Street Racing at DIG OR DIE - Christmas Clash

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    This time we went down to North Carolina for DIG or DIE! One of the most anticipated races of the year. No Cold Weather, Virus, or Cops were stopping us as we had 21 cars in the street and 107 cars at the track. This video is all street footage, and the next one will be the following days at the track for the big 32,000 dollar pot! Hell of a great weekend with my street family from all over!

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    1. Ashley St Clair

      Wow that was a good.race

    2. patrick luth

      def tree’d his ass!!! awesome videos and driving billy!!!

    3. Matthew Wilson

      That's so hilarious the rules to that race no all-wheel drive 😂 scared of some import GTRs probably 😂🇯🇵

    4. Kevin Duguay

      Hey Billy, You're really fast buddy! Maybe it's time now for a new paint job! 😉

    5. 440Racing

      So damn close on the light. If you rewatch it like 40 times it was almost dead on, just a hair early

      1. Elmer Cricket

    6. Randy Beuttell

      That was a good light !?! No jump . I played it back at .25 slow motion and it looked dead on to me.

    7. Nathan Elbert

      What part of Ohio you guys from?

    8. Logan Rolling

      What does first is worst mean

    9. John Jones

      Yeah look right on the light ,unless you just know you jumped .I have never trusted video because of the way light and recording works.

    10. Pyle81

      Btw, Ive watch a few other videos posted about this get together. Dude, yours is hands down the best. You can hold your head high on the content and the quality of your channel. 👍

    11. Pyle81

      Hopefully Gulfport will be in the 50's at least. My buddy in Baton Rogue said its not been getting to cold there even in the evenings yet.

    12. Timothy Welch

      Looked clean to me

    13. B M A

      Dude what??????????? You were literally on the light perfectly .000 reaction. I would've fought that how the hell did nobody say anything or watch it back with the millions of phones that were out? That's trash man.

    14. Chris Geary

      How many money does it cost a weekend out of town with truck ready to go

    15. Brian Pierce

      Love all your videos guys keep up the good work

    16. Reid Lemesany

      Take it to the track or their going to ban these cars

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Ban them from what? 😂

    17. Andrew Johanningmeier

      I agree with the Talladega Nights reference. Because what if you hit a deer? All i want to know is who gets the deer me or the dog? Lol. Good run Billy i thought you cut a perfect light man.

    18. Lil Medd Bitch

      There was no jump at all

    19. James Thornton

      Awesome video man. Love the editing at the start. Keep doing your thing! 💪🏽

    20. Brandon Showe

      We tried so hard to get out of the track but they had us locked in. We jumped on the golf carts and rode around the property looking for a hole in the fence so we could come watch but couldn’t find any lol 😂

    21. Robert Roth

      Who said you jumped? That definitely wasnt a jump

    22. Gary McKnight

      it looks like several of the racers did not even have helmets on ...that is insane please every one stay as safe as you can .... my friend and next door neighbor was killed the day before thanksgiving on his Harley when an intoxicated driver crossed the center line and hit him head please everyone do all you can to stay safe

    23. Steve Ellis

      I can't believe JJ's trailer caught fire and burnt down with old heavy and ziptie

    24. Victor Hex

      They must love when you guys show up, lol. ( then they go back and double check their car..' dang, Billy is here, we got trouble" )

      1. Elmer Cricket

    25. Ronald Reyes

      Hi Billy Hoskinson I Like Golden 💰🍗 Chick In Friday December 11, 2020 & My Wake Up At 4:00AM Im Ronald Adán Reyes Moreno Thank You.

    26. jsa_Hawaii 808

      Nitrous coyote needed a shoot? 🙉🙉🙄🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    27. Tyler Trissel

      On the track if you leave right before the light it’s a perfect light.... but on the street it’s a jump if it’s a perfect light 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    28. Jerry Dilks

      Great racing!

    29. chris barkley

      No AWD is GAY!!! You carry that extra weight you should be able to use it!

    30. Jeffrey Ison

      Justin's Fig Newton sticker cracks me up!

    31. jamie muncy

      You just had to jump didn’t ya🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I didn’t see a car in my mind had anything for ya. Truck looks killer Billy, it goes pretty well straight and it looks fast AF!! Happy Holidays to you & your family💪🏻👍💪🏻

    32. William Kelly

      Always the ones that talk the most shit that get gapped!! Lol 😆

    33. Joshua Rivera

      Yea, Billy would of took that. I love how you and Patches are so consistent racing. A to B. Great drivers and great cars. Good job fellas.

    34. Wolf

      You did not jump.

    35. Nightmare On Your Street

      Awesome video guys! It was good filmin with y’all at dig or die!

    36. zachary powers

      Looks like you left on that 💡 to me

    37. Frank Pandolfini

      Id like to know more about that Cavalier

    38. Steve Cutlas

      Where. Was this race held

    39. rob nichols

      guess that white Mustang with the Parachute was just for looks/ LMAO @ his talking then such a poor showing. dude should be embarrassed

    40. Clay Brien

      Really enjoy watching your videos. When the notification arrives I'm straight onto it. Shout out from Australia love your work

      1. Elmer Cricket

    41. shawng7902

      When that car pulled up with the fig newton's sticker I was dying right before you said it. That's effin gold right there

    42. Maine TurboDiesel

      I've watched that clip probably 25 or 30 times . . . I can't say you possibly jumped. I would love to see a video of outside the truck but it was clearly a perfect light from that POV.

    43. TheCanadianBubba

      No Jump.

    44. Scream Cheese

      My eyes you didn’t jump😒

    45. FarFromStock

      Bummer on the light. The road kept looking more narrow the faster you went on that bye!

    46. Justin B

      Man I dunno Billy I think you cut a .001 on that light

    47. sabrom

      Lets go skatin boys and girls! 1 slip out the groove & you're headed off to weedville!

    48. Omar Valerio

      Who else loves the editing in these videos gets me pumped to work and drive my c10

      1. Elmer Cricket

    49. Seth Bergile

      166 in a half mile maybe!!

    50. John Teplir

      Man Billy, you’re too nice of a guy. That there was a perfect light (no matter what Trevor is trying to sell).

      1. Calvin H.

        It was VERY close, but he jumped by about .001

      2. Ken Farris

        Then I really like Billy he's my favorite, but if you're watching it .25 usually the truck start to rise right before the light comes on his inside camera and if you watch the outside view of the race you also see the tire crack a fraction before the light comes on . But it was close.

    51. Jeff Graham

      Awesome footage! Wish you had gone farther!!

    52. Kirk Gahley

      I most not have seen what you saw, didn't look like you jumped to me. But I wasn't there! Nice race!

    53. Gary Mullis

      I know it's been said MANY times, but looks like to as well that you hit the light right on cue, even when slowed down it's right on..Oh well, hate you lost but enjoyed the video !!!

    54. Cj Coleman

      I'm sure you did because you said so but with that being said.. it must have showed on the slowmo because I watched the footage of your launch and it sure didn't look like you did! You may have guessed a smig but that looked good to me.

    55. Faith Fitness & Fast Cars

      Awesome vid!

    56. Narcissistic Racing

      It was awesome seeing y’all out there at the main event. You and molly were parked right next to us at the finals but didn’t wanna bother y’all. Truck looked good can’t wait to see it again. Hopefully see it at the next one in March

    57. Jeremy Witteveen

      I'm going to start calling you "Bye run Billy"

      1. Dave's Racing Channel !

    58. Rubberdown

      Sketchy road

    59. Jeff Moleski Vintage ice racing

      I watch that last race with you 5 times .. You didn’t jump. You were dead on that light. Love the videos. Yours and the old mans

    60. Jeff Boyn

      Billy was dead on the light. No way he jumped

    61. Alray Baca

      Didn't look like a jump to me Look like you left right on the light

      1. Dave's Racing Channel

    62. SlowerThanU

      Dude with the Fig Netwons sticker is my hero...

    63. Tim Emmerson

      Lot of Mustangs

    64. Jason Bass

      That white nos coyote that he said was the fastest car there he went out first round hahahah he can run his mouth but not his car

    65. kmc 468

      Have to agree with Jason Taylor on this one it is the best IRvision channel !

    66. Paul Kiehlmeier

      You've been doing some really good intros. They really pull you in.

    67. William Duff

      The kid! Let's goooooooooooo!

    68. dookie3748

      BTK😂! Great driving. wasent there but think your to good on the tree love the video's

    69. Dane Smith

      Looks to me like you timed the light and hurt some feelings?????? Great job anyhow!!!!

    70. William Clinton Jr.

      Seen y’all coming up I-77 North yesterday evening,Billy was driving and rolling pretty good until Camp Creek mountain and we went by.

      1. Elmer Cricket

    71. Steve Jones

      I think anyone who is street racing should have at least one working taillight so you can see what the hell is going on at the big end

    72. Jefe Moreno

      I don’t kno if that was a jump , it was really close tho. You definitely had one of the fastest cars on the street for sure . I kno some where happy you got knocked off lol

    73. mason thomas

      Billy how dose it feel when you have turbo john say he is glade is dose not have to.race you ?

    74. rom Wilkin an

      I watched a short custom built moonshiners hotrod movie last month, good movie and some of these hotrods racing here were in in.🏎️. check out this hotrod video.

    75. Tim

      Those lanes were so tight, especially in the left lane when warming up the tires and that guy standing two feet from the lane with his bright light in your face! So dangerous! Surprised nobody ran that guy off and also nobody complained?

    76. Dewayne Hollingsworth

      The guys in mustang said they didn't see any competition...THEY WAS LOOKIN IN THE MIRROR.. GREAT CONTENT

    77. BluCollarBeauty


    78. dextermacnutt

      Good run!! I’ll still watch next time!!

      1. Dave's Racing Channel !

    79. Steve Stauff

      That road was so tight. Must have been tough not crossing

      1. Tim

        Yep especially in the left lane when warming up the tires and that guy standing two feet from the lane with his bright light in your face! So dangerous! Surprised nobody ran that guy off and also nobody complained?

    80. Biscuit Boy

      Man, that 4 door Merc Zephyr is way cool!!

    81. Jeramiah Weston

      Didn't look like a jump to me! Looked right on the light

      1. Cristian Castro

        He jumped look at it in slow motion

      2. B M A

        What a terrible call right? That's bogus how did nobody with phones out rewatch it.

      3. Rafael Sanchez


    82. Ada 7474

      Love your videos Billy. Tuff break

    83. Joe MacDonald

      Tom Bink representing woodside!

    84. ponypwr

      Lol that cardidntlook like a 166mph car at at ALL.....

      1. Stephen Northroup

        More like 66mph

    85. rich 570

      I can’t imagine the adrenaline you must feel pull up on the side of a public road unload your 1200+ hp truck the sounds of the engine and turbos, the fumes and tire smoke and line up to race for money.

    86. Dan Myers

      9:30 - nothing better than when a dude brags about there being “no competition” and “trapping 166” getting totally gaptized in the first round.

      1. rob nichols

        Guess that Parachute was only for looks like Billy thought. LMAO

      2. 32vAudi90

        166 in the 1/4, while the rest of the cars are 150 in the 1/8

      3. Tim

        Ha Ha! Yep up in smoke.

    87. bdd1469

      Imagine my surprise when the guys with " the fastest car out here" go home after the first round....Exactly what I expected from that turd.

      1. BI AN RUNG NUI


      2. zook363

        LMAO !!!!!!!!!

      3. Seth Bergile

        Yeah 166 my ass! Half mile with BTK pushing him maybe!

    88. In need of supervision Shawn

      Does Tommy aspire to get involved in these cash days and street racing once his turbo are on?

    89. Joey Cottone

      Billy I’m pretty damn sure you were dead on the light bro!!!! And u went some rounds at dig or die this weekend buddy!!!!

      1. Marco Polo

        I think the only issue would be cracking the tires is considered a jump. Guy with the flashlight was slower, if he had lit it up in same time as rest of races Billy would have won that entire event!

    90. John Z

      Billy, have you and Tom Binkley raced? His S10 looks strong,, REAL STRONG.

      1. Street Racing Channel

        We have once, I got him.

    91. Jeremy Eubanks

      That was a great race! Awesome content

    92. Jason Gay

      My 2 year old son love looking at your videos if you could only see what he does 😂 he says go go go 😂 and I definitely enjoy them to it gives us father son time like y’all do 🥰

    93. Jeremy Eubanks

      He sold the windshield?

    94. John Z

      I replayed the leave against Jolene MANY TIMES, I truly do not believe you jumped but it's a mute point now. You felt you did and stepped out of competition. That's what an honest man does, when you feel you screwed up you accept the consequences, no apologies. You hung in there a couple rounds and that was good. Sometimes we have to understand things happen USUALLY for a reason,, those lanes are terribly narrow,, perhaps a higher power needed you to get out of the race. In any event, congrats to Jolene FTW on a tough track. Billy 'TH3 Kid' and his S10 are AOK and in one piece, there'll be another race. Thumbs UP

      1. Stephen Northroup

        I slowed the playback speed to .25, and I agree, he chopped that damn tree down. Absolutely not a jump. But doesnt matter anyway. Amazing video and excellent content gentlemen. Keep kickin ass

    95. ricvis44

      I couldn’t wait to see you Dig or Die vid! I knew you guys where busy. ~Ricvis

    96. 79tazman

      Damn that's some good stuff

    97. SUNN RAYY

      “Big Shoutout to SRC🔥🔥🔥🏁

    98. 79tazman

      There was lots of guys crossing the middle line lol! that road is thin any thinner it would be a one way

    99. The Speed Network

      What the driver of the 5.0 failed to mention is that he traps 166mph on LOW BOOST

      1. NecroYeti

        They probably didn't turn the "TURBO MODE" on because the car was already trapping 166...probably due to the speedometer being calibrated to ft/min.

      2. The Speed Network

        Legend says....he's still in it.

      3. Street Racing Channel

        Then proceeds to get donkey gapped

    100. Alaric Skinwalker

      I watched over and over i Don't think you jumped

      1. Dave's Racing Channel !