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  1. jim monk

    You got this Billy


    Gumm up thanks to the shit petro we use today , wish they'd bring back MTBE formula , gas would last 20 fukn years . .

  3. Camm Fisher

    I freaking love this channel.

  4. Crippled Critter Speed Shop!

    I hate this weather, can't get a decent pull to get the car dialed in. I'm not too far from you (WV). Seems like it's snowing every other day, and the amount of salt they put down here is ridiculous.


    Florida bro we can test all year round

  6. Wet Wrecked Em

    I enjoyed the nice hug at the end. You can feel the love. It’s like hugging my dad.

  7. rich 570

    Can’t wait for gaptize season to officially begin.

  8. Tricky Rick

    The truck bad as$ but nova better buddy

  9. Wormser McFrazzleweiner

    That's a cool trick with the crock pot cleaning.

  10. nolan engineering

    Y'all can't beat the payouts down south. YT-ubers got their eyes on that race. They don't miss 'em. That, and the Rock. Everytime y'all not there...everybody askin'..."Where's Billy?"

  11. timberlan

    Good luck buddy!

  12. 1968 Red Camaro

    That fuel line is breaking down into gummy crap....

  13. That2ndGenKid 96

    In my book this is the baddest s10 in drag racing period

  14. james shelly

    Park on the side of the road put down the tailgate and have some fun with her 😂😂

  15. james shelly

    I would tax her 😂😂

  16. jsa_Hawaii 808

    Good luck🙏

  17. Ryan Couchman

    why is there a midget in your shop?

    1. Ryan Couchman

      @Mom Hoskinson thats awesome

    2. Mom Hoskinson

      That’s our buddy Guffey! Nicest guy ever... and he races too!!!

  18. Ben Carlson

    you know that truck made a damn good lick on that test hit when only the burnout makes the video....

  19. jake mallory

    Is the little person @ 1:20 family?

  20. jamie muncy

    Well wherever you go you stand a GOOD CHANCE OF WINNING the WHOLE EVENT💯💯 small tire of course but I got enough faith to say that you’d give the big tire cars a run for their money on a no prep surface, that’s my opinion. Reason I say that is I know where you come from, where it started, & I know how hard y’all’s worked to get where your at and the fact that you all are some of the BEST people I’ve had the pleasure in meeting. Good luck wherever you go💯👍💪🏻SRC💪🏻👍💯

  21. Jeff Luvvern

    only tool you need is a dad that gives a damn... get that money, be safe...

  22. Jesse Altamirano


  23. Domingo Gutierrez

    Seeing you and your dad makes me miss mine

  24. 123nova87

    Looks like e85 corrosion.

  25. cathy gambill

    Are you using a 3 micron filter before the carb and a 10 to 30 before the pump?

  26. joodlebug 1972

    Dad looks done with life

  27. Barefoots Backyardbuilds

    Those bogart's look awesome

  28. Barefoots Backyardbuilds

    Must be nice to have snow we are down here in south ga temps got in the 70s today

  29. Robert Bailey

    Not to sound weird, but, I love when I see you and the Ol' Man hug. My son is only 8, but, I hope to be able to do projects with him like you guys do. It's priceless.

  30. rawcan

    Love that you big boys hug. Keep it up!

  31. michael stroud

    Good luck Billy. 👍

  32. Seeking TKO

    the mouse is alive n well

  33. josh tallent

    Your old man 😂 could you drain the [email protected] fuel out of it first

  34. Widowmaker

    do you run a top oil ?, I have that problem too with alcohol , between cleanings

  35. Torque and Beans Sauce

    Cough...Fuel injection...cough cough

    1. Street Racing Channel

      Yeah then I’d have 8 clogged injectors

  36. Arthur Fricchione

    You guys are truly the best. Internet went down for little over a week up here in NY and it’s great to be back guys 👍 Artie

  37. Jairus Grant

    the best IRvision dad u could ever ask for

  38. Bryan Michael

    Nice work. Good luck wherever you go race and safe travels 🇺🇸💪💪💪

  39. Big Daddy

    Hell yea let's goooooo

  40. 4GsRacing

    Does that antifreeze trick work with cleaning any kind of fuel off?

  41. Joe concrete

    What part of Texas were you talking about Bill Hoskins ?

  42. Aaron H

    Dallas? Limpys deal?

  43. funk

    I saw drain the fuel coming! lol

  44. Jason Vaughn

    Hey Billy in one of your videos you were wiping down your intake and your aluminum with something but I can't find the video you was using it to detail it what was it again please sir

  45. Gary Chandler

    Billyboy there...personality of a hot smoking wet turd...but he knows shit.

  46. Glenn Ramsey

    Em looks ole man gives cracks me UP !!!!!

  47. Joe Cameron

    There's a poster moment snow everywhere and a big smokey burnout within the next 2-3 weeks I'm gonna make my first big one as long as it stays above freezing LOL

  48. Gib The Kid

    Somebody needs to get you a carb stand...watching you bash that thing on the workbench is painful....there is a reason a carb doesn't sit flat on a bench...notice how they sit at Jeg's..."Jiminy Cricket"

  49. N.S.A.

    I'm building a Camaro starting later this year or early next year and we will set something up. I'm in Columbus. No dis (But you know how street racing works) I'm a fan due to the fact 10 years ago (33now) your as young as I was and doing the same shit lol. Well I had one (still have just detuned 86 Mont Carlo SS black) of THE fastest street cars in the 614. My name is Eric. I'm coming 😱😯. Thats jegs off of 11th ave. My spot was Grenner Rd Jegs years ago.

  50. FrontYard4X4

    Great video once again, Be careful with the methanol, breathing in its fumes and absorbing it though your skin isn’t great, pretty toxic to the organs like liver and kidneys, I know some Boomers are going to pipe in and say they have been soaking in it for years and been fine, but every body is different and it’s just Healthier not get get it on your skin, and it’s not that hard to throw on some nitrile gloves, love the videos, stay safe

  51. UnderdogPerformance

    If you come to Texas, I'm there.

  52. Lucore Auto and LucoreRacing

    Good luck this weekend guys! Definitely looks like some winter maintenance was needed, show them southern boys what use frozen Ohio folks can bring! Still rocking those "custom" upper control arms we see! ;)

  53. Keith Plump

    Ya'all are awesome. I just love this channel. That truck looks and sounds great. Kick some damn ass and take home alot of names.

  54. Jason Lanning

    I also noticed most likely putting a thread insert on one of the bowl screws, As long as there is enough material surrounding that area it will be better than ever...

  55. Notpumpgas Anymore

    Dad was so not feeling the first few minutes of the video! Love the the truck and all channels! Shout out from Florida!

  56. Ronald Reyes

    Hi Billy Hoskinson I Like Golden 💰🍗 Chick On Next Friday Im Ronald Adán Reyes Thank You.

  57. Jason Lanning

    If you have the wrong slosh foam in your fuel cell you'll get this kinda effect after meth eats at it??????? Been there done that..... just sayin' bud...

  58. Rodney Kimsey II

    Hell yea! Can’t wait to see you bustin asses again man! Hey did you ever do the drawing for the RC car? We bought some wrist bands and wanted to know if I missed the giveaway Awesome videos Billy! Been a fan since your nitrous days!

  59. ron miller

    great to see Billy givin Dad the respect he deserves, and Dad appreciates it and Billy, this is family , everybody needs to be practice these actions and the world would be a wonderful place

  60. jake riley


  61. Phil

    You should have a carb you can throw on it for the winter that you can run gas through, it's not good to let it sit with methanol in the tank, lines, and carb. Just swap the carb drain the tank then run some gas through it and that should save everything and keep you from having to do this again.

  62. Martin Ramirez

    @2:05 here dad can you fix this haha you gave it to the right man he's carb wizard

  63. Todd Nellis

    Love the old barns on the video. Reminds me of Wisconsin were I live. Great videos and cant wait for the nova.


    Man that parts cleaner is cool af.

  65. James Bridges

    Lil truck sounds a Beast good luck at the races

  66. MC Viegas

    Good to see hugs bugs!

  67. moosestang# LS

    Team work makes dream work

  68. cloak 67

    Love how you and the old man videos they have there Different Twist

  69. Stankfaze

    How many dads have a son that hands them the right size wrench without even asking? Must have raised them right.

  70. matt fricks

    You and your father are fortunate to have such a great relationship l know so many racers here in ga that have to do it all by there self.

  71. Sean Hatch

    Crock pot full for Antifreeze also works wonders on Nitro. 21 pipes;)

  72. Swamp Politics

    New Zealand here. You have very cool vids. Very realistic and inclusive for the viewer. Geez, your truck hoofs it! Well driven too. Big respect to your oldman. All the best, be safe, be warm and I hope someone comes back one day and makes your country great again!

  73. Mr Berg

    Man! That carb has all the "trick" parts in it.

  74. Casy Jenkins

    That’s the only downfall to alky. If it sits over 2-3 weeks without heat in it gums up bad. I fill my inlet with WD-40 and let it run till starts puffin smoke then let it sit for however long.

  75. Theo-greking

    Would love to see you guys run at alamo city motorplex someday

  76. Luca BRASI H2H Grudge channel

    What race is in Texas?

  77. Troy Watson

    Tell pops that he should consider using a baking sheet to service carbs or RC’s on. An old thing my dad did. Good luck

  78. Buddy Duncan

    They are calling for rain all weekend here in south Carolina

  79. Doug J.

    Out testing with snow on the ground, awesome!

  80. Mem Ories

    Alcohol ruins everything.