos

    81. Magia

      Some of them cars run on so much Nas you could supply a dentist office for 5 years

    82. Magia

      Who said spinning ain't winning that there was burning them all the way down the track and one

    83. kreega K

      Hey man good job you will win next time

    84. Triple Nickel 555


      1. Street Racing Channel

        He definitely was that night!

    85. 79tazman

      That's too bad but there were some heavy hitters there you made it farther then many that's for sure

    86. 79tazman

      That's funny buddy in the grey mustang has a chevy bowtie on the grille where the blue oval usually goes LOL!

    87. Ken Balentine

      I was pulling hard for y’all to take home the win,can’t wait to see you come back here in the spring and bring home the win!

      1. Ken Balentine

        @Screaming z1 we are good to hear from you have a good one

      2. Screaming z1

        @Ken Balentine hahaha. Small world! I hope you all are doing good ol buddy

      3. Ken Balentine

        @Screaming z1 I went to your channel and as soon as I saw the car I knew it was you lol

      4. Screaming z1

        @Ken Balentine this is Stevo lol

      5. Ken Balentine

        @Screaming z1 yes

    88. David Mcnerney

      Turbo John is a good dude with a good channel to watch for racing.

    89. Junkyard Boost

      Anyone know who owns that second gen 2 door s10 blazer

    90. sabrom

      Well Sr, looks like Ford dominated chevy this time, maybe next time.

      1. sabrom

        @Street Racing Channel is that why ya helped out....

      2. Street Racing Channel

        It had a Chevy motor

    91. Steve Stauff

      You’ll get em in March. Always pulling for you


      If you didn’t spin on that last pass you had an easy $32k in your pocket

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Sometimes it comes down to lane choice

    93. chance huiet

      The Fig Newton’s on that windshield is fuckin hilarious

    94. Jared Spear

      Nothing to be ashamed of. You guys were hauling ass. Sometimes it’s just a tuners race. You’ll get it figured out. Wasn’t a single pass where everyone wasn’t betting on you. Keep up the hard work. It’s paying off!!

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        In THAT weather? It's a DRIVER'S race.. lol.

    95. WhatTheFox302

      Sucks to see an Ls swap mustang win, but I bet they all were since people follow that band wagon now a days 🤷🏻‍♂️ I want Ford to win, but I would have rather had Billy the kid win since he keeps it true and sticks a chevy in a Chevy 🤷🏻‍♂️

    96. Christopher Boyd

      rolling 100mph burnouts i like that shit

    97. Pyle81

      Fantastic video, Looks like it was fun weekend, Well except the NO heat in the truck in the way down. You are tuff competition thats a fact. It will come.

    98. Rubberdown

      Good race

    99. kraftydc2

      I wanna know how many of them mustang's have chevy motors in them?

      1. Charley Betts

        Damn near ALL of them! Lol

    100. Momo

      Tough luck Billy. Next time. 👍🏼😈👍🏼