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  1. Tim Boling

    I use to have that problem what fixed it was taking a man hole cover and bolt it in the bed directly over the rear end, it hooked very well,,,

  2. Robert Lyman

    I miss my s-dime

  3. Bobby Smith

    Thanks for the videos Old Man LOL I've got 15 years on you and you remind me of me keep up the great work and stay Humble 👍👍👋👋👋

  4. Ismael Rodriguez

    Dude you need to come back and show that maro what’s up really! Show him what that s10 can do! Head up

  5. squidgymop1

    Get that black cowboy hat and the white button shirt 👌👌 also bit more horsepower 🤣

  6. Brandon soto

    Does it ever piss you off seeing so many people at the starting line?

  7. Matt Brooks

    Absolutely awesome video! Enjoying the voice overs as well


    Smells like tequila That’s because I’m using e85 What’s that 85% ethanol and 15% fuel So that’s why it’s smells like really strong alcohol

  9. theSNAPCASE

    6:23 16 x $200 = $3400 ???

  10. Boosted-N- Bottlefed

    You should let the old man take the wheel when backing you in. and maybe you would had it, JK good job man

  11. Kyle Hill

    Damn I live like 10 mins from Gulfport I wish I would have know y’all were there I would have came out there. Would have been cool to meet y’all

  12. kg the great one

    You have a great awesome dad ! My dad never showed me anything he made me seem like I was always in the way

  13. Robert Taylor

    Keep having fun bud and come back faster great job guys

  14. bustin yanutz

    You had Brent until the last 3 feet, if you just didn't blow the tires off

  15. Red Ace

    1:22 I think I have the same exact helmet lol

  16. justin fitch

    The determination he has just makes me wanna get into racing since my dad used to do it when he was younger just the problem is already tight on cash but one of these days

  17. Gary Loeffler

    As long as you can keep it in the lane do not let up against guys like him.

  18. Johnny Turbo

    Nice RC car build.. Car guys will be car guys Time to start an RC Out Laws show ( like Street OutLaws)

  19. Johnny Turbo

    Its always cool to hear peoples storys on how they became " Them" . Well done brother!

  20. joseph ritenour

    you and your dad got me getting my 318 more do i win the rc car bro????

  21. Johnny Turbo

    Note to self... If you need to leave at 8am, tell her you need to leave at 6am.. :-) The good ol Banshee, even now they are no joke... I had a Banshee with a fully prepped Duncan Racing motor, made 83HP at the wheels. ( I know there are some higher HP ones out there) She was a beast and damn near unbeatable

  22. Noe Puente

    what a beautiful woman

  23. trailerpark cryptoking

    If you want it to hook up check out how Flaco tunes his suspension!

  24. First Last

    Billy I love your show I watch every chance I get keep up the good work. Where is Molly I miss seeing her you need to put a ring on her finger just my opinion. God bless

  25. Timothy Queenan

    Big chef is a piece of shit

  26. adambritt2013

    Bro keep doing what your doing but spinning all the was not bad race really close and to do All this with your family is amazing my father past away when I was ten so really didn’t have father figure this right here is my dream to be doing but with some many mental issues n stuff can’t work or remember anything but watching you channel brightness my day n plus I’m in Michigan always cold n hard in winters

  27. AJ M

    Ya just what every dad wants to see lol the fact that she’s not scared is nice ,she’s a keeper

  28. Phillip Thomas

    You'll get a rematch,my mo eye is always on you

  29. Aqua Tech Sands

    Absolutely love seeing her expression on her beautiful face as he floored it!

  30. Russell Holliman

    Hey I am from the coast you and your sons represent Ohio street racing well great job, I hope to see you around the coast again.

  31. Dru Babineaux

    I hope my daughter gets into hot rods like me when she’s old enough to drive

  32. TwiztedMilitia

    I'm glad y'all finally were able to come out and race, the weather hasn't been that great for the past couple of months but Finally gave everyone a break! Hope too see you come back soon, and if you want a killer place to eat not far from the track, head down to The Crawfish Hut in longbeach, its one of my favorites. Killer racing, I hope y'all made it back home safe!

  33. bucksnort bumblefuk

    You said it, you did the best you could do, and that's all a man can do.

  34. Dan Rogers

    You seamed down on that one! Its all good bud.what you said at the end was great!get um Billy!

  35. Joel Fritz

    There’s a million ways to lose, only one to win! Don’t beat yourself up for to long, find your way to win, it’s all in the heart!

  36. Hollowpoint357 S&W

    Maybe you lost because you were to worried about the little cars instead of the big cars.

  37. Tony Freeman

    Your truck is as fast or faster than Brent self in my opinion just got get it to hook. I personally think you have what it takes to run with jj da bosses wife and win. Love the truck and always waiting on new content

  38. Aaron Repsher

    Are you still using that "stripper glitter" compound prep? If so do you have info on where i can pick some up? If not what are you running now?

  39. Michael Terry

    Even on my phone it was close but you had it by to feet

  40. Rich Gurley

    That car didn’t leave hard

  41. Richard Hill

    Where is Tommy’s truck? I know you were putting a cage in it. Not done yet?

  42. Tony Martini

    And I've been watching since day one

  43. Shane Rosenthal

    Tons of spinning

  44. bassakwd1

    Dang good to see y'all back to racing real cars're on the porch w the big dogs.. If pops needs help keeping the googans off the track while u warm up I can be there....whats up w that??

  45. David Mcnerney

    Pops cant back ya in with those windows.

  46. 1968 Red Camaro

    Down in Texas, we are like Wayne who? oh that Hockey dude.... love what yall do with the videos, Racing, and channels... the chances to win that got away.... been there and it sucks, but hopefully motivates you to keep being a bad ass,cause that shit yall do is bad ass...

  47. Tommy Cook

    Great job billy do u think the new wing helped out at all

  48. joshharrison60

    Good stuff bro. U had Brent self if u would have had a lil more u treed him an had him all the way down bro. Till his 2,000hp kicked in🤣🤙

  49. Brad mic

    Billy tell bj to change up his flagging game he is easy to guess on but limp is very hard to guess

  50. David w. That MSD Guy

    Some badass races Billy! Keep your head up!

  51. MrHatchbody


  52. Lucifer II

    Not worth the drive

  53. Aaron Johnson

    Idk bro.... you tree’d the life out of that guy , he seemed to have a lot mor horse power and more of a pro mod set up than the mighty truck that could ... but if you had just a little more stick off of the line you would have gapped that dude billy, he was lucky to even come around on the big end , and Wayne Gretzky!!!!! Word “ billy what you know about Wayne Gretzky. I’m 39 my man and he was already the worlds greatest man on ice I’m actually floored you quoted Wayne Gretzky..... my man it’s the only hockey Jersey I’ve ever owned I was I 3rd grade he was just traded to the los Angelou’s KINGS” number 99 it was in 1980 something I wasn’t even ten years old that Jersey was so big you could fit me you and maybe Tommy gun inside of it . Wow thanks for the memories... owe and it was like 200.00 dollars for that Jersey that was bananas back then !!!!! But I had to have it and pop made my Xmas ... man GOD rest his soul ... love you pop !!! Sucks about the loss in the end tho bro that’s a sick feeling ... like pulling out and putting a half a car on some one you know is making more power and riding it out pushing on the scramble and probably slipped the converter to much and slowed you down just enough to let him slip by ..... salt in the game !!!! Bro but YES def need those tuff ones to get the flow back running and give you a mind set determination to get back up and put your hands to work and go back out there with KILL ON THE DIAL “ brother be safe love the videos , in the beginning it shows you walking the track checking the line and surface and does a close up of the hooded sweatshirt... I just got that Same one from you guys 2-1/2 weeks ago it’s my favorite shirt I wear it to church on Sunday” love it man and are proud to wear and represent such a good guy and family hard working and not perfect but always working on trying to be better .. that’s people I want in my life and around my family. Wish the world could be the same but it’s not so good luck brother looking forward to another film you guys are really getting good at the way your putting all this together and documenting your lives good job man , good job , don’t worry about the sound issues you guys don’t need sound

  54. thecapturban

    how many times has Bill bangedbhis hand trying to steer the truck while backing up? Since the windows dont roll down anymore😀

  55. Michael Fowler

    It definitely could have been anybody's race just one of those things [email protected]$%=kind of wondering what type of front shocks you're using preferably drag shock maybe getting the front end up with a larger Tire and Wheel?? and limiting travel of suspension with limiters such as looging chain & or motorcycle chain and definitely nothing beats a good adjustable drag shock & coilover shocks may also work adjustable drag Style also [email protected]$%

  56. Wolf

    The S 10 needs something to make the nose longer because those F bodies are unfairly long in the nose. I've seen a license plate put in the middle of the bumper facing out to trip the beams. Maybe I am just butthurt Billy lost round 1 is all. 🤪

  57. Frank Katsenis

    The smell that is the best part of the track the 120 race fuel and burnt rubber

  58. Doug J.

    No shame at all, hell of a run in a MFing street car!

  59. Hunter Hayes

    Im glad u made it out ok chevy still made it home after a wreck

  60. John Phillips

    I love the old man.. he's bad ass.. can't wait to see day!.

    1. John Phillips

      Ok sorry thanks

  61. Diesel Les

    Keep ya head up Kiddo

  62. Seth N.

    Time to change the stator it sounds like!

  63. cathy gambill

    maybe some delron front bushings with limiter straps to get up on the tyers quicker and keep that front end down a bit ? also maybe in the rear leaf springs shackles with the same style of bushing they sell and sliders? check out Bellwest for them. less deflection and faster on the tyre with out so much lift and tighten up that converter... oh and slide the intermediate spring forward and clamp it in the cal-trac to make the front of the spring more stable and not wrap up. this leaves the rear to act as a mono and react faster to get up on the tyre with out waiting for the front to lift excessively . Also lift the front spring mount up by trimming the bucket you get an up hill angle to change the instant center . more bite with less lift ,to inctrease forward motion that is wasted on upward motion. just a thought? love your channel, would love to see a S-10 be the quickest small tyre hook any where king.

  64. dennis bagatin

    Much respect dude I'm sure you got some tricks up your sleeve to make her alittle faster 👍✌

  65. cathy gambill

    I kmo i'm a conventional fan, but U can't beat the LS when it comes to boast. I am building a Grand national v'6 in my S-10 just to be weird with nitrous To be the oldest school kook with original base engine .But 306 cid odd fire with 18 degree heads and a carb. either that or a ford power plant just to say to kiss my ass all those LS mustangs out there. Maybe a 4V mod? yeah thats your combo with two cylinders misfiring severely lol. but it will hook in the mud and break hearts...

  66. Booyaa Fishing

    Seemed like nobody was hookin up!!!

  67. cathy gambill

    U pulled 3 degrees out too many.

  68. cathy gambill

    You drilled him but HP won! front end up killed the MPH. shock adjstment was off and killed your top end the hook lost to wheel speed because he had ar least a hndred abd fifty reat wheel on you.

  69. teknoäijä

    very nice music,billy.good on you..