Police Gave us 30 Minutes to Street Race

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    No Trailer, Just the Truck, and Me, and a Night on the town.

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    1. Andy Denzien

      Finally putting a cage in. Good to hear

    2. Philip Martin

      Buy Bitcoin now....

    3. Dan Johnston

      America- About to get on with it. Cops roll by. " I'll be back in 30. Do what you need too, and be gone" Australia- minding your own business with a couple other car guys. Cops roll by, swing a hard U-turn, to take names and plate numbers. Go over your car looking to write a ticket. If it's a HP. You can count on him being a dick right off the bat. Makes many of us here, cry in side seeing what freedoms you guys have at times.

    4. morphman21

      Wait, so the police actually let you race for 30 minutes? That's cool

    5. DEVILDOG8785

      do you have any plans to restock your shirts, etc?? looking forward to that! keep up the great work fellas!!!!!

    6. homer

      Fire Marshall Bill

    7. SUNN RAYY

      Lil’ Trucks That Could 🔥🔥🔥🏁

    8. Refugio Lopez

      Cool cop!!!

    9. Richard Nervig

      Steak,4min.on each side it will melt in your mouth as you chew.yumm

    10. Richard Nervig

      You all should have Molly on your pod cast,women would love to see her and hear from her some auto tips for women and what women are intrested in as far as walking women thru,her toips and tricks as far as auto's go.women wrench to..

    11. Richard Nervig

      Love your show guy's ❤

    12. Richard Nervig


    13. Richard Nervig

      Can't wait to see that nova again,yea should of stayed with the 283.lols

    14. Richard Nervig

      Billy gna "DRIVE" old man crazy..you all are cool together.wish my pops was like 👍 yours,your blessed billy to have him..

    15. Richard Nervig

      Damn shooting up the '71,thats messed up.jimi hendrix,git wit it billy.

    16. Richard Nervig

      Nova work in progress,hope you all bracket it,get rid of the pioneer?what is pioneer pops,showing age,just like the nova,God bless stay in control..

    17. Richard Nervig

      You keep it going dude,in virginia we dig your channel..

    18. joshharrison60

      Happy birthday Billy the kid😆👍

    19. Sean Mayo

      Did y'all vote for Biden? Something tells me y'all didn't

    20. Sean Mayo

      Don't you think it's bout time to set your game up just a lil! The truck is badass don't get me wrong but your young an you can flat out drive. It's time to strap into 3000 hp

    21. The Rc people 10000

      Dont feel bad every hot rodder has done that I know I have lol

    22. Bill Blass

      How do you like the Hoosier vs the MT

    23. Everett Koppen

      Next time on all street prep jugs put wax paper on the threads ,schools done these for years on glue bottles

    24. Dirtyworkzracing

      Badass as always bro 🛠🏁💯

    25. N4CR

      Now that's community policing. Nice one.

    26. Krazo buildZ

      So street jus do it dry haha

    27. Lee Knudson

      Good job

    28. Terry Samples

      Happy Thanksgiving thanks for the channel its great

    29. send it

      nice heads for a mock up

    30. Pippen LongStockton

      Cop was cool about that

    31. Joshua Gibson

      Wow. The blue truck is a beauty. Built 2 miles from my house in Moraine Oh. GM Moraine Truck and Bus. Random people I know as well as family likely assembled it also. Love them.

      1. 2014 2ss

        Huber here.

    32. jack woods

      Figured the old man would be the guy who carries a pocket knife (which gives EASY access to stuck prep bottle!) 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    33. Joshua Gibson

      Yeah. No trailer cash days. Street cars. I LOVE IT.

    34. Dan Gilbert

      2 bad ass rides have a good Thanksgiving everyone god bless

    35. Todd Dooley

      A quick 6 hundie

    36. Jay Hayes

      Ilove 2jz's. I have two of them, but I believe you guys do alright with the sbc's.

    37. Josh Thomas

      Sucks you went through all the mayhem for that but at least you took home the W for your troubles. Good sportsmanship man

    38. IB raunchy

      Billy , What plugs do you go to when swapping from methanol to e85

    39. Antonio Jackson


    40. David Anderson

      One of those days you will not forget. The win helps of course.

    41. Kevin Tucker

      My S-10 has a 3JZ in it and runs 4 seconds in the 1/8th...

    42. Stephen Parker

      Can’t believe the old man didn’t have a pocket knife to cut the top off the stripper glitter jug

    43. Kevin Tucker

      A header leak is a boost leak...Time to fix that

    44. Al Kennedy

      Perfect ingredients to start a fire, source and ignition, your limits of views are do to your words, and IRvision is going to penalize you for it at some point , (Kuswords,) all you need to do ,edit them out or put a burn out patch out of sound over the kusrwords kool you guys are rocking , you will never live it down dingle balls, thanks BigAl California.

    45. John Thomas

      So now that you "burned out" the interior, will y'all be gutting the S10 and installing a lighter weight dash, cut out some interior OE metal, and put that truck on a diet? Full fiberglass or carbon front clip and doors......with the "grandpa" paint job.

    46. Cindy Kaufman

      The back story is always the best when told truthfully! Thanks.

    47. James Gay

      LMFAO Pop said the f___ing jug want open. It is absolutely hilarious to me when Pop gets pissed. Ya'll are awesome wouldn't miss a video even if ya'll were racing soapbox.

    48. carlsracingmiami

      Billy what a day it had a good ending thats good .... Its Carl from Miami I'm about to put a stroker big block in my Truck looking for some new shirts .. i like your dads shirt is that one coming out soon .... Everyone go racing

    49. marc st laurent

      Billy the kid is the modern two lane black top James Taylor with “streetish” S10 replacing primer 55 .

    50. Native Nation

      11 haters, hopefully they feel better soon...

    51. Tank Soldier

      Hay there what's the distance you guys run ?

    52. Cecil French

      Sucks your luck is bad but happy the truck is ok could have been much worse

    53. Mitchel Sherwood


    54. Adam Desselle

      How is my boy still under 200k subs?

    55. Seth Bergile

      That Flagman needs to step out a few more feet before hitting the light.

    56. twincammike83 16v

      Man fire can get hot from time to time..

    57. Glenn Evitt

      Man I Hate That for Yall But still Love The S 10 I Just Sold My I Suck about it 😎🤙

    58. William Kelly

      That cop definitely follows the channel! Lol Billy can you say what gear you have in the rear? I really want to get rid of my 700r with the overdrive but also wanna be able to drive down the highway sounded like you were at a pretty high rpm crusin

      1. William Kelly

        @Street Racing Channel Thanks for the reply man! As a younger guy busting knuckles on my car you have definitely motivated me and proved you don't need all the fancy equipment to go fast. Thanks for the motivation sir!

      2. Street Racing Channel

        Yes he was very nice! I run a 3.70 gear ratio out back. It’s about 3000 rpm at 65-70mph

    59. TheCanadianBubba

      Great to come out on top ! Great to see Blue getting in shape !

    60. James Wilson

      Just another one of those days! You guys overcame it well. Nice vid. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all the comment readers.

    61. Ac Black

      Nice run Billy, Dad he did not burn the rug, all is cool inside :)

    62. Jacob Wortman

      I’m sure they were just thrilled to see you pull up😂easy money

    63. timmy boston

      Seriously started slacking when molly got into the picture gotta look at the bigger picture dude you and the old man had those solid plans to make a street racing tv show and you got your head wrapped up in booty not cool

    64. Tanya Hall

      Car (SHOW) broke (DOWN) (GETTING READY).

    65. Ken Farris

      Sorry guys but the part on can not get the top off of prep jug for burnout was funny. Sounds like the kind of shit I go through. Love your channel.

    66. scrotie mcbogerballs

      He’s not an idiot never admit to doing anything wrong

    67. Whatever I guess

      Maybe should have left the cop part out! It makes it hard on cops to turn a blind eye when your putting them on front street and now they get heat from their superiors, so if you run into a cool cop don’t post a video about them letting you do something illegal.

    68. Victor Hex

      Had to go get some coffee and stuff before I would watch. Another epic ride and race. Well done reality.

    69. D Cuzucant

      Guy In comments wants paint your truck the same colors it is with same stickers but new for free to show what his shop can do should let him

    70. ponypwr

      Figured pops would carry a pocket knife.... opened the cap one way or another.

    71. J Mch

      1.8K in 6 hours that's great bro good job keep up the badass videos..Ohio power..

    72. Nite_hawk316

      CRC hart of a loin the real deal way to go guys

    73. Kenneth Atchley

      I don't need no stinking trailer 🤣🤣🤣💯🏁🏁

    74. Denis Santini

      Don't paint the truck!

    75. john dodd

      Momma said they’d be days like this...

    76. Phillip Blake

      Glad to see you getting started on Tommy's truck. Don't forget he still needs shocks.

    77. ARSMITH36571

      I liked the intro music!

    78. Frozen Stang

      Congrats, over come and conquer. BTW Why no trailer, thats a lot of un necessary wear and tear on the valve train.

    79. Richard Harris

      COUNTRY BOY without a damn pocket knife, wth??

    80. Robert G

      Great video Tommy, great driving, and congratulations on the win Billy!

    81. John Z

      WRT painting Billy's truck,, a bright RED,, perhaps one of the new FORD reds that have a lot of metallic in it.

    82. John Z

      Billy "Th3 Kid" street truck takes a sweet win! Congrats!

    83. John Z

      The driver of the Caddy dun real good gett'n out of it. Live to race another day!

    84. SXS4L

      Seems like a lot of bye runs lately....

    85. 1BadFrc

      Can someone tell me what the digital readout is for on the top of the dash on the in truck view? I’m just curious cus it’s driven me nuts to not know what it’s for. I thought possibly oil psi but idk

      1. 1BadFrc

        Jackson P. Storm is he on alcohol? 2-3 afr sounds like methanol or alcohol

    86. John Z

      Well now,, you fellers found one cool Police Officer,, appreciate him. You best know IF you need him he'll be there.

    87. Zzach

      I can't wait till we see some S-10 bro on bro action!!

    88. Zzach

      Billy looks serious as hell on that side by side with him driving the truck back home!!

    89. Gunnutz71

      Another Bad Ass Video !

    90. Robert Elmo

      Again, @4:48 what do the numbers mean on the guage?

      1. Robert Elmo

        @Tommy Hoskinson 4.5:1? Is that what he runs full boogie on meth?

      2. Tommy Hoskinson

        Air fuel

    91. Jonathon Vince

      That's great 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 which cop that. Our local guys rock

    92. Tommy Goins

      Thank you guys for your video and blogs,the one your dad does is awesome


      Its gonna be epic S10

    94. thecapturban

      Well... It does say it in the slogan.. "That shit sticks to everything!" Including the cap to the jug🤣🤣🤣🤣

    95. Kurb Deala

      Im the fire maannn "Lil Wayne voice" Btw my heart skipped a beat when i saw that ford jump out in front

    96. Focker80

      Are you coming to the black friday race in ky?

    97. Bama Scarface

      Can't wait till Tommy's truck is finished with the cage and turbo. I swear.....guys will be having nightmares about s10s

    98. funk

      I was out street racing one time, and just as we were out of sight a county boy shows up and asked all the people that were standing around, what was going on. Someone says going to a party and trying to figure out who is going to drive. As the cop is probably choking on the tire smoke in the air.

    99. Richard Campbell

      Hey Sr, can I ask what rear end gear ratio is behind the 400...thanks in advance.

    100. theone031

      Time for a paint job on that bad boy!