First Race with the new Twin Turbo SBC!

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    We literally got this thing running a day before we started racing it again. I was trying to be fairly conservative with the power before we get the tune right. Got edged out in the second round by a very fast Big Block Camaro, but all in all it was a good weekend. We aren't even close to the power this engine will make/handle so stay tuned!
    At the end of the video I did a shoutout to a little superstar by the name of Cash Staub, go give his channel a Sub. He's out there doing great things and i got the chance to talk to him a little bit, and he's also a gear head!
    Thank you to Motorsports Molly, and Matt Ryce AKA DNR Auto for your help filming!
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    IG: @MotorsportsMolly

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    1. pdxthriftking 503

      Should tell that racetrack to replace that tattered American flag.

    2. JDMAcura 603

      That thumb nail is bullshit!!! Trying to get all the pre teens all worked up. I'm 32. I know your games..........but I'll still watch lol

    3. BobMother FuckinSmith

      Dude, you kill it. Much luck to you.

    4. Jose Martinez

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    6. john moser

      Great racing and I really liked the end of the video we go to Gatlinburg from Ohio every year for vacation absolutley fantastic place to chill and relax away from the factory and flatlands lol

    7. Matt Calfee

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    8. Mike Smith

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    9. Mike Smith

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    10. FUBAR MOFO

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    13. Blake Valdez

      Yeah she's ok that s10 can move you dam good driver and ur pops hes a bad ass 4sure

    14. Malier

      i live here and i didnt know about who this was and i just found the channel

    15. craig streetzel

      gap sauce 👍,i was riding the same go cart track in the 80s and the alpine slide Tennessee is pretty beautiful place

    16. john dodd

      Include that thumbnail in all the vids 😉

    17. Mark mcmahen

      Girls posing like they're model material

    18. Winford Riner

      Digging Pop's Alabama hat. Roll Tide Roll

    19. Dave P

      Beautiful country and it’s good to see you take a little bit of time with friends to relax and enjoy life.

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    21. Ethan Lantz

      Yeah yeah yeah I know I got clickbaited, but I'm a weak man

    22. Kyle L

      "world record hellcat" lmao......

    23. ade adeajah

      7:27 win or loose, she always support you.. never let her go bro... nice race btw..

    24. Robert Craver

      Anakeesta I love that place me and my wife got married there

    25. KJ KJ

      Great racing bro, I really enjoy your channel. That Fox Body was hooking up so well

    26. Vinny Facilla

      dump a load in that girl and make sure she stays around.....then win a few races.

    27. Richie S

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    28. Peter Machek

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      i follow you because of the racing but specially because of the beautiful girl!!!!

    32. Robert V

      The front of the truck lifted on you a lot,time taking away ,keep the truck on the ground friend.

    33. Eric t

      Great video But I have to disagree concerning the last part of this video It has everything to do with drag racing Family friends and enjoying life is what racing is all about Great job!

    34. josias denzler

      SBC .. Sexy ,Blonde ,Chick....Loved it hahahah Twin turbo I could go on for days

    35. Payton Castro

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    38. Jose Zuniga

      2 Camaro was hard I still like the s10

    39. Jose Zuniga

      Then live the sound of the s10 engine , it look really bad when u left the camaro

    40. Karl Mawby

      Hay Billy , where do I get a t-shirt to support S10 truck as mine is 1990 v8 out here in Arizona....

    41. YourTypicalRicer

      CASH STAUB!!!!!! Boy has skill!

    42. Michigan usa Pontiac

      If her boyfriend doesn't make it into racing she will . So he better make the money or she will be gone and he be all his fault.

    43. bucksnort bumblefuk

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    44. Nathan Spalink

      I went on that lift to skybridge last year but skybridge wasn't finished yet..would love to go back soon! Love this channel btw!

    45. Notnowplz

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    46. Johnno Mau

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    49. Chris Mansel

      I love how your truck even though a turbo engine, still sounds like a typical race engine, huge cam, 14-1 compression etc. Most turbo cars are usually smoother sounding. Oh, and molly is for sure a keeper....

    50. randy george

      Good ol pidgeon forge i go too maggie valley every april for a truck show

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    65. Dynamic Dopamine

      My uncle is Jimmy Brashier.. the next time you go to that track, ask the owners if they remember a dragster that was running 4 70s back in 1995, and it flipped several times at the shutdown aka the end of the track! That track almost took his life because of how sketchy the shutdown area is. Especially for a car running 150 mph in the 1/8th!!!

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