AWFUL WEEKEND 😣 No Prep Mania 4.0

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    We are not going to quit. Engine came back out the next day and went to the machine shop to be fixed. 8 new slugs on the way, and some new heads shipped to the door. Enjoy watching everyone else racing at no prep mania. We unfortunately couldn’t make it to the next round even though we won first round on 7 cylinders. Dropped a valve likely due to the pushrod that broke last week. I should’ve taken the head in to get it checked last week but there was no visible damage to it or the valve when I pulled it off. Hopefully our luck turns around sometime this year.

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    1. Street Racing Channel

      It’s going to be a long week hopefully we can get it back together before marion county raceway no prep July 4th.

      1. Jason Sparshott

        @VengeanceIzMine all good

      2. VengeanceIzMine

        @Jason Sparshott I stand corrected. It wasn't you who made that comment, however the response to yours still stands. I thought you were him for some reason lol.

      3. Jason Sparshott

        @VengeanceIzMine no sir I only responded 1 time and it had nothing to say or do with Bill cleaning the cam up ! I would have reused the cam in a heartbeat ( especially since it's a hydraulic roller ) ! My response was that the initial breaking of pushrod and failure of the lifter absolutely and most likely contributed to the dropped valve . I would have pulled both valves and inspected before reinstalling head ! Your right the cam had absolutely nothing to do with the valve drop ! You said it wasn't related to the initial lifter/ pushrod failure to 2 different people I simply said that you can not know that and even the machinist said it could be and most likely was related but no way to say either way for certain! Sorry if I wasn't clear in my response

      4. VengeanceIzMine

        @Jason Sparshott Your original response was the failure possibly being contributed to what his dad repaired on the cam lobe. The minimal amount of damage on the cam lobe, he filed and buffed, would NOT cause any harm to any parts. That is what I was referring to. The cam lobe repair had nothing to do with broken valves.

      5. Jason Sparshott

        @VengeanceIzMine how is it that you know that ? It is the exact same cylinder that just broke the pushrod and ate the lifter . He talked about taking the head to the machine shop but didn't they just put it back together. How can you be so confident that the failures aren't related ? It's highly possible that the piston could have kissed the valve ( either of the two because the half of the broken pushrod was jammed into the the other pushrod) and cracked it or the valve could have been slightly bent from a alcohol hydraulic lock previously and have caused the push rod and lifter failure . But all just speculation.. they didn't pull the valves on #3 to inspect after the first failure so non of us can say for sure ....

    2. Chad Schluterman

      It's damn near impossible to find a woman like Molly you better marry her Billy

    3. Alain Brisebois

      I always LOVE your music choice.

    4. Jason Baker

      You guys make great videos. Love the music. Love the racing.keep it up!

    5. Justin Black

      Molly got them yams

    6. Steve Pearson

      Going to be a great engine when the garage is playing GnR!

    7. Byron Cottingham

      Love this molly tommy you guys should do movies y’all are more talented than 90% of the shit you see on tv and y’all are raw don’t care to show how you work hard to have other cars ever won one on a raffel

    8. don zon

      Your very lucky to have the machinist you have. Here in So Calif, good machine shops are hard to find. And I've never found one that gives the personal interest yours gives you. Keep on beatin on that thing. Great video

    9. reo doreen

    10. Gavin S

      Way to go BRAD..... lol they called you brad on motor trend

    11. smilsmff

      nothing makes up for lack of finish line and e t

    12. Wretched Nation

      tough luck

    13. Sean Mayo

      Always fucking up something

    14. Sean Mayo

      Maybe the best ass of all the girls that all of sudden lining up cars

    15. Ronald Reyes

      Hey Billy Hoskinson The Dirty 30 They Crash Already Im Ronald Thank You.

    16. Elliott

      Molly puttin on some weight! 🍟 🍗🥓🍔🍕🍩🧁

    17. tangled Line

      1:38 We call those the "John Force" racers...when they do that long obnoxious burnout past the stage...and then lose...only John Force doesn't

    18. Dan Johnston

      Melted? That looked pretty hammered from my books. And prier, a broken lifter. Id be interested to hear the verdict on that spring pack tbh

    19. David Muntz

      I need you guys to build my wife's 77 Rallye Nova. Please!😊

    20. CountrySide Property Maintenence

      I've watched your channel since the beginning and I know it's been said.. Y'all do a magnificent job now of putting these videos together. Once I clicked play I watched till the end and then searched for the next one. Great job! I may see you out there before long if I can get my Tiny-10 finished!

    21. Travis Dunn

      Your machinist is gonna worsh that thing 😆

    22. Jeremy Davis

      Hey saw you on STREET OUTLAWS RACE NIGHT IN AMERICA. Except your name was Brad😂. Awesome man keep it up!

    23. Ken LeVere

      I know putting o-rings on the block and heads costs money however I keep hearing you talk about head gaskets... Just saying.... Love the channel.


      you're machinest has a lot of good knowledge, good luck with your updated motor!

    25. Texas Torque

      Oh no the music in the background is going to get you in trouble

    26. MidwestCatz

      4.8 LS9 Gaskets studs spin the roof off lol .. That would be the real Underdog knockin cats down .

    27. Antonio Jackson


    28. curtis kitchens

      What wing is that on your s 10? ,I have a gen 2 looking for one !

    29. Nova Nate

      I think it's time to go LSX 😉

    30. brianawd

      Stop playing with the carb!! Swap it over injection with a good stand alone so you can do egt per cylinder and tune each cylinder

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        And what does any of that have to do with a broken valve?

    31. TheCanadianBubba

      Look forward to seeing how it goes !

    32. Rambo Gutierrez

      How much for the whole meat up piston?

      1. Street Racing Channel

        Make an offer 🤨

    33. Calvin H

      Love the channel, ditch the carb, less blown motors. Sincerely, An import

    34. David Post

      Where's Molly ,not in videos

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        She's on HER channel... go subscribe if you're so worried..

    35. joe blow

      Love that AMC!

    36. Really BadAim

      What a sad moment Billy but I did laugh at the 14:00 minute mark.

    37. twincammike83 16v

      There was some fast cars out there that day.. Would of been nice to see the S10 battle to the end.. Oh well get them next time..

    38. Jason Cook

      Keep truck for racing!!! Use your street car for street!!!

    39. Jason Cook

      That motor is Cursed!!

    40. Jonah Tex Hex

      Sometimes it's always something expensive that gets fragged. Cept the current generation corvette at the start of the video left three quarters of his back tire on the pavement during the burn out.

    41. Kevin Kroll

      Love that truck ! And really like the young man behind the wheel great combination and who can forget his family for letting me get behind a great sport and wish that he keeps the wins piling up! Hard work and fun and money

    42. Bob Glidewell

      Billy, sometimes you have to order an expensive and treasured set of......nards. and you do it without bitching, griping, throwing shit. ( Like John Force California actor). A schism failure somewhere between fuel going through the carb jets and, the rubber grabbing for precious traction. With that persevere and never give up. My hat's off to you and your team for making some damn good wins, (many) and, taking the hard losses like a true winner. Awesome and your dad!! NEVER LIFT, EXPECT NO GIFT! Y'all are awesome. Keep putting your foot in the secondaries roll thru the lights first again next time!! Best wishes, Rob Glidewell 🏁 hail yeah!!

    43. billy lennon

      part of racing. I laugh hearing these comments about oh go ls, wont have problems. haha small blocks been around for longer than most of the commentors grandparents and kicking ass. All have weakpoint when pushed to limits.U know this combo, dont remake the wheel right now at least

    44. Mike Davis

      You got this. Love the channel

    45. ltethan649

      I like how you guys use the gen 1 but LS have bigger cam journal and the blocks are stiffer and the heads flow better

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Bigger cam journals mean nothing at this level. An LS block is Not stiffer or stronger than a Dart aftermarket standard sbc block, and the head comparison is apples to oranges. So, regardless what IRvision says, LS is NOT a cure, nor is it better. Just the facts.

    46. Stephen Pourciau

      You guys need to get a camera gimbal for walking around with the camera like that. Shit just about gave me motion sickness when ya'll were walking into that shop.

    47. Foghorn Leghorn

      Hard time believing that hole cleaned up at .030".

    48. Time Spent

      You might be in Truck class. No Prep. Prolly should get a "car to build.

    49. Time Spent

      You'd have to put Eight Sleeves. Time to call NASCAR see if they got any Wrecked Cars Available.

    50. Time Spent

      Oval Track Pistons

    51. Time Spent

      Definetly gets a new oil pump

    52. Boosted Hyundai

      Fuel injection time?!?!?!?!?!?

    53. Ryan Sirko

      Bro just go to LS and save yourself the headache of this every single time you race the damn thing

    54. FUBAR MOFO

      If that girl in thumbnail would do some squats that could be a killer 🍑

    55. TYRONE robert

      Billy you'll get through it i know its expensive time, but luck will change for you i really hope it will, if i wasn't in uk id come and give you hand for free, chin up buddy and i hope you have the best luck from now on

    56. Jeanine Korotki

      Hang in there, you will build it better and faster next time.

    57. elpastor782

      I think is time to make that truck fuel injection

    58. Sean Mayo

      Your shit always braking. I'd spend the money on her too. Which is more fun. Driving the truck or driving her from behide

    59. Terrell Chapman

      Ccr in the background, love it!I was literally born on the bayou. Lol

    60. Terrell Chapman

      For $100 I want that damn piston lolol

    61. EAST SIDE313

      I'd bet it's the valve springs, I'm pretty sure that's the same hole u had a problem with last time, springs r worn out and causing excessive lash. In the video u can almost hear the valves float right before u shift😠sorry man, just come back stronger, i know u will..u should try to build a backup short block too with spare $ and time too so u don't have to miss any races..

    62. Scott Smith

      A .030” bore takes .015” from the wall... those gouges are definitely deeper than .015”, Billy... I know stock 400 blocks have an inherently thin cylinder wall but that is a Dart block so I’m not sure how far you can take that, but your builder is confident that going .150” to install a sleeve is okay. I believe you’re going to be choosing between sleeving one hole or popping for another Dart. Get another block coming and have that one fixed and full of good slugs for backup? I see the No Prep guys are running 15.0:1 with twins now. Whatever or whichever way you go I wish you the best of luck. Scotty

    63. Scott Smith

      Chin up brother you’re just stretching parts with newfound power... I’m sure it’ll the back bigger, stronger and faster. Can’t wait to see you back out soon.

    64. Tanner Cox

      This episode felt like I was watching a cable show

    65. Calvin H.

      Sunroofs are cool, but not when they're in your pistons. That sucks! I hope everything goes smoothly so that you'll be ready for July 4th.

    66. Johnny Mart

      Cry baby

    67. Johnny Mart

      Boo hoo!

    68. Keefe Spencer

      You should just go ahead and build a 434cid or 440cid SBC with 2618 forged pistons I beam rods or aluminum rods with a billet steel crankshaft and put it on EFI with a Holley Dominator and 11.1:1 or 12.1:1 compression and switch to M1 or M5 and get a set of AFR's I think the 245's is the biggest 23 degree heads they make slap them bad girls on there too with a solid roller turbo camshaft and 1.6 shaft rockers

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Why? The difference in power is minimal, yet costly. Make it up with a few lbs of boost..

    69. steve beuchert

      Only 2 Words Fuel Injection

    70. DTSchier

      Better get it together soon. Tommy gonna be knocking on your doorsteps lol.

    71. mike records

      Go .030 over, bump up the compression and call it good.

    72. Slow S10

      Dart little M blocks aren't cheap but I'd probably have him sleeve it and buy 1 new piston and then you have something to race while you get a new block and better pistons

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        If sleeved right, he won't need another block.. sleeved blocks don't mean junk.

    73. Jeremy Albert

      Might want to switch to an ls from texas speed soon

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Why would he go backwards?

    74. heytonyman

      I leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you hear an engine builder say “might... could... maybe...” Those are expensive unknowns. I get wanting to use a shop close to you in case things go wrong, but it’s time to go shopping man. The best engine builders aren’t always the ones across the street, they’re the ones you only call every year or two to get things refreshed because it you got what you paid for and it lasted.

      1. Scott Smith

        Well said...

    75. Jim Maxson

      I like your engine man. I watch the videos. Expression on your face is priceless.

    76. Kevin Davis

      Track looks crappy!

    77. carlsracingmiami

      Dam that sucks man hope you fix it soon .... Its Carl from Miami let me know if you got the shirts that i want I'LL GET SOME ... I'm about to get my 505 for the truck this week love to wear your shirt at the track .............................................................Everyone go racing and get some fun going

    78. Kevin Polhemus

      Was that your merch Ronnie Pace had on Street Outlaws?

      1. Slow S10

        I'm pretty sure it was

    79. Ant Man

      We’re gonna get this win next weekend!

    80. It’s not a Nova

      If you are breaking pushrods and lifters from street miles, find a less aggressive ramp lobe. A solid “street roller” (1.120 base circle) in my bbc at .650 lift has been living well with 650#s open and Crower lifters for 4 years and I beat it like it owes me money. 7800+ rpm.. I also run a .120 wall 7/16 pushrod. Crane golds with Jomar girdle. Get the biggest heaviest wall pushrod you can fit in those heads even if you have to grind on it. Check your cam company on the lobe design and see if there is something less aggressive.. turbo cars don’t need aggressive camshaft ramps to make power.

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        A Hydraulic roller will not break lifters and pushrods for a few reasons. One, is just that they arw not nearly as aggressive as even a mild solid roller.. and even an aggressive solid roller won't snap pushrods... cam is not the cause.

    81. Scott Brown

      6.00 guy throws in the towel.

    82. Tre Funk

      That Gbody dropping the fans out the bottom after the wheelie had me rollin @ 6:30

      1. VengeanceIzMine

        Only so much a ziptie will hold.. lol. But that was a first for me. Never saw that before..

    83. ThatTurboTruckGuy

      You need to send those pistons to Line2Line and get their Silcone Teflon coating on this skirts..

    84. Tyler c

      I love listening to engine builders, the knowledge u can obtain is endless, they should have a engine builders podcast

    85. Daniel Hicks

      Damn that sucks brother but my opinion I would get it 30000 all the way across the board and get new Pistons and like you said you might be out a little longer but it'll be worth it instead of just doing the one cylinder but that's just my opinion like an a****** we all got one LOL. Keep your head up

    86. Eddie Phillips jr

      Where was your dad this video. Missed him

    87. yarrdayarrdayarrda

      There is still going to be significant marks in that bore at .030", up to you and your machinist as to what will work. Dings don't automatically mean problems. I never cared for sleeves in the 4.125 blocks. In a factory 400 block, you can pretty much guarantee at least one of the head bolt holes will crack towards the sleeve as you torque on the heads. (block now garbage) With the Dart block being better material and having blind head bolt holes, perhaps there is enough strength to hold the torque without cracking. With boost you need added spring pressure (esp intake that has a large surface area and pressure trying to open it) and larger diameter, heavier wall pushrods. (esp exhaust with the added cylinder pressure trying to keep it closed) Look closely at the valve spring shims that the spring sits on, if it is polished or tore up the spring isn't controlling the valve properly. It's possible the skirt coating has a compatibility issue with the oil or fuel you are running. If you are washing the cylinders down with excess fuel, or diluting the oil with fuel, that can also tear up the coating. It goes without saying, but a proper warm up to get everything up to size before you load the engine helps to prevent skirt damage/cold seizing. Best of luck, love your channel

      1. Kenneth Chapman

        Been my practice to adhere to what spring pressures opened and closed that the cam manufacturer calls for. I have had to shim Springs but less than ideal.

      2. 3R welding and fabrication

        There was a issue running some coated pistons with boost . Maybe consider running a hydraulic roller cam with solid roller lifters or limit the travel on the lifter piston

    88. Rusty Wells

      Well I guess ten five till ya die is a no go now damnit thats going to be one of the best races of the year!

    89. Rusty Wells

      Billy do something good for a stranger so it will turn your bad karma around and give you good karma!

    90. 1989 dodge ram

      I love the old school setup, don’t listen to these LS dudes lol shit happens no matter what you’re running, that’s racing, and only real racers know that.

    91. jamie muncy

      Billy if I’m not mistaken there’s a Place in Philly or Jersey that can put a coating on those pistons. I’ll talk to my old man and find out if your interested, we had a set costed long time back and if I remember correctly it’s not that expensive. They checked all 10!we sent and if one or two looked weak or had a blemish they’ll let ya know, that’s why we sent 10 but we ran a shit ton of Nitrous too lol You don’t think leaning out had anything to do with it do ya?? I’ve seen stranger SHIT happen for real for real. I really hate that for ya man, y’all some GREAT PEOPLE, you just need some luck to swing your way a tad...Your WAY PAST DO for some luck and some W’s in the win column😱 Keep plucking & chipping away Billy & Bill you’ll be back Gaptizing b4 ya know it 💯👍👍💯

    92. The Freeze Zone

      Contact Ares ASAP....custom set (im sure you can measure and spec over the phone exactly what you need), shipped out, in my case a mopar, in under a week, totally custom

    93. Jesse Johnson

      You should have dove rocky mountain race week

    94. Matthew Mcclintock

      My lil engine did the same thing right after I got the heads worked and the valve guides didn't get clearanced enough for the valves and the valves locked up open when it got hot and I had to use a punch to knock the valve stem out of the head and it was still stuck down and it chewed 2 holes in a piston and cracked my block


      I can only say good LUCK🙏🏻

    96. Brian Cunningham

      Billy, you are so lucky to have good people that give you some insight in whats, what and not just a line for more money to be spent just remember BOAT is break out another thousand and CAR is cash and rebuild but love the video keep it up

    97. David Strouse

      Hey billy if you dont have steel helicoils in them heads, get them and use anti seize and that may not happen again.

    98. Blaine Croucher

      Does anyone know what billy does for a living? These parts look spendy

      1. Bobby Whitt

        @VengeanceIzMine Does IRvision pay anything? It don't matter but it gets on my nerves watching all my lazy neighbors and people in the world that don't work then asking me to borrow something. Just not right. I don't understand how people cannot work. Makes no sense.

      2. Blaine Croucher

        Bobby Whitt I think he films in the afternoon after he works and races on weekends or he works nights

      3. VengeanceIzMine

        IRvision, full time. His brother works for his dad. Not directed at you, but technically, it shouldn't matter what costs what, or how they pay for it.

      4. Bobby Whitt

        I asked the same thing a few videos back. Never got a reply. I own a diesel repair shop. I used to race for a little bit. Way to expensive and never enough time to put in it. I'm just wounding how he has like everyday off to work on it and where all that money comes from as well...

    99. Ole Deuce

      Dudes worried about the soild roller on the street, how bigs your cam?

    100. grayhawk 1976

      I need the fire-ringed 6.0 powerstroke heads in the machine shop!